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Found 5 results

  1. Microsoft Edge Canary gets extension syncing When Microsoft announced the release date for its new Chromium-based Edge browser in November, there were a few things that it said would be missing. One was ARM64 support, something that arrived in the stable channel last week. And then there was extension and history syncing, things that still aren't available. The good news is that extension syncing is here, at least in the Canary channel, as noted on Microsoft TechCommunity. Edge Canary is updated daily, and it's currently on version 82.0.424.0. Presumably, the Dev channel will get it when it gets Edge 82, aas it's still on version 81. Still missing is history sync, something that would seem to be a staple of what one would want in a browser. Hopefully, Microsoft has that one coming soon. Less notable is the option to sync open tabs, something that's also listed as coming soon in Edge's settings. If you want to download Edge Canary, you can get it here. Being that it's updated daily though, things can tend to break from time to time, so be aware of that. Source: Microsoft Edge Canary gets extension syncing (Neowin)
  2. Virtue is its own reward There's at least one browser out there unwilling to accept Microsoft's attempts to fiddle with search settings, and it's made by... Microsoft. The Canary build of Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser has taken great exception to the Microsoft Rewards extension. The latter is a nifty little thing that earns the user Microsoft points through an occasional quiz or searches using Bing. Those points can then be redeemed for goodies in return for, well, surrendering quite a bit. A glance at what the extension does lists "Display notifications" – OK, "Manage your apps, extensions and themes" – er, what? "Change your search settings to: bing.com" – heck, no! "Read your browsing history" – I don't think so... It appears the Canary version of Edge also doesn't think so as the default privacy settings appeared to come down like a ton of bricks on Microsoft's own extension. As for why we would use such a thing (as well as taking a chance on the Canary build of Edge) – it's all in the name of trying out stuff and seeing what breaks. Interestingly, the release version of Chromium Edge had no such qualms about letting the extension through its hallowed portal. Naturally, we asked Microsoft what might be going on here. It seems that the rapid pace of Chromium Edge development means that the gang are always trying out new things, which could explain the behaviour. It is, after all, very much preview code. We rather like a browser that blocks anything that wants to slurp our history or switch stuff to Bing. After all, things have not gone well for Microsoft's search engine in recent days and weeks. Microsoft has also attempted to slip Bing into enterprises via a Chrome extension installed as part Office 365 Pro Plus. With Bing seemingly able to be knocked out by a "third-party fiber networking provider's" cock-up, blocking an attempt to fiddle with browser search settings would seem A Good Thing. Even if the gang are only trying things out on canaries. Source
  3. “Line Focus” feature now available on Edge Canary Microsoft’s initial motivation behind its Immersive Reader was to create a comfortable reading experience for users with dyslexia and dysgraphia. Appealing to a wider market than initially planned, the Redmond company has since broadened its capabilities. Recently, Microsoft introduced an “open in immersive reader” option for highlighted text, thereby making the feature more easily accessible. In addition to this, Microsoft just reinstated the “Reading Preferences” option, which can be seen in the legacy Edge. Upon clicking, you have the option to enable “Line Focus”. From there, you can choose to blur all but one, two, or three lines- making them the sole focus of the page. The flag is available in Edge insider Canary, version 81.0.396.0. To enable: In address bar: About:\\flags > Search for Reading Preference > Change setting > Restart browser. Thanks, Leo, for the tip. Source: “Line Focus” feature now available on Edge Canary (MSPoweruser)
  4. The Edge Canary update from a few days ago improved its UI to make inPrivate Windows more clear. Today’s update -continuing with the privacy-related theme- will implement a universal “reveal password” button. The feature is one of many included in the “controlled feature roll-outs”. Implement the reveal button for <input type=password> This change implements the reveal button for <input type=password>. The button is added using same pattern as the clear/cancel button for <input type=search> except that instead of using -webkit-appearance to draw the button, we use svgs defined in controls-refresh.css. A keydown handler is added to support Alt-F8 hotkey to reveal/obscure password and logics are added to make sure the reveal button only appears with direct user input. If the password is not empty in the first place (ex. autofill or value=xxx) or the control loses focus and regains focus, or the value is changed by script, the reveal button won’t show. Note we are using -internal-reveal as the pseudo element id, so there is no way for authors to customize or hide the reveal button. This might be changed after a consensus over what id to use is reached, or after the button gets standardized. Tests are added in web_tests/fast/forms/controls-new-ui/password. This feature is also reportedly available in the Dev version. Source: “Reveal Password” button available in Edge Canary (MSPoweruser)
  5. Edge Canary users should get native translation by the end of this month Say goodbye to using third-party translation extensions as Microsoft is working on integrating native translation into Chromium-based Edge. The feature is already available in Google Chrome so it only makes sense that Microsoft adds it to its browser. According to the discussions on Microsoft community, the company will soon add native translation to Edge. The news was confirmed by a Microsoft Employee on Techcommunity. There is nothing additional that you need to do to get translate. Translate feature rollout is under progress and by end of the month all Canary users should have it. – Amitkun If you’re interested in checking out how the feature works then you can head over to Reddit (via Techdows) where someone shared the screenshots of the feature. The feature is currently limited Insider builds but is expected to roll out to the Canary users by the end of this month. Source
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