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Sophos Antivirus Endpoint 10

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Entry-level antivirus, encryption and application control for small businesses

Protecting your computer with powerful antivirus software is no longer optional. Due to the growth of the virus market, every user needs a strong shield against trojans, worms and virtually any type of malware that seeks for a breach in your operating system.

Sophos Endpoint Security and Control can get in control of your computer security, by intensively monitoring the desktop and online activity of your OS. Its anti-spyware and anti-adware modules, together with the strong encryption technology and application control make it a reliable choice.

Its interface is very similar to Windows’ Explorer; the obvious advantage is that you get accustomed really fast with its behavior and exploring its features becomes incredibly intuitive. The Control panel provides easy access to scanning modules, quarantine items and tamper protection. You can set it to scan a custom folder or you can schedule it to perform on-demand scans.

The Tamper Protection feature prevents unauthorized access and forbids malware from uninstalling the antivirus program, thus ensuring that you are protected at all times.

The configuration tab allows you to set up options for on-access scanning (including scanning inside archive files, as well as automatically clean up items which contain virus or spyware), on-demand extensions and exclusions, HIPS runtime behavior analysis, user rights for Quarantine Manager, authorization and messaging.

The anti-virus software also has an auto update feature that runs in the background, without you even noticing it. This capability ensures that the software is updated according to the latest virus database, keeping your computer protected against the newest malware.

In conclusion, Sophos Endpoint Security and Control is not as popular as its competitors, but still manages to do a good job. It blocks everything that might affect the health of your computer in order to provide users with the safest working environment.



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8 hours ago, semenionut said:

we need a portable of the antivirus ...or other complete

@coua@xanax could help with med.
Once the perfect fix is available, portable makers like @BALTAGY@Geez/ JooSeng / CheshireCat / FoxxApp would be happy to engage with this tool.

@BALTAGY I meant RePack not portable. Since you all make Portables as main part, I mentioned as "portable makers"

Edited by vissha

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...and be non-full working app...

...and not full portable app...

and at the end using something like that as protection on system? :rolleyes:

Edited by xanax

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