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  1. geeteam

    Hidden Android Secret Codes

    How well do you know your Android device? Here are some of the hidden Android secret codes. Since most hidden menus are manufacturer specific, there’s no guarantee that they’ll work across all Android smartphones, but you can try them out nevertheless on your Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony and other devices. Be advised, though, that some of these can cause serious changes to your device’s configuration, so don’t play with something that you don’t fully understand. You can find more of these spread across the internet, and they’re usually very handy to have, even if just to show off your geekiness to your social circle. Update x1: More codes! Source : Redmondpie
  2. Windows 10 hacks: 11 hidden tricks to master after you upgrade. Your guide to taking screenshots, shutting down background apps and a useful battery-saving tip Whether you've been using Windows 10 for years or have only recently upgraded, there are plenty of new and old tips, tricks and hidden features to learn that will make using your laptop every day faster and smoother. For example, finding the secret Start menu and saving battery power with a simple trick. Microsoft doesn't typically publicize its hidden features the way Apple does, which can make it more difficult to know how to get the most out of the machine you use day in and day out. Even learning how to upgrade to Windows 10 for free can be tricky. You'll want to do this ASAP, by the way, since support for Windows 7 ended in January. So no matter which Microsoft, Dell, HP or other Windows 10 rig you have, these clever tips will help you stay organized and get more done. Plus, here's everything you need to know about the upcoming Windows 10 April 2020 update. All the latest tech news delivered to your inbox. It's FREE!1. Minimize all windows except the active one If your desktop screen has gotten too crowded with open windows, you can quickly minimize them all except the one you are currently working in. Just click the title bar of the window you want to remain open to select it. Then, hold the mouse down and move the window back and forth quickly -- shaking it, essentially. After a couple of quick shakes, all other open windows will minimize, leaving only the one you've shaken open. Neat, huh? 2. Open the 'secret' Start menu You know that to get to the Start menu, you hit the Windows icon at the bottom left of the screen or on your keyboard. But Windows 10 includes a lesser-known second Start menu that makes accessing important features like the Command Prompt, the Control Panel and the Task Manager much easier. You can access it two different ways, either by pressing the Windows key + X, or right click the Windows icon/Start button. 3. Create an event without opening the Calendar app Windows 10's latest update lets you quickly add events to your Microsoft calendar directly from your Taskbar -- without actually having to open the calendar at all. Here's how to do it: 1. On your Taskbar, click the box with the time and date in it in the right corner. 2. Click the date when you want to schedule an event. 3. Enter the event name, time and location. (If you have multiple calendars, click the down arrow next to the event name field to choose the one you want to add it to.) 4. Click save. The event should appear in your Calendar app across your devices. 4. Take a screenshot I know, it's a basic one -- but it's amazing how easy it is to forget how to take a screenshot on your laptop or desktop when you don't do it often. There are at least eight different ways you can take a screenshot with Windows 10. If you want to capture and save a picture of your entire screen, the easiest way is to hit the Windows key + Print Screen key, and that picture will be saved to the Pictures > Screenshots folder. To capture just one part of your screen, hit the Windows key + Shift + S to open a tool called Snip & Sketch, which allows you to click and drag to create a screenshot, which is saved to your Clipboard. 5. Open items on your Taskbar with keyboard shortcuts If you've pinned programs to your Taskbar at the bottom of your screen to create a shortcut, you don't have to click the icons to open them. Instead, use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + [Number key], with the number key corresponding to the position of the program on the Taskbar. For example, Windows key + 2 will open the second item on the Taskbar. This is especially useful if you're typing furiously and don't want to lift your fingers from the keyboard. It may feel more natural to reach for the Windows key. 6. Figure out how much space apps are taking up Computers start running slower as they grow short on space. One quick way to speed them up may be to get rid of apps that take up more space than they should, especially if you don't regularly use them. To see how much space an app