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Found 6 results

  1. Samsung's latest Notes have received positive reviews. A T-Mobile salesman, however, isn't impressed. Indeed, he suggests two other phones that might be better. Not notable? I live in perpetual doubt, seeking the truth but finding only question upon question. Is an iPad Pro a computer, as Apple insists? What will an iPhone Pro replace? And now, can a Galaxy Note 10 Plus replace my laptop? Some, it seems, believe it can -- although my colleague Bill Detwiler remains skeptical. What could I do, therefore, but go to a phone store to see how the Note 10 Plus -- and its smaller sibling -- were being sold? Were they being presented as being ideal for business? Were they being lauded as superior to all other Android phones? I decided to go to an AT&T store. A saleswoman, however, told me the store had no new Notes as the displays hadn't yet arrived. Which seemed less than OK to me, especially from a company that tells me OK isn't good enough. I leaped back into my car and disappeared to a T-Mobile store, where the Note Plus was honorably displayed. I've always enjoyed pleasant dealings with T-Mobile sales staff. Frank and engaging, they're happy to talk about anything really, even their other jobs. Not Many Pluses With The Note 10 Plus. In this case, I encountered a charming salesman and asked him to enlighten me about the Note 10 and the 10 Plus. "What's so good about these?" I began. He pointed to the 10 Plus and began to offer lyrical praise for its three cameras. Or was it four? My mind tends toward treacle as soon as salespeople tell me the cameras on a new phone are -- somehow -- even better than the cameras on the last one. Still, he veered me toward the Note 10, rather than the 10 Plus. "The Note 10's cameras aren't exactly the same as on the Plus, but the end result is," he said. It was as if this particular salesman had little enthusiasm for the Plus. He told me: "If you're streaming Netflix and watching more than one movie, the Note 10 is better. It'll give you seven hours of battery. The Plus will only give you five." To my eyes, the Notes looked sleek and perfectly attractive. Yet here they were being made to sound a touch mundane. It seemed as if the best the salesman could do was show me how to take a selfie using the stylus and how to launch the edge screen. Can The Note 10 Plus Replace My Laptop? Yes, I thought, but what about business use? Surely the Note 10 Plus would offer marvelous opportunities for expanded, productive use. So I asked: "Is it true that the Plus can replace your laptop for business?" "All phones can," he replied, as I tried to fight a quizzical expression. "I use my phone for pretty much everything. I guess that the Plus can give you a bigger screen, so that makes it easier to type on." As I succumbed to looking a touch perplexed, he continued: "To be honest, you'll get a much better value out of the Galaxy S10." Ah. "How come?," I asked. "It's got great speakers and cameras and everything else you'll need," he explained. "So you're saying that there's nothing about the Note 10 or Note Plus that makes it special?," I wondered. "Not to justify the price," he replied. "It's just Samsung's way of marketing. They release the S10, then they add a few features for the Note." "And in your view those features don't add up to much?" "They don't add up to a $350 difference," he said. "In phones, we've reached a plateau. There's nothing that's really new, so it all comes down to price and whether you want iPhone or Android." If You Don't Want A Samsung, Buy One Of These. I asked him about his own phone and he told me he had an iPhone because he preferred its emphasis on security. He did, however, add that if he got a second phone -- and he might for business -- it would be a OnePlus 7. "OnePlus started in the US, but now it's mostly in, I think, South Korea," he began. And there I was thinking OnePlus was really quite Chinese. Perhaps even very Chinese. Was that something this salesman was trying to avoid mentioning in our times of toil and trade wars? Still, his enthusiasm came from his view of OnePlus software. "They took all the best of iOS and designed Android software to be just as simple," he said. This was all a touch strange, if enjoyable. It was as if individual T-Mobile salespeople have their own particular enthusiasms. Why, not so long ago, I went into a T-Mobile store to ask about the Pixel 3A and received a glowing portrait of the Galaxy S9. I veered him back to the Notes, yet he persisted in his belief that even if a stylus was essential to my needs, I should get a Galaxy S10. "You can just go on Amazon, buy a cheap stylus and use it with the S10," he said. I remained perturbed that a phone such as the Note wasn't getting a hard -- or even soft -- sell. "So are you selling many of these Notes?" I asked. "Oh, yeah," he said. "So who's buying them?" "People who want to show off that they've got the latest phone." Source
