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Found 5 results

  1. Mozilla Firefox 51 Is the First Web Browser to Support the New WebGL 2 Standard Introduces FLAC playback and new 2D graphics library With advanced graphics rendering features like a new complex shading language, state-of-the-art texturing capabilities, and transform feedback, Firefox 51 is the first web browser in the world to support the new WebGL 2 technologies, allowing skilled web developers to make use of these powerful new 3D graphics for creating new content. Best of all, WebGL 2 works on Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms. "Expanding on the solid foundation of WebGL 1, WebGL 2 allows content creators to leverage more modern accelerated rendering features, like transform feedback, expanded texturing functionality, and multisampled rendering support," explains Mozilla's Nick Nguyen. "This will make it possible for developers to create more sophisticated and engaging visual content on the web." Mozilla invites web developers who are curious to test drive the new WebGL 2 capabilities of Firefox to download and upgrade to version 51.0, then access PlayCanvas' After the Flood WebGL 2 demo. A short introductory video is attached at the end of the article if you haven't managed to upgrade to Firefox 51 just yet, but you only want to see the new WebGL 2 technologies in action. Mozilla's key priority is to keep users safe online In the press announcement, Mozilla says that the company's key priority is to keep users safe online. As such, the new Firefox 51 update implements a new functionality that will warn users whenever they found themselves on a web page that wants to collect their passwords but doesn't offer them a secure connection, such as HTTPS. Check out the next image to see the new feature in action. Mozilla's efforts to make Firefox faster and more responsive are continuing, and the version spreads the multi-process capabilities of the web browser to more than half of desktop users. Firefox 51 also improved video performance for those with old computers and without GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) acceleration, which means that your favorite web browser is using less CPU usage. Better full-screen experience, a new zoom button in the URL bar that lets you view in real-time the zoom level of the current tab, the ability to view passwords before they are saved in the built-in password manager, support for FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) playback, improved reliability of browser data sync, and the implementation of the Skia 2D graphics library for content rendering on Linux are also included in Firefox 51. Yesterday we informed our readers about the fact that they can download Firefox 51 ahead of Mozilla's official announcement, but now the web browser is officially launched and it's time to update your installations. Go ahead and grab the binary packages for 64-bit or 32-bit systems on GNU/Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows platforms right now. More info for nsaners on Firefox 51: Source
  2. Two major browsers makers, Mozilla and Google, are adding support for the FLAC audio format this month, with the releases of Firefox 51 and Chrome 56. FLAC is an acronym that stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, a file format for storing audio data with no data loss. The format is well known among music lovers, who often prefer to listen to music files stored in FLAC format due to the higher sound quality that these files provide. For many years, the downside to using FLAC files on the web was their huge size, with streaming providers opting for smaller audio file formats, such as MP3, WAV, and others. But as bandwidths have grown all over the world, both streaming providers and browser makers are now turning their sights to FLAC in order to improve their quality of service. FLAC support to be added in Firefox, Chrome by the end of the month The first browser vendor to announce FLAC support was Mozilla. Since the end of August, Mozilla engineers have been working hard on adding FLAC support to Firefox. Their end goal is Firefox 51, set for an official release on January 23. FLAC support has already arrived in Firefox Nightly and Beta versions, and the feature is expected to launch as initially planned. The latest browser maker to add FLAC support is Google, who recently started adding basic FLAC support in the desktop version of Chrome 56, expected to launch on January 31. According to a feature request spotted by 9to5Google, Chrome users had been asking for FLAC support since as early as 2011. ChromeOS already features FLAC support, so adding it to the Chrome browser now seems a trivial task. Article source
  3. Got high quality audiophile headphones as a Birthday present just a few days ago. Plugged them in .... only to learn that my huge music collection (mainly in mp3 format) can't be played on them. These cans are simply too good for heavily compressed mp3 files. I'll have to use lossless formats like FLAC or WMA lossless from now on. But at this moment have very few CD rips of this kind. Seems like I need to start collecting my music almost from scratch. ...................................................................................................... And here comes my request : Are you aware of any good sources for downloading any kind of music (all genres including classical music) ? Post them in this thread, please. I would appreciate just links to the sites with music, as well as links to particular album downloads. However one limitation applies here : they have to be in one of lossless formats (FLAC / WMA). Thank you in advance. MODS : If by chance you think this topic will better fit in DOWNLOAD section - please, feel free to move it there. I wasn't sure.
