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Found 10 results

  1. I wanted to know about Ghost in the Shell Should I watch Ghost in the Shell (1995) ? or should I watch the Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence I (2004) ? or the Ghost in the Shell 2.0 (2008) instead??!! I'm completely confused, I'm not even sure If those are movies or TV Series ! Kindly help.... ...thanks in advance
  2. After months of controversy surrounding the live-action Ghost in the Shell, we finally have something more fun to talk about. At a live event in Tokyo, the first trailer was unveiled to the world, and it’s pretty fantastic. Fans of the manga turned anime will notice plenty of throwbacks to those works, with lots of new stuff blended in. Plus star Scarlett Johansson really seems to nail the human on the inside, cyborg on the outside of her character, Major. Check it out. We’ll have much, much more on the trailer and Ghost in the Shell later this week. The film, which stars Scarlett Johansson, Takeshi Kitano, Juliette Binoche, and Michael Pitt, opens March 31, 2017 [YouTube] Article source
  3. MALClient Have you ever wanted an easier way to access all of your favorite anime? Also, perhaps you’ve been looking for a way to get the latest updates on when an episode releases, as well as to mark when you first started watching the title and follow it through to the end. If so, then an updated Windows 10 app might just be what you’re looking for. Mardonus from the Windows Phone subreddit shared an update on their anime/manga tracking UWP. Named MALClient in regards to My Anime List, the popular anime and manga website for enthusiasts, the app unofficially provides basically the same services as the site. The ad-free application displays your preferred entertainment from myanimelist and hummingbird.me so you won’t miss anything new. It was first introduced earlier this year in April and now it’s back with a rather large update that completely turns the app on its head. MALClient is also useful for finding new and upcoming anime or manga with a new search feature that lets you find characters or titles. You can also have full conversations with the private messaging or via the profile comments. Here’s a beefy full list of the impressive update’s features from the store page: Manga and Anime support. Browse your own list as well as other’s. Update your anime entries, including tags. Check anime reviews. Lurk&Post on Forums. Browse related anime. View top anime and manga. Search for new anime in MyAnimeList/Hummingbird database. Pin anime series with customizable tiles. Search for characters! Character&Staff details. Read MAL news & articles. Read and send MAL messages. View your history. Profile comments. Add and remove favourite shows, characters etc. Check your own profile stats , favourites etc.. View currently airing anime. Dark and Light themes. MALClient is already a smooth and feature-rich client app that works as intended without any advertisements to bog it down or in-app purchases except for various increments of donations. But that’s not all that is in store. Mordonus has additional plans for the application in the future like adding watched topics and maybe even clubs that would let users become more social in their favorite genres. The creator did take to answering a couple of the questions brought up by users about the update to MALClient. Mordonus clarified that there was only one way to log in due to the API credentials used by the third party client and that further options aren’t likely. On a more technical note, MALClient is also open sourced so you can view the GitHub repository online to learn more about it. Are you looking for your next anime or manga binge? Try out MALClient by downloading from Microsoft’s Windows Store with the link below. MALClient – Windows Apps on Microsoft Store Article source
  4. Fall 2013 Anime Chart v3 (2013.09.25) Finally new season of Hajime no Ippo and Kuroko no Basuke :D
  5. For more than half a decade Facebook has used BitTorrent to deploy code across its thousands of servers. What only few people know, however, is that Facebook's current setup uses an open source tracker that was initially developed to assist members of a private anime tracker to share animated Japanese characters. Large scale web-services need tens of thousands of servers to keep things running smoothly for their millions of users. Keeping all of these servers updated with the latest code can be time and resource intensive and it was no different at Facebook during its early years. However, most problems disappeared when the social networking company discovered BitTorrent. With BitTorrent all servers in the network could help to distribute code updates and as a result deployment took minutes rather than hours or days. After discovering these benefits Facebook changed its BitTorrent implementation quite a bit. Among other tools, the company is now using the open source tracker software Chihaya, named after a school girl starring in the manga series Chihayafuru. While this might seem like a peculiar name for a piece of BitTorrent tracking code, all becomes clear when you look at the history of the software and its links to a private anime torrent tracker. In 2012 a developer named Kotoko started working on a new tracker backend written in the then-new programming language Go. Named Chihaya, the project (originally developed for a private anime community) aimed to become a replacement for the Ocelot tracker used by many Gazelle-based torrent sites. Around the same time the people behind the Waffles community were working on a full replacement for Gazelle named Batter, and the Chihaya developer eventually jumped on this bandwagon. The project also drew the attention of other programmers, including Jimmy Zelinskie and Justin Li, both college students at the time. “I was interested