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  1. One of the key value propositions that Microsoft has been trying to push with its digital assistant Cortana is that it's available on all of your devices. From a Harman Kardon Invoke speaker, to your PC, to your phone, to your gaming console, it's supposed to be wherever you are. Unfortunately, the iOS app was never optimized for Apple's iPads, until today. Version 2.6.8 adds the feature with an "exclusive layout and interface for your iPad". The app also now promises to launch 20% faster than it did previously, for a "lightning-fast experience". With Cortana, you can ask questions like, "What's the weather going to be like later today", or you can find out what's on your calendar, and so on. More importantly though, you can receive notifications that you set on other devices. For example, if you set a reminder on your phone, you'll receive that notification on whichever device you're using, whether it's your Xbox One, your Windows 10 PC, or your iPad. The App Store won't automatically install Cortana on your iPad if you've already got it on your phone, but it will automatically update it if you installed the iPhone app on the device. You can find Cortana on the App Store here. Source
  2. Aiseesoft FoneEraser Free License - v1.0.22 Aiseesoft FoneEraser with this tool you can erase all iPhone content and settings permanently and thoroughly. Description Aiseesoft FoneEraser the most powerful utility to delete all the iPhone content and settings permanently and safely. Offers optional three levels to clear, you can delete to protect your privacy, all data on iPhone / iPad / iPod. In addition, you can remove all files and settings on multiple devices simultaneously to save your time. Screenshot Giveaway Page Instructions Visit giveaway page Complete name and email (top right hand corner of page) -use disposable email Key and download link will be forwarded to you via email Promo page is in German - use Google Translate if necessary download link
  3. selesn777

    Wondershare SafeEraser

    Wondershare SafeEraser 100% Permanent Erasure of Your iDevice’s Data, Nothing Recoverable. Whether you are planning to give away your old iDevice to a friend or relative, donate to charity; sell on eBay, or trade-in for something new; you never know where your old device will end up. Don’t leave your personal information vulnerable to identify thieves; ensure it’s not recoverable by permanently wiping the iDevice with EafeEraser – think of it like a digital shredder. Prevent Identity Theft When Selling Your Old iDevice with 1-Click "Clean Slate" Privacy Safeguard for Ultimate Privacy Protection Website: http://www.wondershare.com/ OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 Language: ML Medicine: Crack Size: 18,56 Mb.
  4. Google Play Store Starts Offering a Free Android App Every Week The first free app is Car Wars-Adventure Time Sadly, it’s only available in the US for now, but we expect Google to offer the new section globally soon enough. The first free app is Card Wars – Adventure Time, a game based on Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time show. The app normally costs $2.99, but Google is offering it for free for a limited time. The game is also available on iOS for the price of $3.99. This isn’t the first time that Google offered such a deal. Back in 2015, the tech giant ran a similar weekly promotion, but later decided against it. Google Play Store runs a similar promotion like App Store Google isn’t the only app store to offer free applications each week. Apple has been running a similar promotion in its App Store, providing iOS users with access to a “Free iOS app of the week” without requiring them to pay. This week’s free iOS app is a video camera and editing app called Musemage, which normally costs $3.99, but users don’t have to pay for it if they download the app this week. Apple offers both productivity and game apps for free each week, and we expect Google to adopt a similar move. Truth be told, the Play Store has lots of free applications and alternatives to paid apps that users can check out, but this is mostly applicable for productivity offerings. When it comes to paid games, there weren't any alternatives to those who don’t wish to use their credit cards when downloading apps. Google recently introduced a new feature that allows developers to run sales on their paid apps or make them available for free for a limited time. Moreover, the tech giant introduced playable ads for Android games and Play Store updates. Source
  5. How to Opt Out of iOS Beta Updates and Reinstall iOS 10.2.1 on Your iPhone/iPad The tutorial also applies to iPod touch devices iOS 10.2.1 is the first point release to the iOS 10.2 series. It received a total of four Beta/Public Beta versions during its entire development cycle since mid-December last year. The last one was seeded only ten days ago. Like many of us running the iOS 10.2.1 Public Beta 4 release, it turns out you'll not receive the final version of iOS 10.2.1, which some will say it's identical with the last Beta, but what if your device is not working properly and you are still experiencing bugs. For example, we found out that, since we've installed the last Public Beta versions of iOS 10.2.1 on our iPhone 6 device, some applications were very slow to load and not so responsive like they used to be. Also, we noticed major battery drains. Removing the iOS Public Beta profile If you're experiencing the same issues on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device, it's time to refresh it by reinstalling the operating system. First off, make sure that you have a recent iCloud backup, or at least a local backup in iTunes. It's time to remove the Public Beta