uses, navigate to Settings > System > Storage. Click on the drive you want to search (likely the local storage, "This PC"), and click Apps & games to see a list of apps installed on your machine and how much space they are taking up. You probably won't get rid of your browser, but you might find that a game you haven't played in years is some good dead weight to drop. 7. Get rid of ads in your Start menu When you run Windows 10 with default settings, you may sometimes see apps on the right side of your Start menu. Microsoft calls them "suggestions," but they are actually ads for Windows Store apps you can buy. To get rid of the ads in your Windows 10 Start menu, go to Settings > Personalization > Start. Toggle the setting called Show suggestions occasionally in Start to the off position. 8. Shut down background apps Apps that run in the background can receive info, send notifications, and stay updated, even when you aren't using them -- which can be useful, but can also suck your battery and your data, if you're connecting via a mobile hotspot. To control which apps are running in the background and save some battery power and data, go to Settings > Privacy > Background apps. To stop all apps from running in the background, toggle Let apps run in the background to Off. Or, you can choose which apps to run in the background individually by going down the list on the same page. 9. Use background scrolling With Windows 10, you can scroll up and down on any window -- even if it's not the one you're directly working in. This is a useful tool when you have a lot of windows open that you want to look through at the same time -- for example, if you want to open new sub-menu options in new windows to save you time clicking back and forward on the same page. Try opening two programs -- say, an internet browser page and a notepad or Word document. Arrange both on the screen so you can see at least some of the text on each. While you are in one window, hover your mouse or use the touchpad to move to the second window, and scroll. Even though you aren't active in that window, it should allow you to move up and down the page. The feature should be on by default, but if it isn't, go to Settings > Devices > Mouse, and toggle Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them to On. Then you can place your mouse over a window that's in the background and use the scroll wheel to scroll. 10. Show file extensions in File Explorer Microsoft hides file extensions by default, which makes life difficult for people who need to look for specific types of files, like JPEGs and JPGs. To see file extensions in File Explorer, do the following: 1. Go to the Search bar at the bottom of the screen, and type in File Explorer Options, and click it. (There are a number of other ways to get here too, but that one seems fastest.) 2. In the window that pops up, click the View tab. 3. Uncheck the box that says Hide extensions for known file types. Click Apply, and OK. You should now see file extensions for all files in the File Explorer. You can also use the File Explorer Options menu to choose to show empty drives, hidden files and folders, and more. 11. Cut down on distractions with Focus assist It's frustrating to try and get work done when you keep getting interrupted with notifications. You can determine how many you get with Focus assist, a tool Windows 10 added in the April 2018 update. Set it up by going to Settings > System > Focus assist. Choose from three options: Off (get all notifications from your apps and contacts), Priority (see only selected notifications from a priority list that you customize, and send the rest to your action center), and Alarms only (hide all notifications, except for alarms). You can also choose to automatically turn this feature on during certain hours, or when you're playing a game. Source
  3. "Compilation Of Tutorials, Guides, Tips & Updates" (The Playground where ordinary men & women dared to achieve the extraordinary) "Preventing IDM From Dialing Home" (monitor post 2 for all updates) ATM, the Firewall Method works only, with COMODO, Kaspersky & Windows 10 Firewall Control Solution for Users of other firewalls is coming soon — keep watching this space! Notice:— My tutorials can be re-distributed anywhere without having to consult with me My name does not need to be credited — in fact, I do not want my name to be reflected Credits will need to be given, though to nSane Forums — a link to the homepage would be appreciated The post following this one shall be kept updated with all due credits to Contributors and the date-wise changes to this main post. The latest version of IDM is now live on this post. The Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) 2019 blocking guide on how to prevent IDM from calling home, by Dukun Cabul. The Generic IDM Batch Script 2018 tutorial on how to prevent IDM from calling home, by sledge101. Another (creative fix on how to prevent IDM using