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  1. VoodooShield Pro Giveaway I would like to thank the VoodooShield team for this Exclusive giveaway. ADD A LOCK TO YOUR COMPUTER Website | Forum | Support | FAQ VoodooShield — Virus Protection Like No Other VoodooShield uses a proprietary proactive whitelist snapshot approach to virus and malware protection. VoodooShield is a patented toggling Desktop Shield Gadget / Computer Lock that automatically toggles to ON and locks your computer when you start a web app. There is never a good reason to let new, non-whitelisted executable code run while a web app is running. VoodooShield utilizes multi-engine scan, ML/Ai and reputation based file insight, and provides the end-user with these 3 file insight metrics so they can make an informed decision, while offering an end-user recommendation based on the provided file insight. Does VoodooShield work with traditional Antivirus Software? Yes, VoodooShield works great with most or all traditional antivirus software, and it never hurts to have additional layers of security. VoodooShield FAQ https://voodooshield.com/#faq Introducing WhitelistCloud | THE CONCEPT | COMPUTER LOCK + MACHINE LEARNING / AI + MULTI-ENGINE BLACKLIST SCAN + WHITELISTCLOUD The application whitelisting lock automatically toggles to ON when the computer is at risk to lock your computer and keep you safe while browsing the web or checking email. The machine learning / Ai and multi-engine blacklist scanners automatically scan new and unknown executable files to ensure that malware is not accidentally allowed by the end user. WhitelistCloud is a new patent pending feature of VoodooShield that continuously monitors all running processes and ensures only Safe items are running at any given time. Compatible with Win 7, 8, & 10 VoodooShield screenshots VoodooShield quick guide | HOW VOODOOSHIELD IS DIFFERENT | Patented Toggling Computer Lock VoodooShield is the only patented tangible toggling computer lock in the industry. There are other deny-by-default / zero trust products, but only VoodooShield functions as an actual computer lock with dynamic levels of protection (dynamic security postures). If it does not toggle, it is not a lock. Dynamic Security Postures The Achilles’ heel of all security products is that they are only able to offer a single static level of protection, so at any given time their security posture is likely either too aggressive or too relaxed, resulting in false positives and breaches. VoodooShield solves this issue by dynamically adjusting its security posture on the fly, based on the end-user’s current activity and behavior. Because of our dynamic security postures feature, VoodooShield is able to offer a tighter and more robust lock than is possible with any other product. Patented Snapshot Technology Our patented snapshot technology automatically builds the tiny, customized whitelist for the end-user, resulting in the smallest possible whitelist and attack surface in the industry. Smart alerts approach VoodooShield does not force the end-user to respond to dangerous affirmative user prompts, which eliminates the possibility the end-user inadvertently allows an unknown item. Instead, VoodooShield displays a mini prompt prior to asking the end-user to make a decision on whether to allow a new item or not. WhitelistCloud Technology Through our WhitelistCloud technology, VoodooShield is the only product in the industry that scans our proprietary tiny, customized whitelist specifically for safe / clean files and automatically creates firewall rules for unknown items. In other words, traditional antivirus scans for malware while WhitelistCloud scans for safe / clean files. As a result, Administrators are continually aware that only safe items are running on the endpoints. With traditional AV engines, Administrators are somewhat certain that malware is not executing on the endpoints, but with WhitelistCloud, they are essentially certain that only safe items are executing at any moment in time. Vulnerable Processes Protection VoodooShield considers the entire attack chain in the parent / child process creation relationship. Not only does this make VoodooShield more secure, our mechanism is flexible so that blacklisting vulnerable items globally is not required. For example, VoodooShield is not required to blacklist PowerShell globally in order to protect PowerShell attacks. VoodooShield considers the entire attack chain so that benign scripts that need to execute are able to do so, while blocking malicious PowerShell attacks. Modern threats protection capabilities VoodooShield includes extremely robust ransomware, script, LOLBins and fileless malware protection capabilities. Anti-exploit mechanism VoodooShield created the anti-exploit mechanism that many vendors utilize today, but chose not to patent it. VoodooShield is also the only deny-by-default product that protects the entire Windows system, as opposed to only protecting the Windows components that are currently being exploited by malware authors. With VoodooShield, there is no need to update our mechanism when malware authors discover a new Windows component to exploit, which tends to happen every 3-4 months. Machine Learning / Ai & Multi-engine scan VoodooShield utilizes 70+ of the best known antivirus engines, ML/Ai and reputation based file insight, and provides the end-user with these 3 file insight metrics so they can make an informed decision, while offering an end-user recommendation based on the provided file insight. Protects against unknown vulnerabilities Unlike products that utilize legacy / deprecated Software Restriction Policy (SRP) that operates in user-mode, VoodooShield utilizes a modern kernel-mode monolithic blocking mechanism that does not require patches, hacks or tweaks to protect against new or undiscovered vulnerabilities and threats. Highly customizable VoodooShield is highly customizable through its settings, allowing Administrators to fine tune the overall security posture for each end-user. YOUR ANTIVIRUS IS A FILTER. VOODOOSHIELD IS A COMPUTER LOCK. PRICING VoodooShield Pro Giveaway | 1 Lifetime + 10 Annual Licenses | (I may add extra licenses) Giveaway Open To All [ RULES ] Comment on VoodooShield Pro in your own words. (Required) Like/Follow VoodooShield on their social networks. (Optional but appreciated) Share the giveaway on social media, forums. (Optional but appreciated) PM me within 2 days of the winners' announcement to claim the win. I reserve full rights in case of disputes. Giveaway Ends 28 July Good luck If you don't want to participate in the giveaway, then don't post in this thread.
  2. zoran