  4. Mozilla Firefox 51 will launch with support for the Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) built-in to the web browser. If you check browser support for various audio and video codecs, you will soon realize that support is a mess. Not only is it different depending on the web browser that you are using, but it may also be different depending on the operating system. Some formats, like mp3 or H.264, are supported by the majority of browsers while others, like FLAC or Ogg are not necessarily. While you may not come across a single service or site that supports FLAC or OGG depending on what you do on the Internet, you will benefit from native integration if you do. FLAC is for instance used by several high quality audio streaming services that offer lossless audio streams. FLAC in Firefox As far as FLAC is concerned, it is not supported by the majority of browsers. In fact, up to Firefox 51, it is not support by any browser with a noticeable market share. Mozilla is the first to introduce FLAC support. Starting with Firefox 51, FLAC support is built natively in Firefox. Firefox 51 is the current version of the Nightly version of the Firefox browser. If you run it, you may listen to FLAC audio in Firefox already. Up until now you had no option but to download the FLAC file, or get delivered a fallback format like mp3 instead if the service checked for support and noticed that it is not supported by the browser. Some music services, Tidal needs to be mentioned in this regard, offer high quality playback using FLAC but only if the browser supports it. Firefox 51 will be released to the stable channel on January 24, 2017 according to the Mozilla Firefox Release Schedule. Please note that the schedule or the integration of FLAC support may change, for instance if issues are encountered that require more development work on the feature. You may check out the official bug listing over on Bugzilla to monitor its progress. (via Sören) Article source
  5. After several years of development, Kim Dotcom's much-anticipated music streaming platform Baboom is gearing up for its public release. Baboom aims to disrupt the music industry by closing the bridge between artists and fans. This includes a higher revenue share for artists and free music streaming in a lossless format for fans. Last summer Kim Dotcom resigned as Mega director to focus on other projects, including his Internet Party and upcoming music service Baboom. The latter had its ‘soft launch’ in January featuring only one album, that of Kim Dotcom himself. A few months have passed since and Baboom is now gearing up for a full release. Dotcom has been clear about his goal for the music service ever since it was first teased in 2011. By providing free music and compensating artists through advertising revenue, Dotcom believes he can decrease music piracy while giving artists proper compensation for their work. But is that really doable? This week two of Baboom’s top executives spoke out on Baboom’s mission and some of the unrivaled features through which it hopes to disrupt the music industry. Chief Technology Officer Marco Oliveira stresses that closing the gap between artists and fans is one of the main goals. One way to do this is by providing the best quality music possible, through lossless streaming of FLAC music files. “Baboom is the first music streaming platform to support FLAC streaming, which delivers lossless audio. What this means, is that fans get to listen to music exactly how the artist intended. No degraded audio experience, you get an exact replica of what the artist recorded,” Oliveira says. Streaming FLAC files will require a decent Internet connection, as a full music album can easily take up more than half a gigabyte. In addition to lossless streams, users will also be able to download tracks in FLAC format to listen to offline. But the music quality is only part of the offer. For artists, Baboom wants to make it as simple as possible to share their work with the public and make a decent living while doing so. No strings attached. “Artists should be in charge of their careers, instead of being locked in unfair agreements. Neither artists or fans care for this. All they care about is the music, and that’s what should matter,” Oliveira. This vision is shared by Mikee Tucker, Baboom’s Head of Content and Platform, who has worked with independent artists for over a decade. Tucker believes that Baboom can give artists full control over their music, and earn more than they would do through any of the major labels. “For me there are two driving factors behind Baboom’s vision. Firstly, the spirit of true independence and artist freedom which inspires our vision to empower the artist and give control back to the creator. Secondly, the need for a solution to tackle declining revenues and outdated business models which inspires our vision innovate and disrupt,” Tucker says. It may sound too good to be true, but Baboom believes it can generate enough revenue through its advertisement tool. This application works like an ad blocker, but instead of blocking ads it replaces a small percentage with Baboom’s own ads. Those who prefer not to install the app have the option to buy the music instead. Most of the revenue will then flow directly to the artists with Baboom keeping a small share, 10 percent. This fraction pales in comparison to the amounts held back by the major labels. While this may work in theory, in the end Baboom’s success will greatly depend on the content. Dotcom previously said that there are several “top artists” lined up for the launch, but who they are remains a mystery for now. It’s no secret that Dotcom has several prominent connections in the music industry and it will be interesting to see which artists join him. In any case, there will definitely be plenty of attention for Baboom’s launch later this year. Source: TorrentFreak