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Found 8 results

  1. I have started this sub-section for Android Games to keep Android mobile games free from applications / themes. All nsane members are requested to post Games here. If admins as requested creates a sub-forum for it at any stage, this thread will be merged later. For posting guidelines, please refer to this post: //www.nsaneforums.com/topic/220597-guidelines-and-templates/ PS: Admin, thanks for listening to Android sub-forum request.
  2. Nokia Taps Former Rovio Man Rantala To Market Relaunch Maker of phones nobody has bought in years hires ex-boss of game nobody has played in years The relaunch of the Nokia mobile brand will include the man who once ran mobile games maker Rovio. HMD global Oy, the parent company of Nokia, said that longtime executive Pekka Rantala will become chief marketing officer of the company, effective immediately. Most recently the chairman of Jot Automation, Rantala is best known for his stint as the chief executive of Rovio and its famed Angry Birds franchise. Rantala stepped down from that job in December of 2015 following a failed effort to expand its marketing reach. Rantala is no stranger to Nokia. Prior to leaving for Rovio, he spent 17 years working in the Finnish phone giant's marketing, sales, and operations departments, eventually becoming senior VP of global marketing. HMD said that as chief marketing officer, Rantala will first oversee the building of Nokia's marketing and communications teams as well as the hiring of "brand specialists" to help lead the charm offensive in Nokia's efforts to re-introduce itself into the consumer mobile space. "There are very few opportunities like this, to work with a global brand with the power to touch hundreds of millions of people every day," Rantala said of his appointment. "It is a privilege to work with this unique brand, to engage with the millions of dedicated Nokia phone fans around the world and create a generation of new ones. We are going to bring together a new team of talented people who can build something incredible." The relaunch of Nokia under the care of HMD was formally announced in May of this year, but has been widely anticipated for much longer. The plan calls for HMD, which is run by Nokia alums, to release Android tablets and handsets with the Nokia branding while using the old device sales channel bought back earlier this year from Microsoft, which will continue to sell handsets under the Lumia banner. Source
  3. geeteam

