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Found 3 results

  1. rach

    Avidemux 2.6.8

    Screenshots Changelog 2014-03-13: 2.6.8 : Fixes * Image/export: Proper initialization of Qz for jpeg export * UI : Add an override menu to force language * tinypy : Add support for os.environ * x264 : Improved settings (tobias) * Win32 : Fix crash when having an audio problem * Win32 : Re-add mp4v2 to installer files * Audio/FAAC : Fix channel mapping when source is mono * Audio/AMR : Re-enabled AMR * Audio/lavc : Fixed encoding for codec not supporting planar (MP2) * Audio : Fixed importing MP2 audio detected as MP3 * Editor : Fix deleting chunks of the video leading to seek errors * Editor : Initial copy/paste support * Editor/audio: Fix issue when source has more than 4 tracks * Editor : Better detection of double fps input files * TS/Demux : Brute force eac3 probe * TS/Demux : Better initialization, avoid dropping audio * MP4/Demux : Fix management of PCM audio * Mkv/Demux : Proper re-indexing for mpeg2 in mkv * Mp4v2/Mux : Add fast start mode back * OpenSolaris : Some fixes by pfelecan * Subtitles : Update libass + very simple srt2ssa converter * OsX : Enables more optional codecs... * avsfilte : Performance Improvements (fahr) Links Homepage Download | 32 bits Download | 64 bits

    AviDemux 2.7.0

    Avidemux is a free video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks. It supports many file types, including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of codecs. Tasks can be automated using projects, job queue and powerful scripting capabilities. Avidemux is available for Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows under the GNU GPL license. The program was written from scratch by Mean, but code from other people and projects has been used as well. Patches, translations and even bug reports are always welcome. Changes 2.7.0 Core:FFmpeg switched to the 3.3.x branch Editing:Fixed frame computation bug that led to bad cutting (euma) i18n:Korean translation (sheppaul) win32:Put log files into the local folder (achim71) Jobs:Fix name of the executable search UI:Steplessly zoom paused video when the window is resized (euma) UI:Added Ctrl+Shift+C shortcut to copy the current PTS to clipboard (euma) Filter:eq2: UI improvements (euma) Decoding:Fix VP9 decoding Filter:Using rubber bands for crop too (me+euma) Build:Redone packaging on macOS Decoding:HEVC decoding via DXVA2 blacklisted on win32, active on win64 New Filter:ADM ivtc Audio:Distinguish between AC3 and EAC3 when importing Home Page Download Page Avidemux @ Sourceforge.net Avidemux @ Fosshub Download Links From Fosshub Download Avidemux Win64 Installer - 23.98 MB | version: 2.7.0 | File Signatures Download Avidemux win32 Installer - 31.70 MB | version: 2.7.0 | File Signatures Download Avidemux DMG - 25.96 MB | version: 2.7.0 | File Signatures Download Avidemux Linux universal binary (64Bits) - 38.56 MB | version: 2.7.0 | File Signatures From Sourceforge avidemux_2.7.0_win32.exe avidemux_2.7.0_win64.exe avidemux_2.7.0.tar.gz Avidemux_2.7.0_Sierra_64Bits_Qt5.dmg
  3. Hey guys, if it helps I converted those x264 MediaInfo parameters into it's core x264 commands: 2HD: --crf 19 --preset slowaAF: --crf 19 --preset slowANGELiC: --crf 19 --preset slowASAP: --crf 19 --preset slowBAJSKORV: --crf 19 --preset slower --ref 5 --deblock 1:1BATV: --crf 20 --preset slowC4TV: --crf 21 --preset slowCRiMSON: --crf 21 --preset slow --tune film --keyint 300CROOKS: --crf 21 --preset slow --keyint 300DEADPiXEL: --crf 22 --preset slowDEADPOOL: --crf 20 --preset slowEVOLVE: --crf 21 --preset slowFoV: --crf 20 --preset slowFQM: --crf 19 --preset slowFTP: --crf 22 --preset slow --tune filmKILLERS: --crf 21 --preset slowKYR: --crf 24 --preset slowLMAO: --crf 20 --preset slowLOL: --crf 20 --preset slower --ref 5 --deblock 1:1OMiCRON: --crf 21 --preset slow --tune film --keyint 300RiVER: --crf 20 --preset slow --tune filmSYS: --crf 21 --preset slowTLA: --crf 20 --preset slowTViLLAGE: --crf 21 --preset slowW4F: --crf 23 --preset slowYesTV: --crf 21 --preset slow --keyint 300 ~P2P~mSD: --crf 22 --preset slower --bframes 8 --vbv-maxrate 10000 --vbv-bufsize 10000tNe: --crf 23 --preset slow99% of this parameters came from the presets and the x264 defaults. The other 1% were automatically generated based on other parameters and the computer they were encoded on. For example x264 fills in the "--threads" and "--lookahead-threads" values based on your computer's processor. Also the "--keyint" parameter automatically sets "--min-keyint" which ranges based on a number of factors. Most groups just use a single preset and a crf value which is straight out of the scene guide. A few made some custom changes which took precedence over the default and preset ones. They also most likely added "--level 3.1 --colormatrix bt709" to the command since it's listed in the scene guide. Hope this helps B)
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