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Found 4 results

  1. European media service provider Spotify announced today that it has created a standalone music-streaming app designed specifically for children. Duly christened Spotify Kids, the new application will be available exclusively to members of the Spotify Premium Family subscription plan. Members will not be charged any extra costs to access the new application, the monthly subscription fee is inclusive of Spotify Kids in addition to the usual six individual accounts provided by the plan. All content on the platform is filtered and handpicked to ensure that it is family-friendly and appropriate for children aged three and above. Additionally, Spotify Kids is further split into two age groups: younger children and older children. The ad-free app has a library of music brought to users in collaboration with some big names such as Nickelodeon, Disney, Discovery Kids, and Universal Pictures. Since the app is designed for children, it features a bright and colourful UI which appeals to younger audiences and captures their attention. The layout is also simpler to understand and easier to use as compared to the original Spotify app. Alex Norström, Spotify’s chief premium business officer, described the idea behind Spotify Kids: For now, Spotify Kids is only available in Ireland as part of the beta launch. While Spotify is yet to specify an exact release date for other regions, the launch press release did mention that the childrens' app will begin rolling out in markets where the Premium Family subscription is available 'in the coming months'. Spotify Kids is available on both Android and iOS platforms alike. More information about the kids' music streaming application can be found on its official website. Source: Spotify launches dedicated app for children: Spotify Kids (via Neowin)
  2. Microsoft usually only provides detailed changelogs for Edge builds in the Dev channel, but today, the company has changed things up with a forum post dedicated to the latest Canary build, which carries number 80.0.319.0. The company says it's still determining if it will keep publishing daily changelog posts for Canary builds and is gauging interest in them. To kick things off, Microsoft posted the changelog in a very cryptic way, but user Cameron_Bush managed to decipher the text. Despite being on a daily release cycle, there's quite a lot that's new in the build, including the ability to import browsing history from Firefox, as well as support for extensions that change the browser's appearance from the Chrome Web Store - though in our testing this doesn't seem to be referring to themes. Here's what's new: Created an easier way to add a favorite. Opening collections items can now be done via the keyboard. Downloads now warn you of dangerous items. Extensions now show the publisher's information. New options for organising installed apps. Additional zoom options are now available. Microphone or camera use is now shown in the address bar. Extensions that modify the browser's appearance can now be installed from the chrome web store. Opening apps can now be done via the keyboard. Firefox history can now be imported. Just like with Dev builds, Microsoft is providing two lists of fixes and improvements, one for behavior and one for reliability. Here's the list of reliability fixes: Favorites opened via touchscreen no longer crash the browser. Intranet sites no longer hang when loading. Reopening windows no longer fails. Several application guard crashes have been fixed. Tracking prevention exceptions can now be added without the settings page occasionally crashing. Windows can no longer be created offscreen. Improved the password import success rate. New tabs opened quickly now always succeed. Downloads no longer fail if you quickly close the tab. Opening InPrivate windows no longer fails. Windows closed quickly now stay closed. Saving PDF documents no longer crashes the tab. Finally, here are the behavior changes in this release, which include more frequent checks for updates to the browser: Temporarily removed the new PDF toolbar. Organising extensions can now be done by individual sources like the web store or unpacked files. Standard form controls are now accessible. History items are spaced better. Intranet searches now appear in the address bar. Performing searches from the address bar now saves that data to the cloud so it can sync to other devices. Wording on error pages has been improved. Intranet search performance has been improved. Tabs created offscreen can now be switched to. History items cleared with the clear browsing data dialog are now properly deleted from the current session. Images on certain webpages are no longer squished. Edge now checks for updates more frequently. The latest build should now be rolling out to everyone in the Canary channel, and these improvements should be available to Insiders in the Dev channel sometime next week. Source: Today's Edge Canary build lets users import browsing history from Firefox (via Neowin)
  3. An extra level of security WhatsApp has announced that its app can now be locked with a fingerprint on Android, following the addition of biometric security to its iOS version earlier this year. Turning the feature on means you’ll need to use your fingerprint to unlock the app even after unlocking your phone. It’s an extra level of security similar to what you might find in a banking app. The update doesn’t appear to be available in all regions just yet, but once it arrives, WhatsApp says you’ll be able to toggle on the extra security from within the app’s Privacy settings menu. There are options to let the app remain unlocked for one or 30 minutes after you unlock it, and there’s also a toggle to prevent the contents of your messages from appearing in notifications. We’ve known that the feature was coming to Android since WABetaInfo reported that it had appeared in a beta version of the app back in August. Unfortunately, while on iOS, the feature supports both Touch ID and Face ID, Android appears to be limited to just fingerprint unlock since there’s no mention of face unlock in WhatsApp’s announcement. (Sorry, Pixel 4 owners.) Source: WhatsApp’s fingerprint unlock feature is now on Android (via The Verge) p/s: While this news is about WhatsApp for Android, this post is best suited to be posted under Security & Privacy news as this news mainly reports about new security unlock feature for WhatsApp Android. p/s 2: To get this feature, you have to make sure that you update your WhatsApp to latest version (I'm currently using 2.19.308, which is the latest version available) to get the fingerprint unlock feature.
  4. It was just over a month ago that Microsoft announced the next feature update for the Xbox ONe family of consoles, version 1805. It's been in testing with Insiders since then, but today, the update is available for everyone, according to Microsoft's Brad Rossetti. Twitter Ads info and privacy One major new feature is that you can now set your refresh rate to 120Hz, but only if your resolution is set to 1080p or 1440p. You can't do it at 4K, and that's a limit of the HDMI 2.0 spec. Users can now organize their pinned apps and games into Groups. They'll show up in My Games & Apps, Home, and the Guide, and you can add them wherever you want in those areas. Moreover, Groups sync to your Microsoft account, so they'll sync to other consoles that you're signed into. In the Guide, users can now trim game clips, meaning that you no longer have to switch to the Upload Studio. There are also better parental controls with a Details page in the setting. Finally, Microsoft made some changes to button commands. You can press the View button to change and reorder items on the Home screen, and in the Guide, pressing View will show you additional options. Xbox One version 1805 has been available since 8am Pacific Time, so you can grab it now. Source neowin
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