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Found 8 results

  1. Substratum Integration for Samsung (Addon Key) vTwenty (RETAL NOT PATCHED) Home: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=projekt.sungstratum Download: Site: https://tusfiles.net Sharecode[?]: /5oysn9pnz1r2 I have found a copy of the latest apk for the theme integration of samsung with substratum. It is not patched i have tried with Lucy Patcher but no luck Wondering is @PriSim or @Cerberus can crack this if they have time as there does not seem to be a crack anywhere for this only a very old version that no longer works.
  2. IObit Start Menu 8 Pro - 1 Year[365 Days] Promo by BitsDuJour Overview: Before Windows 8 and Windows 10, life was so much simpler – to get started doing anything, you’d just click on the Start menu. But after upgrading your computer to these new operating systems, you figured out your first problem – no Start menu! Get it back quickly using today’s discount software promotion, Start Menu 8! Start Menu 8 brings the classic Start Menu to Windows 8 and Windows 10, and offers a powerful file search that’s 20% faster! What’s more, the background color of your new Start Menu will change to match your desktop background. And about that faster file search - Start Menu 8 lets you pin frequently used and recent files to the Start Menu so you don’t have to repeat your search every time! Ever go to click on something in Windows, only to accidentally click on an ad and jump to somewhere you never intended to go? Eliminate this situation by installing Start Menu 8, which offers a Start Menu completely free of advertising! Best of all, you can customize your Start Menu 8 settings with your own account picture, favorite applications, and even alter the way programs are displayed! Features: Get the Start Menu back in Windows 8/Windows 10 Enjoy a 20% faster file search Pin frequently used files to the Start Menu Eliminate distracting ads from the Start Menu Customize the Start Menu to your liking After you purchase you will receive a download link to install the software Download available for: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP More Info: Product Homepage Product Manual: Complete User Guide Links: Offer: http://www.bitsdujour.com/software/start-menu-8/buy=true Shared Key: Note: Limited Period Offer. The full version costs $7.99 annually. However, it is free for limited period. 24 Hours Giveaway. Only few hours left. Hurry. Current Status: Open. Terms: After you purchase Start Menu 8 it may be used for 12 months and will not function after that unless you renew your subscription. Upgrades to future versions of the software will require additional payment. Installing a new version may overwrite the existing version and invalidate your license key. Downloads: Offline Installer[MajorGeeks.com]: http://www.iobit.com/downloadcenter.php?product=iobit-startmenu8 Offline Installer[Direct] - Size: 11.4 MB: http://update.iobit.com/dl/sm8-setup.exe
  3. Ghacks.net Firefox Privacy And Security user.js 0.11 Is Out The most comprehensive Firefox privacy and security settings collection has been updated to version 0.11 to take into account changes in newer versions of Firefox. Ghacks champion Pants created the initial list in 2015, and has been on it ever since that day with help of others including earthling and Tom Hawack. The new user.js file replaces the old one. The download includes the user.js file, the changelog, and two HTML documents that lists all preferences, information and comments. You are probably wondering what is new in version 0.11 of the file. First of all, the preferences have been updated to take into account changes in Firefox. Mozilla has added, changed or removed preferences since the last release of the Ghacks user.js file. Apart from that, there are new sections that you may find interesting. There are new sections for Service Workers, First Party Isolation, Fingerprint resisting and Tor uplift. The add-ons section has been filled with links to recommended add-ons on top of that. Some fun stats about the latest privacy and security user.js file: The list features a total of 464 preferences of which 48 are commented out. 33 items contain warnings. The file links to 71 http and 243 https resources for research Click here to open the original article that has been updated with the new information, or download the new user.js file directly with a click on the following link: user.js-ghacks-0.11.zip Here is the change log: Added 2300: NEW SECTION for Service Workers (items renumbered from other sections) 2698: NEW SECTION for FPI (First Party Isolation) - commented out, it's not ready yet to go prime time 2699: NEW SECTION for privacy.resistFingerprinting (was 2630) 9998: NEW SECTION for To Investigate - Tor Uplift : APPENDIX B for Add-ons Renumbered sections 9996: PALE MOON, section renumbered and no longer maintained 9997: DEPRECATED Moved 2302: was 1012 dom.caches.enabled .. ALL the stuff in the 2300s were moved there, some are new 2301+2303+2304: were 2432+2430+2431 respectively, also new prefs 1216: was 2609 insecure active content 1217: was 2610 insecure passive content 2024: was 3014 media.mediasource.webm.enabled : some other numbers may have been reused, moved Deprecated Loads of them, just look in the deprecated section, its in order of version dropped, then number. Added 0101: browser.laterrun.enabled 0301: app.update.silent and app.update.staging.enabled 0336: browser.selfsupport.enabled (also