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Found 87 results

  1. sujith

    Slimjet 1.0.8 Beta

    If you enjoy the speed and reliability of Google Chrome but don't like its lack of customizability and options, if you would like to have a browser which can do a lot more things in addition to opening web sites passively upon your clicks, if you would like to become more productive when you are doing online research, Slimjet is the perfect choice for you. Slimjet is based on the Chromium open-source project. On top of that, Slimjet integrates a lot of smart and convenient features so that you can get more done in much less time without taking the pain to hunt for external plugins. Slimjet also adds many options and settings so that you customize the browser appearance and behavior to best suit your own personal preference. Slimjet is powered by the same Blink engine used by Google Chrome and fully compatible with all the extensions and add-ons designed for Chrome. Pretty much all the features available in Chromium are kept in Slimjet. Features- Major Features QuickFill form filler Let you open the page and sign in in one step. Fully customizable toolbar Add or remove additional toolbar buttons which give you quick access to various features One-click Facebook integration Share your online activities on facebook with a single click Download youtube video with mp3 extraction Easily download any youtube video to local hard disk with option to extract the mp3 audio file. Instant photo upload Automatically shrink photo to decimate photo uploading time. Photo salon Frame and enhance photos right before they are uploaded. Flexible web page translation Translate a full page or selected text between any two specified languages. Weather condition and forecast Give current weather condition right on the toolbar. 7-day forecast information is one-click away. Integrate with popular web services Easily share the current page on various web services such as Twitter, Google Plus, Blogger, Wordpress, Gmail, Hotmail, StumbleUpon. Proxy switcher Define multiple proxies and switch between them easily. Added explicit support of socks5 proxy. URL alias Type short alias instead of long URL in omnibox to save time. Upload clipboard image Easily upload clipboard image with a single click. No need to save it to a file first and then upload the file. Minor Features and Options Auto refresh web page Auto refresh one or more web pages based on a preset period. Enhanced autofill from predefined identity information Added support of login id and preferred password to the autofill feature available in Chrome. Quickly switch search engine Added a drop down button at the right end of the omnibox which allows users to quickly switch between different search engines. Save webpage screenshot Save screenshot of the entire page as an image file. Flexible new tab behavior control Added option to automatically open a new tab when entering a url. Added option to open a new tab in foreground by default. Stop all gif animations Added a global option to stop all gif animations from playing. Allow mixed-mode http/https content Added option to allow mixed http/https content to run properly. Changelog- 1.0.8Added menu "Send link by email" under "Share this page" into the popup menu when right clicking on a tab.Make quickdial buttons semi-transparent when background image is applied.Homepage Download Screenshots
  2. priPrinter Professional Beta + Portable priPrinter is a printer driver that allows you to manipulate printer output before it is printed. priPrinter is installed and selected in the same way as other printer drivers. After printing it automatically displays print preview where you can preview your printings, change layout, reposition pages, crop them and many more. After that you print it to the real printer or save your document for later using. With priPrinter you always will be sure how your printings will look. You may measure items on the paper, define margins and pages layout. There is no need to print again and again trying to achieve desired placement. Features: Provides every feature you need to make your print easy and simple.Preview your printing in many ways. Explore content of your jobs.Print to images. You may save your prints to various image formats.Booklet and posters.Duplex printing.Measurements.Print themesLoupe tool.Margins and gutters. Change margins and gutters with mouse click and drag.Crop and Cut. Remove blank space and redundant information.Undo/RedoSmall and fast.Save jobs to file.Tray controlKey features and benefits: Changes: Loading document via drag & drop should work in the similar way as regular File Open command. Previously it worked similar to File Merge command.File Merge should preserve page rotation, clipping and few more attributes.Now it is possible to switch Page Numbers button without loaded document.Page Numbers button should display correct status even when document is not loaded.Many fixes related to bookmarks (2287,2288,2289).Minor fixes.Further improvements in bookmarks (2290).Paste and few more shortcuts are fixed for standard version (2290). Related to rectangular selection.Website: http://www.priprinter.com/ OS: Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 (x86-x64) Language: Ml Medicine: Patch / Keygen Size: 4,70 / 13,12 MB
  3. selesn777

