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Found 1 result

  1. I am using Ant Download Manager (AntDM) Pro for a few days now. I am impressed with its capabilities, stability and development. Kudos to the developers of AntDM. The support is good too. The developers are helpful and friendly. These are the reasons, I joined their forum, shared my experience of AntDM with the developers, and talked about a giveaway, and did the translation of AntDM in Hindi (India) language. website support AntGROUP Inc. forum About Ant Download Manager Pro Ant Download Manager is a fast downloader of any internet files with the advanced function of capturing and downloading audio and video content from many popular video sharing sites. AntDM Features Browser Integration Full integration to most popular web browsers: Internet Explorer 8+, Mozilla Firefox 53+, Google Chrome 3+ and their clones (Opera, Vivaldi, Slimjet, Comodo Dragon, Waterfox, etc). MP3 When capturing video AntDM always offers to extract audio from the video and convert it to MP3 format. The program is able to add additional information about the music to ID3v2 tag of MP3 file. Video Grabber Built-in video grabber browser allows you to download videos from many sites and video services. There is a video button or video box for browsers. Supports a lot of popular video services: vimeo.com, dailymotion.com, facebook.com, instagram.com, rutube.ru, coub.com, vine.co, bbc.com, and many others. AntDM algorithms allow you to download media contents from many resources. Loading Different Types of Video Files Some of the most advanced and popular video services (eg, vimeo.com, dailymotion.com, etc) or media protocols (eg, F4M, M3U8, MPEG-DASH, etc) offers the format of choice, quality and resolution of the video file to download. AntDM can recognize such formats and offers a choice to download them. File Categories All downloaded files are saved in folder into categories according to their MIME type. Supports categories for all major types of files: Archives, Audio, Documents, Pictures, Programs, Films, Other. AntDM has two pane view categories: short and full of similar tree. It is also possible to create your own custom categories and assign them file types. Download Speed Acceleration AntDM has the ability to reduce or significantly reduce the download speed and thereby allow other programs to run faster (eg, browser). By default AntDM download speed is unlimited. Download Categories Multi-threaded download is one of the key functions of any download manager of files. This significantly speeds up the download of files (in some cases up to 10 times). Most web servers allow multi-threaded downloading. AntDM allows to set to download from 1 to 32 threads. In general, the recommended 5-8 threads per download. This allows you to download multiple files at once and do not overload your computer. Download Resume AntDM is able independently to resume interrupted downloads, if it allows the web server. This is very useful, for example in the event of the power failure, forced restart or shutdown the computer. Multiple File Download If you want to download a lot of files, then pick up their links into a single text file with the extension TXT or LNK and download it (Main menu\File\Load Link File...). Tested downloading 10-20-40 thousand files at size 100KB-1MB each. User Downloading You can download the file to your individual settings. Method, PostParam, Cookies, User-Agent, etc (Context file menu\Properties\Extra). Preview Media Files There is a simple convenient feature to preview the video files in the main list of downloads. Move the mouse to the line of video or audio file and AntDM will launch mediaplayer in the tooltip window. Drag & Drop Drag & Drop feature makes it easier to work with the movement of the links in AntDM to download or downloads files to target folder or on desktop. List View AntDM has 2 viewing list. The common list provides detailed information about the downloading. List with large images is most suitable for watching the preview video images or the downloaded pictures. 3 modes are available: small, medium and large images. Scheduler A standard scheduler allows you to start downloading at the scheduled time and stop it at the specified time. If necessary, you can assign the frequency of the download. History Can store download history from 7 to 360 days, or in the range of 300-3000 records. Automation After downloading of the file has finished, AntDM can execute any program to process the downloaded files. Including antivirus, archiver, etc. Protocols Supports network HTTP(S), FTP(S), and stream media F4M, M3U8, MPEG-DASH, RTMP(x), VIMEO-STREAM protocols. Proxy Supports proxy HTTP(S), FTP, SOCKS4,5. Checksum Checks checksum (MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512) of files after downloading or count checksum of already downloaded files (Context file menu\Properties\Extra). Storing Passwords Storing encrypted passwords for sites requiring authentication. Generators Premium Links Support most popular Generators Premium Links (Debrids) alldebrid.com, cocoleech.com, debrid-link.fr, ffdownloader.com, linksnappy.com, mega-debrid.eu, real-debrid.com, premium.rpnet.biz, simply-debrid.com, etc. AntDM creates the link premium of hosters (example: bannedhost.net, 1fichier.com, Uplea.com, turbobit.net, uptobox.com, rapidgator.net, ... and other) directly in the software through the services of "Premium Links Generator" (You do not need to go to the website link generator to generate the link). To use the Debrid features, it is necessary to have a subscription to one of the services supported by AntDM: alldebrid.com, cocoleech.com, debrid-link.fr..... Multilingual Language support is constantly expanding, adding new languages. Currently available: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), German, Greek, English, Korean, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Turkish, Ukrainian, Slovenian, Farsi, Portuguese (Brazilian). Volunteers are welcome! Quick Update AntDM developers are constantly developing the product: add new features, fix current errors. Both automatic and manual update features are available. Portability Portable version is not available, but portability is maintained and it is very easy to do. Install once AntDM, copy the installation folder on the flash drive. After starting on a new computer AntDM itself must make own settings and install add-ons for the browser. Other Features Simple and intuitive interface A User's Guide that is maintained up-to-date with each new version Saving the downloaded files by category, all together in a single folder, or any other different from the binding categorized Support downloads lists with extensive sorting and search capabilities Links parking, active downloads indicators Re-download bad fragments. If the file was downloaded with errors, that is, the ability to re-download only erroneous fragments, rather than to start download again Control download speeds for all or for selected downloads Monitor the clipboard (On\Off - Config\Tab General) Download priorities: Highest, High, Normal, Below, Low, Disabled Computer shutdown after all downloads Disable hibernation during download (On\Off - Config\Tab Downloads) The ability to automatically delete the task after loading (On\Off - Config\Tab Automation) Sound (On\Off - Config\Tab Sounds) The possibility of changing the software's skins Support 4K monitors No ads, spy or malware AntDM Videos: Installation. Interface. Download Windows 10/8/7/Vista One-year license $10.95 Lifetime license $24.95 Note Lifetime license provides FREE UPGRADES to all new versions. The Trial version is valid for 30-days period. After this time the trial version becomes Free with some limitations The main thing! Buying a license allows the project to live and grow. I would like to thank Mr. Andrey, and AntGROUP for this generous giveaway. Join The Giveaway of Ant Download Manager Pro [RULES] Required: Why do you want to win Ant Download Manager Pro? Optional but recommended: Share the giveaway on your social media, forums, blogs, and other places. You guys know the rules... one entry only, and do not post anything other than your participation. The winners should PM me within 3 days of the result announcement to claim the win. Giveaway Ends on March 30, 2019 Good luck
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