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Found 2 results

  1. "Compilation Of Tutorials, Guides, Tips & Updates" (The Playground where ordinary men & women dared to achieve the extraordinary) "Preventing IDM From Dialing Home" (monitor post 2 for all updates) ATM, the Firewall Method works only, with COMODO, Kaspersky & Windows 10 Firewall Control Solution for Users of other firewalls is coming soon — keep watching this space! Notice:— My tutorials can be re-distributed anywhere without having to consult with me My name does not need to be credited — in fact, I do not want my name to be reflected Credits will need to be given, though to nSane Forums — a link to the homepage would be appreciated The post following this one shall be kept updated with all due credits to Contributors and the date-wise changes to this main post. The latest version of IDM is now live on this post. The Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) 2019 blocking guide on how to prevent IDM from calling home, by Dukun Cabul. The Generic IDM Batch Script 2018 tutorial on how to prevent IDM from calling home, by sledge101. Another (creative fix on how to prevent IDM using Adguard from calling home) + (RegEx rules tutorial on blocking IP ranges in AdGuard) by Undertaker. The ESET blocking guide on how to prevent IDM from calling home, by tomm. The Internet Lock tutorial on how to prevent IDM from calling home, by Dukun Cabul. An ARP poisoning preventive with anti-DNS spoofing concept to prevent IDM from calling home, by sledge101. Another original concept is to use the CFosSpeed trick to prevent IDM from calling home, by A.lemane. Another innovative alternative is to use the Registry Permission fix, by hamanokaito. Those who do not like/wish to use a firewall on their copy of IDM can check out Dukun Cabul's IDM-AIO (All-In-One). Caution Note:— This guide is meant for Advanced Users & Intellectuals — if you are a n00b, please do not proceed. The Procedure:— Just follow the 5 steps mentioned below. Step # 1:— As a precaution, check for and delete the encrypted Visual Protect 3.5+ key which Tonec could have possibly used in order to blacklist your IDM activation (thanks to Undertaker:— Step # 2:— As a precaution, ensure your IDM is disabled from starting-up with Windows (inspirational credits to FR33W1LL)— Step # 3:— Use your firewall to block the following IPs:— Step # 4:— Batch file to clean-up your IDM (all credits to Dukun Cabul):— Step # 5:— This is the final step, just register your IDM until it gets activated (as per the following illustrations) — you are done . . . . . . . . . . congratulations!!! Tip # 1:— Those who are receiving a nag despite the above procedure can use the following tip by Undertaker:— Tip # 2:— Those who wish to enjoy downloading rights to the official installer from the IDM homepage can use the following tip from PITA:— Tip # 3:— Those who prefer the awesome GetRight Pro sounds can now download these files from the following link:— Tip # 4:— Those who would like to backup their configuration and settings for IDM and for other programs & applications as well, can refer to the following:— Tip # 5:— Those who would like to personalize their IDM registration to brand it as per their own choice may want to download the following branding registry file (just replace the name fields with one of your own choice):— Tip # 6:— Those who would like to use my personal Sites of Exception can execute a copy-paste of the following sites:— Tip # 7:— Those Users of the built-in Windows Firewall who would like to create the above IDM rules via Command Prompt can use the following tip from Michael*:— Tip # 8:— Those who would like to use my personal File Types can execute a copy-paste of the following extensions:— Tip # 9:— A special return gift to The Advocate of the hosts method:— Tip # 10:— Those looking for a fast and easy method to enter those IPs into your Windows Firewall can use the following tip from A.lemane:— Tip # 11:— The latest IDM integration add-on shall be kept updated here: Tip # 12:— Those looking for a fast and easy method to enter those IPs into your COMODO Firewall can use the following tip from bubbada: "Illustrations On How To Configure Some Leading Firewalls" The following configurations for ESET Smart Security firewall is brought to you, courtesy of hihello and software182:— The following configurations for Outpost Pro firewall is brought to you, courtesy of KP333 and JAPONE:— The following configuration for Windows Firewall was initiated by Zarko:— Illustrations for Windows Firewall Control:— The