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Found 1 result

  1. First read the COMMUNITY GUIDELINES - This is by NO means a substitute for them / basic's only ! ========================================================================= Hello New Members, You don't want to Start Off Bad in the forums and have a PM like this one sent to you, "You're off to a very bad start. You need to familiarize yourself with the Community Guidelines. failure to comply with the board rules will lead to a review of your membership by one of our forum Administers". --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- Staff Member DKT27 - HELPED Me by passing this (below) information along to me when I needed it most and I want to pay it forward here to all New Members... While you might have read the Community Guidelines, there are some things that members do not know or remember, or try to follow. So I must mention it to you so you remember it once, in doing so Will Keep you Out Of Trouble. 1. One is, never to request any serial, crack, keygen or any such stuff in the open forms, if such things is posted already, then use it if you want, But any type of REQUEST BY YOU in the OPEN FORUMS for Paid Material is NOT ALLOWED as per the Community Guidelines. PM's to Members or found in a SHARECODE is perfectly fine. In addition, posting the likes of mirror links of softwares that we list on nsane.down is Not Allowed. 2. Second is Never post any hacking stuff - keylogger, account hacking tool, unless it's hacking news / then post it in the right forum. Such Hacking News - site hacked, accounts hacked and such in the forums and sub-forms of Site Related - News - Downloads - General Discussions & Support - Off-Topic Chat 3. Third is, always search before posting and see if it is posted already, as for searching for software's do not search version numbers, search only software names, numbers do not give good results in searches. All search terms need at a minimum of 4 letters. 4. Fourth, use sharecode when posting keygen, cracks, serials and such things. http://www.nsaneforums.com/topic/21385-how-to-work-with-sharecodes/#comment-95103 5. Fifth is, watch, read and understand how things work, the better the understanding and knowledge you will gain the more in the chances to do things correctly. A. Let a thank you or a like of a post be wordless by using the proper designated button. (this helps keep the forums clearer of short answer clutter and reduces the threads size). It's works real good to let a member know of your like/thank you of the post they have made. B. Making a post it should first observe the Community Guidelines, post following along with the Topic of a Thread Title, be truthful, factual, helpful in your content and nature. Reply to a threads topic: and if it states any given rules to apply as listed in the OP - then stay focused in your post to the topic of the thread. Comments on other poster comments can drift fast from the main topic of the thread. C. All Posts should be free from flaming, baiting, spam, profanities and illegal / obscene material, and as a result should be positive, polite and constructive. Should you come across something that isn't please use the "Report" button next to a post or contact a staff member via a PM (Reporting Tutorial). These are the basic things members miss, in spite of most of it being included in the Community Guidelines. I know this might be long or hard to understand being new members, but taking some time to reading through the forums and understanding the Community Guidelines rules will make you better understand all of it after a while. *** The forums staff do wish for you to read in whole, all of the Community Guidelines rules, (as this here is only a basic posting of that information to be found within the general guidelines) hence BASIC, The Forums Staff welcomes you to contact anyone of them, if you have any questions to an item or meaning of the posted Community Guideline (rules). *** http://www.nsaneforums.com/guidelines/ Once you start off learning the right way of interacting in the forums, you also help out the forums staff by doing so over time. Get to know the Forums Staff in the right way, and remember they want to help you if you have a Question or need something explained further you can find them here http://www.nsaneforums.com/staff/ hover over a name and chose to Message (PM) to one. Please help out the forums staff in doing your part and start off the right way - to do so you'll enjoy the forums more fully. Thank You, SURbit CREDIT & INSPIRATION: DKT27 - (staff member) & THE COMMUNITY GUIDELINES PS There is no longer a ShoutBox offered here on nsane.