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Found 22 results

  1. Cybercriminals can use stolen information for extortion, scams and phishing schemes, and the direct theft of money, says Kaspersky. Cybercriminals who capture your personal information often do one of two things with it. They'll either use it themselves to directly hack your accounts, or they'll sell it on the Dark Web. And once your personal data is up for sale, buyers can use it for financial gain or for doxing, a practice where malicious actors publicly reveal private information about you for all to see. In a blog post published Tuesday, security provider Kaspersk
  2. Mobile-first course charted by privacy-protecting technology The Tor Project is planning to improve network speed and performance, particularly for mobile users and those with older devices or on slower connections. The initiative, the result of many years of collaboration with the research community, has multiple facets. These include streamlining the tuning of the network, deploying smarter methods for balancing traffic, and rolling out the fruits of performance and scalability research. Proactively detecting, diagnosing, and resolving
  3. 179 Arrested in Massive Global Dark Web Takedown Operation Disruptor is an unprecedented international law enforcement effort, stemming from last year’s seizure of a popular underground bazaar called Wall Street Market. Operation Disruptor has led to a wave of arrests and seizures, but the dark web drug market has bounced back before.Photograph: Getty Images It’s one of the largest global dark web takedowns to date: 179 arrests spread across
  4. Vulnerabilities, stolen credentials and an evolution of marketplaces mark the Dark Web in Q3. In the wake of Hansa and AlphaBay being dismantled on the Dark Web, Dream Markets and Wall Street Market have become the largest marketplaces in the criminal underground, according to Q3 analysis from McAfee. Meanwhile, vulnerabilities and stolen credentials continue to dominate the cybercriminal discussion. Illicit playgrounds for selling narcotics, hacking tools, hackers for hire and data records, these markets continue to thrive even in the wake of law enforcement action. Accordin
  5. The Gazorp online builder makes it easy to start stealing passwords, credit-card information, cryptocurrency wallet data and more. A malicious build-it-yourself platform for the Azorult info-stealing malware has debuted on the Dark Web. The online builder, which its authors have named Gazorp, allows cybercriminals to generate their very own strains of Azorult, along with the apparatus to control it. And, it’s free. “Threat actors [gain] the ability to create fresh Azorult samples and corresponding panel server code, leaving them simply to provide their
  6. Hacker was selling 141.5GB of data from Huazhu Hotels Group. He also attempted to blackmail the hotel chain to pay for its own data. Huazhu Hotels Group Ltd, a China-based hotel chain, announced this week that Shanghai police arrested the hacker who was selling data on millions of its customers online, on the dark web. The arrest was announced on Monday, September 17, by the hotel group in an investors message, and confirmed two days later by Shanghai police for Chinese media. Police did not release the man's man, but according to local reports, the hacker i
  7. AlphaBay was one of the largest dark web marketplaces – In 2017, its admin Alexandre Cazes committed suicide in a Thai prison. The Fresno Division of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California has finally concluded a 14-month long civil forfeiture case and allowed seizure of property and assets of a Canadian national Alexandre Cazes who ran AlphaBay market on the dark web, CoinDesk has confirmed. Cazes, for your information, was the one who committed suicide by hanging himself last summer. He was arrested for operating AlphaBay, a dark web marketplace, and wa
  8. Cyber-criminals are increasingly downsizing from selling their wares on large dark web marketplaces in a bid to build trust with buyers, according to McAfee. The security giant claimed in its latest threat report for Q3 that the trend can also be seen as a response to law enforcement activity. Police effected the major takedowns of Hansa and Alpha Bay in 2017 while marketplace Olympus fell silent in September after a suspected exit scam. “Cyber-criminals are very opportunistic in nature,” said John Fokker, head of cyber-criminal investigations at McAfee. “The cyber-
  9. Wicked (dark web) wish list The dark web can be a fairly lawless place, but even the most hidden corners of the darknet are not immune to the laws of supply and demand. Malware programs, cybercriminal services and stolen data can skyrocket in popularity on the underground market just as quickly as they can fall out of favor – same as any product sold in the legitimate economy. A couple of black market cyber trends truly took off in 2018 with experts predicting a few new ones will spring up in 2019. Malicious software and services
  10. Malicious Tor Browser Steals Cryptocurrency from Darknet Market Users A trojanized version of the Tor Browser is targeting dark web market shoppers to steal their cryptocurrency and tracks the websites they visit. More than 860 transactions are registered to three of the attackers' wallets, which received about $40,000 in Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Careful impersonation The malicious Tor Browser is actively promoted as the Russian version of the original product through posts on Pastebin that are have been optimized to rank high in queries for drugs, cryptocu
  11. A little over 21 million login credentials stolen from Fortune 500 companies have been found in various places on the dark web, many of them already cracked and available in plaintext form. The information was compiled by crawling multiple resources, like markets in the Tor network, web forums, Pastebin, IRC channels, social networks, and messenger chats. Cracked passwords ahead 21,040,296 is the exact number of credentials belonging to companies ranking in the first 500 that security researchers found on the web. Most of them were from tech
