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    F-secure Freedome VPN Version 2.10.4980.0

    Freedome is a flexible and easy-to-use VPN from the Helsinki-based security vendor F-Secure. The service mostly focuses on the privacy fundamentals. It offers a decent set of 27 locations across 20+ countries, with native desktop and mobile apps, giving you access to (some) geo-blocked content and with no bandwidth limits to hold you back. The only significant bonus feature is tracker-blocking, although F-Secure does its best to persuade you otherwise, highlighting extras like an "interactive visual map" to show you the trackers it's blocked. This looks pretty and can sometimes be useful, but realistically, you wouldn't miss it if it wasn't there. Homepage: https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/freedome Download: F-secure Freedome VPN Version 2.10.4980.0 Installer and Patch V1 + V2 by remek002 Site: https://www.upload.ee ShareCode: /files/8053231/F-secure_Freedome_VPN_Version_2.10.4980.0.rar.html Patch V1 by @remek002 Site: https://www.upload.ee ShareCode: /files/8053237/fs_f_patch.rar.html Patch V2 by @remek002 Site: https://www.upload.ee ShareCode: /files/8053243/f-secure.freedome.vpn_patch_v2.rar.html All credit go to @remek002 for making the first known patch for F-secure Freedome VPN
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    FastStone Capture 8.8

    FastStone Capture is a powerful, lightweight, yet full-featured screen capture tool and screen video recorder. It allows you to easily capture and annotate anything on the screen including windows, objects, menus, full screen, rectangular / freehand / fixed regions as well as scrolling windows / web pages. It also allows you to record all screen activities including onscreen changes, speech from microphone, mouse movements and clicks into highly compressed video files. You can choose to send captures to editor, file, clipboard, printer, email, Word / PowerPoint document or upload them to your website. Editing tools include annotating (texts, arrowed lines, highlights), resizing, cropping, sharpening, watermarking, applying edge effects and many more. Other features include image scanning, global hotkeys, automatic filename generation, support for external editors, a color picker, a screen magnifier, a screen crosshair and a screen ruler. FastStone Capture saves images in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIFF and PDF formats. Built-in screen recorder saves videos in WMV (Windows Media Video) format. Features A small handy Capture Panel that provides quick access to its capture tools and output options Global hotkeys to activate screen capturing instantly Capture windows, objects, menus, full screen, rectangular/freehand regions and scrolling windows/web pages Capture multiple windows and objects including multi-level menus Record screen activities including onscreen changes, speech from microphone, mouse movements and clicks into highly compressed video files (Windows Media Video format). A built-in video editor allows you to draw annotations, apply zoom effects and cut unwanted sections. It even allows you to convert video files to animated gif files. Options to specify output destination (internal editor, clipboard, file, printer ...) Draw annotation objects such as texts, arrowed lines, highlights, watermarks, rectangles and circles Apply effects such as drop-shadow, frame, torn-edge and fade-edge Add image caption Resize, crop, rotate, sharpen, brighten, adjust colors ... Undo/Redo Support tabs that allow you to capture and edit multiple screenshots simultaneously Support external editors Save in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIFF and PDF formats Acquire images from scanner Convert images to a multi-page PDF file Join images side by side to produce a single image file Send captured images by email Send captured images to Word and PowerPoint documents Send captured images to a Web (FTP) server Screen Color Picker Screen Magnifier Screen Crosshair Screen Ruler Support multiple monitors Support touch interface (tap, swipe, pinch) Run when Windows starts (optional) Minimize to System Tray area Small footprint in memory And many more ... Homepage What's New Download Portable Fix ( Keygen by FALLEN ) Site: https://www.upload.ee ShareCode: /files/8052423/keygen.rar.html Site: https://www.mirrorcreator.com ShareCode: /files/0RPBMDQ0/keygen.rar_links
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    Hide All IP 2018.02.03

    Hide All IP 2018.02.03 crk - Not fully tested Site: http://www46.zippyshare.com Sharecode[?]: /v/7tjeuE1q/file.html
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    TNod User & Password Finder Beta

    TNod User & Password Finder Beta TNod User & Password Finder - the utility inserts a valid license to update NOD32 Commercial versions 2.5.x, 2.7.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.0, 10.0 and 10.1; including ESET Smart Security and ESET Internet Security. Recommendations: Add to exclusion sites (including the asterisks): *tukero.* & *tnoduse* Add to exclude the directory where you will download TNod and where you are installing (by default is installed in the folder C: \ Program Files (x86) \ TNod \ ). If even adding exclusion eliminates the antivirus, change the installation directory. If the application displays an error, please report it. With this is achieved that the resulting final version is more stable. Changelog: Beta (2018-02-19): (not available) 1.6.4 Final (2017-12-22): Compatibility with ESET 11 version. Fixed errors when inserting licenses. Updated languages. Final (2017-10-17): Fixed error of searches of licenses. Fixed error with review of licenses. Homepage: http://www.tukero.org Release Date: 2018-02-19 OS: Windows Language: Multilingual FAQ Page: http://www.tukero.org/2010/12/tnod-user-password-finder-faq.html DOWNLOAD: ========== Installer (1.78 MB): Site: https://mega.nz Sharecode[?]: /#!VAwmQKTI!Iar4q0QFffFPkEt1hjhCdeuAR5Dctr_1XVf7ni4d2Z4 Password: tnod Installer (alternative link) (1.78 MB): Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode[?]: /files/8066391/TNod-
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    Hide All IP 2018.02.03

