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Found 2 results


    Odin3 v3.13.1

    Odin3 provides you with the perfect toolbox for flashing your Samsung Android smartphone. Using Odin3, you are able to quickly and easily install stock as well as custom firmware, bootloaders, kernel, modems or CSCs (country specific codes). Odin3 Supports all the latest handsets from the company, the program will allow you to flash the phone and get the latest updates before their official release, also can install a modem, core and other components of the firmware. The program will work only with Samsung devices that attempt to force her to make friends with other devices is not even worth it. For firmware should use file formats or * tar * tar.md5., To zip it is not friendly. A very important requirement for proper operation, you need to install the USB-driver Samsung, and it is desirable to the latest version, you do this may establish such software Samsung Kies, or any other, on the Internet a lot of alternatives. Mobile is better to install ADB and ASTBOOT tools and have a normal USB cable, better than the original. Homepage How to use Odin3 SAMSUNG USB Driver for Mobile Phones Download Odin3 v3.13.1 Download Samsung-Usb-Driver-v1.5.63.0.zip
  2. smallhagrid

    Easy rooting for dummies ?

    Disclaimer: I am an old guy with messed up hands and not very good with touch screens, so I've resisted the whole idea for as long as possible, but finally events beyond my control have resulted in my getting a cheap Android phone. Having said that, as a (long, but part-time...) Linux user I know that having root access can be very helpful. Specifically with regards to Android apps it is also obvious that many require root access. So I've started looking at info about rooting and found references to the XDA dev forum right away that is way more complicated than my old brain can get itself around. I've seen ample mention of the Framaroot app by someone at that forum too. It has many versions - and looks enticing - but I'll need the specific model # from my phone (in transit) before I can tell if it can or will work. Found some nifty looking articles on the topic, like these: Fastest Method to Root any Android Phone Without a Computer http://techverse.net/fastest-root-android-phone-computer/ How to Root your Android Phone or Tablet and Why you Should http://techverse.net/how-to-root-your-android-phone-tablet-and-why/ Of course there's loads of references to using modded versions like Cyanogenmod too. Would some of the helpful & experienced folks here please share helpful pointers for easily & safely gaining root access on Android-powered devices, please ?? Thanks.
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