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Hello Nsane :)

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Hello! Been using the homepage of this site since it's birth, also since before softexia become shareware only. (Long time lol) Didn't register as everything was available publicly.

Decided since i've seen some members here releasing their own fixes to join and give them a huge thanks for all they do. And of course everyone else who makes this place possible.


This has got to be the very best software portal/forum with the most helpful people that i've seen in over 10 + years of being a packrat downloader lol

Thought it was only right to register and start to give back to the community in ways of providing software and mirrors if and when needed to hosts that are not soley just for premium users.


Look forward to actually meeting people here on a personal level since i've known and seen many posts from you regulars for the last several years.

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and welcome m8!

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welcome friend!.. U have is good.

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