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Found 365 results

  1. jasonliul

    SpeedyFox 2.0.6 Build 68

    SpeedyFox 2.0.6 Build 68 http://crystalidea.com/downloads/speedyfox.exe SeaMonkey browser support. SQlite 3.8.1 update
  2. Zend Studio 10.5.0 20131105 | 303.44 MB Zend Studio brings a host of new features and enhancements that will help you develop faster, resolve defects more quickly, and take advantage of the latest PHP technologies directly from your development environment. With full support for PHP 5.3, greatly enhanced source code editing, easy debugging through integration with Zend Server, code generation through integration with Zend Framework, and improved performance, Zend Studio maintains its position as the leading solution for professional PHP developers. Zend Studio is the only Integrated Development Environment (IDE) available for professional developers providing the capabilities needed to develop business applications. Features like refactoring, code generation, code assist and semantic analysis combine to enable rapid application development. Main features: » Multi-language Support » Zend Framework Integration » Code Analysis & Quick Fix » Quick New File Creation » Code Formatter » WSDL File Editor » PHP 4 and PHP 5.X Support » Syntax Coloring & Code Assist » Type Hierarchy of Classes and Methods » Code Templates (PHP, PHPDoc, New File) » Code Folding for Classes Functions and PHPDoc » Real time Error Detection » Bookmarks » Internal Browser » Highlighted Matching Bracket » Comment / Uncomment PHP code » PHP Explorer View » Search Text by Pattern » Search PHP Element » File / Project Outlines » Find & Replace in Files » Tasks List » Project Include / Build Path » Problems View » Code Assist for Include Statement » Integrated TODO Mechanism » HTML & CSS Support » PHP Debugging » Firefox / IE Toolbars » Zend Server Integration » Database Connectivity » Zend Studio 5.X Migration Home page: www.zend.com DOWNLOAD HERE http://www.tusfiles.net/rteahnterxg0
  3. hallucinojerk

    Help me locate this

    Guys, I cannot locate Urlclassifier3.sqlite in my system. I just want to optimize firefox because I am going to use this in my Netbook. I found a site that tells how to optimize firefox by disabling anti-phishing and malware detection of the browser and delete urlclassifier3.sqlite but I cannot find one in my system. Please.
  4. Mozilla Firefox 26 Beta 6 is now available. :) ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/26.0b6/win32/
  5. sujith

    Firefox Problems

    I recently updated to version 25. I installed an addon successfully and restarted firefox. problem is that when i click on "options" of that addon,firefox freezes. I tried many other addons and was having the same problem. also firefox is showing its default theme to be outdated. :wtf: . Please help!
  6. don2

    firefox problem

    when i start firefox and after sometime using with it and when i go to home page(google) the cursor is at middle of search box and when i type nothing is typed !!!!!!! https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/955820 any solution ?

    [SOLVED] Firefox Scroll is too slow

    Hey, I'm using Cyberfox (X64 Firefox-based) and I'm facing a slow-down in scrolling pages up and down using touchpad edge-scroll how can I tweak it to be like other windows?
  8. hitminion


    Your Firefox/Skype/Chrome/Thunderbird is working slowly? Boost them all in a single click with SpeedyFox absolutely for free! You get: - Boost Startup in up to 3 times! - Speed-up browsing history - Overall quicker operation - Smaller profile size Version history: 2.0.4 - SQLite engine updated to 3.7.17 version 2.0.3 - Added Epic Browser support. SQLite engine updated to 3.7.14 version 2.0.2 - Fixed incorrect drawing of profiles tree with Windows themes turned off 2.0.1 - SRWare Iron and Pale Moon browsers support 2.0 - New awesome user interface; support Skype, Chrome, Mozilla Thunderbird profiles; custom profiles: drag & drop support; remember custom profiles, detailed optimization log, latest SQLITE engine 3.7.11 1.6 - Added option to run Firefox after optimization (also when running using command line). SQLite engine is updated to 3.7.4 version. 1.5 - SpeedyFox for Mac! Latest SQLite engine (3.7.3) support 1.4.3 - Latest SQLite engine (3.7.1) support 1.4.2 - Unicode profile/path names support 1.4.1 - Windows 2000 support, main icon display is fixed, small bug fixes 1.4 - Command line support, see menu Help->Command line syntax for details 1.3 - Better optimization (all databases), fixed issue of detecting if Firefox is running 1.2 - Ability to select custom Firefox profiles 1.1 - Portable and 5 times smaller executable 1.0 - Initial release
  9. Firefox Metro Mozilla is finally getting close to releasing a Metro version of its Firefox browser that will run on Windows RT as well as the tablet-side of Windows 8. The touch flavor of the app will arrive on December 10 along with Firefox 26. Firefox 23 was released on August 6. Firefox 24 is slated for a September release and Firefox 25, which will come with a major design overhaul, is expected in October. As first noted by Computerworld, Mozilla’s planning documents show the first Metro release still has to go through the following steps: Merge to Aurora 26 on September 16, 2013 during Iteration #15.Iterations #15 and #16 will be completed on mozilla-aurora, concluding all Preview Release work.Iteration #17, still on Aurora, will be used to clean up any remaining carry-over and polish work.Merge to Beta at the conclusion of Iteration #17 on October 28, 2013, making Metro Firefox available to our Beta audience.Push to Release on December 10 with Firefox 26 at the conclusion of Iteration #20.Mozilla first noted a Metro version of Firefox was coming back in February 2012 and then revealed a prototype in April 2012. The company then showed off a pre-release of Firefox for Windows 8 in October 2012 and offered a Nightly build in February 2013. Since Nightly builds graduate to Firefox’s Aurora channel after six weeks or so, we calculated at the time that the Metro version would go through the beta and release channels by May or June. We noted the process could take longer if testing pushed things back, and clearly that’s what happened. It’s frankly ridiculous that Firefox Metro will be available more than a year after Windows 8 is ready, and even after Windows 8.1 is out. That’s assuming, of course, that there won’t be more delays. Given what we’ve seen so far, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a final Metro version arrive in 2014. :view: Source: The Next Web
  10. smallhagrid