    IObit Software Updater Pro 3.2

    Outdated software may leave some risks to your PC. It’s better to keep all software up-to-date. With 180% larger software database, IObit Software Updater can automatically scan and update your software in scheduled time without bothering you, and you just need to list your software in the "Auto-Update List". Having no idea which software is the right one or bothering to install your needed software one by one on websites? IObit Software Updater gives you the best solution by recommending trustworthy and popular programs for you to install from within this software. All these programs have been already well classified according to their functions, so you can select and install your needed ones instantly and easily. Worried about the software updating process? You don't have to. To avoid a long wait during software downloading, the latest IObit Software Updater used a new algorithm to help to download 10% faster. Also, IObit Software Updater uses strict criteria to make sure you've got the clean software and not annoyed by ads or bundleware or even malware while installing software. System Requirements: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 Homepage: http:// https://www.iobit.com/en/iobit-software-updater.php Download: https://dl.comss.org/download/iobit-software-updater-setup-3.2.exe Licanse Key: Site: https://textuploader.com Sharecode: /1us5m Terms of the offer The license is for personal use only. The license is valid until January 1, 2021. You get free updates under version 3.x during the license period. No free technical support. The program can be installed or reinstalled with re-registration.
  3. HandyPAF

    The DutchJewel's Favorites

    This is an excellent website to visit if you are looking for a directory of safe and reliable freeware. You can check it out at the link below. The webmaster used to post daily updates to freeware, much like MajorGeeks or other such sites do. http://thedutchjewel.freehostia.com/freeware.php
  4. One software to recover lost license keys of Windows, Office & 1300+ popular softwares Did you forget license keys of your Windows, Office or any other software? If so Windows Product Key Finder can help you to instantly recover license keys of Windows, Office & 1300+ popular softwares. Free download now to check it out. Recover keys of all Windows (XP to Windows 10) Recover keys of all Office versions Recover keys of 1300+ softwares & games (see full list here) Instantly recover all keys without searching for hours Recover keys from registry file Recover keys from external disk Recover keys from remote computer Command-line version Automation of product key recovery Save license keys to HTML,CSV,XML,JSON,SQLite file Portable Unlimited Edition to run from USB (see below) Supports All Windows PCs (XP to Windows 10) Homepage: https://xenarmor.com/windows-product-key-finder-software/ Promo: https://www.giveawayoftheday.com/windows-product-key-finder-2/ Licence details: 1 year Please Note: 1) MS Office 2016/2019 stores only last 5 digits of license key 2) License key recovery of third party softwares & games depends on version
  5. Adenman

