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  1. Under Barbara Whye, Intel closed its global gender pay gap and reached full representation of women in its US workforce. Intel's chief diversity and inclusion officer Barbara Whye is leaving the company. Whye, who was also corporate vice president of social impact, had been in the role since 2017, following the departure of Danielle Brown for Google. Whye will join Apple as its new vice president of inclusion and diversity in 2021, the iPhone maker said late Thursday, confirming an earlier report by Fortune. The position has been vacant since June when Chri
  2. Intel begins shipping its Xe-based Server GPU Today, Intel announced that it's now shipping its first discrete graphics card aimed at data centers, which it's simply calling the Intel Server GPU. If you've been following along, Intel gave us a thorough look at its plans for the Intel Xe graphics architecture back in August, and it included a server GPU based on it. More specifically, the Intel Server GPU is based on the Xe-LP (low power) microarchitecture, which is the same one used in the integrated graphics in 11th-generation Tiger Lake processor
  3. AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs absolutely obliterates Intel processors in one-sided workstation test New independent results agree with our earlier AMD Ryzen 5000 tests (Image credit: Future) Here’s some encouraging news for anyone thinking about building their next workstation with the just launched AMD Ryzen 5000 series processors. In an extensive test the latest AMD series wipes the floor with their Intel price-twins. The new AMD processors performed admirably well in our benchmarks and early tests. Custom PC builders Puget Syst
  4. No cure for self-inflicted manufacturing wounds though, sadly Intel's battle to remain relevant continued overnight as it noted the shift to remote working and trumpeted the ways it might assist IT departments dealing with a suddenly remote workforce. Citing research findings that 74 per cent of companies will be shunting some employees to permanent remote work, Chipzilla made the unsurprising claim that the "most important ally in navigating this new normal" was the good old PC. Those will be Intel-based machnes, we presume, despite the popular
  5. Intel Lunar Lake 14th-gen CPUs already spotted – could Intel have a serious gameplan to catch AMD? Intel shooting for the moon? (Image credit: Future) Intel’s Lunar Lake (14th-gen) processors have already been spotted in GPU drivers, perhaps indicating that the chip giant is serious about advancing its CPU roadmap as swiftly as possible to counter the clear threat from AMD (considering its rival is already dominant on the desktop, and advancing in laptop territory too). Videocardz spotted that a denizen of Reddit (‘stblr
  6. And sometimes even inferior to him Iris Xe Max graphics card In addition to today’s 3DMark Intel Iris Xe Max discrete graphics benchmark, you can add scores from several games. The novelty was tested in four games, and the results are not impressive. Why Intel even released the Iris Xe Max graphics card? In games, it is often not particularly faster than the integrated Intel Xe GPU As you can see, in some games the new 3D card only slightly bypasses or even lags behind the integrated AMD GPUs. But the most revealing thing is that Iris
  7. Intel details improvements in Rocket Lake processors, including Iris Xe graphics Earlier this month, Intel announced that it would be launching new desktop CPUs in early 2021, which it refers to as Rocket Lake. Today, the company revealed a few more details about the Rocket Lake S-series processors, including the new Cypress Cove architecture for the cores. According to Intel, the Cypress Cove cores promise a double-digit uptick in performance, though a specific number isn't given. The cores themselves are apparently 14nm, but they're most similar
  8. In a first, researchers extract secret key used to encrypt Intel CPU code Hackers can now reverse engineer updates or write their own custom firmware. Enlarge Intel 78 with 60 posters participating Researchers have extracted the secret key that encrypts updates to an assortment of Intel CPUs, a feat that could have wide-ranging consequences for the way the chips are used and, possibly, the way they’re secured. The key makes it possible to decrypt the microcode updates Intel provides to fix
