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Found 2 results

  1. A user at Resetera.com has announced that the hack version of PlayStation 4 (PS4 4.05) is now available and hence, the opportunity for targeting the highly sought-after Sony device is ripe. As per DanteLinkX, the user who posted about the hack, it is possible to load or dump PS4 files into ‘.pkg’ format and then load them on firmware version 4.05. Moreover, there are multiple dumps that are compatible with version 4.05 PS4 games and these are being distributed on the internet wildly. “Supposedly a hack for firmware 5.01 is on the way too,” said DanteLinkX. This new hack has been dubbed as PS4HEN. It has the capability of modifying the console at the software level to allow homebrew applications to be executed and run. In simple words, it converts the regular PS4 console into a developer’s kit. Hackers used PS4HEN to emulate PS2 games so as to boost PS4 library. Perhaps, people are now playing pirated PS4 games that too on compromised version of PS4. V 4.05, for instance, Doom VFR and Dead Rising 4. Furthermore, the PKG Kitchen tool allows games like GTA V, Uncharted 4 and similar others to be dumped online for users to play. However, the process of playing pirated system is not only complicated but detrimental to the machine itself. There are a number of free games available on PSN so you can opt for them but if you really intend to get your console hacked then we suggest that you wait for more information on the hacking tools and the consequences of their usage. A statement is due to be released by Sony regarding this issue but you need to remember that hacking PS4 will instantly render its warranty void and it would become impossible to sell your machine to local vendors. If you try to remove the hack even then you will be facing compatibility issues. You can learn more about the hack by following this link. https://www.hackread.com/playstation-4-hacked-to-run-ps2-emulation-homebrew-software/
  2. If you’ve been thinking about buying a PlayStation 4 Pro, then good news: the number of options you have just grew. Sony has announced two new PlayStation 4 Pro models, both of which are launching at the end of the month. While one is aimed more toward mainstream consumers who just want something a little different, the other is decidedly for Monster Hunter enthusiasts. The first console we’ll touch on is a limited edition Monster Hunter: World bundle. As with most of these special bundles centered around a game, the console comes with a unique look, outfitted in a red and black Monster Hunter theme with a matching controller to boot. Of course, the bundle will also feature a copy of the game, so you’ll have everything you need to dive into Monster Hunter: World on launch day should you decide to pick this bad boy up. For those who might want something a little more subtle than the Monster Hunter: World console, Sony is also launching a white variant of the PlayStation 4 Pro. This is the same one that was featured in Destiny 2 bundles around the time of that game’s launch, but now it’s available as a standalone product. While the Monster Hunter: World bundle will be a limited-time item, it sounds like the Glacier White PS4 Pro is here to stay. When both of them launch on January 26, you’ll be able to get them exclusively at GameStop (or EB Games if you happen to live in Canada). The Monster Hunter: World bundle will set you back $449.99, which is $50 more than the standard PlayStation 4 Pro. That isn’t a bad deal, considering that the console itself comes with a special paint job and you get a copy of Monster Hunter: World. The Glacier White model, on the other hand, will cost $399.99, the same price as the standard PS4 Pro. Both of them are up for pre-order right now at GameStop, but if you’re eying that Monster Hunter: World bundle, you might want to hop on it quick – after all, these things have a way of selling out quickly. source