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  1. At 10 AM Pacific time on Thursday, Microsoft will release an update to address the zero day vulnerability recently disclosed in all versions of Internet Explorer. The advance notification of the update lists Windows XP as among the affected platforms, indicating that it will be among the platforms patched, in spite of its support period ending weeks ago. Adrienne Hall, General Manager, Microsoft Trustworthy Computing stated "[T]he security of our products is something we take incredibly seriously. When we saw the first reports about this vulnerability we decided to fix it, fix it fast, and f
  2. It seems the USPTO granted a Microsoft smart-wristband slash smart-watch patent from 2013. The patent drawings are very detailed and give a good peek at what Microsoft's first commercial smart-wearable might look and feel like. They portray an "ornamental design for an electronic band" that features an armband and an embedded computer that snaps securely onto it. Instead of sporty and aggressive, Microsoft's newly patented device looks clean and sleek, which probably means this isn't another fancy sports tracker, but a legitimate smart companion device that's meant to be worn like a traditi
  3. Wouldn't it be cool if Microsoft offered a subscription for all of it's services? Hear me out, because it's almost inevitable that Windows will soon be subscription based, and we've already got Xbox LIVE, Xbox Music and Office 365. Now, throw in 100GB of OneDrive storage and bam! You've got an all-in-one, convenient subscription for everything you need. OnePass would allow consumers to pay for Windows, Office, Xbox LIVE, Xbox Music and 100GB of OneDrive storage all for $99 a year. You'll also be able to choose between monthly and semi-yearly subscriptions too, but the yearly subscription
  4. The first Windows Phone 8.1 powered devices are expected to hit retail by the end of this month, but what about the existing devices? When will the roll out start for them? Well, it's not confirmed at the moment, but Microsoft recently shared the lifecycle date for Windows Phone 8.1, and it's going to start on June 24th. That's the date when the Redmond-based company will start providing support for the product. Microsoft's support page mentions that the company will provide support and updates for the operating system for a minimum of 36 months, starting from June 24, meaning that you'll ge
  5. Microsoft sent out invitations for a “small” Surface event in New York City on May 20. The Redmond giant is more than likely to take the wraps off a Surface Mini tablet. Compact Microsoft Surface tablet has been circulating for quite some time. The first time a word got out was back in 2012 – shortly after the original Surface got announced. Source
  6. The Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) is a utility that helps prevent vulnerabilities in software from being successfully exploited. EMET achieves this goal by using security mitigation technologies. These technologies function as special protections and obstacles that an exploit author must defeat to exploit software vulnerabilities. These security mitigation technologies do not guarantee that vulnerabilities cannot be exploited. However, they work to make exploitation as difficult as possible to perform.The new EMET 4.0 also provides a configurable SSL/TLS certificate pinning fea
  7. In this article, we’ll show you how to enable Hibernation on Windows 8. Step 1:In your system tray, click the battery icon and select More power options from the panel that pops up. Step 2:In the power options window, select either “Choose what closing the lid does” or “Choose what the power button does” from the left panel. Step 3:In the next window, click the blue text that says “Change settings that are currently unavailable” Step 4: At the bottom of the windows, a new set of options will become available. Check the box next to Hibernate and click Save changes. That’s it – Hibernate will n
  8. Release Management for Visual Studio 2013 with Update 2 By using the innovative release and deployment tools in Release Management for Visual Studio 2013, you can automate the deployment of applications across the desktop, the server, and the cloud.For more information, please see the Release Management Installation Guide and the Release Management User Guide. This download of Release Management for Visual Studio 2013 contains the latest updates. For more information,see Visual Studio Updates and the Visual Studio Update KB article. SUPPLiER.