    Yes, I know, but crk v1 has stopped working for me and it may stop working for someone. Hide All IP 2018.02.03 crk v4 - Not fully tested Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode[?]: del
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    F-secure Freedome VPN Version 2.10.4980.0

    F-secure Freedome VPN Patch v2 - Not fully tested Site: http://www45.zippyshare.com Sharecode[?]: /v/dj0jZ5vV/file.html You need to kill fsvnservice.exe process before using patch or changing date. After using the patch, you do not have to kill fsvnservice.exe process when changing the date.
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    Norton Security 2018 - Download

    http://buy-download.norton.com/downloads/2015/22.12/NISNAV/US/NAV-ESD-Def- Amazing version
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    FastStone Products Keygen v1.0

    Thanks to RadiXX11 for the Keygen and Link. RELEASE INFO Version: 1.0 File: Keygen.exe MD5: 5f877faea8ed15957ac729f76cbb204e SHA-1: 7fa246a246b4a1ad3a304592f6bd50b825880db6 CHANGELOG First release. Site: https://www.mirrorcreator.com Sharecode[?]: /files/00HABIIO/FSPK.zip_links Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode[?]: /files/8057492/FSPK.zip.html Faststone Capture: http://www.faststonesoft.net/DN/FSCaptureSetup88.exe http://www.faststonesoft.net/DN/FSCapture88.zip Faststone Maxview: http://www.faststonesoft.net/DN/FSMaxViewSetup31.exe http://www.faststonesoft.net/DN/FSMaxView31.zip
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    Pirates Crack Microsoft’s UWP Protection, Five Layers of DRM Defeated

    Video games pirates have reason to celebrate today after scene cracking group CODEX defeated Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform system on Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection. While the game it was protecting isn't exactly a fan favorite, it was reportedly protected by five layers of DRM within the UWP package, including the Denuvo-like Arxan anti-tamper technology. As the image on the right shows, Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is a system that enables software developers to create applications that can run across many devices. “The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is the app platform for Windows 10. You can develop apps for UWP with just one API set, one app package, and one store to reach all Windows 10 devices – PC, tablet, phone, Xbox, HoloLens, Surface Hub and more,” Microsoft explains. While the benefits of such a system are immediately apparent, critics say that UWP gives Microsoft an awful lot of control, not least since UWP software must be distributed via the Windows Store with Microsoft taking a cut. Or that was the plan, at least. Last evening it became clear that the UWP system, previously believed to be uncrackable, had fallen to pirates. After being released on October 31, 2017, the somewhat underwhelming Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection became the first victim at the hands of popular scene group, CODEX. “This is the first scene release of a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) game. Therefore we would like to point out that it will of course only work on Windows 10. This particular game requires Windows 10 version 1607 or newer,” the group said in its release notes. CODEX says it’s important that the game isn’t allowed to communicate with the Internet so the group advises users to block the game’s executable in their firewall. While that’s not a particularly unusual instruction, CODEX did reveal that various layers of protection had to be bypassed to make the game work. They’re listed by the group as MSStore, UWP, EAppX, XBLive, and Arxan, the latter being an anti-tamper system. Arxan features “It’s the equivalent of Denuvo (without the DRM License part),” cracker Voksi previously explained. “It’s still bloats the executable with useless virtual machines that only slow down your game.” Arxan’s marketing comes off as extremely confident but may need amending in light of yesterday’s developments. “Arxan uses code protection against reverse-engineering, key and data protection to secure servers and fortification of game logic to stop the bad guys from tampering. Sorry hackers, game over,” the company’s marketing reads. What is unclear at this stage is whether Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection represents a typical UWP release or if some particular flaw allowed CODEX to take it apart. The possibility of additional releases is certainly a tantalizing one for pirates but how long they will have to wait is unknown. Whatever the outcome, Arxan calling “game over” is perhaps a little premature under the circumstances but in this continuing arms race, they probably have another version of their anti-tamper tech up their sleeves….. Source
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    Corel All Products Keymaker 2018 by X-FORCE