merged 0371 with this) 0374: social.enabled 0376: FlyWeb 0380: Sync 0402: Kinto 0410: the entire section: many prefs deprecated, replaced with others, new section 0410g 0421: privacy.trackingprotection.ui.enabled 0440: mozilla flash blocklisting 0608: network.predictor.enable-prefetch 0818: taskbar preview 0819: browser.urlbar.oneOffSearches 0820: disable search reset 0907: force warnings for logins on non-secure sites 0908: browser.fixup.hide_user_pass 0909: signon.formlessCapture.enabled 1012: browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash (note: old number was moved to 2300s) 1209: TLS extra prefs to control min and max and fallback versions 1213: cyphers disable 3DES 1214: cyphers disable 128 bit ecdhe 1215: disable MS Family Safety cert 1218: HSTS Priming 1219: HSTS preload 1220: disable intermediate CA caching 1408: gfx.font_rendering.graphite.enabled 1602: returned DNT (do not track) from deprecated 1808: disable audio auto-play in non-active tabs 1820+1825+1830+1840+1850: revamp, additions etc to GMP, DRM, OpenH264, Widevine, EME 2001: media.navigator.video.enabled 2001a: media.peerconnection.ice.no_host 2011: webgl.enable-debug-renderer-info 2012: webgl.dxgl.enabled + webgl.enable-webgl2 2022: extra prefs for screensharing 2024: MSE (Media Source Extensions) 2025: enable/disable media types 2026: disable canvas capture stream 2027: disable camera image capture 2028: disable offscreen canvas 2403: dom.allow_cut_copy 2415b: limit events that can cause a popup 2425: disable Archive API 2450: offline data storage 2504: new vr prefs 2510: Web Audio API 2511: media.ondevicechange.enabled 2627: revamped section from a single pref about build ID into all your UA/Navigator objects 2628: browser.uitour.url 2650: e10s stuff, never used by me, may be obsolete as e10s rollout changes with each release 2651: control e10s number of container processes 2652: enable console e10s shim warnings 2660: browser.tabs.remote.separateFileUriProcess 2662: browser.download.forbid_open_with 2663: MathML 2664: DeviceStorage API 2665: sanitize webchannel whitelist 2666: HTTP Alternative Services 2667: devtools.chrome.enabled 2668: extension directory lockdown 2669: strip paths when sending URLs to PAC scripts 2670: security.block_script_with_wrong_mime 2671: svg.disabled (FF53+) 2706: Storage API 2707: clear localStorage when a WebExtension is uninstalled 2803a: privacy.clearOnShutdown.openWindows 2804a: privacy.cpd.openWindows 2805: privacy.sanitize.timeSpan 3022: hide recently bookmarked items 3023: browser.migrate.automigrate.enabled Appendix A: new test sites: Browserprint, HTML Security, Symantec, AudioContext, HTML5, Keyboard Events, rel=noopener Appendix A: new section:; 5 Safe Browsing, Tracking Protection tests Changed : custom pref renamed and configured as the Monty Python parrot : custom pref expanded to each section with euphemisms for the parrot's demise 1211: SHA-1 variables/definitions have been changed by mozilla, recommeneded value has changed 2201: dom.event.contextmenu.enabled is now active 2404: dom.indexedDB.enabled - i turned this on and use an extension to toggle it on and off for sites 2421: two javascript.options now commented out, the performance loss isn't worth it : some other prefs may have been turned on/off Deleted 3019: network.proxy.type - it is not my place to control end users connections/proxies/vpns etc Source
  4. How To Switch Between Different Lists of Pinned Apps on the Unity Launcher A solution to the vertical abomination you call a desktop launcher… A few months back I invited you to share a screenshot of your desktop, and, like the awesome person you are, you did. But I wasn’t impressed. Your Unity Launcher was stacked high with application launcher after application launcher. How you find anything amid that folded mess I don’t know. So I went out and found something for you that I think will help… ‘Launcher List Indicator’ for Ubuntu’s Unity Desktop This nifty little indicator is pretty damn nifty! (I know I use that term an awful lot, but I really mean it). See, to be perfectly frank, I use a lot of applications in an average day, but they vary depending on what I’m doing. I really don’t like overfilling the Unity Launcher on my desktop because it looks messy, cluttered, and some of apps I use don’t have the most “aesthetically pleasing” icons! Launcher-list-indicator, developed by Sergiy Kolodyazhnyy, is a solution to this. It introduces the concept of Unity launcher profiles. Launcher List Indicator lets you set up and switch between different lists of pinned apps on the Unity launcher. Sort of like “workspaces” but for apps that show on the launcher. So, for example, you may have a launcher profile full of your necessary developer tools and apps that you use when working on your overdue CompSci project. But when you’re at home chilling in your room you switch to a launcher profile full of traditional apps, like a web browser, music player, social networking app, Twitch client, and so on. The indicator effectively lets you create a custom, task orientated desktop — just by changing which apps show on the launcher. Think of it is as neatly partitioned solution to your ‘chuck it all in’ drawer of a launcher. Using Launcher List Indicator Launcher List Indicator is not (currently) available as a neat, installable package. To use it you’ll need to run it manually for now. Don’t worry, that sounds scarier than it is. First, download the latest version of Launcher List Indicator from