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Found 35 results

  1. m.delverde


    Friends, my greetings to all of you. My name is Mario I'm from Italy and I study Computer Science at Naples University "Federico II". My hobbies include CS Engineering and IoT but I also love watching anime and read some manga. I found this site by chance, doing some research and since then I have followed this forum from the outside. I have to say that I like this forum, because there is a lot of expertise in I really hope to learn a lot of things as well as help where i can .
  2. deptcharge


    Hi, long time lurker here Nsane has always been my goto anytime i set up new PC's or just looking for a utility. Thanks for being here and making my life so simple.
  3. timi


    Hello! How are you everyone? This is Timi from Hungary. So excited to be a member of my favourite community and thanks to @november_ra1n
  4. SpookySue

    Hi there!

    Hello everyone. Thank you for having me here!
  5. stenn15


    Hello, I am old engeneer from 80th, so I want to learn and try to introduce my wiev. BR
  6. nheolinkin


    Hello everyone I'm so glad to be a member of nsane. Thank @november_rain to brought me here.
  7. ashagg

    Quick Hello

    Hello , I've been using the site for a long time now but only recently decided to join in on the discussions ... Hope I can contribute to this wonderful community .. cheers..
  8. TziKei


    Hello , I hope everyone is doing well. I just found out the forums via a search engine, and from what I've seen so far is great. What stands out for me, is the collection of photographic and video editing software and plugins collection the site has to offer. I hope admins, mods and uploaders keep up the good work. Btw, since I made the introduction topic, would anyone have the patience to tell me where the avatar settings are? I can't find it anywhere.
  9. KRS

    Hello Nsane

    Good morning companions, send cordial greetings
  10. 316257


    Hello to everyone and a big thanks for having such an awesome forum.
  11. thast


    Hello guys,thanks for accepting me
  12. JeffDunhill

    Hi Everyone

    Hello everyone, I hope everybody's having fun and doing great in the summers. I am Jeff and have just joined nsaneforums. Hope to have fun with you all and learn more from each one of you
  13. Hi everybody, My actual name is Adithya R. I am an Indian & I am staying in Bangalore. I have my accounts on these forums too: www.wincert.net/forum & www.repacks.net/forum. I am pleased to join this forum, most famous for software, & I will be creating many RePacks of many installers. I am born on 23-6-2001 7 I have made many repacks previously. Thank you & have a great day. Cheers & Regards
  14. babondra

    Hi All

    Greetings from South Africa I am happy to join this community and I hope I will be able to contribute in making Nsane Down the number 1 place to be at. Thanks for the lovely welcome that has been extended to me and I feel honoured to be a member. Warmest Regards, Baba
  15. jaad34

    Hello everyone....

    Hi, Looking for information on software, I found this forum. I could solve my problem, and I hope to help in allowing my knowledge. Greetings from Spain.
  16. Hassan Gulzar

    Hipe World!

    Hello everyone. I'm a seasoned .Net developer and although I've been to this forum before, I'm glad I stumbled across it again. This time though, I'm here to stay.
  17. alvinblah

    luker says hello

    just wanted to come out of the dark and say hey. hey.
  18. n4th4n

    Hello World

    Hello everyone, my name is Nathan. I feel happy to be in this forum, so I hope to have a good stay; By the way, I am interested in the PC and software.
  19. Weill I like to play with new software and share with my peeps. Software aren't free means I need cracks/patches/keygen, while using them I followed I followed the very talented RadiXX11 here. Now, I find this forum very useful where the latest versions are available at the earliest possible hour which is very exciting. I would like to thank all the members working round the clock keep that specific thread hot.
  20. Hi! I am benj and I am new here! Looking forward to learning new stuff here in the forum! Regards, Benj
  21. zack


    Hello everyone, happy to have finally joined this forum after being a stalker for some time
  22. Ayu.dm

    Hi all..... :)

    Hi.. I'am Ayu from Indonesia...
  23. jian412412

    Hi, how are you everyone

    Hello, everyone I am from CHINA,It is so nice to find here, Hope nsane forum will be better and better and happy stay everyone. Thanks
  24. Hi, Feel free to read ABOUT ME . I usually don't register to sites, but something liked about this place. My true hidden nerdiness told me that I can spend some good time here perhaps. I came across this place through looking for a specific patch. I found one exactly here. Feel to write or comment below. EDIT: Now I have to find ubercool avatar and insane signature....