    Updated on 20-Feb-2018 Whats New in this Release: Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2018 Corel Painter Essentials 6 Corel PaintShop Pro 2018 Ultimate/Pro Site: https://www.multifilemirror.com Sharecode[?]: /xxej4isruzth/Corel_KeyGen_2018.rar.html
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    Tomorrow is our New Year. I wish all the Chinese members here a very Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai!
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    [Frontpaged] VSO ConvertXtoDVD

    http://download.vso-software.fr/vsoConvertXtoDVD7_setup.exe Version History Released February 20th 2018 ============================================== 0013453: [Feature Request] Add thumbs to section bar 0013448: [Bug] Progress fomr not always appears on collaing form's center 0013446: [Bug] Exception when opening cut tab 0013442: [Bug] Burning an already converted project may produce bad disks 0013437: [Bug] Delete folder after burn not working if ISO is selected 0013432: [Bug] Overhaul file loading (May fix random load deadlock) 0013430: [Feature Request] Add thumbs to sections in cut tab 0013428: [Feature Request] Add thumbs when hovering video trackbar 0013419: [Bug] Program prevents batcher to switch to next item if output is ISO 0013417: [Feature Request] Detect stt file language if present in filename 0013402: [Bug] Any way to keep "Sound Events" preferences? 0013408: [Bug] Template editor - Resources not remembered if not copied 0013406: [Bug] Template editor - Button overlays are not remembered 0013404: [Bug] Separate smart copy option for video, audio and subtitles 0013381: [Feature Request] Detail reasons to refuse remux 0013368: [Bug] conversion fails with subrip because of unhandled exception 0013357: [Bug] Default typesetting not applied if custom 0013394: [Bug] If source is DVD only beginning of video is read 0013390: [Bug] Conversion files if last project name letter is a space for DVD output 0013387: [Feature Request] Add support for F4V files 0010703: [Bug] complex ass subtitles do no display in CXD preview or on output 0013370: [Bug] Delete after burn option no longer works 0013364: [Bug] Audio edition for menu has issue with drop down translation visibility
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    Hide All IP 2018.02.03

    Hide All IP 2018.02.03 Loader v2 - Not fully tested Site: http://www64.zippyshare.com Sharecode[?]: /v/TDr6IuXi/file.html
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    [Frontpaged] PeaZip 6.5.1

    Download | Download Portable | x86 Download | Download Portable | x64 2018 02 18 6.5.1 BACKEND (Windows) 7z 18.01 to fix CVE-2017-17969 and CVE-2018-5996 vulnerabilities in the 17.x backend CODE Updated Wolfgang Ehrhardt's libraries aes_2017-11-17, crc_hash_2018-01-01, fca_2017-11-17, serpent_2017-11-17, tf_2017-11-17, util_2018-01-01 Updates to compile with Lazarus 1.8.0 IDE (change to TShellTreeView Path, workaround for TImageList Clear) Various fixes
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    Don’t use Huawei phones, say heads of FBI, CIA, and NSA

    The US intelligence community is still worried about Chinese tech giants’ government ties The heads of six major US intelligence agencies have warned that American citizens shouldn’t use products and services made by Chinese tech giants Huawei and ZTE. According to a report from CNBC, the intelligence chiefs made the recommendation during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Tuesday. The group included the heads of the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and the director of national intelligence. During his testimony, FBI Director Chris Wray said the the government was “deeply concerned about the risks of allowing any company or entity that is beholden to foreign governments that don’t share our values to gain positions of power inside our telecommunications networks.” He added that this would provide “the capacity to maliciously modify or steal information. And it provides the capacity to conduct undetected espionage.” These warnings are nothing new. The US intelligence community has long been wary of Huawei, which was founded by a former engineer in China’s People’s Liberation Army and has been described by US politicians as “effectively an arm of the Chinese government.” This caution led to a ban on Huawei bidding for US government contracts in 2014, and it’s now causing problems for the company’s push into consumer electronics. Although Huawei started life as a telecoms firm, creating hardware for communications infrastructure, the company’s smartphones have proved incredibly successful in recent years. Last September, it even surpassed Apple as the world’s second biggest smartphone maker, behind Samsung. But the company has never been able to make inroads in the lucrative American market, a failure which is in part due to hostility from the US government. Last month, Huawei planned to launch its new Mate 10 Pro flagship in the US through AT&T, but the carrier pulled out of the deal at the last minute, reportedly due to political pressure. The decision prompted Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu to go off-script during a speech at CES, describing the move as a “big loss” for the company, but a bigger loss for consumers. Huawei is still trying to sell the Mate 10 Pro unlocked in the US, but this effort seems to have pushed the company to desperate measures — including getting users to write fake reviews for the handset. US lawmakers are currently considering a bill that would ban government employees from using Huawei and ZTE phones altogether. During Tuesday’s hearing, Republican Senator Richard Burr, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said: “The focus of my concern today is China, and specifically Chinese telecoms like Huawei and ZTE, that are widely understood to have extraordinary ties to the Chinese government.” In response to these comments, a spokesperson for Huawei told CNBC: ”Huawei is aware of a range of U.S. government activities seemingly aimed at inhibiting Huawei’s business in the U.S. market. Huawei is trusted by governments and customers in 170 countries worldwide and poses no greater cybersecurity risk than any ICT vendor, sharing as we do common global supply chains and production capabilities.” Source : CNBC, VERGE Guess I found out the right phone to use it
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    [Frontpaged] Total Uninstall 6.22.0

    https://www.total-uninstall.com/archives/Total-Uninstall-Setup-6.22.0.exe Version 6.22.0 (2018-02-16) Analysis improvements. Separate logic for Microsoft products for a greater accuracy. Some bug fixes.
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    AVS4YOU Products Patcher v1.4 By RADIXX11

