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Found 3 results

  1. NOTE: When attempting to switch from default KMS to KMS38™ (LongLife) activation, run the KMS38 process by selecting from the drop-down-menu, then; if no Office is installed repeat process in 'Clean' mode (same menu), if Office is installed use 'Rearm'. Make sure the Office KMS activation is excluding Windows KMS38™. INFO: For adapted KMS_VL_ALL (Manual only) see download section beneath. In Windows 10 all systems no matter how they were activated (be it via Upgrade from Windows 7/8.1 or by using a bought Retail or an embedded BIOS aka MSDM license) will be converted to a Digital License which is based on the Hard Ware ID (HWID) of the respective machine. This License is stored at MS Servers and will activate this machine every time it's freshly installed. Only hardware changes will cause the License being invalidated. By binding it to a Microsoft Account (MSA) you will be able to transfer it in latter case. The process only needs to be performed once per machine. In later installs just skip any key prompts (choose 'I have no product key' during setup) and at first online contact the MS Server will regocnize the HWID and grant activation automatically. NOTE: When a Volume License version is installed from VLSC or MVS Business ISO, the default Retail/OEM key needs to be inserted to regain acticvation. It's actually quite simple and doesn't mess with any system files and leaked (*errrm stolen) keys. The ticket creation has been appropriately refined for each MS SKU edition so that the Manual Method below is fully applicable to all of them. The Automated Method has been included as well for an easiest activation and works with all MS SKU editions and was specifically devised for the following ones: Supported Windows 10 editions (SKUs): Core (Home) (N) <HWID/ KMS38™> CoreSingleLanguage (N) <HWID/ KMS38™> Professional (N) <HWID/ KMS38™> ProfessionalEducation (N) <HWID/ KMS38™> ProfessionalWorkstation (N)<HWID/ KMS38™> Education (N)<HWID/ KMS38™> Enterprise (N)<HWID/ KMS38™> EnterpriseS (N) 2015 <HWID> EnterpriseS (N) 2016 <HWID/ KMS38™> EnterpriseS (N) <KMS38™> ServerStandard(Core) (N) <KMS38™> ServerDatacenterCore) (N) <KMS38™> ServerSolution(Core) (N) <KMS38™> REWORKED MANUAL PROCESS FOR HWID AND KMS38: Prerequisites: # the files: Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode: /files/9580116/manual.7z.html # key and SKU-ID see the respective info TXT in files pack. The Process: #1. Copy files to a work folder, create exclusion in AV or disable temporarily. I will use d:\work as example. #2. Install default generic key. Volume key (gVLK) for KMS38 or OEMRET for HWID. cscript.exe %windir%\system32\slmgr.vbs /ipk XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX #2.a KMS38 only: Create dummy KMS adress entry using the demo IP range. cscript.exe %windir%\system32\slmgr.vbs -skms #3. Depending on the process choice rename respective slshim DLL version to slc.dll #3.a LTSB 2015 only: rename gatherosstateLTSB15.exe to gatherosstate.exe (rename or overwrite the other). #4. Create TargetSKU.txt containing the SKU-ID for your edition. #5. Run gatherosstate.exe by (double-)clicking. #6. To apply ticket: clipup -v -o -altto d:\work\ (note the trailing \) #6.a HWID only: force activation with: cscript.exe %windir%\system32\slmgr.vbs /ato #7. DONE. Congrats. AUTOMATED METHOD: In case any VPN is used, deactivate it for the process duration. Same applies for Antivirus. NOTE: The tool performs several system checks and may need a moment to appear (depending on your system specs), no need to panic, just wait a moment. Thanks. CHANGELOG: Silent Mode: For SetupComplete.cmd see the Spoiler or download $OEM$ folder: USE 'EXTRACT HERE' TO CREATE CORRECT FOLDER STRUCTURE! Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode: /files/9720058/_oem_.7z.html hwid.kms38.gen.mk6 hwid hwid.kms38.gen.mk6 kms38 HWID.KMS38™GEN DOWNLOAD: MIRROR1: Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode: /files/9714080/thk3_mk6.7z.html Exe hashes: BLAKE2sp: b84887f89ad8dd22b2e826912a174923dd59de7b0ab6823dfb272cd9f399592d SHA-1: 50ab8835225c4e3b3a1d9873d90e4f14f5620aa8 SHA-256: 20f04eb3167167737ac782b707c9da404dc8fddebe06b89c6b089b0f2556f547 SHA-384: b185dfc75fff87739bc9cc3832c9add81fb7d408d4f2b2cc2069818f2cdd43c728dea9f817a1e9109c310cfcabc7d91f SHA3-224: cbd4363c4842b5c6dc0fa822e0219db48f56c17ea584f68ebb447b77 SHA3-256: 56dfb425845d600bb1d924c517f1079300e2d0c27c261acdc4ad839f3e51ccbb
  2. About the working principle of the program please read: Thanks @s1ave77 and his work. Readme: 1.Click the Activate button to activate digital authorization automatically. 2.Click the Install-KEY button, only the KEY is installed and will not be activated. 3.Check button Detects system information and SKU values. If the KEY text box is left blank, the built-in KEY corresponding to your system version will be automatically displayed after detection. 