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uBlock Origin 1.13.9rc1

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 gorhill released this an hour ago


Firefox WebExtensions

Given the announcement that legacy extensions will be disabled tomorrow in the Nightly build, I pushed uBO/webext -- the pure WebExtension version -- to dev channel of uBlock Origin on AMO.

If you wish to migrate from 1.13.8 (uBO/legacy) to uBO/webext but want to keep all your settings/data, just go through the intermediate step of installing uBO/webext-hybrid before installing uBO/webext:

  • Nightly only: Open about:config, toggle extensions.legacy.enabled to true.
  • Install 1.13.9b7 from dev channel on AMO.
    • Ensure that your data has been migrated after 1.13.9b7 is first launched -- just peruse your settings to see if they are all fine.
  • Now you can install 1.13.9rc0 from dev channel on AMO.
  • Nightly only: You can reset the setting extensions.legacy.enabled to its default value in about:config.

See Firefox WebExtensions documentation for up to date information regarding the uBO/webext[-hybrid].

Closed as fixed:







If you have probleme for install in Firefox


Try this way:





At the bottom
Click on :
Development Channel
and :
Yellow Button ; Add to Firefox 
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