Adguard from calling home) + (RegEx rules tutorial on blocking IP ranges in AdGuard) by Undertaker. The ESET blocking guide on how to prevent IDM from calling home, by tomm. The Internet Lock tutorial on how to prevent IDM from calling home, by Dukun Cabul. An ARP poisoning preventive with anti-DNS spoofing concept to prevent IDM from calling home, by sledge101. Another original concept is to use the CFosSpeed trick to prevent IDM from calling home, by A.lemane. Another innovative alternative is to use the Registry Permission fix, by hamanokaito. Those who do not like/wish to use a firewall on their copy of IDM can check out Dukun Cabul's IDM-AIO (All-In-One). Caution Note:— This guide is meant for Advanced Users & Intellectuals — if you are a n00b, please do not proceed. The Procedure:— Just follow the 5 steps mentioned below. Step # 1:— As a precaution, check for and delete the encrypted Visual Protect 3.5+ key which Tonec could have possibly used in order to blacklist your IDM activation (thanks to Undertaker:— Step # 2:— As a precaution, ensure your IDM is disabled from starting-up with Windows (inspirational credits to FR33W1LL)— Step # 3:— Use your firewall to block the following IPs:— Step # 4:— Batch file to clean-up your IDM (all credits to Dukun Cabul):— Step # 5:— This is the final step, just register your IDM until it gets activated (as per the following illustrations) — you are done . . . . . . . . . . congratulations!!! Tip # 1:— Those who are receiving a nag despite the above procedure can use the following tip by Undertaker:— Tip # 2:— Those who wish to enjoy downloading rights to the official installer from the IDM homepage can use the following tip from PITA:— Tip # 3:— Those who prefer the awesome GetRight Pro sounds can now download these files from the following link:— Tip # 4:— Those who would like to backup their configuration and settings for IDM and for other programs & applications as well, can refer to the following:— Tip # 5:— Those who would like to personalize their IDM registration to brand it as per their own choice may want to download the following branding registry file (just replace the name fields with one of your own choice):— Tip # 6:— Those who would like to use my personal Sites of Exception can execute a copy-paste of the following sites:— Tip # 7:— Those Users of the built-in Windows Firewall who would like to create the above IDM rules via Command Prompt can use the following tip from Michael*:— Tip # 8:— Those who would like to use my personal File Types can execute a copy-paste of the following extensions:— Tip # 9:— A special return gift to The Advocate of the hosts method:— Tip # 10:— Those looking for a fast and easy method to enter those IPs into your Windows Firewall can use the following tip from A.lemane:— Tip # 11:— The latest IDM integration add-on shall be kept updated here: Tip # 12:— Those looking for a fast and easy method to enter those IPs into your COMODO Firewall can use the following tip from bubbada: "Illustrations On How To Configure Some Leading Firewalls" The following configurations for ESET Smart Security firewall is brought to you, courtesy of hihello and software182:— The following configurations for Outpost Pro firewall is brought to you, courtesy of KP333 and JAPONE:— The following configuration for Windows Firewall was initiated by Zarko:— Illustrations for Windows Firewall Control:— The following configurations for Users of the Norton 360 firewall is brought to you, courtesy of abbasi:— The following configurations for Users of the Kaspersky firewall is brought to you, courtesy of IamBidyuT — honorable mention to Undertaker, MyIDM, PITA, Now, pamadhilwankalan & villasg too for their part of the contribution:— The following configurations for Windows 8 Firewall Control is brought to you, courtesy of anyname:— The following configurations for COMODO is brought to you, courtesy of masterupc:— The following configurations for Private Firewall is brought to you, courtesy of mona:— The following configurations for Avast Internet Security 2015 is brought to you, courtesy of villasg:— The following configurations for Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 or Bitdefender Total Security 2015 is brought to you, courtesy of Dukun Cabul:— Inspirational credits:—
