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Looks like 17133 won’t be the final Windows 10 Update build after all

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It makes no sense why people are in a hurry to upgrade windows every 6 months no way , Most business are not many will be forced off Windows 7 like they were XP because they have to pay for it.  If people had to pay for it  they would not even care  and once windows 7 no longer gets updates in 2020 and there is no threat left, all the people that got windows 10 for free will most likely have to pay to keep getting windows 10 upgrades because end of windows 10 extended support  is 2020       it use to be years before a SP  would come out on windows and still  years latter when a SP 1st came out they would have regressions  and  many waited tell a year  or more latter to even install a SP because of bugs. :lol:

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From the looks of all the .esd's microsoft has made. https://goo.gl/KdhEpx

I wonder if all the new versions & I haven't seen pricings officially announced.  That might be the blocking bug... perhaps they are afraid what might happen when all these strange new versions suddenly become available everywhere.

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