    NCH RecordPad 5.15 beta

    NCH RecordPad 5.15 beta CH RecordPad Sound Recorder - a small and easy -to-use tool for recording audio from different audio sources ( built-in microphone , external microphone , stereo mixer , etc.), and then save to your hard disk in a format WAV, MP3 or AIFF. There is the ability to customize the output file encoding , support for " hot" keys and command line . At the end of the recording ready audio can automatically send an Email or upload to FTP- server. RecordPad is a simple sound recording program for Windows and Mac OS X. Quick and easy audio recording softwareRecord voice, sound, music or any other audioIdeal for recording audio to add to digital presentationsSmall download under 650k installs in secondsRecordPad is ideal for recording voice and other audio to add to digital presentations, creating an audio book, or for simply recording a message. Recording with a computer has never been easier. Using RecordPad, you can quickly and easily record audio notes, messages or announcements in either wav or mp3. Audio Recording Features Record sound, voice, notes, music or any other audioSave recordings to your hard drive in wav, mp3 or aiff formatRecord only when you are speaking with voice activated recordingRecordings can be burned directly to CD using Express BurnSystem-wide hotkeys allow keyboard control over recording while working in other programsFind and Play recordings by format, date, duration and size. Includes keyword search of audio recording when a speech engine is installedOptionally send recordings via email or upload to an FTP serverMPEG Layer- 3 encoding offers content of variable bit rates from 8 to 320kbps with optional crc error checking and joint stereo modesWave encoding at sample rates between 6000 and 196000Hz in PCM or many other codecs and bitsCan be automated and integrated to run from other programs with powerful command line optionsIntegrate with WavePad Professional Audio Editing Software to edit recordings and add effectsDesigned to be simple and robust for professional and corporate recording applicationsWebsite: http://www.nch.com.au/ Language: ML Medicine: Patch Size: 1,20 Mb.
  4. Winamp 5.7 Beta, build 3444 (with Winamp Cloud Beta) DOWNLOAD HOMEPAGE
  5. I don't know where does it fit, so I posted it here and requesting MODS. kindly place it to its proper place or delete if posted elsewhere. Thanks, sid_16. Link- http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/14330-emsisoft-anti-malware-and-emsisoft-internet-security-90-public-beta/
  6. sujith

    Unchecky 0.2.14 Beta

    Tired of unchecking unrelated offers while installing software?Have you ever felt, while installing software, that the installer tries to push additional unwanted programs at all cost? Ever missed a checkbox, and spent hours afterwards removing adware? Ever opened your browser after an installation, only to find out that you have a new homepage, a new search engine, or even a new browser? Unchecky aims to keep potentially unwanted programs out of your computer. Unchecky’s primary feature is automatic unchecking of unrelated offers, such as potentially unwanted programs, offers to change your homepage or your search engine. With Unchecky, these offers become opt-in instead of opt-out, i.e. they will be installed only if you explicitly choose you want them (you usually don’t). Another important feature of Unchecky is that it warns when you accept a potentially unwanted offer. Installers often provide them as a natural part of the installation, so they can easily be accepted by mistake. With Unchecky, it’s less likely to accidentally accept such offers.Unchecky is not an universal solution, and might not support installers which were not released yet. Thus, it’s worth noting that Unchecky updates automatically, so you don’t have to worry about running the latest version. What's new in this version:v0.2.14 (May 05, 2014)Support for FlylinkDC++.Support for Spyware Terminator.Improved support for Ask.com offers.Improved support for IOBit installers. Homepage Download
  7. BlueStacks App Player lets you run apps from your phone fast and fullscreen on Windows and Mac.Over 5 million people around the world use top apps like Angry Birds Space, Kik Messenger, Where's My Water and more on their laptops with BlueStacks. It took 10 engineers two years to build the complex "LayerCake" technology that enables this to happen but you get to experience it free while in beta. What's more, there is no separate configuration screen, but only a few options, so you shouldn't spend too much time setting up the program. One of the best things about BlueStacks is that it runs the Android apps in full-screen, with very fast loading times and with absolutely no errors. Most of the games can be controlled by mouse, just like you'd do on your typical touch screen mobile phone. Another feature that's worth mentioning is the so-called BlueStacks Cloud Connect, a separate tool designed to allow users push their applications from the Android device to the PC and thus access them on the computer. BlueStacks runs on low resources and works just fine on Windows 7, but there are some minor compatibility issues on older systems, which means it may fail to load on Windows XP and Vista. Overall, BlueStacks is an effective piece of software that brings the flavor of Android apps on your computer. Although it doesn't boast such a large collection of apps, it's still a good way to test some popular mobile titles on the PC. Homepage Download(Offline installer)v0.8.9.3088 BetaBuild Date- May. 1, 2014Android Version-4.0.4 Previous versions
  8. shamu726