  9. geeteam

    Nokia Appoints New CEO

    Starting on May 1 Nokia will have a new CEO – Rajeev Suri. Suri has been with Nokia since 1995 and has been the CEO of Nokia Siemens Networks (now rebranded Nokia Networks) since October 2009. Considering Nokia Networks is the big bread earner in the new Nokia, the one after the sale of the phone division, the choice makes sense. “As Nokia opens this new chapter, the Nokia Board and I are confident that Rajeev is the right person to lead the company forward,” said Risto Siilasmaa, Chairman of the Nokia Board of Directors. Siilasmaa served a sinterim CEO, but will go back to his Ch
  10. Microsoft’s takeover of Nokia was finalized last week, and most of the news over the weekend has been related to the big transition. The newly-bolstered software maker is very keen to get back to business as usual, however, and on Monday, made a noteworthy tweak to the pricing of the app of its previous major acquisition – Skype. The change sees group calling go free on Windows, OS X and Xbox One, and you can catch the important details after the fold. Microsoft paid a huge bunch of cash to acquire Skype, and even though the company has been making a concerted effort to expand and improve th
  11. Nokia Care re-released the Software Recovery Tool for Lumia devices, and today the software has been updated to support Windows Phone 8.1. First spotted by the guys over at WPCentral, the tool will help you recover your phone if it is having software issues or problems while installing an update. "Use the Nokia Software Recovery Tool to recover your phone if you have software or software update problems. If your phone is not responding, it appears to be stuck or is not starting you can try to recover it at home before initiating a repair," Nokia Care writes. The latest update (version 1.3.
  12. One week after releasing an out-of-band patch for an Internet Explorer zero day, Microsoft has provided a head’s up that next week’s Patch Tuesday security updateswill include another critical patch for the browser. The IE roll-up is one of two critical bulletins expected next week; interestingly enough it rolls back to Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 and IE 6, which also ran on Windows XP. Last week’s out-of-band patch, MS14-021, was also made available for XP systems despite Microsoft ending support for the OS on April 8. Microsoft said next week’s patch will not be for XP machines. “Our
  13. Microsoft has posted their official changelog for the GDR1 update on the Windows Phone Blog. Although it misses a number of things specific to OEMs and carriers, as well as no mention of the improved Bluetooth stack and IE updates, it does list a number of improvements specific to the end user experience. Windows Phone 8.1 Update OS version: 8.10.14141.167 or 8.10.14147.180 FoldersFolders let you organize your Start screen the way you want. Just push one Tile on top of another one to create a folder and get going. MessagingCombine multiple text messages into one, and then forward them to someo
  14. Windows 8.1 August Update is expected to ship next week and, even though Microsoft is trying to keep everything secret, quite a lot of details arrive through unofficial channels. This time, a report published by WinSuperSite reveals that Windows 8.1 August Update is going to appear in Windows Update as an optional update, meaning that all those running Windows 8.1 next week will have to manually select this pack in order to install it. This might surprise some folks given the fact that Windows 8.1 August Update is one of the most anticipated products released by Microsoft this year, but this
  15. Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 was announced last week by Microsoft and includes a number of new enhancements and features which further align the mobile operating system with competing platforms. Today, Microsoft has released this new update for those who have registered themselves in the Preview for Developers. The Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 preview for developers has started rolling out now, which means it should hit your device momentarily. You can check to see if the update is available by opening Settings and navigating to Phone update > check for updates. Those in on the preview w
  16. Microsoft purchased the domain name Sway.com, which appears to be a cloud service -- CDN as per the report. The information was first discovered by Jamie Zoch of DotWeekly, who mentioned that Microsoft may launch a content delivery network service soon. There are several variations mentioned which points on what the domain name could be used for, including sway-CDN.com, sway-CDN.net, sway-INT.com and sway-INT.net. Surprisingly, the domain name currently redirects to Bing, with search results for the terms. Microsoft has a habit of doing this with every domain they register or acquire. "I
  17. The month of July has ended and it is now time to take a look at how well Microsoft's Windows operating system has fared in terms of market share. According to new data from NetApplications, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 has seen a slight decrease in combined market share as of July 2014, while Windows XP also drops in share. Windows 7, on the other hand, sees a slight increase. Windows 7 continues to be the top desktop operating system with a 51.22% share. This is up from the previous month's 50.55% share. The month prior saw a 48.77% share. Clearly Windows 7 is seeing increased share as the