  4. Drivers stand to earn more on average, the company claims. DoorDash drivers will earn 100 percent of tips under a revamped set of rules on pay. The delivery service today announced a new tipping and earnings policy that it claims will lead to drivers earning more on average. The development comes more than a month after news reports exposed the company for pocketing its driver's tips. In response to the widespread backlash, DoorDash CEO Tony Xu promised it would reevaluate how it pays its workers. Under the new policy, DoorDash drivers will receive a base pay that ranges between $2 to $10, and is estimated based on factors like distance, duration and the desirability of the job itself. "Deliveries that are expected to take more time, that require Dashers to travel a longer distance, and that are less popular with Dashers will have higher base pay," wrote Xu in a blog post announcing the revamped policy. On top of that, drivers will be able to pocket 100 percent of the tips they receive from customers. DoorDash was originally criticized for its practice of subsidizing worker's pay with the tips they receive from customers. Drivers will also have the chance to earn extra income for deliveries made during peak times or for especially high performance. These promotions will be known as "Peak Pay" and "Challenge Bonuses", and will roll out to drivers over the next several months. Workers will also be able to see the full amount of potential earnings from a delivery up-front, before they choose to accept a job. Same as before, drivers will receive a breakdown of their earnings after delivery. In light of backlash over the unfair tipping policies practiced by InstaCart and other gig economy delivery services, DoorDash was the last holdout. Its decision to cave is proof that companies are still receptive to public outcry over the welfare of its employees. Amazon today also announced that it would end similar tipping practices for its drivers. Still, it appears that optics are DoorDash's primary concern, rather than treating its drivers fairly. Even though Xu announced that changes were in store back in July, Recode noted that delivery drivers still have had to work under the old policy for an entire month. And it looks like they'll have to wait a while longer. DoorDash says it expects to roll out the new tipping policy in September. In other words, it will continue pocketing its driver's tips until that point. Source
  5. Cheatbook-Database 2018 + Updates CheatBook DataBase 2018 - The encyclopedia of game cheats. A die hard gamer would get pissed if they saw someone using cheats and walkthroughs in games, but you have to agree, sometimes little hint or the "God Mode" becomes necessary to beat a particularly hard part of the game. If you're an avid gamer and want a few extra weapons and tools the survive the game, CheatBook DataBase is exactly the resource you would want. - Find even secrets here. Cheatbook-Database - Games, Cheats, Hints, Tips, Walkthroughs, Trainer and Cheat Codes... Cheatbook-DataBase 2018 is a cheats code tracker that makes hints, Tricks, Tips and cheats (for PC, Walkthroughs, Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Sega, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, DVD, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, N-Gage, Nintendo DS, XBox, XBox 360, XBox One, iPhone, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Super Nintendo, Wii, Wii U, Sony PSP) easily accessible from one central location. If you're an avid gamer and want a few extra weapons or lives to survive until the next level, this freeware cheat database can come to the rescue. Covering more than 24.000 Games Cheats, this database represents all genres and focuses on recent releases. Games are listed alphabetically in the left-hand window. When you click on a game name, the relevant cheat is displayed in a editor window, with convenient buttons that let you print the selection or save any changes you've made. In the latest past many users of the Cheatbook-Database and readers of the monthly being published magazine have sent to us small error messages and suggestions for improvement again and again. First of all we say "Thank you very much!" to all of you! Due to this assistance and the permanent sending in of new and revised cheats the Cheatbook is ever increasing and becoming more and more voluminous. Release date: January 14, 2018. Update Release: February 3, 2018. All Cheats inside from the first CHEATBOOK January 1998 until today Supported Operating Systems: Cheatbook-DataBase 2018 is Freeware for Win95/ 98/ 2000/ NT/ XP/ Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10. Screenshots: Installation: Main Program: Unzip the ZIP package. Optionally read "readme.txt" Run "setup-Cheatbook-Database2018.exe" or "Base2018setup.exe" Follow the prompts. Updates: Unzip the ZIP package. Optionally read "readme.txt" Run "cheatbooksetup.exe" It'll extract and open a folder. First instance, it'll auto install, just click on "Direct Update". Note: If you use Vista & later, post first install, when asked for uninstall dialog, cancel it and run the file named "Cheatbook 0x.2018" with admin prompts. To check the installation: Open Cheatbook Database 2018 Main program and click "Update" from Menu and Click on "Update infos". If properly installed, the installed month's issue should show "Green". Repeat the checking with "Run as Administrator" on Main program. It should show Green too. If not repeat the issue install as mentioned in Step 5. Now, click uninstall from extracted folder and click on "Delete All" to complete installation. Downloads: Cheatbook-Database 2018 - 69.56 MB: Cheatbook Database 2018 - Main Program Cheatbook Issue - Updates: January 2018 - 4.43 MB - Not Required to install with 2018 version since it is already included. February 2018 - 5.74 MB -