  2. Galaxy Note 10 Comes Into Focus With Fresh Rumors The 2018 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with the S-pen, the stylus common to every phone in the Note series. Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo) If rumors ahead of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10's likely August 7 launch are to be believed it looks like both versions of the Note 10 will be sporting Qualcomm’s most powerful mobile processor, the Snapdragon 855 Plus. That’s surprising because it was only announced earlier this month. Purported specs for the Note 10 Plus also detail one beast of a phone, and while it might not match arguably the most powerful Android phone to date, it comes closer than just about anything else on the market. Leaks have been pouring out steadily as we get closer to the date of Samsung Unpacked, where the company traditionally announced new phones. This one comes courtesy of a pretty reliable source: noted leaker Evan Blass, @evleaks. On Tuesday, Blass tweeted that contrary to recent rumors that only the Note 10 Plus would house the new chip, both of Samsung’s flagships will include it. Unfortunately, the @evleaks account is set to private currently, so we’ve attached a screenshot of the leak referenced. Screenshot: Twitter Given that Qualcomm only announced the updated processor earlier this month, opinion was divided on whether or not Samsung would be able to incorporate it into both models. Its Snapdragon 855 Plus comes with several gaming improvements like Qualcomm’s “Game Jank Reducer,” a feature that claims to curtail jitter and lag players are sometimes cursed within mobile games. Other perks include its AntiCheat Extension and a feature that reduces load times, the aptly named Game Fast Loader. Blass dispelled similar claims about 45-watt charging (presumed to be reserved for just the Plus). Both phones will feature it. He went on to claim to confirm a couple of specs that have been floating around a while now. He tweeted that the base configuration for the Note 10 includes 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage, with the Note 10 Plus housing similar storage but a bump in RAM to 10 GB. The Note 10 will reportedly come with a 6.3-inch AMOLED screen with 60Hz refresh rate, while the Note 10 Plus will have a whopping 6.8-inch screen, dwarfing even ASUS ROG 2’s. Images that are supposedly of the Note 10 Plus and a few additional tidbits of information showed up on the site WinFuture on Tuesday as well, and its screen looks every bit as massive as it sounds. And in answer to one of both fans’ and Gizmodo’s biggest questions about the new Note 10 series: Yes, this appears to be the year Samsung kills off the headphone jack. News about the series’ battery life continues to disappoint slightly, but Blass’s tweets spelled out a small improvement: the Note 10’s capacity will be 3,600 mAh, a mere 100 mAh more than previous rumors but better than nothing, eh? The Plus model fairs slightly better at 4,300 mAh capacity, putting it on par with other high-end phones on the market but still eons shy of ROG 2’s 6,000 mAh battery. Back in June, Gizmodo asked what else is there possibly left to add to the Note series’s staple, the S-Pen. According to rumors, the answer is “air gestures,” a feature that lets you navigate your phone without having to touch it. From the looks of it, flicking through your timeline may be as simple as flicking your S-Pen. Both phones will also share this feature. Of course, all of this is still conjecture at this point and won’t be confirmed until Samsung’s launch in August. But it’s getting harder to find reasons to doubt these rumors when so many different leak sources are spouting identical information at this point. Source: Galaxy Note 10 Comes Into Focus With Fresh Rumors
  3. If there’s one constant in the world of Android phones, it’s that the top phones all use Qualcomm’s best Snapdragon processor. This year, that’s the Snapdragon 855, a powerful system-on-chip that we’ve already seen in the Galaxy S10, One Plus 7 Pro, LG G8 ThinQ, and a few others. Naturally, we assumed that the premium handsets coming in the second half of the year, namely the Galaxy Note 10 and Pixel 4, would use the same processor. But that might not be the case. Qualcomm has announced a mid-year refresh to the Snapdragon 855 that it’s calling the 855 Plus. Because, you know, everything that’s better has a plus in its name these days. The new processor is built on the same architecture as the 855, with a few tweaks for “enhanced performance and deliver leading experiences in multi-gigabit 5G, gaming, AI and XR.” That breaks down to two main improvements over the 855: Snapdragon 855 Kryo 485 CPU Prime core clock speed at up to 2.84GHz Adreno 640 GPU at 585MHz Snapdragon 855 Plus Kryo 485 CPU Prime core clock speed at up to 2.96GHz Adreno 640 GPU at 672MHz As far as speed boosts, Qualcomm claims the Adreno GPU is 15 percent more powerful in the 855 