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How To Download Android APK Files Directly From Google Play Store

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Geeteam I think my post has been misunderstood a little bit:

I've been a'watching and a'hoping...but:

A new thread has been created on the Mobile Software Updates where you can post your android questions there.

Have yet to see such a thread appear.

I definitely would love to make use of it as several problems with my phone have no posted solutions that I have been able to find despite loads of searching...

Will this new thread appear soon, I hope ??


A thread has been created here, where you can request your apps :)

I know exactly where the app request post is and have in fact posted to it, thanks.

What we were discussing was some way for a newbie to Android like myself to get help with stuff that is problematic for a newbie like myself to understand how to deal with - as I said here=>

I do have some problems I need to solve though as an Android noob, and the biggest one is finding a good place to be able to ask newbie type questions and actually get help ?!?

(There is no Android help forum here and it sure would be great if there could be one !!!)

I have not yet found anyplace here to post problems so that others may help one to understand how to solve them.


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Leave all these downloader sites. Download all APK verified and malware free with secure connection[HTTPS].

Here it is, completely secure App Store for Android - TorrApk. Available in 2 laguages.



If you want an app which is not yet added to Evozi or any other downloader, you can just request the app from the below links and it'll be posted within few hours after testing, verification and malware free.

Request an app - English

Request an app - Italian

You can also rate apps and review it. It requires free registration.

They also have blog - TorrApk Blog - English, TorrApk Blog - Italian

You can also post as a guest.

If you are a developer of free applications for Android, use TorrApk and reach more users.
The publication* of your apps is absolutely free and download too. You'd need to signup for a developer account first.

More info - English

More info - Italian

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Thanks post removed.


Like on most online forums the use of the 'Like / Thanks' button is preferred over simply posting 'Thanks' or something similar. Making an excessive amount of posts which add little to nothing to a topic might result in a post count reduction.


To new member, please take a time to read ours forum guidelines.

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Is there Firefox addon that can download apk from google play? It seem easier than have to open this sites to download apk.

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AFAIK no...

Google Play Store does not have the feature for direct downloads.. let alone through addons

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A other way is to use raccoon


Raccoon is an open source Google Play desktop client / APK downloader for downloading Android apps on Windows, Mac OS and Linux PCs.


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