    RELEASE INFO - Name......: AVS4YOU Products Patcher - Date......: 2018-02-15 - Version...: 1.4 - File......: Patch.exe - MD5.......: 800e94d232f3e1e8d7cd09bd1874074f - SHA1......: 519a9aedeaa990489234f09aba2c41f0afe3a514 TARGET INFO - Category..: Multimedia/Video/Encoders/Converters - Protection: License File - OS........: WinALL - Homepage..: http://www.avs4you.com TARGET DESCRIPTION AVS Audio Converter =================== Convert audio between various formats: WAV, PCM, MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, M4A, AMR and others. Add text information to your audio files. AVS Audio Editor ================ Edit your audio collection, record audio data, convert between all popular audio formats, apply effects and filters. AVS Document Editor =================== Edit and create text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. 100% compatible with MS Office formats. AVS Video Converter =================== Convert video to ALL KEY FORMATS with AVS Video Converter. Create HD-, Blu-ray videos with enhanced menus. Convert files for various devices and upload videos on popular websites directly from the program interface. AVS Video Editor ================ Edit your video recordings and make your own movie with a few simple drag-and-drops. Enhance your videos with effects, menus and audio, so that they have a professional look. AVS Video ReMaker ================= Edit video files without reconversion. Cut unwanted scenes from videos recorded with various PVR, DVR & DVD camcorders. Insert DVD and Blu-ray menus. Changelog New Feature Removed Feature Fixed/Improved Feature v1.4 (2018-02-15) Patch update check option. Minor changes to the interface. Fixed expiration check. Minor improvements and corrections. NOTE: Many products that were included in the previous release, because they are now freeware, are no longer supported. Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode[?]:/files/8038782/AVS4YOUPP.v1.4.zip.html Credit To RADIXX11 for another great release
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    DAEMON Tools Ultra

    DAEMON Tools Ultra DAEMON Tools Ultra is a new perspective for operating with image files. Clearly balanced functions list and new GUI are created to help you working with disc images in the most convenient way. Created for the faster and easier work with virtual devices, DAEMON Tools Ultra represents Quick Mount option that enables you to work with Image Catalog at once. With this solution you are getting main DAEMON Tools Pro functions wrapped in easy-to-use interface. Features: Cutting-edge imaging tools: Mount all types of image files including virtual hard disks and more Create virtual images from discs, files and audio tracks Emulate the unlimited number of DT, SCSI, IDE and HDD virtual drives Edit, convert, compress, split, protect and burn images Ultra-features: Multitasking: Run more than one wizard simultaneously to reduce time Portable mode: Use DAEMON Tools Ultra wherever you want without installation Command line tools: Automate and speed-up software operation Windows Vista/7 Gadget: Manage your virtual drives and program settings from your desktop GameSpace: Get an extra info about images you mount. Be in touch with the latest news of gaming industry Virtual Burner: Create Writable Virtual Drive and burn files to images instead of discs Use Writable Virtual Drive with DAEMON Tools Ultra or any other applications Test your custom CD/DVDs before burning them to optical discs Minimize wear and tear of physical devices Bootable USB devices: Write bootable images to USB devices in a few clicks Create a fast, reusable, durable and handy device for OS recovery Setup OS on laptops without drives easily and quickly Switch from discs to USB-sticks with DAEMON Tools RAM disks: Create and mount virtual RAM disks that use a block of memory Keep your temporary files in the fastest storage to get the highest performance Forget about hard disk fragmentation caused by undeleted temporary files Evaluate the benefits of both volatile and persistent RAM disks iSCSI and USB sharing: Use the upgraded iSCSI protocol to connect to USB devices Work with remote VHDs, images, USB and optical drives Connect to DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target or third-party servers VHDs and TrueCrypt files: Create, mount and adjust different types of virtual hard disks Back up your data and host more than one OS on your PC Use TrueCrypt containers to protect the most sensitive data Mount TrueCrypt and VHD files created in other applications Media devices virtualization: Use "Quick Mount" option to mount and use up to 32 disc images right away Set up to 32 SCSI and 4 IDE virtual devices in advanced mode Change the device parameters if necessary (a device letter, mount point, etc.) Customize image parameters for future mounting in Image Catalog Changelog (v5.3.0): What's new: Create Live USB devices and Raspberry Pi OS cards Use Ultra features from Explorer, command line & tray agent Feel numerous performance enhancements Bugs fixed: Minor bugs Homepage: http://www.daemon-tools.cc/products/dtultra Changelog: http://www.daemon-tools.cc/releasenotes/dtultra Release Date: 2018-02-15 OS: XP/Vista/2008/7/8/10 Language: Multilingual Download Page: http://www.daemon-tools.cc/downloads DOWNLOAD: ============================== Installer (30.32 MB): http://www.daemon-tools.cc/downloads/dtultra Patch (583 KB): Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode[?]: /files/7609134/RegGen-dtu644.7z.html ============================== Note: Thanks to @[email protected] for the patch.
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    Save2pc Ultimate + Portable