Plus, which should make high-end gamers very happy. Additionally, the 855 Plus has a new “Elite Gaming Experience” that includes the Vulkan 1.1 Graphics Driver that is 20 percent more power efficient than Open GL ES. It also brings the 4th-gen AI Engine and the same 5G X50 modem as the 855, rather than the fully integrated 4G/5G x55 modem. We don’t usually see mid-year refreshes of Qualcomm’s top-of-the-line processor, but it’s not unheard of. When the original Pixel phone launched, it had the Snapdragon 821 inside, which delivered faster LTE upload speeds along with a 10-percent speed and 5-percent GPU boost over the 820, which powered other premium Android phones that year. The 855 Plus sounds like a bigger, though still modest, upgrade to the existing processor, so we’re looking forwards to getting our first look at at, presumably when the Galaxy Note 10 lands in August,. Source
  4. Official Galaxy Note 10 images leak, show off the big, boxy body It's big. It's rectangular. It probably doesn't have a headphone jack. The Galaxy Note 10. This is the smaller version. Samsung's next flagship, the Galaxy Note 10, is due just a month from now on August 7. We've already seen interpretive renders from OnLeaks, but now, thanks to two separate sources, WinFuture and Ishan Agarwal, we can get a look at Samsung's official press images for the Note 10. It looks like the earlier renders from OnLeaks were spot on, with the official images showing the same very rectangular design, slim bezels, and centered, front-facing camera. These official images show us two color options so far: black and a shimmery "silver" color, which looks like it has a color-shift feature going on. There are going to be two different sizes of the Galaxy Note this year, with the larger model called either "Plus" or "Pro." On the back of both devices you'll find a main camera module with three lenses, while the larger model has an extra depth-sensing camera setup on the back. The camera model protrudes a tiny bit out of the back of the phone, which is different from the earlier OnLeaks renders. There's no view of the bottom of the phone, but the device will reportedly be Samsung's first flagship without a headphone jack. Samsung's images do not show a Bixby button, which in the past has been an extra physical side button that summons Samsung's half-baked voice assistant. Android Police reported earlier that the Galaxy Note 10 would have pressure sensitive buttons—perhaps Samsung will use a Pixel-style squeeze gesture to launch Bixby? The rumored specs for the Note 10 all claim somewhere around a 6.3-inch display for the smaller version and a 6.7-inch display for the larger version. As usual, the internals should be pretty close to this year's Galaxy S phone, with a Snapdragon 855 SoC and at least 6GB of RAM. We'll learn a lot more about the phone during the launch event next month. Listing image by Ishan Agarwal Source: Official Galaxy Note 10 images leak, show off the big, boxy body (Ars Technica) (To view the article's image gallery, please visit the above link.)
  5. The Galaxy Note 10 launches August 7 Samsung's next big phone launch happens next month. Samsung has officially announced the launch event for its next flagship smartphone. Galaxy Unpacked 2019 takes place August 7 at 4pm ET, when the company will show off the Galaxy Note 10 in all its glory. Samsung sent out invitations to the press today for Galaxy Unpacked, and the invite leaves no doubt as to the star of the show: the Galaxy Note's trademark S-Pen points straight at a camera lens. So far our best look at the Galaxy Note 10 has come from renders made by Onleaks. Since then, a set of extra-blurry photos of the Note 10 has popped up that matches up with the renders. Both the photos and the renders show an aggressively rectangular body with curved displays images. Samsung's front camera still lives in a hole punch, but this time it's centered along the top edge, instead of being tucked away in the corner. Samsung seems to have also given up on the dual front cameras that shipped on the Galaxy S10+, opting instead for a single front camera. And speaking of plus models, this year the Galaxy Note 10 will come in two sizes. The blurry photos that leaked earlier pegged the larger version as the "Note 10+," although we've also heard it referred to as the Note 10 Pro. This "smaller" model reportedly has a 6.3-inch display, while the plus version has a 6.75-inch display and an extra rear time-of-flight camera. Both phones will reportedly be Samsung's first time axing the headphone jack. Of course, we signed up for the event, so we'll have all the news from the show on August 7. Listing image by Samsung Source: The Galaxy Note 10 launches August 7 (Ars Technica) (To view the article's image gallery, please visit the above link)
