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Found 2 results

  1. Random Steam Keys (Full Version) - Full Version Steam Games Promo by Chip.de Links: Offer: http://www.chip.de/downloads/Random-Steam-Key-Vollversion_99958686.html Note: Limited Period Offer. The first 40,000 CHIP-reader will receive a random game completely free of charge. Current Status - Open. Steps - Software to Get Steam Key: Steps - Redeem on Steam: To be able to Key in to Steam to redeem, you must first have a user account on the game platform. You can create an account or login using Steam - Official Website. In addition, the Steam Client must be installed on your System. You can download from the below. After launching the Client, you will be able to redeem the Key: Once you have installed the Steam client, launch the client and enter your login credentials. When you are logged into your account, click the button in the bottom left corner that says "+ ADD A GAME…" to register the product key to your account. Note: YOU CAN ONLY REGISTER STEAM KEYS THROUGH THE STEAM PROGRAM, NOT THE WEBSITE! THERE IS NO "+ADD A GAME..." ON THE STEAM WEBSITE ANYWHERE! In the pop-up window, select the "Activate a Product on Steam" option. This will open up a new window. Follow the prompts, and paste or enter the numerical key you copied from your download page into the "Product Code" field. Hit "NEXT>." If your key is valid, Steam will accept it and you will be taken to your library where you will be able to download and play your newly registered game! Note: If the key extends beyond the reach of the key field on your download page, simply double-click inside the field to select the whole key. This way, regardless of how much of the key looks to be cut off, you will copy the whole thing! From your LIBRARY tab you can see all games registered to your Steam account. You can then select a game and it will bring up a splash page with a large INSTALL button you can click on to install your games. Once your games are installed, the Install button will change to a PLAY button! And that's how register your product keys to Steam! Hopefully this information will help so you can get right to playing your game! Optional Guide and Troubleshoot: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=7480-WUSF-3601 Downloads: Giveaway - Installer[Chip.de] From the giveaway promo page, click on blue button "Download Vollversion" and then click on ">> Download-Server CHIP Online" to initiate the download. Steam Client: Linux: https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/client/installer/steam.deb Win: https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/client/installer/SteamSetup.exe Mac: https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/client/installer/steam.dmg More Advent Kalender Giveaways:
  2. Play Thousands Of Classic Amiga Games In A Browser The Internet Archive's Amiga library enables you to play thousands of Amiga games, applications and demos using any modern web browser. The Amiga computer was a powerful machine back in its heyday that beat IMB PC's back then when it came to gaming, and quite a few other things such as creating music. Up until now you had to rely on emulators running on the local machine to play Amiga games, demos and software on a PC. Not only that, you also had to get your hands on so-called Kickstarter Roms, a prime requirement to use the emulator at all. All of this changes with the Internet Archive's Amiga Software Library project. Basically, what it allows you to do is play Amiga games and other content straight in your web browser. No more fiddling around with emulator settings, finding Kickstarter Roms or Amiga discs: everything is just a click away from execution. Internet Archive: Amiga The Amiga archive works similar to other archives Archive.org hosts on its site. We talked about the Console Living Room project on the site for instance, which gives you access to classic arcade and console games -- thing Sega Mega Drive or Nintendo Entertainment System -- in your browser. The Amiga software library on the Internet Archive holds 10,355 titles at the time of writing which includes mostly games and demos. While that covers a wide range of Amiga software, it is not a complete collection at this point in time. You may sort the initial listing in various ways, by title or creator for instance, click on one of the letters at the top to filter games by their starting letter, or use the search to find a game of interest. While you will find many popular games listed, some like the excellent Moonstone or games by the Bitmap Brothers or Microprose are not listed. To play a game you simply click on its title. This opens the emulation interface with a big play button in the middle. Click on that button and wait for the site to retrieve information and start the emulator. This may take a while, and one of the negative things is currently that you don't get any feedback during the process. There is no loading indicator, and since the loading takes a while, some users may even go back or close the site completely in frustration. This is especially the case for games that are clearly not working at the time. New stuff is added on a daily basis currently however so there is a chance that games that are not available yet will become available at a later point in time. Another thing that you may have difficulties with is that there are not any instructions on how to control games. While some work fine with the mouse, like the Lemmings game on the screenshot above, others cannot be played with the mouse. Keyboard controls are provided. You move the cursor using the arrow keys on the keyboard, and fire with the left Ctrl-key. Enter is also used in menus and such. I had no chance to test the use of a joypad connected to the PC but it is likely that this will work fine as well. Keyboard emulation is used when no joystick is detected by the emulator. Closing Words The Amiga collection on Archive.org holds demo and public domain content for the most part currently. There is a good number of games available as well, but the bulk of the collection is made up of that other stuff. If you like demo scene releases, you will find plenty there including complete or nearly complete disk mag compilations. The Amiga archive is a work in progress though with content regularly added to the collection. Good place to relive childhood memories or check out what the Amiga was all about. Source
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