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  1. Here is what is new and changed in Firefox 82.0 The Firefox 82.0 Stable and Firefox ESR 78.4 release date is October 20, 2020. The new stable versions of the Firefox web browser are available via the browser's automatic updating functionality and as separate downloads. All Firefox development channels are updated as well. Firefox Beta and Developer versions are moved to version 83 and Firefox Nightly is moved to version 84. Firefox for Android follows the stable desktop versioning. Executive Summary WebRender rollout continues. Language Pack
  2. Get the price history of Steam games, active player stats and more with the Steamdb extension for Firefox and Chrome If you are a PC gamer, you have probably bought games from Steam. The platform offers discounts for many titles from time to time. But how do you decide if a discount is the best offer, or at least a good offer? SteamDB is an extension for Firefox and Chrome that can help you by placing some relevant information right on Steam's web pages. Original page (without SteamDB)
  3. Firefox 81.0.2 will be released today fixing a network error on Twitter Mozilla will release a new stable version of its Firefox web browser on October 13, 2020. Firefox 81.0.2 is a minor browser update that fixes a connectivity issue on Twitter that exists in previous versions of the web browser. The issue may prevent Firefox users from using the social messaging service. The new version of Firefox is not available yet but will be released later today. Firefox 81.0.2 will be offered via the web browser's automatic updating functionality and also on the Mozilla website
  4. Manage tabs and navigate pages with the mouse using Foxy Gestures extension for Firefox Many power users prefer keyboard shortcuts to get things done. Extensions like VimVixen or SurfingKeys provide many options to navigate and use Firefox using the keyboard. Mouse users have shortcut add-ons, too: remember Easy Gestures, smartUp Gestures, or FireGestures? There are similar add-ons available, such as Foxy Gestures. Once you install it, the extension places an icon on the toolbar. Clicking on it disables gestures on the current page.
  5. Firefox may soon display Sponsored Top Sites on the New Tab Page Mozilla is working on introducing Sponsored Top Sites to the Firefox web browser's New Tab Page. The New Tab Page is displayed by default when users open a new tab in the browser. It is customizable, and may display a number of items by default including top sites, highlights such as Pocket recommendations, visited pages, or most recent downloads, and news/announcement snippets from Mozilla. Some of the elements are reserved to some regions. Pocket especially falls into that category as story re
  6. Save tabs for later with the Reading List extension for Firefox Oh, that article sounds interesting. But, I'll read it later. Have you ever done that? This is what I usually do when I want to save some links: I copy the URL and send it to my phone using Telegram's "Saved Messages". Or we could go old-school and paste the link in a text file that's saved in the Dropbox folder and access it later, even on the phone or other computers. You could also keep the site open in a browser tab, or save it to the browser's bookmarks. But if you
  7. Mozilla adds two new badges to help identify trusted add-ons Mozilla has launched two new badges for add-ons to help users find extensions made by and extensions verified by Mozilla. Aside from being displayed on the Mozilla add-ons website, extensions on the browser’s add-on menu will also carry one of the new badges if they’ve been awarded. The green verified badge is awarded to extensions that have successfully completed a review process by Mozilla to ensure that it is trusted. End users that see the badge can be assured that the add-on is regul
  8. Neat URL is an extension for Chrome and Firefox that removes tracking elements from links Do you pay attention to the URL before clicking on a link? If you do, you will have noticed that sometimes the link gets really long and that the URL contains random or descriptive characters. Look at this mess. https://www.google.com/search?safe=active&ei=qIBtX6qcDIX49QOJjbSoAw&q=microsoft&oq=microsoft&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQAzIECAAQRzIECAAQRzIECAAQRzIECAAQRzIECAAQRzIECAAQRzIECAAQRzIECAAQR1AAWABg6o0CaABwAXgAgAEAiAEAkgEAmAEAqgEHZ3dzLXdpes
  9. What's in the latest Firefox upgrade? UI and auto-fill fresheners Firefox 81 gets a new standard theme, better PDF skills and can now automatically fill in credit card information. Magdalena Petrova/IDG Mozilla last week refreshed Firefox to version 81, adding a new standard theme for the browser, improving its PDF skills and automatically filing in credit card information. Engineers also patched six vulnerabilities, half of them labeled "High," Firefox's second-most-serious label. Unlike many Firefox upgrad
  10. How to identify fonts on any webpage without using an extension in Firefox and Chrome Webpages consist of several visual elements, even though we may not normally notice them. All we see is text, links, images, and forms, right? Observe the text style on a webpage closely, and you may notice that the site could be using several fonts for rendering the content. Can you identify those fonts? Well, not every one can. But there are many online services, OCR tools, and extensions which can help you do that. Most of these services requir
  11. Hardware Media Keys not working anymore? Firefox may be the culprit Mozilla released Firefox 81 Stable earlier this week, and it included a good number of improvements or new features. One of the new features introduced support for hardware media keys to control media playback in Firefox using these keys. Some computer keyboards, headsets and other peripherals have media keys that users may activate to control media playback, e.g. to mute the volume, stop playback, or skip to the next video or song. Firefox supports media controls in the new release to cont
  12. Firefox Nightly has a useful WebRTC camera and microphone mute toggle The latest version of Firefox Nightly features a new interface that allows users to mute the microphone and camera on the device during WebRTC sessions. The system is baked into the web browser and the interface is displayed automatically in the browser when WebRTC connections are discovered. Firefox Nightly displays the toggles in the top center of the browser window featuring microphone and/or camera mute buttons, and a minimize option.