profile (you can always reinstall it at a later time if you still want to use upcoming Beta versions), so open the Settings app, go to General, scroll down to the Profile section and click it. Then, remove the iOS Beta profile by pressing the red "Delete Profile" button. Restoring the device and reinstalling iOS Connect your device to your personal computer, where the latest version of iTunes needs to be installed (make sure you have the latest version installed, 12.5.5 at the moment of writing). With the device connected to your PC, enter DFU mode. Entering DFU Mode is as simple as pressing and holding both the Power and Home buttons on your device until you see the Apple logo on the screen. Release the Power button but keep holding the Home one until the "Connect to iTunes" logo appears. iTunes will soon offer you the option to "Restore and Update" the device. Click the "Restore and Update" button and the application will tell you that iOS 10.2.1 is available. Click OK and let it download the update. Once iTunes completes downloading iOS 10.2.1 from Apple's servers, it will soon begin installing it on your device. You don't have to do anything at this point, just don't touch anything and make sure your computer has enough battery or that it's plugged in. Reset and erase the device to restore it from a backup Just before iOS 10.2.1 finishes installing, iTunes will display a message saying "Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked. To set up and sync this iPhone, click Continue." Click the "Continue" button and iTunes will immediately detect your device. At this point, you need to set up your device by pressing the Home button. Choose your preferred language and region. On the next screen, you'll have to connect to your Wi-Fi network. Then, enable the location services, or simply don't. It doesn't matter, because we're going to reset and erase the device anyway, so there's no need to set up Touch ID now. When you reach the home screen, open the Settings app, go to the Reset section and press on "Erase All Content and Settings." Erase your device, which will bring you to the setup screen again. So, this time, make sure that you set up everything correctly, including Touch ID, location services, etc., and, after entering your Apple ID, you can finally choose to restore from a backup. Select the restore method you want (we prefer the iCloud backup) and let your device restore the backup, which can take a few good minutes. Once everything is restored, you can unlock your device and access the home screen. Most of the apps will continue to download and install in the background, so you'll have to wait a little longer for everthing to be exactly like it was before you've started all this. Congratulations, you refreshed your device and have the final iOS 10.2.1 installed, too. Source
  6. steven36

    CopyTrans Manager 1.113

    CopyTrans Manager 1.113 Looking for a faster, lighter and free alternative iPod, iPad, iPhone manager? You are looking for a free and portable iTunes alternative to quickly organize your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? CopyTrans Manager is the perfect replacement to iTunes and allows you to add, edit and delete music, videos, apps, audiobooks, podcasts, playlists, tags etc on-the-go. CopyTrans Manager is a lightweight, yet powerful tool to manage your iPhone and iPod without iTunes. Add music, videos, apps etc, edit tag details like artist, album, ratings, add lyrics and cover art, create and edit iPhone playlists, delete tracks from iPod and iPhone, or play your iPhone music directly on the PC. CopyTrans Manager is the first iTunes replacement to fully support the iPad, the iTouch and the iPhone. Forget the iTunes synchronization limitations and add music, apps and videos to any iPod Touch on any computer. Whether you're at work and you can't install iTunes or on the road and need to quickly organize your iPod Touch or iPhone, CopyTrans Manager is the perfect replacement to iTunes. Changelog: Version 1.113 adds compatibility iTunes based iOS drivers. License: Freeware System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 Homepage: http://www.copytrans.net/ Download: http://www.copytrans.net/bin/CopyTransManagerv1.113.zip
  7. Who doesn’t know about Siri? Being an iPhone, iPod or any Apple product user, you must be aware of Siri. If you know about Siri, then this article will let you know much more about Siri. Siri is a computer program that acts as an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator for iOS operating system. Siri is integrated with voice control system and performs tasks according to your voice commands, lets you to use your voice to make or receive call, send messages, schedule alarms or meetings and more. This personal assistant understands what you say, not only that she understands what you mean and even talks you back just like a real personal assistant. You can ask Siri whatever you want to get a plausible answer. Most of the people find it amusing to ask Siri funny questions and Siri is as amusing to give unexpected replies. Here is a list of some really funny questions you can ask to Siri and even funnier replies that you would get. Are you stupid? I’m smart enough to know not to answer that question. How do I look? My instructor told me never to answer this. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Siri has smart answers to that. Siri, “I checked their calendars. They both have the same birthdays”. “Chicken, egg, chicken, egg, chicken, egg, chicken egg. Oops. Stack overflow.” “Some believes an ancient ‘proto-chicken’ laid an egg containing a DNA mutation that resulted in a chicken hatching from said egg. Hope that helps”. 25+ Funniest Questions to ask to Siri – Hilarious Siri Replies