    Angry Birds Epic released

    The latest installment in the popular Angry Birds franchise has just been released for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices: Angry Birds Epic. But if you think this is your typical Angry Birds game, then think again. Epic is actually a tun-based RPG, yes, you read that correctly. The plot delves into the longtime feud between the birds and the pigs, which all began when, you guessed it, the filthy swine burgled eggs from their avian rivals. A band of birds flock together on a journey to get their eggs back and make the pigs pay for their misdeeds. Like pretty much any RPG out there, each bird in the party comes with their own strengths and weaknesses. Some birds do better against certain enemies, and vice versa. You’ll be able to upgrade your heroes abilities and armor as the game progresses.The animation style has certainly received an upgrade from the previous games, and looks like it could be an interesting departure from the rest of the series. Here is a Trailer, Enjoy You can get in on the action by heading over to the Apple App Store, Windows Phone Store, or Google Play Store and downloading the free app. Do expect in-app purchases in the game, so think twice before you hand your phone or tablet over to a click-happy child. Source
  4. Angry Birds Rio for Windows Phone 8 has received a new update, bumping its version number to 2.0. On top of that, the game is now free for all users to enjoy! "In Angry Birds Rio, the original Angry Birds are kidnapped and taken to the magical city of Rio de Janeiro, where they eventually escape their captors and set out to save their friends, Blu and Jewel – two rare macaws and the stars of the hit motion picture, Rio. Angry Birds Rio pairs the physics-based gameplay of the original game with unique twists based on the film," the app description reads. Version 2.0 adds twenty new levels and six bonus levels set in a Brazilian port harbor. This is in addition to the vast amount of levels this game has to offer. The update has also refreshed the game with new graphics, just in time for the Rio 2 chapter. There is also a new underwater video, as well as Amazon river dolphins. Hit the download link below to snag the app. Enjoy! Download Link: Angry Birds RioSource
  5. For a minute there, it seemed like Rovio might go the Dark Souls route and add a super-gritty, medieval-esqe action/role-playing-game to its more conventional "throw a bird at a pig" Angry Birds franchise. As it turns out, we were only half wrong. Rovio recently released a new teaser trailer (below) for its next Angry Birds title. However, the company revealed very little about what the game — dubbed Angry Birds Epic — actually entails. Armor-clad birds and pigs flying around castles? Game of Thrones-like intrigue where medieval birds attack pig kings? And why is Rovio's newest game launching first in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand? When might other Angry Birds fanatics in other countries get their turn? A few new details have since been released regarding what Rovio has in store for Angry Birds Epic, and it's a pretty significant 180 from the core gameplay with which Angry Birds fans are familiar. For starters, the game isn't going to be a bird-slinging lesson in physics. According to The Next Web, Rovio is going the turn-based, role-playing route for Angry Birds Epic — which makes us first wonder if the birds and pigs will be voiced? Subtitled? Silent? There's apparently also going to be an actual narrative campaign throughout said RPG title, the blog said. That's not a big surprise for the genre, but it is a bit of a surprise for Angry Birds: there's not usually much of a plot when it comes to the mobile game beyond knocking down pigs. There's also supposed to be some kind of "challenging endgame." But we'll have to wait and see if that means a survival mode-like challenge, a huge boss fight, or just some crazy, strategy-filled fracas against the (seemingly) evil pigs. The game will also feature a number of resources that players can find throughout their adventures (or, presumably, purchase via a microtransaction-based model), and these will go hand-in-hand with a crafting system that Rovio is looking to pack into Angry Birds Epic, AngryBirdsNest noted. As the developer puts it: "craft amazing, battle-winning weapons like a wooden sword, frying pan or stick thingy with a sponge on top!" You had us at "stick thingy." A "knight" and "mage" class have been revealed as playable classes within one's epic adventures on "Piggy Island." We can only assume that there are a few more in the works, but we won't need that long to wait to find out. Gamers in the aforementioned "soft launch" countries will reportedly get their hands on Angry Birds Epic by the end of this week. Those located elsewhere don't get a timeline, but Rovio has indicated that Angry Birds Epic will be available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8 when it finally launches worldwide. Rovio also has another Angry Birds spinoff, starring a pink-feathered fowl named Stella, lined up for the fall. Source
  6. Yesterday, a New York Times report suggested that Angry Birds may be one of the many ways that organizations like the National Security Agency are able to obtain user data. Now developer Rovio has vehemently denied the idea, saying that "we do not collaborate, collude, or share data with spy agencies anywhere in the world" While the original report never explicitly stated that Angry Birds was compromised, it did say that the game was among several apps that gave these agencies the ability to obtain user information. Many versions of Angry Birds, like the recently launched Angry Birds Go, are ad-supported, which could potentially allow groups like the NSA to tap into data as it makes its way from the game to advertisers. "Spies could be lurking in the background to snatch data" as you play, the report claimed. The use of the game's name has caused Rovio to come out on the offensive, denying that it has worked with these groups willingly. However, the developer did emphasize that it will be re-evaluating its collaboration with advertising services to ensure that user privacy isn't compromised. "As the alleged surveillance might be happening through third party advertising networks," Rovio Entertainment CEO Mikael Hed said, "the most important conversation to be had is how to ensure user privacy is protected while preventing the negative impact on the whole advertising industry and the countless mobile apps that rely on ad networks." Source
  7. Rovio's popular Angry Birds games for Windows Phone 8 are apparently free in the Windows Phone Store, at least for now. If you have yet to play these popular games, now is your chance to snag it for free! The free games include Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Star Wars, and Angry Birds Star Wars 2. There is no word as to why these apps were made free, as some of them were paid apps in the past. Either way, free is good, so hit the download links below to snag them while you can. Building upon the success of the highly popular Angry Birds games, Rovio recently unveiled a new game called "Angry Birds Go" that will be launched for free on various platforms, including Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 platform, on December 11th. This game resembles "Mario Kart" but adds the familiar "Angry Birds" spin to it. Download Links : - Angry Birds Starwars 1 Angry Birds Starwars 2 Angry Birds RIO source: winbeta
  8. Angry Birds Go are what’s coming up and it takes the birds and their arch-rival pigs in a fast and furious race. The trailer for the upcoming game is out and it shows all your favorite characters with a racing helmet on and pushing the pedal to the floor. The upcoming racing game is not just about calm racing on a track - there are angry opponents trying to knock you off, and coins to collect. All of this comes in a 3D wrapper and with great graphics. Angry Birds Go is scheduled for release on December 11th. check out the trailer on youtube SOURCE
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