    Save2pc Ultimate + Portable Save2pc Ultimate edition is the best edition available, packed with features and benefits. It allows the user to download High-Definition and High-Quality videos and supports for more than 30+ top video sharing sites. Another great feature is an adaptive download accelerator, that will increase the speed of your downloads by 200%. It also comes with an Extra Adult Pack. Features: Download videos from Youtube and save it as FLV file to your PC or Laptop. Download videos from Facebook, Tangle, Godtube, Vimeo, Myspace, Break.com, Megavideo.com, TeacherTube, Blip.TV, DailyMotion Download videos from adult video servers: RedTube, PornoTube, Tube8, xTube, Spankingtube, YouPorn, Megaporn, yuvutu. Download videos from Xnxx, Spankwire, KeezMovies, Tnaflix, SlutLoad, DrTuber, veoh, PornHub, xVideos, xHamster, Rude. Download High Quality videos and High Definition videos. Automatic URL-parsing and multi-thread downloading. Download several files at the same time. Convert downloaded videos to iPad, Sony PSP, Zune, PDA, iPhone, cell phone, Palm, Pocket PC. Save the downloaded video into various formats: .avi, .mpeg, .mp4, .mp3, .flv or even .wmv. Convert downloaded videos into extra mobile devices and audio formats: mov,mp4,3gp,3g2,mp3,wav. Preview selected videos before downloading. Get the size, length, rating, views of a file before downloading it! Youtube flagged content age verification bypass. You don't even need to create an account to download such videos. Homepage: http://www.save2pc.com Release Date: 2018-02-14 OS: Windows Language: English Download Page: http://www.save2pc.com/download.html DOWNLOAD: ============== Installer (Retail) (14.91 MB): Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode[?]: /files/8036950/save2pc_ult.exe.html Patch (1.80 MB): Site: http://www.datafilehost.com Sharecode[?]: /d/a658da6a ============== Installer (Retail) + Patch (16.68 MB): Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode[?]: /files/8036990/Save2pc_Ultimate_5.5.3.1574.rar.html ============== Portable (14.83 MB): Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode[?]: /files/8037013/Save2pc_Ultimate_5.5.3.1574_Portable.rar.html ============== Note: Thanks to @Cerberus for the patch.
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    Movavi Video Suite 17.2.0 Multilingual

    Patch v2: del Patch v3 Site: http://www71.zippyshare.com Sharecode[?]: /v/ejgDhbmf/file.html - Fixed "Movavi Slideshow Maker patch couldn't patch CoreApp.dll"
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    Windows Update MiniTool WUMT Wrapper Script v2.1.8 x32/x64