    O&O Defrag 20 Pro

    O&O Defrag 20 Pro allows you to defragment your hard drive and SSDs easily and quickly. With high speed, good performance, and automatic defragging capabilities, you may never use a different defragmentation program again. Main Benefits Performance increases of up to 100% Automatic background defragmentation Prevents new fragmentation from occurring Easy-to-Use: Ideal for Beginners and Professionals Extends the life of your hardware Defrags multiple drives simultaneously Increases chances for recovering lost data and faster backup Power Management for Notebooks Assistant for scheduling defragmentation TRIM for SSDs of any make Detailed report management Physical location of file fragments on the hard disk can be analyzed Giveaway: link https://sharewareonsale.com/s/oo-defrag-pro-freebie-sale New Giveaway https://www.comss.ru/page.php?id=3374 Free License O & O Defrag 20 Professional To obtain a free license O & O Defrag 20 Professional, follow these steps: Go to page promotions (in German), and enter your email address. As a confirmation of registration you will receive an email containing a link - click the link to complete the registration. After confirmation of your registration data (Name, Firma / Company, Seriennummer / Serial Number) will be sent. Important information Please note that due to the numerous requests for this action, the creation of personalized license may take some time. If you have not received a license by e-mail, check your spam folder. installation Download the program and install it on your computer, activating the license findings: https://www.comss.ru/download/page.php?id=3374 O&O Defrag Professional 20.5.603 для Windows 64-bit (24.3 MB) O&O Defrag Professional 20.5.603 для Windows 32-bit (20.5 MB)
  6. If you want to browse the web anonymously, securely, and without any content restrictions, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is definitely what you need! It is a trusted VPN service with already over 20 million users worldwide and a set of handy features to let you enjoy the best experience. VPN Unlimited® helps you: Encrypt your data and hide real IP address and location Stay anonymous and avoid online surveillance Protect your data on any unsecure networks, like public WiFi Unblock websites and get unrestricted access to the content you want Stream US Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc. from wherever you are Download torrents without any risks, and much more! System Requirements: Windows XP SP3 and higher; Mac OS X 10.9 and higher; Linux: Debian 9+ / Ubuntu 18+ / Mint 19+ ; iOS 11.0 and higher; Android; Windows Phone; Android 4.1 and higher; Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge Homepage: https://www.vpnunlimitedapp.com/ Promo: https://www.giveawayoftheday.com/
  7. Size:3MB Many Windows apps crash when you least expect it. But what if you could close them immediately? Introducing Task ForceQuit 2! Six years ago we launched Task ForceQuit to help users end frozen tasks on Windows PC. Today we are happy to unveil its long-awaited iteration – Task ForceQuit 2. Now it features a completely new design and works flawlessly on all Windows systems. Even in 2018 – it’s one of the easiest ways to force quit any app on Windows PC. Advanced task killer for windows PC. Many Windows apps crash when you least expect it. But what if you could close them immediately? Introducing Task Force Quit 2! Six years ago we launched Task Force Quit to help users end frozen tasks on Windows PC. Today we are happy to unveil its long-awaited iteration – Task Force Quit 2. Now it features a completely new design and works flawlessly on all Windows systems. Even in 2017 – it’s one of the easiest ways to force quit any app on Windows PC. Kill Unnecessary Apps & Processes Many times you just need a little more memory to run a hefty game or an application. Task Force Quit 2 is an advanced task killer. It tells you what apps you can close without ending an important task. You can also view & force close Windows programs, that are quietly running in the background. This results in a muuuuch faster loading of games & software. Clear + Intuitive Interface Unlike Windows Task Manger – Task Force Quit 2 stays very minimalistic! Once launched, it gives you a quick overview of all the running apps. All you need to do is to simply select any of them and click “Restart" or “Quit”. The utility also remains in your system tray and you can force close any Windows program right there, simply by right-clicking on it. All things considered, Task ForceQuit 2 is an easier, faster way to force quit on Windows. It optimizes your CPU and makes sure that your task management stays clear and transparent. Try it now! Technical Details Developed by Softorino Inc. Version is v2.2.0 Download size is 3 MB Supports Windows 7, 8/8.1, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit) Homepage: https://softorino.com/taskforcequitpro2/ Promo: https://sharewareonsale.com/s/free-task-forcequit-pro-2-100-discount Terms and Conditions This is a 1-computer 1-year license, for noncommercial use You get free updates for one year You get free tech support You must redeem the license key before this offer has ended May not be resold
