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  1. Users of pirate IPTV services in the UK and Ireland are most likely being monitored by one or more major ISPs. Secret traffic analysis, provided to the High Court in a recent blocking case involving UEFA, reveals that studies were carried out in connection with Sky which determined many subscribers were accessing pirate IPTV platforms via the ISP. Blocking of regular piracy websites has been a feature of anti-piracy enforcement in Europe for almost 15 years. The way these blocks are achieved is broadly similar, with entertainment industry co
  2. An Italian court has ordered Cloudflare to block current and future domain names and IP-addresses of the pirate IPTV service "IPTV THE BEST." The order, which follows a complaint from the football league Serie A and Sky Italy, is the first of its kind in the country. Cloudflare put up a strong defense, arguing that it merely passes on traffic, but that didn't convince the court. In recent years, many copyright holders have complained that Cloudflare does little to nothing to stop pirate sites from using its services. The US-based company
  3. US-broadcaster DISH Network is suing a former reseller of IPTV services SET TV and Simply-TV in a Florida court. It's alleged that the defendant continued to sell pirate IPTV subscriptions under various brands, even after DISH obtained damages awards of $120m and an order to prevent ongoing violations. Back in 2018, broadcaster DISH Network sued pirate IPTV service SET TV for offering numerous TV channels that had been illegally obtained from DISH’s satellite service. In November 2018 that particular lawsuit came to end when SET TV’s operato
  4. Police in Italy are reporting a large operation against a network involved in IPTV. The Guardia di Finanza says that 58 sites and 18 Telegram channels have been blocked while four IT experts with familiar nicknames have been referred for prosecution along with 1,000 subscribers of pirate IPTV services. Over the past several years Italy’s Guardia di Finanza has been applying increasing pressure to various players in the piracy ecosystem. In addition to targeting distributors of movies, TV shows and live sports via subscription services, the a
  5. When officers from Hungary's National Tax and Customs Administration raided a pirate IPTV provider they were unsurprised to discover large amounts of satellite and computer equipment for capturing and distributing live TV . However, what they also found was hundreds of pounds of food that had been stockpiled by the operator, who hadn't been outside for months due to fears of catching the coronavirus. 2020 has developed into one of the most memorable years in living memory for the entire planet but for mostly the wrong reasons.
  6. Following the arrest of a 24-year-old man in the UK late June, police used his pirate IPTV service to display a warning message to subscribers. To further press home the message that viewing pirate streams is illegal, police are now serving thousands of GE Hosting's subscribers with cease-and-desist notices, referencing theoretical prosecutions under the Fraud Act. Late June, officers from Norfolk and Suffolk Constabulary’s Cyber and Serious Organised Crime Unit arrested a 24-year-old man in the UK under suspicion of operating a pirate IPTV service. F
  7. Nova Scotia RCMP has charged two people in connection with Operation Hotwire, a federal investigation into illegal IPTV supply. The husband and wife team face a laundry list of charges that could result in a five year prison sentence, a CAD$1m fine, or both. The service in question hasn't been named but TorrentFreak understands that it operated under the Epic Stream branding. Large scale criminal prosecutions of alleged copyright infringers are relatively rare in Canada but according to information just revealed by the Nova Scotia RCMP, a big case is on the h
  8. A browser plug-in that aims to deter eBay and Amazon customers from buying pirate IPTV packages was launched this week ahead of the new Premier League season. While the tool does detect most illicit offerings as advertised, it also manages to attach warnings to completely legal sales and in some instances may be anti-consumer. Online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon offer an impressive range of products but to the disappointment of various companies, some have the potential to infringe trademarks or copyrights. Rogue sales have tradition
  9. The Hollywood studios of the MPA plus Amazon and Netflix have obtained an injunction against 'pirate' IPTV provider Crystal Clear Media. The action comes in response to a lawsuit filed in the US last month, in which the companies alleged copyright infringement of thousands of movies and TV shows. In addition to serving cease-and-desist notices on various players involved in the supply of pirated movies and TV shows, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment often takes matters a step further. Mostly via copyright infringement lawsuits fi
  10. The latest IP Crime and Enforcement Report, published by the UK Government, signals a wide variety of ongoing and emerging piracy threats. Pirate IPTV services remain a growing problem that could become worse with the rollout of 5G, it reads. There are also concerns about the use of cryptocurrencies and the growth of stream-rippers. Last week the UK Government’s Intellectual Property Office published its annual IP Crime and Enforcement Report. The report provides an overview of the latest anti-piracy achievements of copyright holders and als
  11. The Players Klub was a popular IPTV service that initially offered live TV channels and a VOD package at prices starting at just $5. Over the years the prices began to rise then the service rebranded, reportedly due to a hostile takeover. It now transpires that the Alliance For Creativity and Entertainment has taken over the portals through which the service was sold. In 2020, people looking for a pirate IPTV supplier are presented with dozens upon dozens of options. While it’s believed there are relatively few groups supplying high-level so
  12. With IPTV piracy seemingly still on an upwards trajectory, the powerful Copyright Alliance is urging Congress to close a loophole in US law that places limits on how cases can be prosecuted. Despite being against copyright law, streaming piracy is currently just a misdemeanor, rendering it "virtually immune from meaningful prosecution." Last month, entertainment industry-backed group Digital Citizens Alliance and content protection company NAGRA published a new study that estimated the pirate IPTV market to be worth a billion dollars each year in the US alone.