    Directory Opus 11.4.1 (beta)

    Welcome to Directory Opus, the file manager for Windows! Are you frustrated by the limitations of Windows Explorer? Directory Opus provides a complete Explorer Replacement with far more power and functionality than any other file manager available today. Just some of the features include: Single or dual pane file display and trees Folder tabs let you keep multiple folders open and switch quickly between them Unique Explorer Replacement mode provides a full replacement for Windows Explorer Quickly filter, sort, group and search your folders Support for FTP and archive formats like Zip, 7Zip and RAR Viewer pane lets you preview images, documents and more Batch renaming, view and edit file metadata Access content on portable devices like phones, tablets and cameras, and burn your files to CD or DVD Built-in tools including synchronize and duplicate file finder Calculate folder sizes and print or export folder listings Queue multiple file copies for improved performance Color-code your files and folders or assign star ratings Fully configurable user interface - toolbars, keyboard hotkeys, and a full scripting interface let you tailor Opus exactly to suit your needs Efficient, multi-threaded, modern design. Available in both 32 and 64 bit versions. Much much more! Directory Opus 11.4.1 (beta) is now available for all Opus 11 users. This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions. Changes: Copying using Non-buffered I/O is now disabled by default due to compatibility issues with certain devices. This will affect system cache memory usage while copying and may also affect copy speed (although it can be both better or worse, depending on your system, and probably won't make a huge difference to speed either way). If you wish to go back to how things were in the previous release, simply go to Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced and set copy_nonbufferio_threshold to 1 MB.Possible fix for crash during startup if network shares were being created simultaneously.Fix for RAR support not working on some machines unless the new RAR 5 (UnRar.dll) support was disabled.Fixed crash which could occur when opening or flicking through several folder tabs pointing to junctions if the timing was just right.The slide show speed can now be set to 0 which means "as fast as possible".Filters can now be used to stop operations proceeding through junctions and soft links to folders. When filtering, the Subfolder clause can now contain a Type clause, which can be used to match "[Junctions/Links/Shortcuts]". The Type clause was always able to match those things, you just could not use it inside of Subfolder until now.Scripting Changes:A few FSUtil scripting methods would go wrong if passed the path to a zip file (e.g. Exists("c:\blah.zip") would return False even if the file existed).The ActivateTabData object now has oldtab and newtab properties as well as old and new (because new is a reserved keyword in JScript).Added the Lister.custom_title property to get the custom title string (if any) as set by the Set LISTERTITLE command - this is distinct from the actual window title.The OnBeforeFolderChange and OnAfterFolderChange scripting events weren't triggered if the new path was a virtual folder with no regular path string (e.g. Computer).Download: 32-bit version: Universal Deutsch 64-bit version: Universal Deutsch
  9. Compatible with Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista Hotfix Downloader is for Windows 8.1, Windows 7 Post-SP1, Office 2013 Post-SP1, Office 2010 Post-SP2 Homepage/Support page Features Download windows updates (abbodi1406 - Windows 7, Windows 8.1)Download office updates (abbodi1406 - 2010 / burfadel - 2013)Download Windows language packsDownload SP1 for Office 2013Download SP2 for Office 2010Download Windows 7 ISO'sExtract and save Download links (Downloader)Install/uninstall updatesInstall Office UpdatesIntegrate updates, Language Packs, Drivers, Tweaks, Serials, Certificates, Setup images, Wallpapers, ThemePacksIntegrate Office Updates / LanguagePacks / ServicePacksWindows update cleanupCheck installed updatesDownload and save windows updatesDownload and save Language Packs Vista, 7, (8/8.1 