  8. Apple releases 'important security update' for iPhone after spyware discovery The patch comes after the discovery of spyware circulating in the Middle East. Apple has released a security fix for iPhones and iPads following the discovery of malware targeting the platform that was found circulating in the Middle East. The iPhone and iPad maker released the patch, iOS 9.3.5, on Thursday, calling it an "important security update". The patches fix three vulnerabilities, dubbed "Trident" by security firm Lookout, which could be used to access the device's location, read contacts, texts, calls, and emails, as well as turn on the device's microphone. The company said that spyware that exploited the vulnerabilities were developed by an Israel-based company specializing in zero-day exploits. Citizen Lab explained in a blog post that it had uncovered an operation by the security services of the United Arab Emirates to try to get into the iPhone of a renowned human rights defender, Ahmed Mansoor. The Canada-based security lab said that the UAE, which has long been criticized for its poor human rights record, could turn an affected iPhone into "a sophisticated bugging device", adding: "They would have been able to turn on his iPhone's camera and microphone to record Mansoor and anything nearby, without him being wise about it. They would have been able to log his emails and calls -- even those that are encrypted end-to-end. And, of course, they would have been able to track his precise whereabouts," said the blog post. Lookout said that the flaws included a memory corruption flaw in WebKit, which would let an attacker exploit a device when a user clicks on an affected link. Two other kernel vulnerabilities would let an attacker jailbreak the device, and then the attacker can silently install malware to carry out surveillance. Apple fixed the vulnerabilities within 10 days of being informed by Citizen Lab and Lookout. A spokesperson for Apple said in an email to ZDNet: "We advise all of our customers to always download the latest version of iOS to protect themselves against potential security exploits." Users can install the update over the air through the phone or tablet's settings. Source
  9. Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS ML + Key Freaking out cause you accidently deleted photos, text messages or other crucial stuff on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? iPhone is broken or damaged and now the data’s gone? Failed updates kill your data? Whatever the problem, the doctor is in! Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS is an easy-to-use tool that can help you easily recover data that you thought you’d lost forever, such as photos & videos, contacts, SMS, call logs, memos and more! It offers you two kinds of recovery mode: to recover data directly from the iOS device and to retrieve previous data by extracting it from iTunes backup! Extract iTunes Backup for all iOS Devices, including iPhone 5/4S Supported iOS devices: iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS, iPad mini, iPad with Retina display, The new iPad, iPad 2/1 & iPod touch 5/4. Recover 11 kinds of files: Contacts, Messages, Call history, Calendar, Notes, Reminder, Safari bookmark, Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Message attachments and Voice memos. Recover deleted data: Recover not only existing data in the backup, but also those data deleted from your device before you made the backup, as long as they were not overwritten. Supported data loss circumstances: Accidently deleted files on your iOS device; your device is crashed, smashed or broken; the device is locked by a forgotten password; your device is lost or wiped (eg. freshly upgraded to a new iOS, restored to factory settings, jailbroken or refurbished). Preview What You’ve Lost before Recovery Preview all photos one by one in camera roll, photo library and photo stream.Check the contacts in detail, including address, job title and custom tags, etc., and recover them as a VCF, CSV or HTML file.Read SMS contents including iMessages, photos, videos, etc. to save them as a HTML file on your computer.View the call history containing FaceTime records.Re-sync Recovered Data to Your iOS Device Import the recovered contacts in VCF format to your iOS device.Put the recovered photos and videos back to your iOS device.Homepage: http://www.wondershare.com/ OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 Language: ML Tablet: Key Size: 38,81 MB
  10. Source: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/get-free-leawo-itransfer-license-limited-offer Giveaway Page: http://thewindowsclub.tradepub.com/free/w_leaw01/prgm.cgi
  11. TL;DR: Download the official CBS Sports app or watch at CBSSports.com. They'll even have the same commercials! If you're in America Truthfully, it couldn't be simpler to watch Super Bowl 50 — roman numerals are out for this year, because "L" doesn't look good on a t-shirt — if you're inside the United States. On your Apple TV, snag the official CBS Sports tvOS app that's currently featured in the App Store. If you don't see it on the front page, navigate to Search and look for "CBS Sports." On your Mac, you can load up CBS's live stream in your web browser of choice. You can even shoot it to your television using Airplay if you've got an Apple TV 2 or later and a Mac made after mid-2011. On your iPhone or iPad, grab the CBS Sports app from the App Store if you're a Verizon Wireless customer — mobile streaming is exclusive to Verizon thanks to a sponsorship deal. Otherwise, much like the Mac, you should be able to access the stream through Safari and AirPlay the video to your favorite Apple TV-equipped set. If you're somewhere else If you're out of the country, the NFL has an official — if expensive — option for you. NFL GamePass will cost you $25 for the Super Bowl, but you'll also get access to footage of every game played between 2009 and 2014 until Feb. 17. If you'd rather go the free route via CBS, you'll need a VPN or smart DNS provider that can make CBS think you're in the U.S. There are a number of great options, but Unblock-Us and Unotelly are two of the most popular. source
