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Found 10 results

  1. Due to circumstances beyond my control I needed a smartphone and now have one made by LG. There are things I need help with and searched for places at which to ask, and those I found are not producing any helpful info at all for me.... I did post in the Android App thread here once or twice, but with ~87 pages in it and stuff being added all the time posts just get buring in that single thread. (Makes me wonder if this place would do well to add an area just for Android-related threads...?) Would the helpful folks here suggest where I might make Android queries that may bring some helpful repl
  2. Note-taking and archiving app Evernote has announced that its discussion forum has been hacked, compromising some users’ passwords, dates of birth and email addresses. The hack was revealed yesterday afternoon in a post by an Evernote forum admin, saying that “The vendor that operates https://discussion.evernote.com has notified us that they had been hacked. The hacker was able to retrieve our forum members’ profile information. We don’t believe that the hacker accessed any private forum messages.” The company was at pains to emphasise that only forum passwords dating from 2011 or earlier were
  3. Roughly 400,000 Avast users' account details have been compromised, following a cyber raid on the security firm's forums. Avast Software CEO Vince Steckler revealed the breach in a blog post, confirming around 0.2 percent of the firm's 200 million users' details were compromised during the attack. The attack occurred over the weekend and forced Avast to shut down its forum. It is currently unclear how the breach occurred, though Steckler said Avast believes the hackers leveraged a vulnerability in third party software being used to host the forum. "This forum for many years has been hosted on
  4. [Sandboxie Status Update] What happened to the Sandboxie site and forums? [Last updated May 10th] Hi all, This is [email protected] ([email protected] in this community). First, we'd like to explain a bit of what happened with Sandboxie.com and the forums (forums.sandboxie.com -currently offline): We started experiencing issues with our servers due to a bug that is causing slowness accessing the Sandboxie site, as well as the licensing/activation options. Added to that, we found a security weakness in the software being used for the forums, and out of an abundance of c
  5. Hi guys does anybody have an Invitation code for exetools forum? https://forum.exetools.com/
  6. Police say they've shut down a major underground internet forum that helped cybercriminals steal over $530 million from victims. The Department of Justice on Wednesday announced the indictments of 36 suspects allegedly responsible for the black market Infraud forum, which sold stolen credit card details, malware, and information that could be used for identity theft, including Social Security numbers. Five of those suspects have been arrested in the US. Another eight have been detained in other countries including Australia, Italy, and Serbia, and await extradition to th
  7. Sharelol

    Nsane Dark Theme

    I made this for my eyes, I did it like a hobby, please don't be demanding. All suggestions are welcome. Preview How get it: 1. install Stylus addon you can find it for Opera and Chrome too 2. Click over the Stylus and Manage buttons. 3.Click over Write New Style button 4. Copy this code into code box and enter a name for this Style. 5. Select Applies to URLS on the domain www.nsaneforums.com and click over Save button
  8. Hi friends, I've started a new Forum: http://g2g4.com This forum is dedicated to Computing, Technology, Mobile and Entertainment. here you can discuss/share about softwares, new technology, computing, programming, mobile apps and Entertain yourself. friends, I'm not advertising anything, I'm just telling you about my site, if you are interested, then you can visit it, otherwise, if you have problem with my post, then forgive me and remove my post. and If you feel anything bad with my this post, then I'm extremely sorry. once again friends, you can visit my site: http://g2g4.com/
  9. smallhagrid

    For boneheads like me...?

    So here it is after all; I searched through all of 'my content' and somehow missed it completely !!! Duh. Now I've stored the info in my wiki so I won't misplace it again. Thanks Tezza & Other Folks for the great info.
  10. HX1


    This topic is dedicated to all nsane related graphic design, its members, and their creativity. This is the ' Designer's Corner '... for nsane.down and nsane.forums. All related work can be posted/shared here. This is open to everyone from Novice to Advanced. Do not be afraid to share! Accepted work: Wallpapers Banners Avatars Website Graphics Ads and Buttons Icons Visual Styles Themes Program Skins TrueTransparency Skins Rainmeter Configs Litestep Themes S
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