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ruby is updated again .

at this moment there is nothing to be found on the net about this rails on windows

install with ruby 2.4 and newer . 

and it is  easy man .



and the way of installing is changed also .

i installed and had ruby on my system .

i installed rails but everytime i do rails -v , 
the commandline tells me that rails is not recognised .

i did some things i can't remember what ,then

i tryd to make an app and it starts and stopped telling me that i must install the toolchain 
i went to the maintenance tool in C mysys and started it ,
it was changed from a command prompt into something with radio buttons and told me some

that i didn't know what/how to do  .

i uninstalled and installed mysys a copple o times and nope nothing runs.
and reinstalled ruby without uninstalling twice .

then i remembered that i unchecked the checkbox at the end of the ruby first installation 
because i wanted to install mysys like  i allways(3x) did . this is something you don't do often .
so i uninstalled everything 


and started over .

this time i kept the checkbox checked and yes , the way of installing went this time different .
after pushing enter in that cmd mysys installed correctly and the mysys cmd showed up while 
the other one was installing . 


in a hurry i accidentaly closed mysys cmd and opened it in the mysys folder and

this is what it said :

Copying skeleton files.
These files are for the users to personalise their msys2 experience.

They will never be overwritten nor automatically updated.

'./.bashrc' -> '/home/User//.bashrc'
'./.bash_logout' -> '/home/User//.bash_logout'
'./.bash_profile' -> '/home/User//.bash_profile'
'./.inputrc' -> '/home/User//.inputrc'
'./.profile' -> '/home/User//.profile'


the other cmd stopped and i pushed enter and it dissapeared .

i took the windows default cmd and updated the gems .

i got this answer :


RubyGems installed the following executables:

Ruby Interactive (ri) documentation was installed. ri is kind of like man
pages for ruby libraries. You may access it like this:
  ri Classname
  ri Classname.class_method
  ri Classname#instance_method
If you do not wish to install this documentation in the future, use the
--no-document flag, or set it as the default in your ~/.gemrc file. See
'gem help env' for details.


i checked the ruby version




i installed rails 


and yes the system found it .




i made a new app and it went good .




now ruby on rails is installed and i'm working on it .

runtime error still exists .
i know that there are more errors to come , i hope it will be easy with this install .


this use to be much more work with devkit ,they made the install simple . 

more easy than the first mysys that came out , i didn't even use pacman yet .


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