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  2. Archanus

    Some 1440p monitors reportedly use 4K panels

    I also want a 4K monitor for my games jaja But also, don't forget that higher resolutions requires more powerful GPU
  3. Firefox Browser fast & private is now 61.0 WHAT'S NEW * The new CSS engine introduced in the Firefox Quantum (57.0) desktop browser is now enabled in Firefox for Android
  4. Oh, the Domestic Violence For that reason, a couple must know each other very very well before living together !
  5. Well, at least Microsoft Edge has that feature, but as always so buggy jajaja
  6. Wow, that's incredible !! Charge my smartphone in less than an hour
  7. y0u 4r3 7h1nk1n6 b4d 7h0u6h75 r16h7 n0w. (m4ch1n3 n07 n33d3d) j4j4j4
  8. @steven36 ; @vissha ; @I Am Negan ; @hacker7 I feel so sorry for those people who do not have life and who only try their best to bother other people. They really invest so much time in decorating, coloring, write in bold or italic, editing and even looking for stupid things; just to be famous or pretend to be rude. So yes, continue being a complete idiot, this was the last post I made for you. Speak alone, poor wretch.
  9. Snuffy1942

    VNC Connect Enterprise 6.3.0

    i'll give it a test.
  10. semenionut

    GridinSoft TROJAN KILLER 2.0.60

    yes no one has the power to register it for the moment... or a repack how was in the past...with previous versions http://turbobit.net/fwd2tfqe9277.html https://public.upera.co/4PY2g694 Trojan Killer 2.0.10 RePack Trojan Killer 2.0.10 RePack
  11. vhick

    Protected Folder v1.3

    Hi buddy, I have a problem getting the license.
  12. ARMOUR

    Uninstall Tool 3.5.6 Build 5590

    CrystalIdea.Uninstall.Tool.v3.5.6.X64-AMPED 👉Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode: /files/8601762/CrystalIdea.Uninstall.Tool.v3.5.6.X64-AMPED.rar.html
  13. Tencent, the $500-billion Chinese internet giant, is increasing its focus on open source after it became a platinum member of the Linux Foundation. The company has long been associated with the foundation and Linux generally, it is a founding member of the Linux Foundation’s deep learning program that launched earlier this year, and now as a platinum member (the highest tier) it will take a board of directors seat and work more closely with the organization. That works two ways, with Tencent pledging to offer “further support and resources” to foundation projects and communities, while the Chinese firm itself will also tap into the foundation’s expertise and experience. Along those lines, the company said it will contribute its open source microservices project called TARS and an open source name service project (Tseer) to The Linux Foundation. It added that an open source AI project — Angel — will be contributed to the deep learning foundation. “We are honored to be a Platinum member of The Linux Foundation. Open source is core Tencent’s technical strategy,” Liu Xin, general manager of Tencent’s Mobile Internet Group said in a statement. Other platinum members include Cisco, Huawei, Microsoft, AT&T, Samsung and IBM. Earlier this year, Tencent joined another open source industry body — the Open Compute Project (OCP) community — as part of a push for open source in the hardware space. Tencent’s chief rival Alibaba also maintains a large presence in the open source community. Alibaba is a gold member since last year, but more than that it has invested resources into projects directly as part of a push for its cloud computing service Alicloud. The Chinese firm led a $27 million investment in MariaDB, which became its first cloud investment outside of China. At home, its Alicloud-focused deals have included investments in cloud storage provider Qiniu and big data firm Dt Dream. Source
  14. How do I turn on the cards shown in the picture in office 2019?
  15. Wow everyday is worse and worse The next step will be to use a "Mental Machine" to know if you are thinking bad things
  16. jaja Really??? That's unbelievable, the children will be scared
  17. Wow, and then they said that "They are creating the best Windows ever" jajaja We will be hacked jaja
  18. I really agree what you said. Anybody respects the decisions of the people (Religion, etc)
  19. Duh its Windows 98 not XP... Can't you even read right?
  20. Dear bros, I read your comments ... I really love Windows 8.1 (Enterprise), but the ONLY reason I use Windows 10 is because of my GPU Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (MSI) I think that my games will run slowly in Windows 8.1 [I have Intel Core i7-3770K @4.0GHz ; 16GB RAM DDR3 ; Sound Blaster Z and SSD&HDD Drives]
  21. 👇 Is there any difference with this?
  22. Hello everebody, Does it work under W10 LTSB-64 bits ? Thanks in advance. Crooky
  23. Can't even spell right it's L.O.S.E.R. A looser is a loser who can't spell "loser acc to urban dictionay https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=looser HAHAHA
  24. Totally agree bro, there were times when Windows (XP) was solid, stable and really fast That times there was no Insider Program, Donna N1gga Sarkar, and other bullsh1t that today are irrelevant !!
  25. http://simplysup.co.uk/download/dl/trjsetup695.exe http://simplysup.co.uk/download/dl/trjsetup_full695.exe Changelog :
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