  9. Intel’s high-end gaming GPU sparks into life, and it’s rumored to challenge Nvidia’s RTX 3070 Take that RTX 3070 speculation with a hefty dose of condiments, though (Image credit: Shutterstock.com / Alexander Tolstykh) Intel has flipped the switch and officially powered on its high-end discrete Xe graphics card known as DG2. The news came from CEO Bob Swan in an Intel earnings call following its latest financial results, as reported by Seeking Alpha: “Our first discrete GPU DG1 is shipping now and will be in systems for
  10. steven36

    Intel: Reality Sets In

    Summary Intel met Q3 financial targets, but the market was caught off guard expecting another big beat. Investors now have to face the reality that the company will see sales collapse 14% from last Q4. The SK Hynix deal will hit revenues in 2021, damping sentiment. The stock should be avoided until Intel can turn around operations. After multiple warning to investors, Intel finally prints a quarter with revenue declines and forecasts very weak Q4 numbers. The ma
  11. Multiple delays of Intel's 10 nm process technology have affected the company's roadmap in many ways. While the company seems to be on track with its client 10nm CPUs, server processors are a whole different matter as they have different qualification and production cycles. In its Q3 FY2020 conference call, Intel announced that it would have to delay initial shipments of its 3rd Generation Xeon Scalable 'Ice Lake-SP' CPUs to Q1 2021. "We and our customers are excited about the upcoming launch of our 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable product, the Ice Lake-SP," said Bob Swa
  12. Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD) has been in a thorn in Intel's (NASDAQ:INTC) side in the central processing unit (CPU) market since the arrival of the former's Ryzen processors, which originally hit the market in March 2017. AMD held just under 18% of the CPU market at the end of 2016 before Ryzen arrived. The latest third-party estimates suggest that the chipmaker now controls close to 37% of the market. Other reliable estimates from the likes of video gaming platform Steam also suggest that AMD has been consistently chipping away at Intel's CPU dominance. And AMD isn't d
  13. Intel Rocket Lake CPUs could boost up to 5.5GHz – and blow away Comet Lake at gaming Huge architectural uplift is promised for gamers (Image credit: Future) Intel’s Rocket Lake processors – the next-gen CPUs due to emerge early in 2021 – will offer a much stronger performance in gaming than current Comet Lake chips, with all-core overclocks running to 5GHz, and boost speeds potentially hitting up to 5.5GHz, according to fresh rumors. That’s according to leaker ITCooker (via Wccftech), who spilled fresh details on Rocket
  14. Intel on Wednesday talked up a set of security features planned for its promised third-generation Xeon Scalable Processors, code-named Ice Lake, which are supposed to show up before the end of the year. The chip biz said it's "doubling down on its Security First Pledge," as if some sort of quantitative measurement of security could be calculated and weighed against prior security commitments. The suggested twofold security inflation takes the form of adding features like Software Guard Extensions (SGX), Total Memory Encryption (TME), Platform Firmware Resil
  15. Just ahead of AMD’s own next-gen Zen 3 announcement Intel has confirmed that its 11th Gen Rocket Lake desktop processors will be out sometime in the first quarter of 2021, with PCIe 4.0 support on board. The timing of Intel’s announcement is likely not a coincidence. AMD is about to unveil its first CPUs based on its next-gen Zen 3 architecture for desktop computers tomorrow, in what will almost certainly provide the most competition for Intel’s dominance for high-powered PCs yet. Intel’s confirmation that it has its own new chips on the way next year feels
  16. Due to DXVK recently beginning to require Vulkan Transform Feedback (VK_EXT_transform_feedback) for this Direct3D translation layer popular with Linux gamers, Intel open-source developers have gone back and now implemented transform feedback support in the Intel "ANV" driver for Haswell era "Gen 7" graphics. While the Intel ANV Vulkan driver on Linux has always provided support going back to Haswell, in some areas it's been less than ideal due to stark hardware differences compared to Gen8 Broadwell graphics and newer. But with DXVK needing VK_EXT_transform_feedback no