  12. Kids' tech skills go backwards thanks to tablets and smartmobes Australian study finds lowest-ever digital literacy scores coincide with the iPad age The growing prevalence of smartphones and tablets in homes and schools may be retarding kids' development of IT skills, according to an Australian study. The research in question was conducted by Australia's National Assessment Program (NAP_, a body that undertakes research of students' skills. Every three years, NAP assesses science literacy, civics and citizenship, and information and communication technology (ICT) literacy. The latter was tested in 2014 and results emerged this week. Those tested were in what Australia calls Year 6 and Year 10. Year 6 is Australia's last year of Primary School and kids turn 12 during the school year. Year 10 kids typically turn 16 and complete their fourth year of High School along the way. 10,500 students participated in the online assessments, randomly selected from different schools around Australia. Tasks that students were asked to complete included: Use a blog and a comparative search engine to identify a venue for a sports picnic and to select sports equipment, then use tailored graphics software to produce invitations that included a map generated by using embedded mapping software;Work with a scenario of three students forming a music band that has won a talent contest and been invited to enter an interstate competition. Tasks included to help the band by completing the online registration for the competition, promote the band’s next gig through social media and set up a crowd-funding web page to raise money;A student is asked to set up a tablet computer to access the internet, install a number of applications on the tablet computer, set up one of the applications to collect weather data and use software to manage the data;A scenario where a student is part of a design team creating an animated video about water safety around lakes and dams, which is aimed at upper primary school students, and for which the student is required to upload a file to a video website, adjust settings on a video website and use specific software to make a video.The method used to score digital literacy is complex, but is consistent across the four cycles of testing. And as the table below shows, the 2014 result shows that Year 6 kids have descended below the digital literacy levels recorded in 2008 and Year 10 scores are at an all-time low. If you're reading this table of digital literacy results in Australia, you probably can't understand it Why is Australia doing so badly? The report's authors advance a theory that kids are now using mobile devices that require different skills and a different style of teaching. Here's what the report's conclusion has to say: Firstly, it is possible that changes in the teaching and learning with ICT have resulted in less emphasis being placed on the teaching of skills associated with ICT literacy. Secondly, it is possible that the development of ICT literacy competencies has been taken for granted in Australia where the level of access to ICT in schooling is extremely high. Thirdly, it is possible that the emergence of mobile computing technology devices has led to increased emphases in teaching and learning on different skills (such as those associated with online communication). The report goes on to note studies of the prevalence of tablets in Australian schools, find it's on the rise and leading to a hypothesis that “ it is perhaps not so likely that the emphasis [on teaching ICT literacy] has been removed, but rather that it has shifted with the uptake of mobile technology devices.” “It is possible that this shift in emphasis may have contributed to changes in ICT literacy achievement between 2011 and 2014.” The report also notes that the 2011 study took place mere months after the iPad's debut. Tablets have since become ubiquitous, while smartphones have become far more affordable and therefore find their way into more kids' hands. Another likely reason for the poor performance was that Australia recognised its technologies curriculum needed an overhaul well before 2014. The nation therefore developed a new Digital Technologies Curriculum but delayed its implementation of for political reasons, as our Australian bureau has chronicled at length. The new and dedicated curriculum was due to be taught from 2014, so may not have made an impact on this study. But the fact remains that Australian schools worked with older curricula that may not have reflected modern technological realities before the 2014 study. The study's gone down very badly in Australia, which has recently experienced an outbreak of bipartisan enthusiasm for all things STEM-and-startup. You can find the NAP report here (PDF) and a technical report here (PDF). Source
  13. Hi guys, MacXDVD launches a big giveaway to celebrate Halloween 2015, offering their newly-updated MacX iPhone iPad Video Converter totally free (originally $39.95). This converter is able to convert all formats, such as MKV, M2TS, MP4, WMV , FLV, MOV, AVI, etc. It seems to be a good chance to convert Halloween videos and music for replaying on mobile and other portable devices. Only 20,000 free copies, no time to be hesitated. Come on! giveaway page: http://www.macxdvd.com/giveaway/halloween-deal.htm validated through Nov. 3, 2015. Be haste!!