  13. You can try Firefox's Site Isolation feature Fission in Nightly now Project Fission is the codename of a major Firefox project to introduce site isolation functionality to the web browser. It changes the underlying architecture of the browser fundamentally by isolating webpages and third-party iframes to improve security and privacy significantly. Work on Fission continues but development has reached a new stage recently as Firefox Nightly users may enable Fission in the browser to test the site isolation functionality. Note: Firefox Nightly
  14. Mozilla has decided that Firefox Send, its encrypted file transferring service, won’t be returning. The reason for this decision is the same reason that compelled Mozilla to take the service offline in recent months: some users were taking advantage of Send to ship around malware and phishing attacks. In addition, Mozilla has also made a big announcement about its Firefox Notes product. In March 2019, Mozilla introduced a new product called Firefox Send that enabled users to send files to other people. The service offered multiple benefits, including encryption and control ove
  15. Browse the web, scroll, search, manage tabs, using keyboard shortcuts with the Vim Vixen extension for Firefox Have you tried using keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse whenever possible? It can make you work more efficiently, especially in browsers and text editors that support a huge number of shortcuts. Vim users may know what I'm talking about. Vim Vixen is a keybinding extension for Firefox that offers Vim-like shortcuts. It not only introduces shortcuts to several options (not present by default in Firefox), but also simplifies som
  16. SingleFileZ is a fork of the SingleFile Firefox and Chrome extension with better file compression Want to save an entire web page for offline reference? There are add-ons which can help you, such as SingleFile, or its fork SingleFileZ. All you have to do is click on the add-on's button on the toolbar to save the current web page as a single HTML file. If you're thinking this sounds similar to what the SingleFile extension does, that's because it is made by the same developer, Gildas Lormeau. SingleFileZ is a fork o
  17. Firefox 81 for Android gets much needed Downloads interface When Mozilla released the new Firefox web browser for Android, it appeared rushed in several regards and while users liked the improvements done to web compatibility and performance, others criticized Mozilla for various things including that only a few extensions are supported. Mozilla is working on bringing (some) of the missing features back. The Nightly version will get full add-ons support soon, and a new downloads page is about to be released as well. If you download files in the new mo
  18. Firefox 81 for Android gets an automatic tab closing option The next version of the new Firefox mobile browser for Google's Android operating system includes a new automatic tab closing features. Tab opening and closing behavior differs highly between two major groups on the Internet. Lean users keep a small number of tabs open in the browser, and tend to close tabs quickly. Tab hoarders on the other hand have dozens or even hundreds of tabs open, and keep them open for a long time. I fall into the second category of users. While I don't keep hundreds
  19. Firefox 82: new automatic downloads protection Mozilla plans to introduce a new security feature in Firefox 82 that prevents the automatic downloading of files under certain circumstances. The feature will block downloads that are initiated by sandboxed iframes, a technology that is used by sites and services to load embedded content such as advertisement or media on third-party sites. The sandbox attribute of an iframe adds an extra set of restrictions to the content hosted by the iframe. Developers may specify certain allow parameters to allow actio
  20. nightTab is a highly customizable new tab replacement extension for Firefox and Chrome There are lots of ways to customize the new tab experience. Some like using custom CSS or display a blank page, others rely on extensions like Group Speed Dial or Tabliss. Want something that's user-friendly, customizable, and minimalistic? The add-on nightTab might be just the thing you need. Install the extension and open a new tab to access nightTab's interface. It has a dark theme, and a bunch of pre-configured bookmark tiles, aka speed dials.
  21. Firefox 81 will come with new Alpenglow theme If you’re a fan of the theming used by Mozilla for its Firefox range of products, you’ll like Firefox 81 when it comes out in the next several weeks. With Firefox 81, users will be able to choose the Alpenglow theme which uses purples and oranges predominantly. The new theme will be accessible to users from the about: addons, about:welcome, and the Customise UI menus alongside the Automatic, Light, and Dark themes that have been available to pick from for a long time already. The new theme doesn’t offe
  22. First look at Firefox's upcoming address bar update Mozilla plans to release an update for Firefox soon that changes several address bar related features, including the behavior of one-off searches and search aliases. Called Design Update 2, some of the functionality has now landed in the latest Firefox Nightly version. One of the main changes of the update changes how Firefox's one-off searches work. Mozilla launched the functionality back in 2016 as a way for Firefox users to quickly use a different search engine for the next search.
  23. Extract the URL and title from multiple tabs with the Copy Selected Tabs to Clipboard extension for Firefox We have seen add-ons which can help you copy all your tabs to the clipboard, e.g. Copy All Tab URLs for Firefox. What if you wanted to only copy some links, and not all at the same time. Copy Selected Tabs to Clipboard is the name of the extension you were looking for. Install the add-on, and select some tabs. Right-click on the tab bar and you'll see a new menu labeled "Copy to Clipboard". Access it to view a list of options:
  24. So I am having the following issue since this morning. Found a channel on YouTube that I like and tried to subscribe to it by pressing the subscribe button. YouTube gave me the message in the attached picture. Tried the below after doing some research with no success. 1- Logged out and logged back in my Google account. 2- Deleted my Cookies (Firefox). 3- Tried to uninstall and reinstall Firefox. Can someone help me fix this ?
  25. Firefox Relay: create email aliases to combat spam and improve privacy Mozilla revealed Firefox Private Relay, an experimental service to protect email addresses through the creation of aliases, in May 2020. The service was invite-only at the time but it is now available to anyone who wants to give it a try. Now called Firefox Relay, it is available globally. A Firefox Account is required to sign-up for Firefox Relay and Firefox users may install the companion extension to better integrate the service into the browser and improve the generation of aliases, e.g. when si
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