  8. Get a free Bitdefender Total Security 2020 license for 4 months to protect any 5 of your devices. Try a comprehensive all-in-one antivirus with protection against all types of threats for computers Windows, MacOS and mobile devices iPhone, iPad and Android Bitdefender Total Security 2020 is a cross-platform solution that offers protection for all popular operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android. The new line of consumer antiviruses Bitdefender 2020 will protect users from curious companies and dishonest websites and will strengthen the fight against cybercrime and threats against children. The solution includes the following products: Bitdefender Total Security 2020 Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS Bitdefender Parental Control for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices Promotion Page: https://go.comss.ru/2yKHS8K *Fill out the form: enter your email address and check the box "I'm not a robot". Press the GET IT NOW button . *In the email you received, click on the " Install Bitdefender " link and on the open page select No account? Create . *Create a new account on the Bitdefender Central web portal and verify your email address. Note: (Important) *To obtain a license, you must use a VPN with an American IP address. For example, you can use the Browsec VPN plugin by selecting the country of location of United States (US). *At the time of obtaining a license, disable the ad blocker in your browser so that the registration page works correctly. *A trial subscription cannot be used to extend any other active subscription. The offer is intended only for new users. Installer: http://download.bitdefender.com/windows/installer/en-us/bitdefender_tsecurity.exe
  9. Grab The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day for free until June 9 The Uncertain is a story-driven adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Experience the mysterious vibe of each of carefully explored locations, solve diverse puzzles, make fateful decisions and discuss intriguing matters to find out the whole truth being kept from you. It's good short point & click, Sci-fi game with easy puzzles, good graphics. Sequel, 'The Uncertain: Light At The End' coming soon. https://store.steampowered.com/app/406970/The_Uncertain_Last_Quiet_Day/
  10. Sid Meier's Civilization® III: Complete Sid Meier's Civilization® III: Complete is provided via Steam key for Windows. For key redemption, a free Steam account is required. Description Use of this product requires agreement to the following third party end user license agreement: http://www.take2games.com/eula/ Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete, the latest offering in the Sid Meier's Civilization III franchise, provides gaming fans with Sid Meier's Civilization III, the highly-addictive journey of discovery, combined with the updated and enhanced multiplayer expansion pack Sid Meier's Civilization III: Play the World*, as well as all of the great new civilizations, scenarios, and features from Sid Meier's Civilization III: Conquests! Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete provides more ways to explore, more strategies to employ, more modes of play, and more ways to win, all in one box! *Online Multiplayer to be suspended as of May 31st 2014, LAN mode still supported Giveaway Page
  11. The fan The Fan is an interactive photo fiction with real locations and actors. Follow the story of "The Fan", a serial killer abducting women to fulfill his dark fantasies. His latest catch lies in his basement but she's not ready yet. Everything needs to be perfect for the ritual, when he'll show her "True love". The fan is a first person exploration game with a unique twist. Driven by a creepy and unsettling atmosphere, it will take you deep within the darkest places of Paris underground. Gameplay The Fan is entirely made with photos. It has a classic "point and click" feel, using only left and right click but it's closer to the recent Telltale Game series than to traditional adventures games. There are no painful mini-games or artificially inserted sliding puzzles as it is more about discovery and choices. Find out more about the Killer and his victims as the story unfolds and you may be the one to ultimately decide their fate. WARNING: The game isn't rated yet but I wouldn't recommend if if you're under 16, due to the themes and some violent sequences. https://freebies.indiegala.com/the-fan/?dev_id=freebies
  12. WinXDVD is offering its top product WinX DVD Ripper as the Easter gift. The giveaway ends on April. 15th, 2020 WinX DVD Ripper is the top Windows DVD ripping with GPU acceleration. ● Rip any old & new Disc. Strongest for 99-title DVDs. ● DVD to MP4, AVI, MOV; to mobile, NAS, Plex, etc. ● 1:1 Copy DVD to ISO image, video folder, MPEG 2 files. ● Take as short as 5-min to back up a full DVD Disc. ● Edit, merge, crop, trim and add SRT subtitle. Enter Giveaway Here
  13. zoran

