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Found 11 results

  1. Facebook launches 'cloud-streamed' games for Android phones and PCs but eschews iOS After reports started surfacing last week that Facebook is launching a dedicated gaming app, the firm has almost made good on that promise. Today, Facebook has launched a cohort of 'cloud-streamed' games that are playable via the Facebook app on Android or the desktop on a modern browser. Like traditional cloud-based gaming services, these games will be available to play right out of the box, without the need to download and install them separately. But while the venture seems like a take on
  2. With Amazon’s annual hardware event Fall Devices & Services came the announcement of its cloud gaming service, which looks to take on the big guns like Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now, Microsoft Game Pass Ultimate and Sony PlayStation Now. In the last few months, the game streaming service arena has been heating-up like anything. Stadia has picked up pace, while Project xCloud and PlayStation Now are gaining momentum ever so steadily – the two giants have launched their latest versions of gaming consoles which integrate at a very deep level for cloud game streaming. Fle
  3. Which cloud gaming service is the best for you? Stadia? GeForce Now? Amazon Luna? (Image credit: Shutterstock; ra2 studio) The future of gaming is not on discs, but in the cloud. Today, there are many cloud gaming services to choose from, and they all stream games to your phone, tablet, TV or computer, turning each device into a gaming PC. In fact, the market has just grown, with Amazon recently announcing that it is launching its own clo
  4. Apple confirms cloud gaming services like xCloud and Stadia violate App Store guidelines New cloud gaming services from Google and Microsoft won’t work on iOS Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge Cloud gaming is shaping up to have a big moment on mobile starting next month with the launch of Microsoft’s xCloud service, but iOS users are getting left out. And now we know exactly why: Apple won’t allow those products, because of strict App Store guidelines that make cloud services like xCloud and its competi
  5. Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming will launch on September 15th on Android Available in 22 countries, but no iOS support at launch Microsoft will launch its game streaming service, known as Project xCloud, on September 15th exclusively on Android devices. Project xCloud will be bundled as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, priced at $14.99 per month, with a promise of more than 100 games available on Android tablets and phones. Game streaming will be limited initially to Android; iPhone and iPad users will have to wait.
  6. Google Stadia tests 4G and 5G game streaming You have to opt in to an experiment Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge You can now play games on Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service on your Android phone over 4G and 5G connections, though you have to opt in to an “experiment,” Google announced today (via 9to5Google). Since the service’s launch in November 2019, you’ve only been able to play Stadia games on your phone over Wi-Fi — that is, unless you tricked Stadia into playing over a cellular connection by tet
  7. Game streaming won't replace consoles or gaming PCs, says Xbox head Game streaming has a long way to go, says Xbox boss (Image credit: Microsoft/Youtube) For gamers excited about the prospect of streaming their favorite games from the cloud, you may want to temper your hopes. While Microsoft’s Project xCloud initiative is well into its beta, with “hundreds of thousands” of players having tried out the game streaming service for mobile and PC worldwide, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has spoken out to say that it’s still far from becoming a domina
  8. An Infrastructure Arms Race Is Fueling the Future of Gaming As videogame companies increasingly shift to the cloud, data centers have taken on outsized importance. Cloud-focused companies like Microsoft and Google may have an early advantage as the videogame streaming wars heat up.Illustration: Elena Lacey; Getty Images The future of gaming lives inside metal cages, if you believe some of the biggest gaming companies out there. Piled on hard
  9. Amazon's Project Tempo could arrive this year to take on Google Stadia Plus original games, interactive Twitch streams Crucible, coming soon from Amazon Game Studios (Image credit: Amazon Game Studios) We now know quite a bit more about Amazon's push into video games: the tech giant is planning to release its first big budget video games next month, is developing interactive Twitch experiences, and has a cloud gaming platform called Project Tempo in the wor
  10. Competition is brewing among Amazon, Google and Microsoft in a different corner of the cloud market: gaming. Amazon is planning a gaming service, but it probably won't become available before 2020, according to a new report. Google is testing a new service. Microsoft launched the Xbox almost two decades ago and bought a cloud gaming company last year. Amazon, Microsoft and Google are in the midst of an intense battle to win business from companies moving their workloa
  11. Microsoft: Cloud gaming is “inevitable” but “years” from mainstream "I don't think anybody should tell you that there's no lag." Enlarge / Project xCloud running Gears of War 4 at an E3 Microsoft Theater demonstration. With the planned 2019 launch of Project Xcloud, Microsoft isn't ignoring the game industry's current mania for streaming gaming. But in a recent interview with Gamespot, Microsoft Xbox head Phil Spencer tempered near-term expectations for the supposed streaming gaming "revolution" some are expecting. O
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