abbodi1406)Download and save installed windows updatesCreate bootable ISO imageCreate Office ISO imageEnable NetFX3 (Windows 8, 8.1 offline)Convert Language Pack 'EXE' to 'CAB'Convert 'MSU' to 'CAB'Convert Office 'EXE' to 'MSP'Convert Windows 8/8.1 Professional to WMCBackup DriversAIO ToolUSB ToolESD ToolChangelog: -v 8.0 BETA-3 Updated DownloaderMinor GUI changesBug fixes-v 8.0 BETA-2 Fixed Download status sometimes displaying incorrect detailsFixed Office updates / SP(s) language filterFixed some updates downloading incorrectyBug fixes-v 8.0 BETA-1 Added ESD Tool (Beta) - Uses onboard Dism version: 6.3.9600.17029 (c++ source code by qad)Redone Downloader, now uses WebClientGUI changes (Thanks to ianymaty for suggestions)Added Dism check - Locates newest version (If exists)Removed Office 2010 Pre-SP2 language packsAdded overwrite existing updates optionAdded bypass WHD instances checkMoved Office SP(s) from main downloads to Office optionsBug fixesDownload: File: WindowsHotfixDownloader.exeSize: 7.60 MBCRC32: 43E6DC09MD5: 3949F2396FFE458591039D3DF6B220A9SHA1: 5D8B4155EF4178471FA07F888F745A38F9DE1485http://mir.cr/10V92QOS For previous version (7.9), click here.
  10. I think if here's some guys who plays DayZ Standalone maybe we should create somekind of clan or something, and search some cities and houses. I think it's more safe to travel with crowd. My nickname is Friendly, you can suggest Server, I don't speak English so well to microphone, so I might sound kind a funny time to time.
  11. RadioBOSS Advanced Beta Traditional professional radio programming applications are designed for traditional radio stations that can and expect to pay thousands of dollars for extremely sophisticated and complex software. But what if that's not you? If you need a simple, affordable, reliable solution to automating your broadcasting needs, RadioBOSS is the solution you've been looking for. Whether it's building and scheduling crossfaded programming for your terrestrial or Internet radio station, creating the right audio atmosphere in your restaurant or store, or broadcasting from live events, RadioBOSS has been the choice of thousands of broadcasters just like you for the past seven years. RadioBOSS makes it easy and fast to convert and manage audio assets, build playlists with advertising support, hourly blocks, rotations, crossfading, automatic leveling and other professional-level features and play your playlists to your local, terrestrial or Internet broadcasting system. Benefits: Produce professional, sophisticated audio programming for a fraction of the cost of other radio programming applications. Robust support for Internet broadcasters. - Built-in support for Internet streaming (Shoutcast v1, v2, Icecast, Windows Media Services), automatically sending metadata (upload to FTP, HTTP request, text or XML file) and using streamed Internet audio in playlists.Work the way you want. RadioBOSS lets you grab, use and work with your preferred audio formats, Winamp and VST plugins, multichannel cards (4.0, 5.1, 7.1 etc), individualized RadioBOSS profiles.Create sophisticated professional playlists with crossfade support, automatic volume leveling, timed announcements, block rotations, advertising volume enhancement and more.RadioBOSS's seven years of continuous improvement and enhancement means you can trust RadioBOSS to play unattended for days, weeks and months. New Features: Website: http://www.djsoft.net/ OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 Language: Ml Medicine: Loader-MPT Size: 12,75 Mb.
  12. Beta Version History - change log: Video Converter - (Released 2014-04-23) [ View Issues ] ================================================ - 0007881: [bug] can't enter value video bitrate in advanced editing (cedric) - resolved. - 0007858: [information] double [[ instead of just [ of streams in advanced editing window (cedric) - resolved. - 0007375: [information] file needs to be parsed (cedric) - resolved. - 0007880: [bug] custom profile editor once in audio tab can't navigate to previous step (cedric) - resolved. - 0007884: [bug] CUDA no-longer works (cedric) - resolved. [5 issues] Website: http://www.vso-software.fr/products/video-converter/vso-video-converter.php Beta Area: http://forums.vso-software.fr/latest-beta-version-1-2-0-0-t17957.html D/L: http://oasis.vso-software.fr/Beta/AllVSOConverters/vso_video_converter_setup_1.2.0.15b.exe Cerberus' Patch v6.3: Site: http://www.firedrive.com Sharecode[?]: /file/1183F4BD69FA14F8 Password: Cerberus