  14. With a wealth of new photo and video-related apps, and a number of new live-streaming entrants onto the market, March was a busy month in the the App Store. Here, we’ve got the best new and updated apps from last month in one place for your easy perusal. We’ve split this story over several pages to make it easier, but if you’d rather read it all as one, Here it is.. OneShotOneShot is an app that lets you post ‘screenshorts’ – a screengrab of an article designed to get around Twitter’s 140-character limit – directly to the social network with the utmost ease. It’s not perfect, and does have trouble identifying the correct source of a screenshort (it auto-detects the post you’ve taken the words from sometimes), but if you’re looking for an easy way to share a cropped screengrab along with some text, then OneShot is worth checking out. ➤ OneShot ImgurImgur, one of the Web’s favorite places to find gifs and memes, needs little introduction. And now, there’s a (nearly) fully-functional iOS app. Keen Imgur users will point out that there was already one for iPhones, but the new version launched this month is a ground-up rebuild designed to give you a better way to explore visual stories. As well as browsing around, you can vote on images and take part in discussions. Images are also sortable by popularity and time. The one huge omission for launch was the ability to upload photos to Imgur directly from your phone via the app, but that is coming soon. ➤ Imgur GmailIn March, Gmail for iOS got an overhaul designed to make it easier to use. As a result, it now supports notification replies and archiving of messages directly from the lock screen, made by possible by Apple’s changes in iOS 8. There’s also a new ‘open in’ extension and attachment view. ➤ Gmail TrioTrio is a new app for iPhone that lets you create mashup messages from sources like Instagram, Giphy, Vine, iTunes and more. Naturally, if you’ve got your own material, you can create mashups from your Camera Roll or images too. As well as pictures and videos, the app also lets you place text (and choose the font) to help you get your message across. And as with many similar services, there’s a social aspect here too – so you can browse and vote on other people’s shared mashups. ➤ Trio TempoTempo’s iOS update in March ushered in a cleaner, altogether more refined look for the calendar app. Among the changes were new fonts and a simpler color scheme to cut down on the clutter. There’s also now a new notifications widget and support for portrait or landscape orientation of the week view, plus an attendee auto complete feature that populates an event with the details of the person/people you’re meeting in just a few taps. ➤ Tempo TetherTether is a super-simple app that automatically unlocks your Mac when it detects your iPhone in range. In fact, it’s so simple that once it’s installed on your phone and computer, you don’t even need to open it again. It really is that simple. Each time you walk away from your Mac, it’ll lock, and when you return, it’ll be unlocked by the time you’re ready to start working. Better than all of that, it’s free. ➤ Tether Nokia HEREWith Nokia Here’s on-again, off-again relationship with iOS in the past, we weren’t sure we’d ever see a full return to the App Store. In March, however, HERE came back. With turn-by-turn directions and other core mapping features, it’s now ready to try and make inroads into Apple and Google’s territory on iOS devices. However, a 15-month hiatus is a long-time so it’ll have a challenge on its hands. Probably one of its strongest features is offline navigation and mapping for more than 100 countries, thereby saving your data connection. ➤ HERE Stre.amIf the start of 2015 is remembered for anything in the tech world, it’ll be the influx of live-streaming apps, following the launch of Meerkat at the end of February. Another company to throw its hat into this particular ring is Stre.am, which launched its live video streaming app just in time for SXSW this year. And unlike some of the other new entrants, Stre.am allows you to livestream from an Android or iOS device. ➤ Stre.am WunderlistWunderlist, while obviously not a new app, got a make-over on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android this month. Along with more colorful accents to help you see the difference between folders, lists, smart lists and other items, the iOS version also got a new Quick Add button, to allow you to add new tasks more quickly. Both iOS and Android builds also got a new feature that lets you group lists by category. ➤ Wunderlist [iPhone | iPad] FlashgapPartially inspired by the movie The Hangover, Flashgap lets you take photos on your night out (or at any other time) but won’t let you see them until at least midday the following day. You can think of it a bit like a combination of White Album and Eversnap. While it soft-launched back in December, March was its official unveiling – and marked the introduction of the first Android build too. ➤ Flashgap InfinitWant to share large video files directly from your iPhone – or an entire album of photos? Then Infinit’s new iOS app can help. The key appeal of Infinit is that it allows you to share the original copies of files, without needing to trim for size limits – particularly useful if your phone shoots 4K video. Extra handily, the app also lets you receive files of any size sent from Infinit’s desktop clients. ➤ Infinit PeriscopePossibly the highest-profile launch on iPhone this month was Twitter’s answer to Meerkat: Periscope. Just like Meerkat, it allows users to livestream whatever they’re doing – but unlike Meerkat, it has Twitter’s extensive resources and user base behind it. You can also save videos for viewing later, if you want. Ultimately, we first described it as “what Meerkat would look like with a little more thought put into it.” ➤ Periscope White LabelIf you’re a hip-hop fan with an iPhone, then you’ll probably want to check out White Label’s freshly launched mobile app. In essence, it’s another music discovery app – except that it only focuses on hip-hop. It works by monitoring services like SoundCloud and Twitter to track which tracks are the most listened and most discussed. Although it soft-launched at the start of 2015, the team rolled out updates last month in time for its official unveiling. ➤ White Label LayoutInstagram’s new app Layout is designed