    IObit Software Updater Pro 3.1

    The utility allows you to automatically update outdated programs installed on your computer IObit Software Updater helps you upgrade obsolete software versions in one click, saving you time and keeping your software up to date. An extended version of IObit Software Updater Pro includes automatic scheduled updates of outdated programs. Features: Software update database expanded by 150% Optimized update algorithms to accelerate up to 150% Support for updating multilingual versions of Firefox, WinRAR, and Mozilla Thunderbird Added a new category for easy installation of popular programs for remote work New store with the best prices for software Updated interface Support 34 languages Other improvements Homepage: https://www.iobit.com/en/iobit-software-updater.php Download: https://dl.comss.org/download/iobit-software-updater-setup-3.1.exe Get License: Site: https://textuploader.com Sharecode: /1mqnz Terms of Offer: The license is for personal use only. The license is valid until November 5, 2020. You receive free updates under version 3.x during the license term. There is no free technical support. The program can be installed or reinstalled with re-registration.
  14. This program is great for converting Image to Video easily and fast. It is available for commercial purposes. Image to Video GUI tool can convert images to videos with 2D and 3D slide transition. The program supports PNG, JPG and BMP images. You can set effect duration and type as well as slide duration. It is easy performing and allows you inserting an external audio track into your video. The business license allows using the tool at the company level for commercial purposes. The business license allows using the tool at the company level for commercial purposes. Business License main benefits: provides more than 100+ of 2D and 3D slide transition effects and options to generate video slideshow; supports JPG, PNG, BMP image input; enables setting slide duration, in and out effects duration as well as transition effect type; enables users to add an audio track to their created video from an external audio file; supports both background color and background image for the video slideshow; there’s a free version for personal use only. Homepage: https://bytescout.com/products/imagetovideogui/index-business.html Promo: https://www.giveawayoftheday.com/# Download: http://files2.giveawayoftheday.com/ByteScoutSoftware/ImagetoVideoGUI225-zj80fj.zip?hash=4cffdd800f6b615fb5466577e23a62f0 Note: There is a registration key in the downloaded rar file.
  15. Giveaway of the day — TuneMobie Spotify Music Converter 1.0.1 TuneMobie Spotify Music Converter can download Spotify songs, albums and playlists to PC and convert to MP3, M4A, WAV or FLAC with ID3 tags retained and 100% original streaming audio quality kept. No matter you are using Spotify Free or Spotify Premium, you can enjoy Premium-only offline music experience and enjoy Spotify music on more devices including iOS and Android devices, iPod Nano/Shuffle, PSP, Sony Walkman and any MP3 players. NB: 1 year license, supports updates. ENJOY GUYS DOWNLOAD PAGE
  16. zoran

