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Nokia and Carl Zeiss Team up to create the Best Camera for Upcoming Smartphone

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Nokia is now restarting an old partnership with Zeiss camera lenses.


Nokia-built phones adopted Carl Zeiss optics for years, advertising it as a selling point for the popular N95 smartphone a decade ago. HMD is immediately bringing back the Zeiss branding on Nokia-branded phones in a movement designed to position its designs with yet another logo and push the concept of a superior camera on customers.


While the company has been pleased today, HMD isn’t doing to a timeframe for new phones with Zeiss Optics. HMD has already revealed a trio of Nokia-branded Android smartphones, but neither of them features Zeiss optics. HMD’s subsisting devices are all unremarkable mid-range Android phones, but the group has promised a premium handset for the future.

It’s obvious that any future premium handset will include Zeiss optics, but this doesn’t necessarily imply it will be a superior camera from what’s already on the market. While Zeiss has highlighted on many Nokia devices, comprising its famous 808 and PureView handsets, it’s Nokia’s own form sampling technologies that delivered it an advantage over the competition rather than the lenses alone.


Any new Nokia-branded premium phones won’t be built by the same engineers that founded PureView. Apple hired Nokia’s Lumia photography expert, and the bulk of the talent behind Nokia’s camera business left the company when Microsoft acquired Nokia’s phone business.


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