  12. Censorship of news on the internet by the government has long been a point of controversy. Indeed, we have had points in the past where the BBC's Vietnamese website got blocked. On other occasions, China has previously blocked BBC's services in the country, and Iran has dabbled in the same as well. In a bid to fight against censorship and restricted access, BBC announced today that it's launching a mirror of its international news website on the dark web. In a statement, the news site said: To access the website, you will need Tor, which is a web browser that
  13. What is the Dark Web, What's on it & How to Access it This is how the Dark Web differs from the Deep Web, and how you can visit websites on the Dark Web using the Tor browser. We also explain why you probably shouldn't do that The internet is a much, much bigger place than you probably realise. You know about Facebook, Google, Netflix and Amazon and maybe the millions of other websites that you can access from your usual web browser. But there's more: the Dark Web and the Deep Web loom in much shadier corners. You won't see any o
  14. Breach Of Popular Audio Streaming Site Exposes 20 Million Accounts The popular audio streaming site Mixcloud has reportedly been hacked. Account information belonging to as many of 22 million of its users is for sale on the Dark Web. Zach Whittaker of TechCrunch reports that the breach occurred earlier this month. The individual claiming responsibility for the breach provided Whittaker with a sample of the data — something hackers will often do to prove the validity of the ill-gotten data. In fact, the very same hacker cont
  15. Click here to download the complete analysis as a PDF. Key Findings The collection of onion sites that is sometimes called the dark web is often portrayed as a vast and mysterious part of the internet. In reality, the number of onion sites is tiny compared to the size of the surface web. Our count of live reachable onion site domains comes to less than 0.005% of the number of surface-web site domains. Out of about 55,000 onion domains that we found, only around 8,400 onion domains had a live site (15%). The popular iceberg metaphor that describes the rela
  16. Data Keeper Ransomware Makes First Victims Two Days After Release on Dark Web RaaS Two days after crooks started advertising the Data Keeper Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) on the Dark Web, ransomware strains generated on this portal have already been spotted in the wild, infecting the computers of real-world users. Spotted earlier this week by Bleeping Computer, Data Keeper is the third ransomware strain offered as a RaaS offering this year, after Saturn and GandCrab. Another RaaS opens its gates for everybody The ser
  17. The European Union’s law enforcement agency today announced the creation of a dedicated team that will be investigating activity across the dark web. The newly established Dark Web Investigations Team, embedded within Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), is the result of a Europol initiative “to create a coordinated law enforcement approach to tackle crime on the dark web.” The dedicated team will have participation from EU law enforcement agencies, operational third parties, and other relevant partners. Through EC3, Europol has been long supporting in
  18. For years, r/DarkNetMarkets was the place where drug dealers, hackers, and cyber criminals, would hang out and talk about what happened on illicit marketplaces hosted on the dark web such as Silk Road and Alphabay—and a place for feds to lurk in the hopes of catching some criminals. On Wednesday, Reddit banned the popular community “due to a violation of Reddit’s policy against transactions involving prohibited goods or services.” Before its shutdown, r/DarkNetMarkets had almost 160,000 readers. The subreddit has always been controver
  19. $1.1 billion worth of cryptocurrency was stolen in the first half of 2018, and it's relatively easy to do, according to cybersecurity company Carbon Black. "It's surprising just how easy it is without any tech skill to commit cybercrimes like ransomware," Carbon Black Security strategist Rick McElroy says The necessary malware, which even occasionally comes with customer service, costs an average of $224 and can be as cheap as $1.04 on the "dark web." Roughly $1.1 billion worth of cryptocurrency was st
  20. Nearly a year has passed since the takedowns of AlphaBay and Hansa by law enforcement efforts that left many speculating about the future of dark web marketplaces. Expectations of an older, established market replacing AlphaBay, or the emergence of a new marketplace, have fallen short. Dream Market and Olympus are among those to have made a play, but no single marketplace has risen to the top, at least among the English-speaking community. And mistrust, fear and high barriers to entry are preventing new marketplaces from flourishing. But as the adage goes, “where there’s a will there’s a way.”
  21. Roger Thomas Clark previously told Ars, "They don't have shit on me." The Department of Justice announced Friday that Ross Ulbricht’s alleged right-hand man—Roger Thomas Clark, also known as "Variety Jones"—has been extradited to the United States after being in custody in Thailand for more than 2.5 years. Federal prosecutors allege that the 54-year-old Canadian was paid "at least hundreds of thousands of dollars" to work for Ulbricht. Over two years ago, Ulbricht was sentenced to life in prison for owning and operating the notorious Silk Road website, an o
  22. You never know what you will find on the hidden Internet 'Dark Web.' Just about an hour ago we reported about someone selling remote access linked to security systems at a major International airport for $10. It has been reported that a hacker was found selling sensitive US Air Force documents on the dark web for between $150 and $200. Cybercrime tracker Recorded Future today reported that it discovered a hacker attempting to sell secret documents about the MQ-9 Reaper drone used across federal government agencies for only a few hundred dollars on a Dark Web foru
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