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Google Chrome to tag all sites accessed through HTTP as “not secure”

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Google will take its efforts to shame website owners into encrypting their traffic up another notch this July with the release of Chrome 68.

At that point, Chrome will label all websites that use unencrypted HTTP connections as "Not secure" via a pop up on the left side of the web address bar, no matter the circumstance.


Google Chrome HTTP Not secure

The problem with HTTP is that any data the web page transmits can be potentially spied on, which could expose passwords or credit card information. As a result, Google has been pushing websites to embrace HTTPS encrypted connections.

Over the past two years, the company has been steadily adding "Not secure" alerts to the browser to flag web pages still on HTTP. However, the alerts have only been appearing under certain conditions, like if you start typing information into an HTTP page.

Google decided to gradually roll out the alerts to give website owners time to implement the encryption. But that grace period is coming to an end, the company said in a Thursday blog post. The good news is that more sites are steadily adopting the encryption; 81 of the top 100 sites on the internet now use HTTPS by default, the company said. In addition, 68 percent of Chrome browser traffic over Android and Windows is now encrypted, up 4 points from October.

Eventual Chrome Not Secure Warning


For now, the "Not secure" alert appears only in gray text with a white information icon next to it. But in the future, Google intends to make the alert red, with a warning triangle attached. Mozilla's Firefox has also been labeling HTTP pages with similar-looking alerts.



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Google the same company  that wouldn't take down a VLC clone from there  store  full of spyware when VLC asked   not tell it   it made the PC centric  News did they take it down because they make money from ads. A ad company  is going  to make the Internet  a better place,  when even there browsers and there forks   are even worse about  holding off  security patches than others .  they do like  Microsoft and wait tell a  month latter to give you updates. the same company who's safe search  is just another spyware like WOT  !


The same company who is always allowing  people to get infected  from there own store  and https sites, and to top it all off Google has censored  there search engine  so bad you're lucky you don't click on a malware site looking for relevant results,  it's became garbage  and if we put the world in Google's hands the rest of the Web will  be too.  What goes up must come down,  once  Google gets there own adblocker that allows only there ads,  that will be when the masses leave the browser,  so they can still see websites ,  because websites are going start blocking it for blocking  there ads. I don't care what Google does because I'm going  to  use  something else.

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I see what they might be trying to achieve here and it is theoraticaly good. But then, just because I see HTTPS in the title bar doesn't it mean the page is "secure" these days either.

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