  6. Galaxy Note 10: Rumors, price, release date, specs and everything else All the rumors swirling around Samsung's upcoming, ultra-luxe phone Samsung may have launched five phones already, but it still has one more big handset left to release. The successor to the Note 9, which is assumed to be called the Note 10, is expected sometime this year, and rumors about the device are already popping up. Though Samsung has a couple of premium phones under its belt (the Galaxy Fold, for example, costs $2,000) Note phones stand out as part of Samsung's ultra-luxe line. The first Galaxy Note launched in 2011 and the handsets are usually outfitted with an expansive screen, an embedded smart stylus called an S Pen and top-of-the-line hardware. In short, the Note represents Samsung's best-of-the-best. For that reason, it's no surprise there has been plenty of anticipation and curiosity surrounding the phone. Could it have 5G connectivity like the Galaxy S10 5G, or will it feature a swivel selfie camera like the Galaxy A80? Perhaps the Note 10 will be one of the two foldable phones Samsung said it would release after the Galaxy Fold. Samsung's announcement timeline for the Note isn't super-consistent -- it has introduced Note phones in the winter, summer and fall months. Lately, however, the company has stuck to a summer unveiling, so an August launch date is possible. Until Samsung says something officially though, we've rounded up the most intriguing, probable and compelling rumors we've heard about the Note 10 so far. Rumored: The Note 10 may have a 6.66-inch display Samsung's Note phones usually have generously sized displays to accommodate the S Pen stylus and stand out as a productivity machine. Rumors report that the newest iteration could have the biggest screen yet at 6.66 inches, according to tech blog site igeekphone. Compare that to the Note 9, which has a 6.4-inch screen. This doesn't necessarily mean the overall footprint of the phone will get bigger though. As bezels get thinner and phone-makers are getting more resourceful about relocating the front-facing camera, the Note 10 could as well be the same physical size as the Note 9, but still have a bigger display. Rumored: There may be two (or four!) Note 10s Are two Note 10 models a possibility? Sarah Tew/CNET The Galaxy S10 has three other variants of itself (S10 Plus, S10E and Galaxy S10 5G), so it wouldn't be a surprise if, for the first time, Samsung decided to make more than one model of the Note 10. The rumored versions is a 6.28-inch Note 10 and a larger 6.75-inch phone, according to South Korean news site ETNews. As mentioned before, other models with LTE or 5G connectivity are also speculated, which would be a grand total of four Note 10 variants. Rumored: Note 10 might not have any buttons As some high-end phones move the fingerprint reader buttons from the surface of the phone to underneath the display, a phone without any physical buttons may not be a far-reaching concept. At least, that's what could happen with the Note 10, according to ETNews. Citing "industry sources," the site reports that the Note 10 could employ Force Touch technology, developed by NDT. In lieu of buttons, the phone's edges could register different degrees of force depending on how hard you press down, which would allow you to turn on the phone or adjust the volume on a smooth, flat surface. Recently, NDT worked with Vivo to develop the Vivo iQ00 gaming phone. Further, Vivo was rumored back in January to develop a keyless phone as well. ETNews also predicts that Samsung will apply a buttonless design to other, more midrange Galaxy models, in addition to the Note 10. Rumored: The S Pen could have a camera of its own The S Pen may come with its own camera. Angela Lang/CNET Don't count on only the phone getting updates. The humble embedded stylus could get new features too, as with the Note 9 launch when Samsung updated the S Penso it can remotely trigger the phone's camera shutter. This time around, rumors are going around that the Note 10's S Pen could have a camera inside, according to tech blog Patently Mobile. Samsung apparently filed a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office for an "electric pen device" that's "mounted on electronic devices, such as smart phones." The phone will have a camera with an "optical zooming function." Rumored: The phone could have four rear cameras The Galaxy S10 5G already has four rear cameras, so why note the Note 10? Juan Garzon / CNET Similar to the Galaxy S10 5G, the Note 10 could have four cameras on the back, according to tech blog site Sam Mobile. The outlet didn't cite any specific sources except that it's what "they heard," so take this rumor, as well as all others, with a grain of salt. Despite the tenuous evidence, a quad-camera setup on the Note 10 isn't too out there. As mentioned earlier, it currently exists right now on the Galaxy S10 5G and the Note 10 will have even more room to fit such a camera system. Plus, the Note series is usually Samsung's most premium line so the company would be consistent to outfit it with the most tech. Source
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