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Found 14 results

  1. Judge Says No to Putting Fortnite Back on Apple's App Store The ruling means that Epic Games' massively popular title will remain off iOS devices while Epic's suit against Apple moves to trial. Don't look for Fortnite on the iOS App Store any time soon. Screenshot: Epic Games via IGDB As reported by our friends at Ars Technica, a federal judge has denied a request from Epic Games that would’ve ordered Apple to allow Fortnite to return to the iOS App Store while the
  2. Epic judge permanently restrains Apple from blocking Unreal Engine, but won’t force Fortnite Apple won’t be forced to bring Fortnite back to the App Store Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Fortnite won’t be coming back to the App Store any time soon. On Friday, Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers refused to grant Epic Games a preliminary injunction against Apple that would force the game developer to reinstate Fortnite on the App Store, while simultaneously granting an injunction that keeps Apple from retaliating
  3. In a not-so-subtle dig at Apple and Google, Microsoft today announced a series of "principles" for its Windows 10 App Store — including letting users choose their own payment system for in-app purchases — that it says should serve as a model for other app stores. Why it matters: The move comes as antitrust regulators in the U.S. and around the world are spotlighting how both Apple and Google manage their mobile platforms and as some developers charge them with running their app stores unfairly. Details: In addition to offering developers the option to use a
  4. Apple’s new App Store guidelines carve out loopholes for xCloud, Stadia, and other apps that Apple had blocked Apple clarifies in-app purchase exceptions and more Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Apple has issued new rules for its App Store in an attempt to address many of the issues that have come up over Apple’s governance of its digital storefront for iPhone devices, with updates for game streaming services, new rules for online classes, and fewer restrictions for
  5. Apple terminates Epic's developer account, removes its games from the App Store Early this month, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store due to non-compliance of its policies with regards to payments. Google too followed the Cupertino giant and removed the app from the Play Store. Epic then sued Apple and Google for the move, calling out their policies. A few days after removing the game from its store, Apple also reportedly threatened to terminate all of Epic’s iOS and macOS developer accounts, including cutting access to the Unreal Engine for other developers.
  6. Apple blocks Facebook update that called out 30-percent App Store ‘tax’ Facebook is ‘still working to make that information available’ Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Apple blocked Facebook from informing users that Apple would collect 30 percent of in-app purchases made through a planned new feature, Facebook tells Reuters. Apple said the update violated an App Store rule that doesn’t let developers show “irrelevant” information to users. The feature lets Facebook users buy
  7. Microsoft backs Epic against Apple in legal fight over Unreal Engine on iOS MS says maintaining Epic’s access “is the right thing for... developers & gamers.” Enlarge / Fortnite seen in the App Store on an iPhone on May 10, 2018. Andrew Harrer | Bloomberg | Getty Images 231 with 105 posters participating In court documents that surfaced this weekend, Microsoft offered its support for Epic Games in the Unreal Engine-maker's quickly unfolding legal battle with Apple over access to the iOS app marketplac
  8. Apple apologizes to WordPress, won’t force the free app to add purchases after all “We [...] apologize for any confusion that we have caused” Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge On Friday, the internet erupted in a small way to learn that Apple had successfully forced WordPress to monetize its free app — forcing it to sell premium plans and custom domain names seemingly just so that Apple could get its traditional 30 percent cut. But one afternoon and evening of surprise and outr
  9. Apple is holding the Unreal Engine hostage, Epic says in new motion ‘An unlawful effort to... chill any action by others who might dare oppose Apple,’ new motion reads Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Apple is threatening an entire ecosystem of game developers in response to the Fortnite lawsuit, Epic alleged in a new filing on Sunday. The motion centers on iOS support for the Unreal Engine, which Apple has threatened to revoke as part of Epic’s broader loss of
  10. WordPress founder claims Apple cut off updates to his completely free app because it wants 30 percent This sounds ridiculous Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images WordPress, the iOS app, lets you build and manage a website right from your iPhone or iPad, for free. Separately, WordPress.com also happens to sell domain names and fancier website packages. Now, WordPress founding developer Matt Mullenweg is accusing A
  11. Apple confirms cloud gaming services like xCloud and Stadia violate App Store guidelines New cloud gaming services from Google and Microsoft won’t work on iOS Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge Cloud gaming is shaping up to have a big moment on mobile starting next month with the launch of Microsoft’s xCloud service, but iOS users are getting left out. And now we know exactly why: Apple won’t allow those products, because of strict App Store guidelines that make cloud services like xCloud and its competi
  12. Apple says the App Store generated nearly half a trillion dollars last year Apple promotes the benefits of the App Store economy to developers (Image credit: Future) Apple says half a trillion dollars’ worth of commerce was generated globally by its App Store ecosystem in 2019, highlighting the platform’s role in the app economy and its value to businesses of all types and sizes across the world. The App Store launched in 2008 as a marketplace for applications and games for the iPhone, and later, the iPad.
  13. A July algorithm change gave third-party apps a better chance. Did you notice that Apple's software was suddenly less dominant in the App Store this summer? There's a good reason for that. Apple confirmed to the New York Times that it changed App Store search algorithms in July so that its own apps didn't overwhelm the top results. For more than a year, its own titles would dominate searches for basic terms, even when the apps in question weren't related to a given query -- you sometimes had to scroll through 14 apps before you got to a third-party re
  14. Apple's App Store on iOS has generally been pretty successful, and last year's holiday season bore testimony to that. But while the company may have been celebrating those numbers, some developers feel like the App Store isn't the best environment for them. At least, that's the case made by a new group called The Developers Union. Despite the name, this is an unofficial union meant to "bring developers and supporters together for better App Stores for all". At the time of writing, the group has just over 400 supporters including developers and non-developers, but Wired reports that the un
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