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Found 11 results

  1. Which version of uTorrent you are using and you like it for the needs?
  2. COVID-19, Do you have it? Do you personally know anyone who has it? (friends, family etc...NOT TV stars and people in the news.)
  3. Hi Nsaners, I really miss the Shoutbox feature occasionally after IPS 4.0 upgrade. Do you? The reasons for my vote are: The Shoutbox helped as an alternate to Messenger. If someone, @dcs18, who'd turn off PM can be contacted. Since there is no storage criteria like Messenger, we don't need to worry about it. Shoutbox also saves our Messenger storage. Those who'd like to spam with chit-chat/other funny things in nsane can make use of it. It'll save the forum from spamming with new threads/posts. Wishes/Greetings. After IPS 4 upgrade, the reply to status updates have become hard. So, shoutbox can help if the both the sender and receiver are online. And many other reasons. Please vote this poll to tell Admin about the necessity & requirement to get the feature added back to Nsane. Update-1: Since the voting seems controversial, I'm enabling comment on this poll thread. Nsaners, please share the reason for your vote and suggestions[like alternatives-esp for negative voters, etc]. Update-2: I'd support adding embedded IRC chat channel. However, it has to be accepted by admins; it has to be secure; it has to be nsane's own creation and must not have any 3rd-party integration since nsaners concerned about privacy. @shought @Lite: Will you do this in near future? If so, will it be secure and no 3rd-party?
  4. kameyojodido

    [POLL] Light or Dark side?

    What theme are you actualy using for nsane.forums? I am a dark theme fan
  5. One of the most-anticipated boxing matches of 2019 is finally upon us. Saturday night (Saturday, May 4 | Time: 9 p.m. ET (6 p.m. PT), unified middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez will put his trio of 160-pound titles on the line when he battles IBF champion Daniel Jacobs. Alvarez won by decision. I picked the wrong guy, thought for sure he would pull it off. Oh well. So seems like no boxing fans here? hmmmm.
  6. niTe_RiDeR_Pr0

    [POLL] Are you an Indian?

    Hi, Out of curiosity I just wanted to know how many Indians are out there in this forum? And the ratio between Indians & other country members. I am an Indian, my real name is Adithya R and I stay in Bangalore. My native place is Thrissur, Kerala, India. Jai Hind! Cheers & Regards
  7. Israeli_Eagle

    [POLL] Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms

    Which types of keyboards you use presently? Here you can see the mechanisms which are mostly used: http://xahlee.info/kbd/keyboard_switch_mechanisms.html I like a lot RGB Mechanical Keyboards and at moment use an Aukey KM-G3. Fair price Does not need any extra drivers Blue Outemu switches 9 styles back-lit effects 5 programmable styles waterproof
  8. Vote for your email provider and tell us why you use it. I use Gmail because never tried other :tooth:
  9. Published time: January 20, 2014 22:58 The overwhelming majority of Americans said that President Obama’s recent speech regarding changes to the National Security Agency had little to no effect on their opinion on the surveillance programs, according to a poll released Monday. In a highly anticipated speech last Friday, Obama said that the NSA would continue to collect metadata on millions of Americans, but the agency would need a judge’s approval and would also have to turn the information over to a third party instead of storing it in the NSA’s databases. A poll conducted by the Pew Research Center and USA Today has found that Obama’s speech, which came after an intelligence review board recommended the NSA discontinue the collection of phone metadata immediately, did little to change their opinion. Of the 1,504 adults polled between January 15 and 19, half said they had heard nothing about the President’s proposed changes and another 41 percent said they only heard “a little bit.” A mere eight percent said they heard a lot about potential changes. Researchers also found that fewer US citizens are in favor of the agency’s mass surveillance than when Edward Snowden first leaked classified documents in June of last year. In July, just weeks after the first Snowden documents were published by the Guardian and the Washington Post, 50 percent of Americans said they were in favor of the measures, believing they were necessary to fight terrorism. Now, though, 40 percent approve of the far-reaching programs and 53 percent disapprove. The NSA review board previously suggested in December that the intelligence agency turn over the phone metadata to a phone company or other third party to reduce the risk of government abuse. It also recommended that the NSA be required to seek approval from a judge in order to sift through that information. Obama said Friday that those suggestions will be the new basis for his NSA reforms. But nearly half of the citizens polled, 48 percent, say there are still not sufficient safeguards on what internet and phone data the government is permitted to collect. Even fewer, just 41 percent, said that there are adequate limits on the data collection as a whole. Support for the NSA program was clearer when researchers examined party lines. In June 2013 45 percent of Republicans approved of the surveillance while 51 percent disapproved. Seven months later, 37 percent approved and 56 percent disapproved. Democrats, perhaps out of loyalty to the Obama administration, said in June that they approved of the NSA by 58 percent, with only 38 percent speaking against the policies. By January, the number who approve had fallen to 46 percent while the number who disapproved jumped to 48 percent. “Among those that did hear about the proposals, large majorities of Republicans (86%) and independents (78%) say these changes will not make much difference when it comes to protecting people’s privacy,” the Pew Research Center wrote Monday. “Among Democrats who have heard of the changes, 56% say they won’t make much difference.” http://rt.com/usa/obama-nsa-speech-trust-doubt-917 :)
  10. Since the release of Windows 8, Microsoft decided to remove the start button from the OS. Ever since, a lot of developers has used that as an advantage to create apps to bring back the start bottom. Microsoft thought of this and brought it back in Windows 8.1, yet still users are not appreciating it, and still want a start bottom app to replace Microsoft's start bottom. I have come across a lot of start bottom apps - used most of them. Day inn and Day out more and more start bottom apps is been released. Which is the BEST? BringBack Wentutu Start Menu Ex7forW8 Handy Start Menu Start for Windows 8 RetroUI Pro Samsung Quick Starter StartFinity Start Menu X StartW8 Start Menu 8 StartMenuPlus8 Start Menu Reviver ViStart Win8StartButton Win8Starter StartButton Icon Pokki Stardock start8 Classic shell StartIsBack IObit Start Menu 8 Others(state with your reviews) wiki Let me know your mind below
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