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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Gents, Press K (kick up my butt), if you reckon, I'm too unaware.. but I have my excuses- busy with work etc, so: (fed up having so many apps, conflicting contact issues etc), wonder, if somebody would have new (better) suggestions? Skype had it's glory days, but is too big, too unsafe, too much data FB Messenger is sort of "must", due to social interactions Like Telegram, but ever so few other users, also, it is not 100% as secure no more, What'sApp is OK, as there are some old contacts, sometimes handy, bhuuuttt Duo google product, expect to be failures, as per usual Hangouts- OK, just not sure if worth keeping it, as other apps-client do the same Thanks!
  2. Google Hangouts logo Google has been making some major changes to its messaging applications, constantly updating Allo with new features, transforming Android Messages and shifting Hangouts towards exclusive business use. Google might remove text messaging feature from its Android app, Hangouts, according to an email sent to its G Suite administrators. The email was posted on Reddit and reveals that Google plans to cut the option from the app on May 22 and request users to find another default messaging service. Hangouts users might receive a message starting March 27, informing them that the SMS feature will be removed and that they should use another chat app instead. The app will also ask them to select other messaging apps as default and if they refuse, they will be redirected to the Google Play Store to find a new alternative. SMS through user Google Voice numbers can still be sent The situation is a bit more complicated for Google Voice users, as they will no longer have the option to send carrier text messages via Hangouts from May 22. However, those who send SMS through their Google Voice numbers will be able to continue as before. Through this move, Google aims to attract more users to Allo, its newest messaging app, especially since the tech giant recently added a number of new features, including the option to share files. Moreover, Allo comes with Google Assistant integration, the virtual AI which started rolling out to Android-running smartphones, but not to tablets. Google is also continuing the process of positioning Hangouts as a messaging service for the workplace. To highlight this, Google recently announced a video service that facilitates the meeting between team members in Hangouts and an intelligent communications tool with direct messaging for co-workers who use this app. As for the default messaging app on Google mobile OS, Android Messages will be handling consumer SMS service and comes with RCS integration for sending in-call multimedia content. Source