    Windows Update MiniTool WUMT Wrapper Script v2.1.8 x32/x64 (Project by pf100 @MDL) [email protected]'s Notes: Update Windows 10 on your schedule, not Microsoft's! I originally wrote this script for personal use because of the lack of update options with the original RTM release of Windows 10 Pro. I wanted to update Windows 10 when I had the free time to manually update, just like I did with previous versions of Windows that allowed me to set updates to manual, not when Microsoft forced it on me while I was busy using my computer. When my computer rebooted in the middle of the night after a forced update I swore it would be the last time I would let that happen. With the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, increased lack of control and arbitrary removal of registry options only got worse. Microsoft removed previously working Group Policies and registry tweaks on Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Home and I expect things may only get worse with future major updates. The methods that may or may not work now such as update notifications, metered network connections (which may soon push "essential" updates over metered connections, whatever that means), Windows 10 Pro Group Policy edits, and other workarounds implemented to control automatic updates are not guaranteed to work forever on Windows 10 if the past is any indicator. This script will always allow fully manual updates no matter what Microsoft does to force automatic updates, including Windows 10 Home. *How it works: The script auto-elevates, installs the "wub_start" task, then turns off Windows Update Blocker, makes sure the windows update service is running, and the correct version of WUMT for your architecture (x86 or x64) runs in "auto-search for updates" mode. But here's the best part: after you exit WUMT it stops and disables the windows update service and it won't run again until you run the update script again. No more random reboots in the middle of the night. You have full control over updates. This includes the Home version. *If you need to install .Net 3.5 or use the Windows 10 Store or something that needs wuauserv running, run the script and after it enables wuauserv and starts WUMT, install what you need after WUMT checks for updates but before closing it. Author's Page [email protected] Whats New: February 18, 2018 Script updated to v2.1.8 Improvements made since v2.1.7: Added task "wub_task" on boot. Windows update service can't be forced on again after Cumulative Update and reboot. Edit: Problem fixed in v2.1.8 February 13, 2018 patch tuesday updates leaves windows update service running after reboot. To fix it just run the script again and close the Windows Update MiniTool as soon as it opens, or you can let it finish the update check first, your choice. Edit: It appears that the update resets and enables the update service during the update installation that may continue during the first reboot. tl;dr Update script to v2.1.8 and run it. Note: *Installation: Paste the following script into notepad and add .cmd to the end of the script name (I named it WinUpdates.cmd but it doesn't matter what you call it) and the Windows Update MiniTool and the Windows Update Blocker in the same folder/location i.e. X:\Windows Update. Then make a shortcut to WinUpdates.cmd and use it to run windows updates manually from now on. Uninstall Notes: If I wanted to uninstall this for any reason just removing the wub task and enabling windows service thru wub would be enough. Script: Site: https://justpaste.it Sharecode[?]: /1habn ================================================== Windows Update MiniTool v30.09.2016 Site: https://yadi.sk Sharecode[?]: /d/S8VdlJ5Kj2wX6 or Site: https://drive.google.com Sharecode[?]: /file/d/0BwJH2CazcjsINFZFc1pVdk9mNHM/view or Mirror: Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode[?]: /files/6208783/wumt_v30.09.2016.zip.html Localization Files: To set the language need wumt lang.ini placed in a folder with the program Arabic (translation abbodi1406) - 30.07.2016 Bulgarian (translation ExaFlop) - 10.01.2016 Chinese Traditional (translation Acrd) - 30.07.2016 Chinese Simplified (translation YanJun Sun) - 30.07.2016 Czech (translation Gladstone) - 10.01.2016 Dutch (translation Evides) - (updated 30.07.2016) English (translation Mr.X) - 30.07.2016 (Hardcode in exe) (Not required for non russian os versions. English UI by default.) French (translation Soulfate / Matrix360) - 30.07.2016 German (translation Sherman Tank) - 30.07.2016 Hebrew (translation smoky-jr) - 30.07.2016 Hungarian (translation Fowler) - 10.01.2016 (updated 11.01.2016) Indonesian (translation Asaltekan) - 30.07.2016 Italian (translation Freddyfre) - 30.07.2016 Japanese (translation ?) - 30.07.2016 Korean (translation yukiki99) - 30.07.2016 Polish (translation Mr.T / iNtEnSePL) - 30.07.2016 Portuguese (Brazil) (translation igorruckert) - 30.07.2016 Portuguese (Portugal) (translation fLOW) - 10.01.2016 Romanian (translation ruby2hora) - 30.07.2016 Slovenian (translation RejZoR) - 30.07.2016 Spanish (Argentina) (translation enesalpa) - 30.07.2016 Spanish (translation Mr.X) - 30.07.2016 (Hardcode in exe) Swedish (translation cavveman) - 30.07.2016 Turkish (translation Murat5038 / razorXtreme) - 30.07.2016 Ukrainian (translation THEOS) - 30.07.2016 Vietnamese (translation vanhoivo) - 10.01.2016 (updated 19.06.2016) Download Windows Update MiniTool Integrator v1.0 + Windows Update MiniTool v30.09.2016 + ALL Languages - Inactive Link Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode[?]: /files/6208817/Windows_Update_MiniTool_Integrator_v1.0.rar.html WUMT Wrapper Script + Windows Update MiniTool v30.09.2016 + Windows Update Blocker + Offline Database (wsusscn2.cab) Site: http://www54.zippyshare.com Sharecode[?]: /v/G0mgf30P/file.html or Site: http://www.solidfiles.com Sharecode[?]: /v/3MRjYvwXKvMkG or Site: https://www.datafilehost.com Sharecode[?]: /d/83ef076c All credits to pf100 & @MDL ================================================== Thanks to @jordan4x for combined links and Alternate link and mirror link of WUMT.
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    Corel VideoStudio 2018

    New Keygen by X-FORCE COREL_VIDEOSTUDIO_ULTIMATE_2018-XFORCE Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode[?]: /files/8066697/COREL_VIDEOSTUDIO_ULTIMATE_2018-XFORCE-Keygen.Only.rar.html -Not Tested-
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    [Frontpaged] K-Lite Codec Pack Update 14.0.0

    mega http://files2.codecguide.com/K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1400_Mega.exe full http://files2.codecguide.com/K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1400_Full.exe Standard http://files2.codecguide.com/K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1400_Standard.exe
  24. 12 points

    Corel All Products Keymaker 2018 by X-FORCE

    Corel All Products Keymaker 2018 by CORE & X-FORCE [/font] Updated on 20-Feb-2018 Corel All Products Keymaker by X-FORCE Whats New in this Release: Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2018 Corel Painter Essentials 6 Corel PaintShop Pro 2018 Ultimate/Pro Corel All Products Keymaker 5.0 Core Whats New in this Release: Corel PaintShop Pro 2018 Corel PaintShop Ultimate 2018 pasword : Corel Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode[?]: /files/8071097/CK2018.rar.html
  25. 12 points

