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Found 3 results

  1. Dirty Little Helper(DLH) - 7 Steam Games - Full Version Promo by DLH.net Links: Offer: https://www.dlh.net/en/register Note: Limited Period Offer. Each game have unique time limit to grab it. Current Status: Open. Free Game List: World War III: Black Gold (Real-Time Strategy) Earth 2150: Escape from the Blue Planet (Real-Time Strategy) Robo Rumble (Real-Time Strategy) The Troma Project (Turn-Based Strategy) Commander – Conquest Of The Americas (Real-Time Strategy) Septerra Core (Role-playing) X-Blades More Info: http://www.dlh.net/en/news/53526/free-strategy-games-steam-keys-this-weekend.html Steps: Visit the above DLH Registration page link. Login/Create a new account. Check for confirmation email and complete registration. Note[Tested]: You need to make sure that you don't use any temp email addresses. However, some like Moakt temp emails are accepted. Once you enter correct email address and unique nickname, the "Register" button is enabled. If not, refresh and try again with correct details. Once logged in to the account, Click on "Nickname" or "Account name" -> Select "Steam Keys" You'll locate all 7 steam games. Under each game, Click "Like" and then Click "Get your Steam Game here". Complete Captcha/trick to get the Steam Key. Note: In some cases, there may be delay in getting the Steam Key. However, please wait until you get it. Activate the key ASAP.
  2. Bus-Simulator 2012 & Jack Keane(Gold Edition) - Full Version Games Promo by Heise.de & McGame Links: Offer: https://www.mcgame.com/apromo/nikolaus/2784cec9eb4d37ee32bfe6da75ce209d Note: Limited Period Offer. Current Status - Open. Steps: Visit the above promotional page. Note: Offer page in German. However, the games are Multi-language. Click on the product detail page [Bus-Simulator 2012 - Translated], [Jack Keane(Gold Edition) - Translated] and click on the "Kaufen für 9,99 €" Button. Note: The translated page is only for Game Description and you can't use the translated page to buy. In the next step, under "Gutschein einlösen" enter the discount code "nikolaus" and click "Gutschein einlösen" button, the regular price changes to 0.00 €. Now, click on "zur Kasse" button. Create New Account/Login and can continue with the order process. Visit your account and Download the free game from library. Note: Repeat the steps for the second game. The discount code is valid for both games. For questions, reach our Partner at any time through Live Chat or via email to [email protected] More Advent Kalender Giveaways:
  3. Random Steam Keys (Full Version) - Full Version Steam Games Promo by Chip.de Links: Offer: http://www.chip.de/downloads/Random-Steam-Key-Vollversion_99958686.html Note: Limited Period Offer. The first 40,000 CHIP-reader will receive a random game completely free of charge. Current Status - Open. Steps - Software to Get Steam Key: Steps - Redeem on Steam: To be able to Key in to Steam to redeem, you must first have a user account on the game platform. You can create an account or login using Steam - Official Website. In addition, the Steam Client must be installed on your System. You can download from the below. After launching the Client, you will be able to redeem the Key: Once you have installed the Steam client, launch the client and enter your login credentials. When you are logged into your account, click the button in the bottom left corner that says "+ ADD A GAME…" to register the product key to your account. Note: YOU CAN ONLY REGISTER STEAM KEYS THROUGH THE STEAM PROGRAM, NOT THE WEBSITE! THERE IS NO "+ADD A GAME..." ON THE STEAM WEBSITE ANYWHERE! In the pop-up window, select the "Activate a Product on Steam" option. This will open up a new window. Follow the prompts, and paste or enter the numerical key you copied from your download page into the "Product Code" field. Hit "NEXT>." If your key is valid, Steam will accept it and you will be taken to your library where you will be able to download and play your newly registered game! Note: If the key extends beyond the reach of the key field on your download page, simply double-click inside the field to select the whole key. This way, regardless of how much of the key looks to be cut off, you will copy the whole thing! From your LIBRARY tab you can see all games registered to your Steam account. You can then select a game and it will bring up a splash page with a large INSTALL button you can click on to install your games. Once your games are installed, the Install button will change to a PLAY button! And that's how register your product keys to Steam! Hopefully this information will help so you can get right to playing your game! Optional Guide and Troubleshoot: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=7480-WUSF-3601 Downloads: Giveaway - Installer[Chip.de] From the giveaway promo page, click on blue button "Download Vollversion" and then click on ">> Download-Server CHIP Online" to initiate the download. Steam Client: Linux: https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/client/installer/steam.deb Win: https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/client/installer/SteamSetup.exe Mac: https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/client/installer/steam.dmg More Advent Kalender Giveaways:
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