  17. Intel announces its 11th-gen 'Tiger Lake' processors with Iris Xe graphics, PCIe 4, and more It's one of the worst kept secrets out there, but Intel announced its 11th-generation processors for thin and light laptops today. Codenamed Tiger Lake, it's the second generation of the firm's 10nm process, following Ice Lake. There's a lot going on here. It has Intel's new Iris Xe graphics, and the firm is promising 2.7x faster content creation and 2x faster gaming. According to Intel, it's better than 90% of discrete GPUs that are paired with
  18. Promo video for Intel's Tiger Lake processors leaks Intel is set to hold an event on September 2 where it will announce 'something big'. By now, it's all but confirmed that the firm will be launching its next-generation 'Tiger Lake' processors at the event, which will be 10nm CPUs with its new Xe graphics. Thanks to leakster WalkingCat, we can take a look at a 50-second promo video that shows off the new 11th-generation processors. The video shows some new branding, such as a brand-new Intel Core sticker along with a new Iris Xe Graphics sticker. There'
  19. Intel Tiger Lake Core i7 benchmarks show 4.8GHZ CPU and 1.55GHz GPU boost clocks Intel is slated to announce its 11th-gen U-series Tiger Lake processors during its upcoming September 2 event. The firm has promised “something big” for the event, which is most likely the next-generation chips that are based on the 10nm+ process, with the “double digit” gains for the company’s new integrated Xe graphics architecture. Earlier this month, a leaked spec sheet for an HP product suggested that the Core i7-1165G7 – a Tiger Lake-U chip – could come with boost clock sp
  20. Intel claims its new processors crush AMD when it comes to power and price Core i7-10700K blows away the Ryzen 9 3900XT, Intel argues (Image credit: Intel) Intel has brought its marketing guns to bear on AMD’s Ryzen processors, making a comparison which argues that the Core i7-10700K blows away the Ryzen 9 3900XT in terms of price as well as performance for gaming. Before we come onto the issues around the fairness of this comparison in the first place, let’s take a look at Intel’s claims here, which were delivered via a
  21. Intel’s run at the GPU market begins with Tiger Lake onboard graphics Xe LP graphics in Tiger Lake laptops are only the first part of the story. Enlarge / Intel is looking to replace Nvidia as the "one stop GPU shop," with a comprehensive line of GPUs aimed at everything from laptops to gaming to the datacenter. Intel 106 with 81 posters participating, including story author At Intel Architecture Day 2020, most of the focus and buzz surrounded the upcoming Tiger Lake 10nm laptop CPUs—but Intel also announ
  22. Intel’s Tiger Lake CPUs are ready to take on Ryzen 4000 mobile Intel showed us something new at Architecture Day 2020: confidence. Enlarge / Joe Exotic was not given a pass to attend Architecture Day 2020. Aurich Lawson / Getty Images This Tuesday, Intel held an all-day virtual "Architecture Day" conference and took attendees on a deep dive into the architecture of upcoming products in all categories: CPUs, GPUs (dedicated and integrated), and FPGAs. We learned a lot about what Intel's been working on and why,
  23. Intel could kill off traditional USB ports with USB 4 laptops Bye bye Type A (Image credit: Shutterstock) New documentation that supposedly sheds light on Intel’s USB 4 plans, with the USB 4.0 host controller coming in three versions: 0x9A1B, 0x9A1D, and 0x9A13, and it suggests that it will not be compatible with the larger Type A USB ports. According to the leak, which was shared on Twitter by @_rogame, a well known leaker, an internal document mentions how USB 4.0 comes with USB 3.2 support, yet does not mention USB 2.
  24. Intel's 12th-generation desktop processors could support DDR5 RAM before AMD Leak reveals next-gen memory is coming to Alder Lake CPUs (Image credit: Future) Intel’s 12th-generation Alder Lake desktop processors will reportedly support DDR5 memory – which is twice as fast as the current DDR4 standard. That’s according to Videocardz, which was sent information about Intel’s Alder Lake desktop CPU lineup via an anonymous source – though it’s unclear if the details come via the massive 20GB data leak Intel suffered this wee
  25. More than 20GB of Intel source code and proprietary data dumped online "Exconfidential Lake" leak includes docs Intel provided under NDA as recently as May. Enlarge Tillie Kottman 71 with 59 posters participating, including story author Intel is investigating the purported leak of more than 20 gigabytes of its proprietary data and source code that a security researcher said came from a data breach earlier this year. The data—which at the time this post went live was publicly available on B
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