  13. Changelog Apr 25th 2014, 12:40pm - Changing the language during an active connection will no longer ask for a connection restart - Opening the settings during an active connection will no longer ask for a connection restart - Copy & paste within textfields is now allowed - Fixed some rarely displayed certificate warnings - The size of the main window is now correctly stored, even when CyberGhost is quitted while the main window is minimized Website: http://www.cyberghostvpn.com/en_us Beta Area: https://community.cyberghostvpn.com/index.php/Board/172-Windows-Beta/ D/L: http://www.cyberghostvpn.com/download/CG_5.0.13.13.exe
  14. Beyond Compare is the ideal tool for comparing files and folders on your Windows system. Visualize changes in your code and carefully reconcile them. Compare Files, Folders Beyond Compare allows you to quickly and easily compare your files and folders. By using simple, powerful commands you can focus on the differences you're interested in and ignore those you're not. You can then merge the changes, synchronize your files, and generate reports for your records.Specialized Viewers Beyond Compare includes built-in comparison viewers for a variety of data types. Compare .csv data or HTML tables in a Data Compare session, or images in a Picture Compare session.3-way Merge Beyond Compare's new merge view allows you to combine changes from two versions of a file into a single output. Its intelligent approach allows you to quickly accept most changes while carefully examining conflicts.Synchronize Folders Beyond Compare's intuitive Folder Sync interface lets you reconcile differences in your data automatically.Changelog- # Notable changes * Windows: Added support for portable media devices (aka "MTP") including Android 4.0+ phones and cameras. * Significant improvements to folder merge. * Added profile management and "Quick Connect" to folder browse dialog, and improved appearance and usability on OS X. * Added support for Amazon S3. * Windows: Added support for loading an SMB server as a base folder (e.g., \\server) instead of requiring a specific share (\\server\share). * Added per-profile SFTP key pairs and improved authentication handling for FTP/FTPS/SFTP. * OS X/Linux: Added support for mounting smb:// URLs automatically and preserving the URL instead of converting to the mount point's local path. * Ending a folder compare file filter with '.' will prevent '*' and '?' from matching periods in order to support matching files with no extension. # Folder merge * Replaced the left-most spacer column with icons that show the proposed merge action (Copy to Left/Right, Delete, Merge, Conflict). * Added confirmation dialogs and icons for "Merge" and "Copy to Output". * Added option to the "Merge" command to forcibly generate output with CVS-style conflict markers. * Fixed generating merge output paths for profile: and URL:// based folders. * Removed unimplemented "Merge All" command and added "Merge" to the Actions menu. * Cleaned up visibility of commands that don't make sense for the current merge output style. * Merging a file in the text merge now flags that comparison as reconciled in the folder merge as well. * Reconciling a file automatically "ignores" the the comparison so it's removed from the display. * Files in the output directory are now taken into account when automatically marking an item as reconciled. * Fixed file operation display, summary, and error logging for "Merge" and "Copy to Output" commands. * Fixed logging errors for automatic merge failures due to conflicts. * "Merge" now works when folders are selected. * Moved the "Output to" panel to the top of the window, just below the input paths. * Re-enabled gradient coloring in the center column by default. # FTP * Added per-profile SSH private key and SSL client certificate support. * Added FTP profile option "Copy Unix permissions on upload". * Encrypted SSH private keys now prompt for the passphrase