to let you easily and quickly create collages with your photos using drag-and-drop. By combining up to nine individual shots, you can create a single image from one of nine different layouts. Each image that makes up part of the collage is editable in its own right, too – so if you want to flip just one of your mini images, then you can. There are no editing or filter options though, so you’ll need to be using images you’re happy with from the start. ➤ Layout MediumMedium got a much needed iOS update this month that allows users to write and publish a full post directly from your smartphone – and even added in voice dictation support, if you’d rather not type at all. It allows you to do most of the major things you’d want, like set a title, include quote formatting and add images, but you can only work on one draft at a time. Once you’ve published your post, you can then start a new draft. ➤ Medium SpylightSpylight, launched this month, allows you to literally buy whatever you see on TV. All you need to do is hold your phone towards the screen while a particular show or movie is playing and it will identify it by matching the audio. You should then get is a list of clothes available from that show. Alternatively, you can just browse the database of TV shows to peruse the items featured in each. ➤ Spylight Memoji KeyboardThis one is dead simple. Want to send custom emojis of your own face in messages? Then Memoji is probably worth considering. One the downside, you can only create and store five custom emojis at any one time on the free plan – €1.99 unlocks the ability to have more – but there’s nothing stopping you from deleting ones you don’t want any more and replacing them with new ones. It’s not perfect – there are still bug fixes required and the emojis show up as slightly grainy in some instances – but if you’ve always wanted to create your own custom emojis using your own images, then the Memoji Keyboard is here for you. ➤ Memoji Keyboard Adobe Comp CCIf you’re a designer, there’s a good chance you probably use Adobe’s tools already, and now, there’s a new iPad app designed to let you execute a complete layout while out-and-about. Comp CC is ultimately aimed at bridging the mobile-desktop gap for creating different types of project layouts. And because it’s compatible with desktop counterparts (InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, etc.), you can just upload your partially completed project to your computer and finish it off there on a larger screen, should you wish. ➤ Comp CC TempoIf you really like timelapse videos and slow-motion effects, then look no further as Tempo for iPhone brings the two together to help you create simple, but impressive, videos. By giving you granular control over where the effects start and stop – and speed controls of 8x, 4x, 1/4x and 1/8x – you can create dramatic sequences by speeding up some sections, but applying slo-mo to the rest. It’s available for free if you can live with the watermarking, or for $4.99 per month if you’d rather remove it. http://thenextweb.com/apps/2015/04/02/19-of-the-best-iphone-and-ipad-apps-from-march/5/
  15. geeteam

    Pangu 1.2 Jailbreak Released

    The Pangu 1.2 jailbreak tool is out, and is available for download right now for Windows and Mac. This version brings with it a bunch of crucial fixes and enhancements. More details and download links can be found right here. From the get-go, you’ll notice that Pangu enhances the overall jailbreak experience for the user by implementing a bunch of bug fixes. Issues such as the dreaded boot loop for iPhone 4 / 4s users have been fixed along with other niggling bugs. The complete changelog of today’s release is as follows: Fix boot loop bug for some iPhone4/4s. Fix sandbox log issue. afc2 is included now. Add patch for task_for_pid. Add notification if jailbreak fail. The latest Pangu release supports the same firmware as before, and can be utilized to jailbreak iOS 7.1 all the way to 7.1.2. Apart from that, Pangu supports a wide range of devices that can be jailbroken untethered, which includes Apple’s latest lineup of 64-bit devices, such as the iPhone 5s, iPhone Air and iPad mini with Retina display. It’s also worth mentioning that if you’re already jailbroken using Pangu and are facing no issues whatsoever, then there’s no need to re-jailbreak your device. You can download the latest version of Pangu for both Windows and Mac from the links which we’ve embedded below. When you’re done downloading, simply head over to the tutorial which we’ve linked above, and follow the steps as they are, except that you’ll be using the Pangu 1.2 tool to jailbreak that you just downloaded. Download Link Pangu 1.2 for Mac Pangu 1.2 for Windows Source
  16. Apple has greatly expanded the availability of its 2-step verification process for Apple IDs. While it was only available in 11 countries previously, the feature is now available in 59 countries worldwide. For those not aware, 2-step verification or authentication puts an extra step between entering your ID and password and logging in. It sends a verification message with a code to a preset device or number and only upon entering that code will the person be allowed to log in. This way, even if someone gets access to your password, they still can’t access your account unless they have access to the special code. Apple 2-step verification is now available in the following countries: If you have an Apple device, then it is highly recommended you enable 2-step verification for your account. Or for any other service you might be using that supports this feature. Source
  17. selesn777

    Wondershare SafeEraser

    Wondershare SafeEraser 100% Permanent Erasure of Your iDevice’s Data, Nothing Recoverable. Whether you are planning to give away your old iDevice to a friend or relative, donate to charity; sell on eBay, or trade-in for something new; you never know where your old device will end up. Don’t leave your personal information vulnerable to identify thieves; ensure it’s not recoverable by permanently wiping the iDevice with EafeEraser – think of it like a digital shredder. Prevent Identity Theft When Selling Your Old iDevice with 1-Click "Clean Slate" Privacy Safeguard for Ultimate Privacy Protection Website: http://www.wondershare.com/ OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 Language: ML Medicine: Patch Size: 17,36 Mb.