GitHub by clicking the button below: <<< Download Launcher List Indicator >>> When this has finished downloading you can go ahead and extract the contents. You’ll get a new folder called ‘launcher-list-indicator-master’: Next, open a terminal and enter this directory, e.g.: cd Downloads/launcher-list-indicator-master To run the app enter: ./launcher-list-indicator & That’s it; it’ll launch instantly. Now, before you do anything else, save your existing launcher layout. Click the Launcher List Indicator and select ‘Save current’. You’ll be asked to give it a name. You can be witty, literal or boring, the choice is yours (just keep in mind that this name will appear in the panel). Now you can go off and unpin apps, add new ones and generally rearrange to your giddy heart’s content! Just remember to save your launchers before editing them and be aware that switching to a list and then adding or removing apps isn’t ‘saved’. You’ll need to delete the config and save it again. Nifty tool! If you think people you know would enjoy it please share this article with them! Source
  5. Extensive customization of the Windows 10 desktop What Windows 10 could look like with some customization Microsoft has indeed worked on making the Windows 10 UI a bit more eye-candy with the Anniversary Update, but it’s no secret that users are always expecting more. And when it comes to customizing the looks of Windows, users in the community have always been ready for this task. Living proof is the creation of reddit user Rev0d, who managed to come up with the desktop you’re seeing below by combining several popular third-party apps that tweak various parts of the operating system. For instance, he turned to Classic Shell to replace the Start menu with one that boasts a more familiar look (and that doesn’t have live tiles), he installed new themes, fonts, and Rainmeter skins, but you can check the full list of apps that he used in the box after the jump. As you can see, the amount of time needed to make a Windows 10 desktop look like this might be more than you’d be willing to spend, but what this demo shows is that Microsoft’s operating system can indeed look pretty awesome if you know what to do. The most important problem after so many tweaks could be the final performance of the operating system, as the more apps, the bigger the slowdown. But in the end, it’s all about the looks, and in this case, everything’s pretty impressive. Windows 10 Customization Article source
  6. Customatic is a new program for Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system that promises better customization by introducing new options and features. Customatic adds several new or improved features to Windows including desktop live tiles, theme support, app lauchers, or universal Windows platform theme support. Note: A Kickstarter campaign is currently underway to get funding for the program. While it seems nearly completely, funding ensures that the program will remain compatible with future Windows 10 updates and receive new features on top of that. You can grab a copy on Kickstarter for $10 Canadian Dollars. Customatic One of the big features that Customatic adds to Windows 10 is full theme support. The program ships with seven ddefault themes including a Glass theme. There is also a Theme Editor but it won't be provided with the basic version of the program for $10 CAD. One of the most interesting features of the application is support for live tiles on the desktop. Instead of having to open the start menu to look at live tiles, they may be placed directly on the desktop instead. This resembles gadgets that were part of Windows 7 and Windows Vista somewhat. The main advantage of displaying tiles on the desktop is that they are visible all the time and not only when you open the start menu. The app ships with options to change the scale and opacity of tiles on the desktop. Customatic ships with three launchers that you may make use of. This includes a Windows 7 start menu like launcher, and the two minimal text and icons launchers. Developers may create custom launchers or themes using XML, provided that they have access to the Theme Editor. Another interesting feature is support for Universal Windows Platform themes. Several other tweaks and options are included in the initial version of Customatic. You may use the program to center the taskbar for instance, support for Windows 7 style context menus, jump lists and live previews. Also, users may resize and move the Action Center and other windows such as the Network window. Here is the promo video created for the Kickstarter campaign: Closing Words Customatic is an interesting program that adds several new customization options to Windows 10. While not free, a price of about $7.6 puts it in the same price range as StarDock's Start 10 program which is highly popular. The program will launch in September according to the Kickstarter campaign. Article source
  7. alcylon

    WinReducer 8 - v1.00

    WinReducer 8 - v1.00 updatet 17.09.2013 WinReducer 8 is a handy and reliable application designed to provide users with the possibility to personalize the way Windows 8 is deployed. WinReducer 8 features a wide array of customization and tweaks aiming to remove unnecessary features from Windows 8, as well as to add a few exclusive features that will make the system faster and more stable. http://www.anonymz.com/?http://www.winreducer.net/screenshots.html
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