    They're just BOXES, dammit !

    This posting is motivated by another I saw about the Firefox UI soon changing radically. I am sure to wander in a few different directions in my tirade here - but at it's heart that is what it is about. Seriously. I am really not kidding here. I know this may be hard to follow=> my apologies for that. OK, here I go now: My monitor is a box-shaped thing; TVs are also box-shaped; where I live the walls are box-shaped too. So - this square screen that I'm using right now is not very big, and from what I can tell squarish things fit best on a square screen, usually, right ?? (With me so far here ?!?) So here's another thing=> we have bodies that are usually NOT square (at least most of us ??), and most of nature also avoids squareness too...so we tend to REALLY LIKE rounded stuff - OK, I get that, no trouble here, it makes perfect sense. BUT: Until the day when my screen is either like 6 x 9 FEET square and is a thing that is like part of the wall, OR until it is big like that and also round=> I expect for stuff inside programs to be kind of SQUARISH and that's OK with me. It's just plain sensible & normal, I think. SO WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH FOLKS MAKING ALL THIS KRAPPY LOBOTOMIZED ROUNDED STUFF IN PROGRAMS LATELY ?!? BIG, rounded folder tabs, 'pearls' instead of menus, 'ribbons', and all sorts of other visual (non-verbal) stuff that just numbs the brain. OK, so I'm an old fart who really does PREFER the plain, boring, un-stimulating classic windows style. (It's squarish and that's as it should be.) So what will I do with the latest Firefox V 258.3456789 ?!? I will give it the 3 for 4 theme when that is possible - to make it plain and squarish, and install add-ons that add functionality while keeping it as boring as possible to look at. It's like this IMO: I don't want my browser to compete for my attention - it's just a thing used for showing other stuff. And=> It's the same IMO regarding the OS that I use; I want it to shaddup and leave me alone - to just put what I need on the screen and otherwise stay the hell out of my face and out of my way, OK ?!?!? All this fancy, cutesy, cartoony, brainless stuff just makes me want to puke. And finally - yes - I'll keep my ancient, plain browser until such time as it ceases to work at all anymore. Sure, I've got Firefox 20-whatever, but do I use it everyday ?? Hell no.
  11. Olexijl

    Mozilla Firefox Australis

    Hello, I personally find Australis awful. Maybe i am a little bit too conservative in this case but Australis is based on simplification which is not always as advantage to see. I have many addons which are placed in addon-bar, which is lost. You find yourself in the UI, where addons are in the same place as navigation icons. Is it useful? Is it useful to change the Menu and move it to the place Bookmarks-Icon belong? And this one is lost as well. Rounded tabs are not bad idea - they should have made it w/o changing too much. Any thoughts? Download UX: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/latest-ux/firefox-26.0a1.en-US.win32.installer.exe
  12. AdyTChabadi

    Firefox 24 Beta 1

  13. If you're talking about "about:home", it's an inbuilt page with an inbuilt image. You cannot do anything about it to the best of my knowledge ;)
  14. calguyhunk

    Greasemonkey 1.11

    Greased LightboxLinkify PlusTinyURL DecoderGoogleMonkeyRFacebook Ad RemoverDownload YouTube Videos as MP4NoDelayVideoEmbedProfanity Filter
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