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Found 13 results

  1. Chrome OS may finally be getting a dark mode It’s apparently not available in stable versions of the OS yet Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Chrome OS may finally be getting a dark mode, but so far it’s only been spotted in its experimental Canary channel, Android Central reported. Before you go tinkering with Canary just be advised: Canary is Google’s “bleeding edge” Chrome OS path, which receives daily updates of features before they’ve been widely tested. It can only be acc
  2. Chrome OS 85 brings Wi-Fi password sync, simplified settings, and more Once again, Google is highlighting the latest round of improvements to Chrome OS, which are included as part of the Chrome OS 85 update. In July, the company brought some improvements to the task switcher, among other things with version 84. This time, the updates include the ability to sync Wi-Fi password with your Google account, so when you register a Wi-Fi network on one Chromebook, it will automatically be available when you sign in with your account on another Chromebook.
  3. Chrome OS 84 begins rolling out with new Overview mode features and more Just a week after releasing Chrome version 84 to the desktop, Google is beginning to roll out Chrome OS 84 that brings with it a few new features. These features include enhancements to the Overview mode for better split-screen usage, improvements to the virtual keyboard, and added capability to the ChromeVox accessibility feature. The first major improvement is being made to the Overview mode that lets users see all open windows. The UI now allows for apps to be dragged and placed on ei
  4. Google: "Due to adjusted work schedules at this time, we are pausing upcoming Chrome and Chrome OS releases." Google said today it is pausing upcoming Chrome and Chrome OS releases due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The company cited "adjusted work schedules" as the primary reason for the delay, as most of its engineers are now working from home. The company published an official statement today after ZDNet reached out for comment last night, when Google failed to release Chrome v81. YouTube videos, tweets, and blog
  5. Soon enough, USB devices won't work on locked Chrome OS devices, and that's a good thing. According to Chrome Story, Google has been working on a new safety feature that can already be found in the Canary build. Called USBGuard, it makes sure the machine doesn't read or execute any code from a USB device plugged into the device after it had been locked. The latest Canary version has this, among patch updates: “Lock new USB devices at the lock screen. Prevents newly connected USB devicesfrom operating at the lock screen until Chrome OS is unlocked to protect against mali
  6. Still likely to end the year ahead THE GAP BETWEEN Windows 7 and Windows 10 use on traditional desktops and laptops continues to narrow, despite the fact that both operating systems lost a small amount of ground this month in the figures produced by Netmarketshare. Windows 7 drops to 38.89 per cent (-0.46) with Windows 10 continuing to snap at its heels at 38.14 (-0.14), meaning that the difference is now just 0.75 per cent, which suggests that Microsoft is still on target to finally overtake itself before the year is out. Just. Possibly. Windows
  7. Like almost every company that’s ever tried to build a tablet What is a tablet? What is a tablet supposed to be and do? Nine years ago, these questions were foremost in debates about new technology, as Apple was preparing to introduce its first iPad and rival companies were rushing to beat it to the punch. CES 2010 gave us one answer in the form of the 8.9-inch HP Slate, a Windows 7 PC running on an Intel Atom processor. A few weeks later, Apple’s iPad made its debut with a 9.7-inch screen and mobile chips and software. And then a year after that, Google released
  8. Google Will Make Chrome OS Feel More Like Windows 10 One of the features that Google apparently has in mind for its increasingly-popular Chrome OS platform would make it feel and work more like Windows 10. As discovered in a Chromium commit, Google Chrome OS could at some point get support for virtual desktops, a feature that already exists in Windows and which would technically make it easier to work on a laptop with several apps and activities on the screen. While I’ve never been a fan of multiple desktops, they could come in incredibly helpful to those who just wa
  9. New Chrome OS update adds virtual desktops, improved printer management In accordance with its six-week update cycle, Google has released a new version of Chrome OS to compatible Chromebooks, bringing the system to version 77. The new update brings with it a pretty significant new feature called Virtual Desks, which is very similar to the virtual desktops feature in Windows 10. It helps you separate different kinds of apps into separate environments, so things are a little more organized. To access your Virtual Desks, you'll need to open Overview once you've
  10. The M355 and K580 are optimized for Google devices. Now that the Pixelbook Go is here, you might want a mouse and keyboard to go with it. Logitech, unsurprisingly, is happy to oblige -- the company has unveiled its first Made for Google devices, the M355 Portable Wireless Mouse (not shown to scale) and K580 Slim Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard, Chrome OS Edition. The K580 is the highlight, packing both a row of Chrome OS shortcut keys as well as a dedicated Google Assistant key for your voice queries. You'll also find a built-in cradle to rest your Pix
  11. steven36

    Chrome OS has stalled out

    Nearly ten years ago, Google shipped an unassuming, totally unbranded laptop to a large group of journalists and tech enthusiasts as part of a 60,000 unit pilot program. That laptop was the CR-48, and it was designed to showcase a project Google had been working on internally for well over a year. It was called Chrome OS. I was among the first of those lucky folks to receive a CR-48, and I used it as much as humanly possible for almost a year. It was kind of the worst: constant crashes, an insanely slow single-core Intel Atom processor, and questionable build quality w
  12. Last week at the Android Dev Summit, Google announced a feature that Chrome OS enthusiasts have wanted for years: the ability to sideload Android apps without enabling Developer Mode. We’ve seen code commits in the past that would have enabled this feature, but none of those implementations ever made their way to the stable channel. Now that Google has officially confirmed this feature will arrive in Chrome OS 80, which is set for a stable release in the second week of February 2020, we no longer need to religiously monitor the Chromium Gerrit for this feature addition. As you can
  13. Save downloads in Chrome to Date folders automatically Organize Downloads by Date is an extension for the Google Chrome web browser that saves downloads to date folders automatically. Chrome, like any other browser out there, saves downloads to a single directory by default. On Windows, it is usually the Downloads folder on the system that everything gets saved to. While that works for many users, as all downloads are found easily that way, it may be problematic for users who download a lot of files or want to better keep track of their activity. Sort
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