  13. The new Premier League season will begin without crowds due to the coronavirus yet 160 games will not be televised in the UK, a gap that pirate IPTV providers will fill using broadcasts from abroad. The Premier League has recently obtained a new ISP blocking injunction but the Football Supporters' Association is begging for the obvious: Don't give fans no other option than to turn to illegal services. While there’s no doubt that humans have been kicking objects around for fun for thousands of years, organized football as we know it today has existed in th
  14. DISH Network has filed a new copyright infringement lawsuit in the United States against 'pirate' IPTV provider Universal IPTV. The complaint alleges that the defendants illegally transmitted the company's officially-licensed channels over the Internet and demands well in excess of $5 million in damages. US broadcaster DISH Networks is well known for its seemingly relentless pursuit of groups and individuals who access and rebroadcast the company’s content without permission. In recent years, DISH has targeted a number of ‘pirate’ IPTV providers,
  15. Several major Hollywood studios plus Amazon and Netflix have filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against 'pirate' IPTV provider Crystal Clear Media (CCM). The lawsuit claims that, in addition to offering thousands of live channels, CCM provides a VOD service carrying 14,000 movies and 3,000 TV shows. Members of the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), an anti-piracy coalition featuring Hollywood studios, Netflix, Amazon, and more than two dozen other companies, are targeting a large IPTV provider via the US courts. Filed y
  16. The entertainment industry-backed group Digital Citizens Alliance and content protection company NAGRA have published a new study which estimates the pirate IPTV market in the US to be worth a cool billion dollars. So who is making the big bucks from illicit live TV and VOD content and how? In June, TorrentFreak published an article which gave a very brief outline of the pirate IPTV business, in particular how those services are sold and how customers are serviced. The report scratched only the service of what is a highly organized indus
  17. This week police in the UK targeted another IPTV provider, arresting a 24-year-old man. However, there are other cases too involving at least three arrests and the seizure of luxury vehicles. All targets were detained under suspicion of fraud and money laundering offenses. As reported early June, Spain’s National Police shut down a pirate IPTV operation that allegedly serviced two million customers. The operation was a multi-national affair, with participation from law enforcement authorities across Europe, Canada and the United States.
  18. This week Reddit banned the popular /r/iptvresellers sub-Reddit for violating the site's rules. When a new sub-Reddit was created covering the same topic, Reddit quickly banned that too. So what exactly is an IPTV reseller, how do they operate, and why is Reddit so keen to get rid of them? While torrent-based piracy remains popular today, there is massive demand for unlicensed IPTV providers that offer thousands of live TV channels and VOD packages. These IPTV products are available for just a few dollars, euros or pounds per month from what appears to be
  19. Spain's National Police has shut down a popular pirate IPTV operation that allegedly serviced two million customers. With help from Europol and law enforcement in Canada, the US and several European countries, 11 suspects were arrested. The authorities also confiscated property worth nearly €5 million while another €1.1 in bank assets were frozen. In recent years, unlicensed TV subscriptions have been flourishing, with hundreds of vendors offering virtually any channel imaginable for a small monthly fee. This is seen as a major threat by
  20. UpGrade

    IPTV Service Advice

    Hi all, I am thinking of paying for an IPTV service i can use on my android box. I have never paid for this kind of service before and i need some recommendations. I want to be able to watch sky sports and UFC, all that kind of stuff in HD. I am in the UK. I want all the film channels and entertainment channels. I would also like it to include multi regional channels from different countries What do you do once paid ? Simply set up an app for example stbemu and thats it ? Can anybody advise of any services that are not too pricey and preferably a ye
  21. Sky TV Sends Google Thousands of Complaints to Delist Pirate IPTV Services Sky TV is sending notices containing thousands of complaints to Google to have pirate IPTV providers removed from search results. While there's little doubt that the underlying services upon which they rely are unlicensed and therefore illegal, in many cases the sites being wiped from Google are not directly infringing in themselves. Like the majority of commercial broadcasters around the world, Sky has genuine competitors, eager to capture the company’s mark
  22. SAN DIEGO: No longer tucked away in the dark reaches of the Internet, the streaming of pirated television shows and films has gone mainstream. Just look at Heroes IPTV. Not satisfied with online sales alone, business partners Hisham Alshaikhli and Laith Alqaraghuli opened a storefront in El Cajon to sell the latest craze in pirated media: set-top boxes similar to a Roku, but preloaded with illicit streaming apps. For a one-time price – US$150 (RM623) to US$350 (RM1453) – viewers could gain access to thousands of pirated films and shows, no subscription necessary.
  23. Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN has successfully targeted dozens of vendors of copyright-infringing IPTV services. However, the problem remains. According to BREIN, hosting providers play an important role and it wants those that willingly host illegal IPTV services to be prosecuted. Increasingly, people are canceling their expensive cable subscriptions, opting to use cheaper or niche-based Internet TV instead. While there are plenty of legal options available, there’s also a broad offer of easy-to-use set-top boxes which are specifically configured
  24. Live Stream TV from M3U Local playlist or from your Internet service provider or free Playlist from any web source. Livestream TV – M3U Stream Player is a stylish IPTV / Live Media Player Set Top Box that is perfect for Stream TV from TV, tablets and smartphones with the Automatic Channel Connectivity feature of M3U Playlist. This application allows you to view IPTV technology based TV. This application does not contain a built-in playlist, making it easy for you to watch TV online comfortably. Please use the playlist in m3u format. Features: Automatically Check Channel Conne
  25. Several major Hollywood studios, Amazon, and Netflix have filed a lawsuit against Set Broadcast, LLC, which sells the popular IPTV service SET TV. The companies accuse the service and its operators of facilitating mass copyright infringement. In addition to hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages, the movie studios request an injunction to stop the infringing activity. In recent years, piracy streaming tools and services have become a prime target for copyright enforcers. This is particularly true for the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE),
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