in helping out with Chihaya back then because I wanted to work on a project to cement my skills in the Go programming language,” Zelinskie tells TF. After a while priorities changed. Chihaya was never connected to a tracker frontend, but Zelinskie and Li kept improving it bit by bit. “The Batter project fizzled out, but Chihaya development continued,” Zelinskie says. “We restructured Chihaya a few times, trying to decide how to make it scalable and ultimately landed on what we have today.” Over the past several years Chihaya has evolved into one of the most advanced pieces of tracker software around, with support for multi-cored processors and peers announcing on IPv4, IPv6 or both. “The architecture of the project is entirely modular and in doing so, we’ve made the tracker so it could potentially support any transport protocol like HTTP or UDP and any backend BitTorrent indexing software like Gazelle,” Zelinskie tells TF. This didn’t go unnoticed by others, including the engineering team at Facebook who also started to use the code for their server deployment. “Facebook started using the project because of our proper IPv6 support,” Zelinskie says, adding that they optimized the tracker even more for a local setup. “We soon after added the ability to prefer peers based on a subnet of their IP address; for example, if your IP address is, you can configure the tracker to deliver you all the ‘closest’ peers in the 192.168.1.X range before any others,” he notes. Zelinskie currently works at CoreOS, a company that specializes in the deployment of software. He believes that BitTorrent-supported distribution is the future for companies, large and small. Chihaya certainly fits into this picture. This leads to the remarkable conclusion that an open source private tracker, originally programmed to serve anime torrents, is now powering one of the largest technology companies in the world. For Zelinskie, this transition not only shows the true power of open source, but also of BitTorrent. “This is the reason why I write open source software and my company releases so much of what we do open source. Having as many people as possible working towards a common goal, in this case a solid BitTorrent tracker implementation, is beneficial to all of society, not just one set of individuals,” he says. “BitTorrent is far too often associated with copyright infringement. When in reality, BitTorrent is simply the best file transfer protocol. Whether it’s being used by you, me, or even Facebook.” torrentfreak.com
  6. Need GoAnimate / VideoScribe alike WhiteBoard Animation alternatives For our college video project need a whiteboard animation software/web app . Searched on Google , until now GoAnimate seems to be best since it has animated video features where characters can walk while talking , but it's watermarked (for free) , needs subscriptions to 1080p export . . . Therefore also found VideoScribe which is quite useful too (except walking talking feature) , but did not find any working medicine for latest release . . . . So can anyone help in suggesting best whiteboard animation app / latest released working VideoScribe ? :)
  7. The effects of a DDoS attack that crippled NYAA, one of the largest anime torrent sites, continue today with fingers being pointed at everyone from the Japanese government to an anti-piracy group working with anime distributors. Subtitling site HorribleSubs, which was also affected, has its own ideas. Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS attacks are a relatively common occurrence in the file-sharing community and something that many sites are subjected to throughout the course of a year. They disrupt service and can often cost money to mitigate. Those carrying out the attacks have a variety of motives, from extortion and blackmail to “the lulz“, and a dozen reasons in between. Often the reasons are never discovered. During the past few days several sites involved in the unauthorized sharing of anime have been targeted by DDoS-style attacks. Swaps4 reported that Haruhichan, Tokyo Toshokan and AnimeTake were under assault from assailants unknown, although all now appear to be back online. A far more serious situation has played out at NYAA.se, however. The site is probably the largest public dedicated anime torrent index around and after being hit with an attack last weekend it remains offline today. The attack on NYAA had wider effects too. NYAA and leading fan-subbing site HorribleSubs reportedly shared the same hosting infrastructure so the DDoS attack took down both sites. That’s significant, not least since at the end of August HorribleSubs reported that their titles had been downloaded half a billion times. As the image above shows it now appears that HorribleSubs has recovered (and added torrent magnet links) but the same cannot be said about NYAA. The site’s extended downtime continues with no apparent end in sight. This has resulted in a backlash from the site’s fans and somewhat inevitably accusatory fingers are being pointed at potential DDoS suspects. As far-fetched as it might sound, one of the early suspects was the Japanese government itself. The launch of a brand new anti-piracy campaign last month in partnership with 15 producers certainly provided a motive, but a nation carrying out this kind of assault seems unlikely in the extreme. Quickly, however, an announcement from HorribleSubs turned attentions elsewhere. “Chill down. It’s not just us. Every famous anime sites [are] getting DDoS attacks, but that doesn’t mean this is the end,” the site’s operator wrote on Facebook. “We have located where DDoS are coming from. It’s from ‪#‎Crunchyroll‬ and ‪#‎Funimation‬ Employees.” Update: HorribleSubs inform TF that the Facebook page listed is “in no way managed nor affiliated with HorribleSubs and as such all opinions and views expressed on that page does not reflect the