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Found 4 results

  1. Dce3480

    The Final Countdown #7 Continue

  2. Dce3480

    YoWindow Weather v2.12.29

    #1 YoWindow Weather v2.12.29 [Paid] Report Quote Post Thu May 09, 2019 12:06 pm YoWindow Weather v2.12.29 [Paid] Requirements: 4.1+ Overview: YoWindow is a unique new weather app. The magic of YoWindow is a living landscape that reflects your actual weather. For instance, if it's raining - it rains in YoWindow. The sunset and the sunrise in YoWindow happens at exactly the same time as in real life. But the great thing is you can scroll the time forward. Just swipe the screen and you will see how the weather is going to change throughout the day. Simple! All the weather at your fingertips. You see the current weather, the forecast for today and for several days ahead. Beautiful! State of the art landscapes change depending on the season. The artwork is designed down to the smallest detail. Choose a landscape that fits best for your area. Handy! YoWindow is a window in your pocket 😃 The weather forecast is provided by yr.no and NWS - the leading meteorological organizations. Watch weather with pleasure! YoWindow team. What's New: FIXED: App crashes on some devices with Android 6 on board when downloaded from Google Play. Several rare crashes fixed. This app has no advertisements Site: *BANNED FILE HOST REMOVED* Sharecode: *CONTENT REMOVED* I Still ❤️ All of U!
  3. MiloMen

    Hi All Friends

    Hi, I'm a new member who greets everyone in the nsanedown community.😍 I have known nsane since 2010 and started joining in 2014😁 Regards, MiloMen
  4. A Florida court has ruled that "Facebook friends" don't count as real friendships. The decision followed claims that it was not possible for a judge to be unbiased, especially if he was a Facebook friend with an attorney in the same case. The ruling came from the Florida Supreme Court, which upheld previous rulings from lower courts. Both rejected claims that having a "Facebook friend" relationship between the aforementioned parties may result in not having a fair and impartial trial. The argument for the judge being potentially biased was based largely on advise given by the Florida Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee in 2009. In that statement, it was recommended that both judges and lawyers shouldn't form Facebook friendships if they were involved in the same case. 'Thousands' Of Friends Seems A Stretch The main reason the courts rejected this argument was one of emphasis: although a friendship could bring into a question a judge's neutrality, the default assumption is that it does not, and therefore needs to be proven otherwise. The lower court made three interesting arguments which were backed up by the Supreme Court - all of which were based on the fact that a Facebook friendship was even less evidence of potential bias than a traditional personal relationship. The first was that some Facebook users have "thousands of Facebook friends", which is much more than the number of traditional offline "friends" that people usually have. Facebook Friends Forgotten The second was statistics cited in a previous case, which showed that some Facebook users can't actually remember everyone they have listed as a friend. This suggests a looser connection than is usually defined as a friendship offline. Finally, the court noted that some Facebook users have added somebody as a "friend" on the site in response to an automated suggestion from Facebook's algorithm, rather than as a result of a personal interaction. (Source: qz.com) Because of these three factors, the court said it's wrong to assume that all Facebook friendships are as close as the "traditional sense" of friend, namely "a person attached to another person by feelings of affection of personal regard." (Source: floridasupremecourt.org) Article
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