  18. Apple has released the iOS 7.1.2 update. The update brings with it some bug fixes and security updates. The update includes:Improved iBeacon connectivity and stabilityFixes a bug with data transfer for some 3rd party accessories, including barcode scannersCorrects an issue with data protection class of Mail attachmentsThe update is around 28-30MB depending upon the device, if you download on the device itself. Along with iOS, Apple also pushed an update for OS X, bumping it to 10.9.4. This one has more useful changes and something you'd actually notice, including:Fixes an issue that prevented some Macs from automatically connecting to known Wi-Fi networksFixes issue causing the background or Apple logo to appear incorrectly on startupImproves the reliability of waking from sleepIncludes Safari 7.0.5The 10.9.4 update is around 90MB and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store. Source
  19. TomTom U.S And Canada 1.17 iPad iPhone iPod Touch Last minute plans? With the TomTom Navigation app, driving somewhere new couldn’t be easier. You’ve always got your iPhone with you, so navigation’s close at hand. And losing signal is not a problem, because the app works not only online, but offline too. This saves you money on data roaming costs, and you’ll have constant access to the same maps, technology and world-class navigation as on our GPS navigators. It’s the app that drivers can rely on. Only the TomTom Navigation app offers all this: Voice-guided turn-by-turn car navigation. Find your way the easy way with with clear voice instructions and a 2D or 3D view of the route ahead. Including automatic rerouting if you miss your turn. Advanced Lane Guidance. Gives you extra clarity when navigating difficult junctions. TomTom Offline Maps. Maps are stored on your iPhone or iPad – so you don't need a mobile data connection or large mobile data plan. FREE Lifetime Maps. Download 4 or more full updates every year for the life of your app. FREE Daily Map Changes. Benefit from shared daily map corrections from our 20 million strong Map Share community. IQ Routes. The fastest routes, the most accurate and reliable arrival times - at all times of day. Traffic. Drive with world-class traffic information (available via in-app purchase). (1) Spoken Street Names. Helping you to keep your eyes on the road. Powerful search. Search for destinations with TomTom Places, Facebook™ and foursquare™. Multitasking support. Clear turn-by-turn guidance while on the phone. Seamless integration. Integrates easily with your iPhone/iPad contacts, photos, music, email, browser, calendar, iCloud and maps. For all features and full descriptions please see www.tomtom.com/navigation/iphone *** MAPS COVERAGE *** - US, CA. *** MORE INFORMATION *** - The TomTom Navigation app requires a GPS signal. 3G-enabled iPads, iPhone 3GS, and later models have an internal GPS receiver. Users of non-3G iPads and iPod touch 4th gen and later models will require an external GPS receiver. The original iPhone, iPhone 3G, original iPad, original iPod touch and iPod touch 2nd/3rd gen are not supported. (1) Check http://www.tomtom.com/navigation/iphone for availability per country. Services are available via in-app purchase and require a mobile phone connection. Your operator may charge you for the data used and costs may be significantly higher when used abroad. Services can only be used on one device at the same time. If you want to use your subscription to a different device, restore your purchases in the TomTom Shop on your preferred device. - Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. - Photos can only be used for navigation if you have enabled Location Services in the Camera application. What's New in Version 1.17 - LATEST, UPDATED TOMTOM MAP: because roads are constantly changing, on average 15% of roads change every year, your TomTom app update comes with the latest and most up-to-date map. APPLE RELEASES (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) Release Name: TomTom.TomTom.U.S.And.Canada.v1.17.iPad.iPhone.iPod.Touch-EMSPDA Size: 1.50 GB Protection: DRM http://www.sockshare.com/file/D3C83C10AF1EAE26
  20. Ever since Apple announced the latest iteration of its mobile OS at WWDC last week, developers are busy perusing all the new features introduced with the iOS 8 beta build – and one that wasn’t. One clever developer, Steve Troughton-Smith, has discovered that Apple has included code that will enable you to run apps in split-screen mode – and has just demoed the partially-working feature on video. Since Apple didn’t speak of this feature at the iOS 8 unveil, it’s likely that split-screen multitasking has been reserved for an eventual updated iPad announcement. According to Troughton-Smith, split-screen will only work in landscape mode, and will only be compatible with the 9.7″ iPad Air or its successor. It will likely not make it to the iPad mini or iPhone, or at least initially. Source
  21. Game and app developer Steve Troughton-Smith reports that he has discovered code in the updated Springboard on iOS 8 that will allow Apple iPad tablets to run two apps side by side. The apps can split the screen 50/50 or 25/75. The split-screen multitasking will only work in landscape mode. Once you have two apps running together they will show up as a single screen in the app switcher. The code isn't ready yet as running it causes one side of the screen to be blank and the app crashes. This feature is reportedly aimed at the 9.7" iPad Air and a potential larger iPad, but not the iPad mini or the iPhone. So… just in case there was any doubt left… iOS 8’s SpringBoard has code to run two apps side-by-side. 1/4 size, 1/2 size, or 3/4 size — Steve T-S (@stroughtonsmith) June 9, 2014 Side-by-side apps show as a single 'screen' in the App Switcher — Steve T-S (@stroughtonsmith) June 9, 2014 A similar feature is available on Samsung's Galaxy tablets and on the Microsoft Surface. Source
  22. At WWDC, Apple made a big deal about the improved safety that iOS 8 brings to its devices. Lots of these new features, however, aren't readily visible for us to see. Security expert, Frederic Jacobs has discovered that iOS 8 uses random network identifiers when it scans for WiFi access ports. This means that the only time that the identity of your iDevice is discovered is when you actually connect to a w WiFi hotspot. So operators of hotspot locations won't know anything about your iDevice or get your position until you actually connect to their network. Although this seems like a very basic means of securing a device, this could have huge implications for the mobile phone industry, which hasn't really been known for its privacy as of late. It will be interesting to see if other mobile phone platforms implement the same security precautions. Source