    IObit Driver Booster PRO 7.5

    Updating drivers is usually an initial step to avoid hardware failure, system instability and hidden security vulnerabilities. To update drivers regularly is also an effective way to enhance your overall PC performance, and maximize your gaming experience. While this process could be risky and frustrating if done manually. Driver Booster PRO is introduced to download and update drivers for you automatically with just one click. Based on cloud library, Driver Booster PRO can always be the first to identify outdated drivers, and download and update driver at an unrivaled speed. With the backup feature, it is an easy, effective and risk free solution to keep your drivers up-to-date.Update Outdated Drivers Safely and Rapidl - Support More Hardware Devices & Improve PC Performance - Update Drivers 300% Faster with Just One Click - Specialized Driver Tweaking for Top Gaming Experience - Backup Drivers for Safe Restore Driver Booster Pro Features: - Download and Update Outdated Drivers with One Click - Enhance Hardware Functionality for Top Performance - Specialized Driver Tweaking for Top Gaming Experience - Automatically Identify Outdated Drivers - Support More Comprehensive Hardware Devices - Enjoy Priority to Update Outdated Drivers Promptly - Backup Drivers for Safe Restore - Download and Update Drivers up to 300% Faster - Automatically Update to the Latest Version Homepage: https://www.iobit.com/en/driver-booster-pro.php# Download: https://dl.comss.org/download/driver_booster_setup-7.5.exe License Code: Site: https://textuploader.com Sharecode: /1cisb Terms of Offer *This is a license for one (1) user, for home use only. *The license is valid until November 15, 2020. *You receive free updates for versions 7.x during the license term. *There is no free technical support. *The program can be installed and reinstalled with re-registration.
  17. All in One 4K Video Converter Convert 4K video to other 4K/1080P and common videos Convert any video to 4K Ultra HD video to enjoy on 4K TV Convert 4K video and edit on Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer and so on Customize 4K video: adjust video effect, crop video frame, set 3D effect, add watermark and more Enjoy 4K videos on digital devices like iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max, iPhone XS/XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X/8/7/6s/6/SE, iPad Pro/mini 4, Samsung Galaxy and others Convert any 4K video to your needed formats 4K UHD Converter has the capability to convert any 4K video format like XAVC, AVCHD, MP4, H.264, MTS/M2TS, MOV, WMV, MKV, AVI to your needed video format. This 4K Converter can convert 4K to 1080P video for you to enjoy on full HD devices. Also, it can convert 4K to common videos to play on portable devices like iPhone, iPad and other smart phones/tablets. The powerful 4K Video Converter supports 4K videos downloaded from Netflix or captured by 4K cameras like Sony, Canon, Panasonic, etc and can convert these 4K UHD videos to FCP, iMovie, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas and other video-editing software. Enjoy ultra high-definition videos on 4K display 4K UHD adopts advanced HEVC/H.265 codec and is an unstoppable trend as 4K display gradually becomes popular and widespread. As fantastic 4K video software, this 4K Converter enables you to convert videos to 4K for playback on 4K resolution devices like 4K television and 4K monitor. Therefore, you can easily watch movies and TV shows on 4K TV with family and friends. Customize video effects with 4K Video Converter Want to create your personalized 4K video? This 4K Converter offers multiple video-editing functions. With the 4K video editing software, you can freely clip the video length to get your needed part, crop video area size to cut get rid of the black edges, adjust video effects like brightness, contrast, saturation and hue, add watermark as well as adjust audio volume. What's more, this 4K UHD Converter allows you to convert and edit 3D videos. The new added rotating function allows you to rotate video 90 counter clockwise or clockwise. You could flip video vertically or horizontally as you wish. Easy to use with ultra fast speed Equipped with a build-in player, this best 4K Video Converter allows you to preview your 4K video in real time, which does a lot of help when editing the videos. This 4K UHD Converter adopts a user-friendly interface and is quite easy to use. Even beginners can operate without any difficulty. The support of nVidia Cuda and AMD App acceleration technology ensures that any 4K conversion will complete in a super fast speed. Homepage: https://www.tipard.com/4k-uhd-converter/ Promo: https://tr.giveawayoftheday.com/tipard-4k-uhd-converter-9-2-28/ Download: http://files.giveawayoftheday.com/Tipard/Tipard4kuhdconverter9228-qj39vn.zip?hash=88c777391ed5b1466fd856229264b102 Get Registration Code for Free: https://www.tipard.com/special/gotd/4k-uhd-converter/ Licence details: lifetime
  18. zoran

    IObit Uninstaller Pro 9.5

    IObit Uninstaller 9 PRO helps you remove any unwanted programs, plugins, and Windows Apps. It uninstalls programs quickly, cleans leftovers automatically, and supports a batch uninstall. Also, it easily removes bundled programs and malicious plug-ins. It's worth mentioning with a brand-new Install Monitor, it logs new installs to see what change has made to your system, and safely revert the change after the uninstall. Key features: * Creates a system restore point before removing software * Supports batch uninstalls * Supports removing updates installed with Windows Update * Explains which installed apps could be updated to a newer version * Allows drag and drop to uninstall a program * Portable version is available * Also includes a folder and file shredder * Automatic removal of program residues when uninstalled by another uninstaller. * Automatic product update when new versions are released. * Automatic Installation Monitor - detects and logs changes made to your system during the installation of the program. * Removing malicious and adware plug-ins, outdated software using the Software Health module. New in IObit Uninstaller 9 Installation Monitor - detects and logs changes made to your system during the installation of the program to ensure full recovery of all changes after uninstalling the program. Software Health - helps optimize all installed programs so that they work more smoothly, as well as reduce security risks. Important information During installation, the program offers additional components that are not related to the main functionality - remove unnecessary checkmarks during installation. Homepage: https://www.iobit.com/en/advanceduninstaller.php Download: https://dl.comss.org/download/iobituninstaller-9.5.exe Get License: Site: https://textuploader.com Sharecode: /1ms9e Terms of Offer: This is a license for one (1) user, for home use only. The license is valid until November 20, 2020. You receive free updates under version 9.x for the entire duration of the license. There is no free technical support. The program can be installed or reinstalled with re-registration.
  19. Alex42