when the key is accepted by the server, rather than needing to be stored in the preferences. * Removed profile's "SSH private key passphrase" setting. If needed for automation, the key should be stored without a passphrase instead. * When logging into an SFTP site, if the username is blank the client computer's username is used automatically. * SFTP connections no longer prompt for an unused password if public key or pageant/ssh-agent authentication works. * SFTP connections will now automatically try to authenticate using ~/.ssh/id_rsa and id_dsa. * Fixed changes to a profile's login information (Username/password) not being detected when opening a new connection. * Fixed unnecessary password prompt when a profile is has an explicitly saved blank password. * Fixed SSH keyboard-interactive authentication retrying too many times. * Fixed hang when performing multiple FTP operations simultaneously. # Misc * New sessions, profiles, and file formats are now edited and saved before adding them to their respective treeviews, to allow them to have better auto-generated names. * Ending a file filter with '.' will prevent '*' and '?' from matching periods in order to support matching files with no extension. * Launching BC from the command line with a single .patch or .diff file will now show it in the View Patch display instead of the text compare. * Added FireMonkey .fmx type to "Delphi Form Files" file format * Fixed launching external conversions in the "Helpers" directory in %AppData%. * Improved handling of Subversion authentication errors and revisions that don't have SVN:author or SVN:date properties. * Fixed "Move to folder" deleting the selected items if the source and destination were the same folder. * Fixed comparison report's "View in Browser" command. * Fixed Dropbox reporting last modified times in UTC instead of local time. * Fixed error when saving changes to large files in the hex compare. * Fixed using Find Text's "Select All" command when searching both sides of the compare. * Fixed displaying selected file's relative in the folder compare's right path edit. * Fixed support for using "XML Tidy" and "XML Sort" conversions on files with DOCTYPE definitions. * Improved error messages when parsing XML files for "XML Tidy" and "XML Sort" conversions. * Removed horizontal scrollbar in viewers that don't need them. * Fixed File Views to use local open/save dialog if clipboard is loaded * Fixed Folder Sync showing the "Sync" type as "Custom" if the default preset has been customized. * Fixed changing "Unimportance" and "Compare line endings" settings to redo the alignment in text compares. * Fixed enabling controls after saving changes fails in a file viewer. * Dropbox profiles are now authenticated before being added to the profile list. * Moved folder compare's "Filters" caption to the left of the combox to fix toolbar height. * Fixed splitter handling in File Formats, Profiles, and Folder Browse dialogs. * Fixed using Text "Replace All" to convert spaces to tabs. * Fixed crash when refreshing a file comparison. # Linux * Added support for automatically mounting smb:// URLs using Gnome's GVFS/FUSE bridge. * Fixed support for FTP listings with non-ASCII filenames. * Fixed invisible dialog buttons. * Fixed scrollbar visibility in folder compare. * Fixed crashes when browsing FTP directories. * Fixed errors written to stdout. * Fixed folder compare's log display when scrolling. * Fixed black square cursors in picture compare. # OS X * Mounted smb:// URLs will now show the URL in path edits instead of the mounted /Volumes/ path that backs them. * Improved crash reporting. * Fixed crash when the display configuration changes or any of the displays go to sleep. * Fixed corruption when saving a file with lines containing text that expands out to more than 2 bytes per character. * Fixed loading Unix permissions from FTP listings. * Fixed support for detecting case sensitive filesystems. # Windows * Optimized the shell extension so it doesn't access the disk until a comparison is actually loaded. * Fixed hang when trying to compare corrupt MS Word files. * Fixed support for some NAS devices. * Fixed deleting keys in registry compare. Homepage Download
  15. NeowinMOD™