views and opinions of the HorribleSubs management.” Funimation is an US television and film production company best known for its distribution of anime while Crunchyroll is a website and community focused on, among other things, Asian anime and manga. While both could at least have a motive to carry out a DDoS, no evidence has been produced to back up the HorribleSubs claims. That said, HorribleSubs admits that its key motivation is to annoy Crunchyroll. “We do not translate our own shows because we rip from Crunchyroll, FUNimation, Hulu, The Anime Network, Niconico, and Daisuki,” the site’s about page reads, adding: “We aren’t doing this for e-penis but for the sole reason of pissing off Crunchyroll.” Shortly after, attention turned to anti-piracy outfit Remove Your Media (RYM). The company works with anime companies Funimation and Viz Media, which includes the sending of millions of DMCA notices to Google. The spark came when the company published a tweet (now removed) which threatened to send “thousands” of warning letters to NYAA users once the site was back online. This doesn’t seem like an idle threat. A few weeks ago the company posted a screenshot on Twitter containing an unredacted list of Comcast, Charter and CenturyLink IP addresses said to have been monitored infringing copyright. Due to the NYAA downtime, RYM later indicated it had switched to warning users of Kickass.to. This involvement with anime companies combined with the warning notice statement led to DDoS accusations being directed at RYM. TorrentFreak spoke to the company’s Eric Green and asked if they knew anything about the attacks. “The short answer is No. In fact we were waiting for [NYAA] to go back online to begin monitoring illegal transfers again. Sorry to disappoint but we had no involvement,” Green told TF. Just a couple of hours ago RYM made a new announcement on Twitter, stating that the original tweet had been removed due to false accusations. “Nyaa post deleted due to all the Ddos libel directed at this account. Infringement notices continue to ISPs, for piracy, regardless of tracker,” they conclude. Although it’s impossible to say who is behind the attacks, it does seem improbable that an anti-piracy company getting paid to send notices would do something that is a) seriously illegal and b) counter-productive to getting paid for sending notices. That said, it seems likely that someone who doesn’t appreciate unofficial anime sites operating smoothly is behind the attack. Who that might be will remain a mystery, at least for now. Source: TorrentFreak
  8. The Japanese government alongside 15 leading producers and distributors of anime and manga are set to begin a huge anti-piracy campaign against 580 sites. To complement the initiative the group will also launch a brand new portal directing pirates to official content being targeted by the scheme. In an effort to crackdown on Internet piracy, during October 2012 the Japanese government introduced new legislation targeted at file-sharers. To support existing punishments of up to 10 years in prison for uploaders, knowingly downloading copyright-infringing material became an offense carrying a potential two years in jail. While it was hoped that these measures would encourage consumers to do the right thing, today the problems persist. As a result, this week the Japanese government will act in order to preserve what it sees as one of its greatest cultural exports. Anime and manga are now consumed in countries right around the world and Japan sees this interest in Japanese culture as useful to its relationships abroad. However, with that popularity comes piracy, much of it facilitated by unlicensed overseas sites. In the hope of remedying the situation overseas, this Friday will see the launch of a massive anti-piracy campaign aimed at making a huge dent in anime and manga piracy. The government and 15 leading producers and distributors will begin contacting an estimated 580 “overseas pirate sites” with demands that they mass-delete infringing content. The sites are located in various regions, but there will be a particular focus on China. Whether those sites will comply will remain to be seen, but should pirate content become harder to find the campaign wants to be able to capitalize on that opportunity. According to NHK, a new site will direct fans to legal copies of the 250 affected works at a flat price of a few hundred yen. “We want to create a project so that anime fans overseas can enjoy Japanese content legally and without infringement worries while the profits are paid to anime production companies and publishers,” a Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry spokesman said. It seems highly unlikely that overseas sites will comply fully with the requests of the Japanese. However, by attempting to serve the overseas markets with legal content it will at least make it easier for foreigners to open their wallets, should they feel inclined to do so. Source: TorrentFreak
  9. Hello, I come here to share a link generator premium of several sites LINK : EAMI.IN
  10. I have seen so many astonishing anime movies already, but I'm desperately trying to find more, few years back I hated anime and now I keep wondering why on earth I have hated anime so much, in my honest opinion anime is the way to go, the best visuals ever with brilliant storyline and quite often with spectacular soundtrack. Here's the list I've seen so far: Princess MononokeMy Neighbor TotoroLaputa Castle In The SkyTales From EarthseaNausicaä of The Valley of The WindHowl's Moving CastleThe Secret World of ArriettySpirited AwayKiki's Delivery ServiceThe Place Promised In Our Early DaysThe Girl Who Leapt Through Time5 Centimeters Per SecondVoices of a Distant StarJourney To AgarthaKing of ThornOblivion Island: Haruka And The Magic MirrorFrom Up on Poppy HillGarden of WordsWhisper of The Heart