  6. For some time now I have used the search engine StartPage as the main search engine in Firefox. While I switch regularly to other search engines such as DuckDuckGo, it is StartPage that I try first before every other search engine. What I like about StartPage is that it is using information provided by Google to power its search engine but does not come with the added baggage of doing so. Ads are kept to a minimum and the makers promise that they do not track you while you use the search engine.While StartPage works fine out of the box, you can get more out of it by adjusting a couple of preferences that are made available and by using functionality that is provided on top of search. Startpage Tips. 1. Bookmark Searches You can bookmark searches with a click on the bookmark this search link that StartPage displays on every results page. While this may not be useful for one-time searches, it may prove useful if you search for the same terms regularly. Instead of having to re-enter the search phrases every time you want to perform the search, you simply load the bookmark that does the same thing. 2. Add StartPage to your browser You can add the StartPage search engine to your web browser. I have only tested this in Firefox though and your experience with different browsers may vary. Just visit the Add to Browser page on StartPage and click on the install link next to https (or http if you prefer that) after you have selected the language that you want to use. 3. Advanced search Load the advanced search page on the website to access a list of additional search options that you can use. From searching for specific file types to regional searches or results that have to match an exact phrase. Experienced Internet users know that it is possible to use the syntax directly when you are searching. Exact searches for instance are enclosed with "quotation marks". If you prefer a visual interface, this is the one to use. To make things easier, it is possible to set the default StartPage homepage to advanced search here. 4. Generate advanced preferences url You can modify several preferences such as the desired language on the advanced preferences page. Here you have the option to save a cookie on your computer so that they are remembered across sessions, or to generate an url instead. If you select the url, no cookie will be saved to the system but it means that you will have to load the url every time you want the selected preferences to be used. One interesting option here is to save multiple sets of preferences, for instance one with web filtering turned on, one with filtering turned off. 5. Disable filters Search filters are enabled by default. There is a web/picture family filter that is turned on depending on the search term, and a video family filter that is enabled. Both filters try to block adult results from appearing in the search results. You can disable both filters completely on the advanced configuration page. 6. Anonymous image and video search When you enable this option, image and video thumbnails that are displayed to you on StartPage are not saved to the local browser cache. This can be useful if you do not want results to appear in the local cache. Please note that clicking through to the result itself will add it to the cache, but as long as you only see the thumbnails on StartPage, information are not cached permanently. 7. Change font size You can change the font size in the advanced preferences. From the default medium to small or the larger variants large or very large. Small displays more results on the same space, while large or very large may improve the accessibility of the results. 8. Search within results Sometimes when you run a search, you may get too many results and may want to narrow them down as a consequence. You can use StartPage's search within results feature to run a second search that uses the first search terms that used and additional phrases that you add to that. 9. StartPage Toolbar Toolbars are not really liked this much, but the StartPage toolbar may convince you otherwise. It not only includes search options but takes care of third-party tracking cookies as well as Flash Cookies for you. It offers a translate feature, search term highlighting or zoom buttons directly from its interface. It appears to be only available for Firefox. 10. StartPage on Android or iOS You can install the StartPage search engine on your mobile device to use it natively on it. This adds another option to use the search engine on your device. Note though that you can also open any browser and load the StartPage website using it to run searches on your device. Source
  7. Thanks for the info
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