    [Frontpaged] cFosSpeed 10.26 build 2312 Final

    http://www.cfos.de/cfosspeed-v1026.exe http://www.cfos.de/en-us/download/start-download.htm?file=/cfosspeed-v1026.exe https://www.cfos.de/cfosspeed-v1026.exe?file=/cfosspeed-v1026.exe cFosSpeed 10.26 build 2312 -- 19-Feb-2018 x Fixed "manual subnet override" feature. Thanks to Horst Kraemer for bug report. x Fixed a bug where cFosSpeed LAN port would appear and disappear every minute or so. Thanks to stdedos. x The link speed of the network adapter is now always the current link speed, instead of the maximum link speed. - All links to www.cfos.de are now using HTTPS. - Corrected a lot of program classifications in settings.ini and added new popular games to settings.ini, so they can be prioritized by cFosSpeed accordingly. Thank you all for your suggestions in the prioritization dialog. - Switched to latest compiler.
  26. 12 points

    [Frontpaged] The Bat! Professional Edition 8.2.8

    https://www.ritlabs.com/download/the_bat/thebat_32_8-2-8.msi - | 32-bit https://www.ritlabs.com/download/the_bat/thebat_64_8-2-8.msi - | 64-bit
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    Teorex Products Keygen v1.4 By RADIXX11

    RELEASE INFO - Name......: Teorex Products Keygen - Date......: 2018-02-15 - Version...: 1.4 - File......: Keygen.exe - MD5.......: 238bcc8f2c9dfcaadad41e0308ebc7b9 - SHA1......: 5e94ab825340de60d3d8670d2f784e9ee779fb5c TARGET INFO - Category..: Multimedia/Graphics/Editors - Protection: Serial Key - OS........: WinALL - Homepage..: http://www.teorex.com TARGET DESCRIPTION Batch Inpaint ============= Batch Inpaint is a batch version of Inpaint – photo processing and retouching tool. While removing an unwanted object from a photo with Inpaint is easy, it may still consume a lot of time if you have a whole bunch of pictures to process. Batch removal of typical objects from images is what Batch Inpaint is designed for. Watermarks, time stamps, glitches, scratches, facial wrinkles, power lines, persons accidentally caught by the camera in the very moment of a shot and other things can be effortlessly erased from photos in automatic mode. DupHunter ========= DuplicateHunter finds duplicate images using two available algorithms. The first one is a classic content-based search that is useful to get rid of the same or just similar photographs on the disk. The smart analysis algorithm recognizes modified, distorted, cropped, resized and post-processed images as duplicate of their corresponding originals. The second search mode is timeline-based. It helps locating photos taken with short time gaps in between, for example, with a continuous shooting camera. In DuplicateHunter, the user sees the entire series and can easily pick the best shot of all available photos. FolderIco ========= Don't you know how to change standard yellow folder to a colourful and bright one? With FolderIco, give some color to Windows folders. With just a one click, colorize your folders, and discover a new intuitive way to classify your files. A quick look is now enough to identify the folder you are looking for! You can now classify your folders by priority. Red is an important folder, orange is urgent, green is no action needed... Choose the attributes that you like, so you'll never delete an important folder in error. FolderIco is a very light software, that doesn't stay in memory. It uses a native functionality of Windows to be more efficient. Discover its simplicity: with a single right-click on a folder you change it icon! FolderIco is integrated into your Windows Explorer! One right-click on any folder and FolderIco is ready to changing your folder's icon. Inpaint ======= Frustrated by nasty tourists stalking back and forth and spoiling the best shots? Take them away from your photos with Inpaint! With few simple gestures you will get clear, spectacular pictures, just like you intended them to be. Inpaint's Magic Wand tool allows you to select unnecessary objects or persons on a photo in literally seconds, so all you have to do then is to let Inpaint do the rest. Inpaint will magically fill the selected area with intelligently-generated textures pulled from the surrounding image data. Aside from the information we truly want to see on our photographs, there are also many not so crucial for composition if not worse. These are camera date stamps, watermarks placed by various websites, and other objects we don't want to be on a picture. After all, if you gonna hang a photo on a wall, you want it to look eye-catching not due to various visual wreckage on it. So remove it with Inpaint! With simple and efficient tools you are able to remove any unwanted elements totally effortlessly. Intelligent Resizer =================== Intelligent Resizer(iResizer) allows you to "fix" the aspect ratio of a photo. Want to change from 4:3 to 16:9? No problem, iResizer folds the image so that it will still look natural and will retain the quality, integrity and spirit of the original! In order to preserve important objects you simply select them and run the resizing, the rest is done automatically. Too bad! The main objects of the scene are separated with a long and boring empty space. If you can change the composition so that both objects would be next to each other - great! But what if you can't? Well, you still can change spacing between objects with iResizer. It gently "folds" the picture making unnecessary spacing go away. You don't need any precise editing; just mark both objects you want to put closer, set the desired resolution and enjoy a spectacular result! Instagram accepts only square photos, and trying to upload hundreds of 4:3 photos can be a pain. With iResizer you can easily create 1:1 photo without cropping in two steps: first, mark areas on the photo you want to preserve, and run Instagram resizing! Multi-View Inpaint ================== Every notable landmark seems to have one thing in common: tourists, and lots of them. 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You don't need any specific skills or professional software for a perfect image clip: few mouse strokes produce an accurate clipping path that can be further enhanced with fine brushes. PhotoScissors provides an extremely easy way to cut a background an image. Instead of trying to accurately enclose a region with the Lasso or Magic Wand tools in cumbersome professional graphical editors, you quickly mark areas you want to cut out and areas you would like to preserve, and the program automatically does the rest. Thanks to optimized analysis of the clipping edges, you don't have to hunt for pixels trying to select an unwanted background. PhotoScissors is easy background removal with minimum efforts! PhotoStitcher ============= Does creating a perfect panorama require professional skills and a high-end camera? Not, necessarily. With PhotoStitcher you can stitch multiple photos into a picturesque panoramic image. The program smoothly combines photos of different resolutions, different shooting angles and even different perspectives into one perfectly aligned panorama depicting breath-taking landscapes, monumental churches or skyscraping mountains that are so hard to fit into one frame. Making a really nice panoramic photo of a city usually requires a wide-angle camera. Typical non-professional lenses simply cannot capture the entire view in one frame. However if you aren't a lucky owner of a professional camera and photographic skills you still can create perfect panoramas from scattered images of the same place. PhotoStitcher automatically aligns individual pictures stitching them one by one into an eye-catching professionally-looking panorama! Changelog New Feature Removed Feature Fixed/Improved Feature v1.4 (2018-02-15) Keygen update check option. Minor changes to the interface. Updated support for Inpaint 7.0 Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode[?]:/files/8039879/TPK.v1.4.zip.html Credit To RADIXX11 for another great release
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    Goversoft Privazer Donors

