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EZ CD Audio Converter 5.0.6

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EZ CD Audio Converter, formerly Easy CD-DA Extractor, rips audio CDs with exact and reliable error detection and two-pass verification of audio, allows editing of metadata supporting multiple services for retrieving high-quality metadata, and burns discs. It has a very fast multi-core audio converter that allows parallel audio conversion with up to 8 parallel converters. All combined in a user friendly interface.

Thanks to Astron for the update.


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well, if you buy it, obviously, but I SERIOUSLY doubt that anyone who comes here is a legit user. that's the bottom line.


BTW, is out, anyway.

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Who cares ? i never use it too rip flac and that's only thing  updated worth talking about i already have EAC  were updated Flac myself to rip CDs i just use EZ CD for a audio converter and  5.0.4 still is working fine for it will get cracked when it gets cracked so why obsess over every version? This software has been around for many years and never every version has been cracked  because it updates too much.


i just downloaded some flacs that came out today and there using old flac  so what good is updating flac if you dont rip flac cds?


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EZ CD Audio Converter 5.0.8 Build 1 Portable Endless Trial by Fuken Gruven
Site: http://www.mediafire.com
Sharecode[?]: /download/92f44v1f9wfa6f5/EZCDPortable_x.x.x_32bit_64bit_Multilingual_Rev.3_online.paf.exe

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Looks all the bugs are on the recent  versions, IMO just better stick to the version with last working patch


Bug fixes
Fixed the bug where ripping or converting to FLAC would fail with some (AMD) processors
It was a bug in the official FLAC 1.3.2 libraries and it has now been fixed by the official cpu-detection patch
Fixes the bug where the software would revert to system default language after installation although English was selected in the installer

Bug fixes for the FLAC (1.3.2) encoder
Fixed a possible bug in the encoder (may have caused encoder to fail, no errors on completed encodings)
Fixed the bug where the newly created file would have read-only property set if the ReplayGain calculation was enabled
Ripping or converting to an existing file with read-only property set no longer fails
Updating metadata of a file with read-only property set no longer fails


UI update
Metadata editing window now works as it was designed to

Codec Updates
FLAC 1.3.2
WavPack 5.0.0

Amazon Cover Art search works again (protocol change)
Improved multi-channel to stereo mixing matrix, removed auto-gain to prevent clipping, gain can be manually adjusted with the ReplayGain


3 hours ago, Diego_10 said:

New version Please create Patch 5.xx or crack for this version!

Patches are specific to only 1 version if ever he decides to make 1

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