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Uniblue PowerSuite 2013

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Uniblue PowerSuite 2013 ML + Key


Uniblue PowerSuite 2013 - is a system utility that helps your computer run much faster. The program can also be cleaned and fix any registry problems. The program has a feature that scans all the drivers installed on your computer and are looking for available updates. You will only need to install these updates to resolve, and you will always have the latest drivers. After work this utility to your computer, you'll be surprised how much better your system will work!

Speed ​​tools:

  • CPU manager. The process may create problems due to capture too many system resources. CPU manager protects against this by adjusting the priority of a process before that chip away an excessive amount of resources.
  • Faster application launch. When you run the tool for accelerating application launcher redirects extra system resources to reduce the startup time.
  • Faster application launch of the "Start" menu. Accelerate launch applications from the "Start" increases the speed of opening programs from the "Start" menu. This is accomplished by pre-emptive load data into memory.
  • Proactive thumbnail generator. Whenever you open a folder with images, Windows generates thumbnails for preview. With the Proactive thumbnail generator after opening the folder, the PC performs a one-time thumbnail generation and saves the data to the System folder Windows. After that, the system will quickly extract thumbnails from memory rather than generate them.

Optimization of the system:

  • Unused processes. Powersuite defines processes and services used by the operating system in the background. If any of these processes and services that are not used by the system, the program will disable them to free up system resources.
  • Damaged registry entries. Powersuite cleans the registry from corrupt entries. The registry is a repository of important commands for hardware and software, which need constant access to your computer. Damaged entries accumulate as work, especially in the removal of programs, changes in settings and hardware. Removal of damaged records can improve the efficiency of processing tasks to your computer.
  • Updating drivers. Powersuite checks your hardware and determines if there are any driver updates for devices. If updates are available, the program can download and install all new drivers with one click. Updating drivers enhances the effectiveness of the equipment. In addition, it is the main way to resolve problems with the equipment.
  • Defragment registry. Registry data suffer from fragmentation, when instructions are scattered over different parts of the disk. Powersuite to defragment the registry, thus optimizing the speed of your computer.

Optimizing disk:

  • Unnecessary files. Section "unnecessary files" allows you to remove Windows temporary files and free of trash. Very often in these parts accumulate unnecessary files that waste your disk space.
  • Disk fragmentation. As you use the disk data scattered or fragmented by different sections of the hard disk. This may adversely affect the performance of your hard disk. The program is carefully arranges the data, eliminating fragmentation and increasing the speed of access to data on your computer.
  • Removal of old backups. To save disk space, you can delete old backups, they are a restore point and backup files update Windows.

New to Uniblue PowerSuite Pro 2013:

  • The program is compatible with Windows 8
  • PowerSuite is now a separate product, including key benefits and features of software products Uniblue
  • Several options for scanning a full scan, scan and scan by category separate object
  • Simplified product activation
  • Improved interface and design
  • A new measure of system performance
  • The ability to backout
  • The program can be expanded to fill the screen for easy reading
  • Easy availability of technical support program
  • Changing the language without restarting the program
  • Automatic detection of proxy Internet
  • Now available in 13 languages ​​program

Website: http://www.uniblue.com
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Language: Ml / Russian / English
Medicine: Key
Size: 21,5 Mb.

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