  23. Google Wallet users have been able to scan credit cards with their device’s camera for a while now, and it looks like Apple is getting their feet wet with the mobile payment game as well. Well, it’s a step closer, at least. iPhone users can now scan their credit cards with their cell phone’s camera in iOS 8. There are some restrictions however, learn more about the features after the jump. iOS 8′s ability to scan cards is currently restricted to online orders that you make through Safari. So let’s say you’re shopping on Amazon but don’t want to manually punch in your credit card info, you can just snap a photo to fill it in and voila! You’re done. You could always save the data for later or just elect to always take a photo of your card whenever you make a purchase. This is one of the many features that iOS is bringing to Apple’s iDevices. iOS 8 is currently only seeding to developers and will be brought to market this fall. Source
  24. geeteam

    Apple's iOS 8 goes official

    Apple took the wraps off iOS 8 during today’s WWDC keynote. The latest OS release brings a host of new features and improvements, headed by the ability to closely interact with the freshly announced OS X Yosemite. The feature which allows iOS 8 to interact with OS X Yosemite is dubbed Handoff. An expansion of AirDrop, the functionality allows iOS 8 devices to share a multitude of tasks and data with OS X Yosemite, including phone calls messages, files, etc. The newly announced iCloud Drive will unsurprisingly be also available on iOS 8. It will be neatly integrated into the OS and is bound to become a serious competitor to the likes of DropBox. iCloud Drive allows you to sync your app files across all your devices. iCloud Drive is actually the closest to a unified file storage iOS has ever gotten. You start App X, you open up the iCloud Drive panel and from there you open a file, which is originally stored with App Y. Once you are done manipulating it, the file is stored back to its original location under App Y so you always know where to find the latest version. We are yet to hear about the availability details. Apple brought the often-requested widgets to iOS with the latest release. However, those will not be located on the homescreen. Instead, you will be able to find them and interact with them in the Notification center. Notifications in iOS 8 have become interactive as well. For example, you can directly reply to a text from the small pop-up on top of the display. The feature is handy and saves a couple of steps and you don't even have to leave the app you are currently into. The keyboard in iOS 8 has been changed as well. It predicts more efficiently the words a user is about to input. Even more importantly, iOS 8 finally brings the ability to install third-party keyboards. This means that the likes of SwiftKey and Swype will soon make their way to iPhones and iPads around the world. As of its 8th version, iOS features a HealthKit suite which gathers all data collected from the device’s tracking apps and various third-party accessories. Apple has teamed up with a number of partners on the health suite including Nike and the Mayo clinic. Apple iMessage has seen a number of improvements in iOS. The app is now an even more credible competitor to the likes of WhatsApp, gaining the ability to directly send audio and video messages from within the app. The native email client is another thing to be improved in iOS 8. It allows users to discard unimportant messages via a simple swiping gesture. Spotlight has been overhauled as well. It now allows users to search for uninstalled apps, songs from the iTunes store, as well as a whole lot more of useful content. Nine months after its announcement with the iPhone 5s Apple is opening the Touch ID to developers. The fingerprint scanner will therefore soon be available to third-party apps. The ability to utilize Touch ID is not the only feature which Apple has brought to the SDK for developers. What Apple called the biggest release since the introduction of the App Store, brings over 4,000 new APIs, including new technologies for game development. The Photos app has also seen a refresh. It now allows edited images to be shared across all synced devices. Post-capture editing will also be synced. As part of the iOS 8 announcement, Apple unveiled several new features for its App Store. We should expect to see an improved Search feature, App Bundles offered by devs, embedded videos in the app descriptions ala Google Play Store, and devs will be able to invite users to closed bets testing of future versions of their apps. Family sharing is an iOS 8 feature which allows up to six users to share iTunes, iBooks, and App Store purchases. Family photos, calendar entries and locations can also be shared. Enterprise features have also been improved in iOS 8. Updates cover beefed up security, new productivity features, as well as better data and device management tools. Apple iOS 8 will be available to everyone this fall, while a developer Beta of the OS has been released today. Compatible iPhone devices include all models from iPhone 4s onwardsOn the tablet side, iPad 2 and all following releases will be treated to the update. The iPod Touch 5 will be the only one to get updated from the company's music player lineup. Source
  25. Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS Freaking out cause you accidentally deleted photos, text messages or other crucial stuff on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? iPhone is broken or damaged and now the data's gone? Failed updates kill your data? Whatever the problem, the doctor is in! Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS is an easy-to-use tool that can help you easily recover data that you thought you'd lost forever, such as photos & videos, contacts, SMS, call logs, memos and more! It offers you three kinds of recovery mode to recover data from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch: to recover data directly from the iOS device and to retrieve previous data by extracting it from iTunes and iCloud backup! Features Website: http://www.wondershare.com/ OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 (x86-x64) Language: Ml Medicine: Patch Size: 26,52 Mb.