    [expired]Kerish Doctor 2020 V4.8

    Kerish Doctor 2020 V4.8 Kerish Doctor 2020 is a complete care solution for computer maintenance that utilizes the most promising developments in this area. Due to its unique system, Kerish Doctor 2020 prevents Windows crashes in real time and also safely fixes registry errors. The application regularly performs a maximally thorough and safe cleaning of your system to eliminate accumulated digital "trash", thereby increasing the efficiency of your computer in the best way possible. Kerish Doctor 2020 protects your PC against malware and potential vulnerabilities and monitors computer settings that are important from the point of view of security. The Smart Update system promptly updates the application's databases, which are constantly being improved by our experts. Thanks to this system, the software suite is becoming more effective every day, making our solution the most promising in its class. License Details: License info: One year free license. Every license key can be used only on one PC (any count of OS, reinstalling OS does not affect the license and can be activated again) Home/Personal use only. Lost giveaway license keys can not be restored by the developer. Submitting of the license key in the public domain may lead to license blocking without providing a replacement. Mass activations of license key on several devices (more than one PC) may lead to license blocking without providing a replacement. Update policy: Free updates Tech support policy: Free support, but lost giveaway license keys can not be restored by the developer. Re-install policy: No restrictions Giveaway version: V 4.80 Download size: 41.8 MB Supported OS and other system requirements: both 32-64 bits of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (8.1), Windows 10 are supported. The program needs to be run from an administrator account. The program does not conflict with anti-virus software and can be run in parallel with it. Regular price: $19.95 USD 1988 key left !! https://giveawaysnetworks.com/Items/Details/Giveaway-Kerish-Doctor-2020-V4-8-for-Windows
  20. Alex42

    Headspace Plus Free 1 Year

    Headspace Plus Free 1 Year IP: US The current state of unemployment in the US has become an alarming crisis. To help those affected, we’re offering a full year of Headspace Plus for free.* Discover meditation and mindfulness tools to help you feel less stressed, more resilient, and kinder to yourself. https://www.headspace.com/unemployed
  21. Ultra Office is the best free office & PDF software in 2019 – a perfect alternative to Word, Excel, Powerpoint & Adobe PDF. Not only can it support Microsoft Office file formats like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint but also OpenOffice document files. Plus, it also offers a PDF editor, a vector graphics and flowcharts drawing program, a databases editor, and a Math formula editing application. *** File formats Ultra Office can open Ultra Office can open a wide variety of file formats. – Opening text documents In addition to OpenDocument formats (.odt, .ott, .oth, .odm, .sxw, .stw, and .sxg ), Word Editor can open the following text document formats: • Microsoft Word 2007 – 2019 (.docx) • Microsoft Word 6.0/95/97/2000/XP (.doc and .dot) • Microsoft Word 2003 XML (.xml) • Microsoft Word 2007 XML (.docx, .docm, .dotx, .dotm) • Microsoft WinWord 5 (.doc) • WordPerfect Document (.wpd) • WPS 2000/Office 1.0 (.wps) • .rtf, .txt, and .csv • StarWriter formats (.sdw, .sgl, .vor) • DocBook (.xml) • Unified Office Format text (.uot, .uof) • Ichitaro 8/9/10/11 (.jtd and .jtt) • Hangul WP 97 (.hwp) • T602 Document (.602, .txt) Homepage: http://www.compuclever.com/products/ultra-office-suite/ PROMO: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/ultra-office-for-free-word-spreadsheet-slide-pdf-compatible/9n161bjrlc1d?__c=1&activetab=pivot%3Aoverviewtab Requirements: Terms 2 days and 18 hours left (Price $49.99)
  22. AdGuard free license for 3 months 3 devices AdGuard is a program designed to block advertising on the Internet. It also functions as a web filter, anti-banner, antiphishing and parental controls. Info Get a license here
  23. khanyash