  18. Every month, the good folks from the Net Market Share reveal the current status of browsers and operating systems. Now, let's see how various Web browsers fared in the last month. The Internet Explorer has continued its massive dominance in the market. Internet Explorer 8 remains the most used Web browser. The stats suggest that more people have started using IE8, as its share went up from 21.25 percent to 21.56 percent. At the second sport surfs Internet Explorer 11, the current version of the giant Web browser. Its share has gone down from 17.01 percent to 16.78 percent. The biggest fall
  19. Following a complaint from Microsoft, GitHub has removed the code repository of an app that provides access to unprotected Xbox Music tracks. The developer of the software is surprised by Microsoft's move, stating that the company itself is offering access to DRM-free music through its API. A few weeks ago Microsoft extended its Xbox Music API, allowing third-party developers to link their apps to the music service. This resulted in a range of new apps that provide access to Xbox Music tracks, but Microsoft is not happy with all of them. Earlier this week the company contacted developer pla
  20. The HTC One for Windows Phone has been rumored to be coming for sometime now. HTC hasn't released a high end smartphone for Windows Phone since the HTC 8XT, so the possibility of the HTC One coming the ecosystem excites many. Today, Windows Phone Central has acquired all the specifications for the device, and as the rumors suggested, it's identical to the Android counterpart. The device features not only the same specs as the Android version, but also supports the Dot View smartcase. This smartcase supports viewing who's calling, the time and more. The Dot View case is only available thanks t
  21. Most browsers have had an active developer channel for quite some time, but Internet Explorer was not a member of that select group until this week. Microsoft’s browser has now joined the developer channel elite with builds available for Windows 7 SP1 and 8.1 systems! F12 Interface screenshot courtesy of MSDN Blogs. The builds are available in 32 and 64 bit flavors, and will not over-ride your current Internet Explorer installation as shown in the following quote: From the MSDN blog post: IE Developer Channel can run alongside and independently of IE11, and has all of the browser features that
  22. Microsoft today announced the launch of a developer channel for Internet Explorer. While most popular browsers offer numerous release channels, Microsoft has always held back from this idea and instead launched preview versions of its upcoming releases a few weeks or months before the actual launch. That’s changing. Now, developers and early adopters can install a developer version of IE that can run alongside their existing IE11 installs on Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1. Microsoft says the idea here is to give developers a better understanding of the features the team is working on. The com
  23. Have you been having difficulty updating your Windows 8 or RT device to 8.1? Well you’re not the only one, as this is a known glitch that has been affecting a significant number of Windows 8 users. Don’t give up hope, however, as Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and has a patch that they’ve been testing that’ll hopefully solve your problem. The patch should update all existing Windows 8 and RT machines to 8.1 that failed to do so initially. Just visit Windows Update, not the Windows Store, to get the update process underway. If you’re rocking a Windows RT device then you can dow
  24. Microsoft's 'Patch Tuesday' is a big event for those who manage networks for a living; the updates are meant to patch security flaws and fix bugs in the company's many software platforms. While Microsoft does update its various blogs about the patches, one service they did offer was to send out an email alerting those who signed up about the patches. Unfortunately, thanks to a change in government regulation, that practice will be halted on July 1st. Below, you can find a copy of the email that Microsoft began sending out today that let readers know that the emails would be coming to a stop ne
  25. geeteam

    New Windows 9 Details Leak

    Windows 9 is expected to be the next full Windows version prepared by Microsoft and although the company has until now remained tight-lipped on what's to come as part of this release, plenty of details have surfaced via unofficial channels. A new report posted by Microsoft News and citing information provided by Faikee, a Twitter user who has a good track on leaked Windows details, reveals that Windows 9 might after all arrive in Q2 or Q3 2015, which more or less confirms previous speculation pointing to an April 2015 launch date. At the same time, Faikee says that Windows 9 might come wit
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