    MPC-HC Beta

    Here's the latest Beta version of MPC-HC. Date: 3/21/2014 Build: Beta Homepage: http://mpc-hc.org/ MPC-HC. (7z, 10.2 MB) MPC-HC. (EXE, 11.0 MB) MPC-HC. (PDB, 7z, 14.6 MB) MPC-HC. (7z, 9.3 MB) MPC-HC. (EXE, 10.1 MB) MPC-HC. (PDB, 7z, 14.0 MB) MPC-HC_standalone_filters. (7z, 1.5 MB) MPC-HC_standalone_filters. (7z, 1.3 MB)
  16. NeowinMOD™

    MPC-HC Beta

    Here's the latest Beta version of MPC-HC. Date: 3/20/2014 Build: Beta MPC-HC. (7z, 10.2 MB) MPC-HC. (EXE, 11.0 MB) MPC-HC. (PDB, 7z, 14.6 MB) MPC-HC. (7z, 9.3 MB) MPC-HC. (EXE, 10.1 MB) MPC-HC. (PDB, 7z, 14.0 MB) MPC-HC_standalone_filters. (7z, 1.5 MB) MPC-HC_standalone_filters. (7z, 1.3 MB)
  17. NeowinMOD™

    Adobe Flash Player Beta

    Universal 32-bit and 64-bit installers for Mac and Windows browsers. Date: 3/18/2014 Build: Beta See release notes (PDF, 45.5 KB) Download active-x plug-in for Windows - for Internet Explorer only (EXE, 16.2 MB) Download plug-in for Windows - for all other browsers (EXE, 16.8 MB) Download plug-in for Mac OS X (DMG, 17.2 MB) Download plug-in for Mac OS X - for system administrators (DMG, 17.0 MB)
  18. NeowinMOD™

    MPC-HC Beta

    Here's the latest Beta version of MPC-HC. Date: 3/16/2014 - 3/17/2014 Build: Beta MPC-HC. (7z, 10.2 MB) MPC-HC. (EXE, 11.0 MB) MPC-HC. (PDB, 7z, 14.6 MB) MPC-HC. (7z, 9.3 MB) MPC-HC. (EXE, 10.1 MB) MPC-HC. (PDB, 7z, 14.0 MB) MPC-HC_standalone_filters. (7z, 1.5 MB) MPC-HC_standalone_filters. (7z, 1.3 MB) x86 installers has been updated to version
  19. NeowinMOD™

    7+ Taskbar Tweaker Beta

    7+ Taskbar Tweaker installer for Windows 7 and 8. Date: 3/7/2014 Build: Beta Changelog: Fixed: explorer could crash under certain circumstances. Download: http://rammichael.com/downloads/7tt_setup_beta.exe (EXE, 1.11 MB) Created by RaMMicHaeL
  20. NeowinMOD™

    Adobe Flash Player Beta

    Universal 32-bit and 64-bit installers for Mac and Windows browsers. Date: 3/11/2014 Build: Beta See release notes (PDF, 45.2 KB) Download active-x plug-in for Windows - for Internet Explorer only (EXE, 16.2 MB) Download plug-in for Windows - for all other browsers (EXE, 16.8 MB) Download plug-in for Mac OS X (DMG, 17.2 MB) Download plug-in for Mac OS X - for system administrators (DMG, 17.0 MB)
  21. Active-X (IE): http://labsdownload.adobe.com/pub/labs/flashruntimes/flashplayer/flashplayer13_install_win_ax.exe Plug-in (All other browsers): http://labsdownload.adobe.com/pub/labs/flashruntimes/flashplayer/flashplayer13_install_win_pi.exe Plug-in (Mac OS X): http://labsdownload.adobe.com/pub/labs/flashruntimes/flashplayer/flashplayer13_install_mac.dmg Plug-in (Mac OS X - SysAdmin): http://labsdownload.adobe.com/pub/labs/flashruntimes/flashplayer/flashplayer13_install_mac_pkg.dmg
  22. x64: http://nightly.mpc-hc.org/MPC-HC. x86: http://nightly.mpc-hc.org/MPC-HC.
  23. x64: http://nightly.mpc-hc.org/MPC-HC. x86: http://nightly.mpc-hc.org/MPC-HC.
  24. x64: http://nightly.mpc-hc.org/MPC-HC. x86: http://nightly.mpc-hc.org/MPC-HC.
  25. A few months back, Google had released an extension for Chrome that would allow you to use search simply by using your voice and saying the phrase “Ok Google”. Now, that functionality is being built-in to the browser and is available first through the new beta. If you install or update to the latest Chrome beta, you will be able to do a voice search from the Google homepage or from the new tab page. You can use it the same way you’d use it on your Android phone, by starting with “Okay Google” and then saying your query. You can also use it to set a timer or a reminder. You will just have to go to Google.com, click on the mic icon and click on “Enable Ok Google”. -|Download Link|- Google Chrome Beta Via Google Chrome Blog
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