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    ChemTable Software Giveaway Reg Organizer __________________ Reg Organizer is a set of efficient tools to tweak, optimize, and clean Windows, designed to effortlessly free up system resources and rev performance to the max. Reg Organizer Features at a glance details here Express Check: Quick checking of the system state System Cleanup: Freeing disk space and correcting problems Private Data Cleanup: Cleaning data, such as browsing history Registry Optimization: Defragmenting and compressing Startup Applications: Processes that run on Windows startup Applications: Install, update, or uninstall (Full Uninstall technology) software Registry Editor: Registry editing and searching in it Important Registry Parts: Important registry parts displaying Tweaks: Undocumented Windows settings Registry Snapshots: Comparing the two registry states Soft Organizer Pro _______________________ Soft Organizer allows complete uninstall of applications. It can install apps and track changes in the system. Soft Organizer is also equipped with a search mechanism to find traces of already uninstalled programs. Soft Organizer Features at a glance details here FULL UNINSTALL™ - COMPLETE SOFTWARE REMOVAL TECHNOLOGY Search for traces (residues) of the program uninstalled Universal Windows Apps Removal Built-in program rating Automatic backups Remove multiple software at once Export the list of installed programs to HTML Sorting and grouping of the list Program quick search function Check for new versions of installed programs Search for leftovers of the already uninstalled programs Tracked installation of programs "Silent" program installation Files Inspector Pro _______________________ Files Inspector allows efficient manual freeing-up of disk space and compressing of photos without losing their quality. This utility works with your files and folders, rather than system files. For more advanced users, there is an analyzer that allows you to view data on all media, rather than only the selected user folders. Files Inspector Features at a glance details here Express analysis of user files Advanced analyzer Deletion of unneeded data Deleting unneeded files and folders Removing unneeded applications (Uninstall Programs) Safety to prevent erroneous actions Lossless images (JPEG) compression Themes available Connect with ChemTable ChemTable Software Giveaway I would like to thank ChemTable for this exclusive giveaway Details 03 Reg Organizer 01 Soft Organizer 01 Files Inspector Lifetime Usage Licenses 11 Months Free Updates Rules Just post your comments to enter the giveaway (Required) Like/Follow Reg Organizer on their social networks (Optional) Share the giveaway on social media, forums, etc (Optional) PM me within 3 days of winners selection to claim the win Giveaway Ends 19 March 2020 Good luck If you don't want to participate in the giveaway, then don't post in this thread
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    Get Your Steam Early Access Key Today! Four academy Mages battle against one sinister Veil Demon in Breach - a third person action RPG with an open class system and quick session-based matches. Create your own character, mix and match skills from various classes, and play the part of good or evil in 4 vs 1 multiplayer mayhem. *BONUS* After redeeming your Steam code and launching Breach, you can enter the code "ALIENWARESPRAY" within the Breach game launcher to obtain an Alienware Spray which can be used in-game. About Breach: Breach is a third person action RPG that pits four Mages against one Veil Demon and an entire dungeon filled with monsters, all of which can be controlled by AI or other players. Currently in paid Early Access, Breach is being built to be free-to-play, where free access to classes rotates and there are no options for paying to win. After three years of internal development, QC Games is excited to bring their vision for an open class system, where skills can be moved between classes freely, into the best parts of dungeon crawling via short, asymmetrical multiplayer matches. ONLY 682 KEYS LEFT! Get your key before they run out! Giveaway
  25. Super Video Downloader - Download & Convert YouTube Videos & Songs Super Video Downloader is the simplest and best video and song download utility for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Dailymotion. Just copy the video URL from your browser and click the "Start Download" button, and it will download and convert the video with best quality. Software runs on PCs, Laptops, Ultrabooks or Tablets. Supported output formats: mp4, mp3, wmv, ogg and more. Features: ** Download YouTube videos HD ** Free Youtube video downloader ** Simple and easy to use interface ** Free unlimited video downloading ** Download YouTube videos Faster with all resolutions ** Multiple download resolution options ** Download HD movies (Free movies downloader) Get Super Video Downloader and start download YouTube Videos HD today. https://www.microsoft.com/ru-ru/p/super-video-downloader-download-convert-youtube-videos-songs/9n0lk7174nc8?cid=msft_web_chart&activetab=pivot:overviewtab#
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