4.Silent execution parameters is /Q. After the silent execution is complete, a log file will be generated. C:\W10D.log 5.Add right-click menu to select product KEY. 6.Saved ticket at C:\GenuineTicket.xml -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- v3.5 v3.1 Google Translate: When the /Q parameter is run, the GUI interface will no longer be hidden. The KMS 19-year method is independent of the form of a selection box that theoretically supports all system activations for 19 years. Added Server 2019 support (KMS channel, activated for 19 years). Add 2 parameters /KMS and /C, plus the previous /Q parameters, a total of three parameters, can be arbitrarily combined: DigitalLicense.exe /Q ---Silently execute to get digital license. DigitalLicense.exe /Q /KMS /C ---The 19-year grace period is silently acquired in KMS mode, and Tokens parameters (such as 180-day KMS) are cleared throughout the process. DigitalLicense.exe /C ---There is a GUI interface, and the Tokens parameter will be cleared during the process of clicking the [Activate] button. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VS2017 Source Code: Site: https://gitlab.com ShareCode: /angelkyo/W10-DigitalLicense Gitlab Extension for Visual Studio https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=MysticBoy.GitLabExtensionforVisualStudio Download links: v3.6 Site: https://gitlab.com ShareCode: /angelkyo/w10-digitallicense/uploads/e90efa1acb8484a49d15922336a6c3db/DigitalLicense_v3.6.zip v3.1 Site: https://www.upload.ee ShareCode: /files/9032538/DigitalLicense_v3.1.0.zip.html v3.0 Site: https://www.upload.ee ShareCode:/files/9025248/DigitalLicense_v3.0.zip.html v2.8.0 Site: https://gitlab.com ShareCode: /angelkyo/W10-DigitalLicense/tags v2.7.6 Site: https://www.upload.ee ShareCode: /files/8538309/DigitalLicense_v2.7.6.zip.html slc_All_in_one_v5 Site: https://gitlab.com ShareCode: /angelkyo/w10-digitallicense/uploads/114016f9b0d77c1cd2b2b1ef57a7b6a7/slc_All_in_one_v5.08.zip V5 version, DLL method fully automatic activation Thanks to Rambin of DISM++ Group for his help. Quiet mode (no prompts or message windows pop up) Rename gatherosstate.exe to gatherosstate.quiet.exe at before running it. #1. Extract files to any directory #2. Runing growosstate.exe with admin privileges. (gatherosstateLTSB15.exe just for LTSB 2015) It's Done! All work is done by slc.dll. The whole process is about 10-30 seconds. Because slc.dll will install product key and online activation OS (just HWID method) , it will take some times. If the built-in key does not support your system, you can create a <key.txt> file, just write the key, slc.dll will install the key, and then get the SKU and Channel values from the system. Of course, if the automatically obtained SKU and Channel values are incorrect, you can also specify them in the <key.txt> file in the following format: first line(product key)------------------------xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx second line(SKU value)----------------------125 third line(Channel value)--------------------Volume:GVLK HWID Channel value: Retail KMS38 Channel value:Volume:GVLK ! ! ! Note: If the <key.txt> file exists, the value defined in this file will be used first; if not, everything will be done automatically. ! ! ! When completed, a result file is generated:<Result.txt> Result file content example: 2019-03-03 22:33:52 Installing product key... 2019-03-03 22:33:58 Get ticket successfully 2019-03-03 22:33:58 Backup ticket to GenuineTicket.xml.backup 2019-03-03 22:33:58 Applying GenuineTicket.xml... 2019-03-03 22:33:58 Digital activation mode detected, Online activation... 2019-03-03 22:34:17 Done! Please check the following information: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx xx Retail ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Program running process: About translation: https://gitlab.com/angelkyo/W10-DigitalLicense/raw/master/LanguageLibrary/Langs/en_us.xml Download this language file, translate it and send to me.
  3. Modified GatherOSState.exe, works on it's own, does not need a .dll https://i.imgur.com/qcYC30v.gifv https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/31916eb9058434348730672828d90ac3a185a411fed2f77d23c356c0e66cb635/detection Support for: Digital Activation LTSB2015, LTSC2016 Digital Activation KMS38 @s1ave77 How to use Method 1: (Only if you start gatherosstate.exe from the Zip that is opened by Windows Explorer!, not 7-zip or other solutions) Insert Default Retail key for Digital Activation (if not already present), GLVK Key for 19 year (KMS38) activation. Double-click it to generate GenuineTicket.xml Launch CMD as admin and type "clipup -o -altto %localappdata%\VirtualStore\Windows\SysWOW64\" slmgr -ato, only for Digital License Activation not for GLVK Key. How to use Method 2: Copy it to somewhere Insert Default Retail key for Digital Activation (if not already present), GLVK Key for 19 year (KMS38) activation. Double-click it to generate GenuineTicket.xml Launch CMD as admin and type "clipup -o -altto path_to_folder_where_GenuineTicket.xml_resides" slmgr -ato, only for Digital License Activation not for GLVK Key. How to use Method 3: Copy it to somewhere Insert Default Retail key for Digital Activation (if not already present), GLVK Key for 19 year (KMS38) activation. Run path_to_GenuineTicketGen %programdata%\Microsoft\Windows\ClipSVC\GenuineTicket Launch CMD as admin and type "clipup -o" slmgr -ato, only for Digital License Activation not for GLVK Key. Download: (Should be fixed now and more AV friendly) I haven't tested it on all SKUs, but it should work.
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