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  2. jayesh30202


    Are you the patcher from Team Uret???
  3. Exactly I don't know why Rufus stop supporting XP and Vista
  4. So Nice bro, thanks a lot I'll give it a try
  5. teodz1984

    nsanedown blocked by ESET

    Top Google for eset cracks results nsanedown.. How would you feel if your bread and butter is free..
  6. Yeah Microsoft ""you are very very nice"" .... (F***K YOU)
  7. Oh but, if Temperature Color of the Screen changes, I will fall sleep when I'm doing my homework jajajaja XD
  8. snf


  9. Geez

    Winclon 6 Premium

    .paf Portable: 33.4 Mb Site: https://www.mirrorcreator.com Sharecode[?]: /files/004DFCTI/WinClon_Portable_6.2.3_x64_Premium_EN_KO.exe_links
  10. BioHazard

    Hello all~

  11. Possible to send me a key? Thanks in advance!
  12. BioHazard


  13. BioHazard


  14. vitorio


    Hope you like it and stay. Best forum in the Internet!!!
  15. you not right.My patch working fine to this version
  16. can you send me 1 code please? Thank you 😚
  17. Jordan

    Weather App Pro (Android)

    Already posted as stated above. Topic closed.
  18. Dino101

    Weather App Pro (Android)

    Already posted here:
  19. Jasi2169


    Just wanted to say hi everyone i don't know how this censorship topic brought me here from google search and make my first post count
  20. Today
  21. HandyPAF

    GridinSoft Anti-Malware 4.0.1

    Patch link is down.
  22. KVadRUS50

    Internet Download Manager 6.31 Build 1

    Who is the author of the patch?
  23. When the headline on every major news outlet is what Ivanka Trump has written on the back of her jacket, the President, her FATHER, has a right to be pissed! Obviously not a parent! People are being butchered every night in Chicago but the headline is President Trump's Press Secretary denied service at a restaurant! Hate Trump! Just don't eat shit & tell me it's chocolate!
  24. Crazycanuk

    Forum Upgrade Bugs

    Unnecessary comments have been removed
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