following configurations for Users of the Norton 360 firewall is brought to you, courtesy of abbasi:— The following configurations for Users of the Kaspersky firewall is brought to you, courtesy of IamBidyuT — honorable mention to Undertaker, MyIDM, PITA, Now, pamadhilwankalan & villasg too for their part of the contribution:— The following configurations for Windows 8 Firewall Control is brought to you, courtesy of anyname:— The following configurations for COMODO is brought to you, courtesy of masterupc:— The following configurations for Private Firewall is brought to you, courtesy of mona:— The following configurations for Avast Internet Security 2015 is brought to you, courtesy of villasg:— The following configurations for Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 or Bitdefender Total Security 2015 is brought to you, courtesy of Dukun Cabul:— Inspirational credits:—
  2. Tanida Demo Builder | 30 Mb Create Great Looking Presentations, Demonstrations and Tutorials. Demo Builder provides an easy way to create tutorials, presentations or demonstrations that show how software and systems work. Demo Builder's ease of use gives you the ability to create stunning, yet practical and professional instructional videos. Demo Builder is the ideal tool for generating the demos you require to teach, train, or sell. Now Even Easier with DemoBuilder 9! Demo Builder is the experts authoring tool of choice for creating professional and fully interactive application simulations, presentations and tutorials. The best part is that Demo Builder is so easy to use! Unlike some other tools, with Demo Builder there is no complex interface and no previous programming knowledge is required. You'll be up and running and creating superior presentations in no time. Your audience will love it and you'll get the results you deserve. Demo Builder version 9 further extends and expands on the features available in previous versions to enable you to create audio-visual Flash movies that show how software, systems and processes work. It offers the ability to capture all actions taken in a running application, which can then be edited and annotated to produce interactive demonstrations and simulations. The full range of functionality and features that we have packed into Demo Builder version 9 are to numerous to list exhaustively, but please click on any topic below to get a brief overview. Create Stunning Movies and Presentations - Easily! Create your first demonstration or tutorial in minutes with Demo Builder's Auto Record and Capture features. Simply start the recorder and take the actions you want to show in your desired application. Demo Builder captures everything automatically. You can even record your own voice-over narration at the same time as capturing your screenshots and actions. What's more Demo Builder can even automatically add Balloon tooltips and Note annotations to your screen captures - without you having to type a character! Could we make it any easier Find out more about how easy and quick it is to create professional results with these Demo Builder features by clicking on the links below. - Start-Up/New Movie Wizard - Recording Settings Wizard - Auto-Record Voice-Over - Auto Add Balloons and/or Notes - Create a New Blank Movie or by Importing Images - Full Motion Video Recording - Import AVI as scene Edit, Annotate and Customize Your Movies with Movie Properties Demo Builder didn't become the expert's choice without offering all the tools and flexibility needed to customize your movie's look and behaviour with ease and speed. After you create your movie, you can to add, edit or remove material or completely reorganise your movie if you wish. A full range of customized effects are available and can be applied to your scene (or whole movie) with a single mouse click. Click on a subject below for more about how you can use Demo Builder to edit and modify movies to suit your specific requirements. - It's Your Movie, Direct It! (Movie Properties) - What Do We Do After the Movie? (Start-End Actions) - Yes, You Can Control Time (With Demo Builder's TimeLine) - Everyone Wants to Make a Smooth Transition - Translate Your Movie Text for International Distribution! - AutoCalculate Size/AutoCalculate Time - Apply Font Style/Formatting to all Objects - Merge/Split Scenes - Zoom-n-Pan Home: http://www.demo-builder.com/ Features: http://www.demo-builder.com/features.html Samples: http://www.demo-builder.com/samples.html Download: https://www.oboom.com/T3FMYKYU http://bannedhost.to/xuss946u
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