    PrivaZer is a program that is designed to ensure the protection of personal data. It scans your hard disk for which data were on it after conventional treatment optimizers. You can then view the data and found to remove them completely, permanently. The program shows the tracks left in the process of surfing the Web, CD burning, the use of IM-clients. Also analyzes the "Start" menu, memory, registry. Additional Information: The program has unique abilities to clean Windows computer of unnecessary files. With built-in depth scan is truly a complete analysis of the entire system, including secondary storage, external drives and storage devices attached to the computer of any kind. The application has a special module, permanently delete files and inverse function - recover deleted files. In-depth mode displays a list of items scanned. Some folders can be excluded from treatment. Application deletes the following files from the master file system table, log calls to the file system of Cookies, from the file registry Index.dat, system history, the history of IM, download manager and many other components. Application is able to perform a complete erasure of files from the drive without the rest and recovery. Despite the great number of similar programs, this package is one of the best in its class. He has those features that are not even in expensive commercial software (such as a low-level file system Homepage What's new Download Keygen by My Bro @RadiXX11 Site: http://rgho.st ShareCode: /7n2hstm2J Site: https://www.mirrorcreator.com ShareCode: /files/1N4LENJY/PDK.zip_links
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    Hide All IP 2018.02.03

    Hide All IP 2018.02.03 Loader - Not fully tested Site: http://www41.zippyshare.com Sharecode[?]: /v/AeSfcPCw/file.html
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    Advanced Renamer 3.81

    Advanced Renamer 3.81 Commercial By casper03 Setup [ medicine Only ] https://www.upload.ee /files/8034712/A_R_3.81_Cracked.7z.html
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    uBlock Origin 1.15.10

    uBlock Origin (or uBlock0) is not an ad blocker; it's a general-purpose blocker. uBlock0 blocks ads through its support of the Adblock Plus filter syntax. uBlock0 extends the syntax and is designed to work with custom rules and filters. That said, it's important to note that using a blocker is NOT theft. Don't fall for this creepy idea. The ultimate logical consequence of blocking = theft is the criminalisation of the inalienable right to privacy. Ads, "unintrusive" or not, are just the visible portions of privacy-invading apparatus entering your browser when you visit most sites nowadays. uBlock0's main goal is to help users neutralize such privacy-invading apparatus — in a way that welcomes those users who don't wish to use more technical, involved means (such as µMatrix). EasyList, Peter Lowe's Adservers, EasyPrivacy and Malware domains are enabled by default when you install uBlock0. Many more lists are readily available to block trackers, analytics, and more. Hosts files are also supported. Once you install uBlock0, you may easily un-select any of the pre-selected filter lists if you think uBlock0 blocks too much. For reference, Adblock Plus installs with only EasyList enabled by default. Changes Homepage Whats new Download Page uBlock @ Chrome Webstore uBlock @ Firefox Add-ons Page uBlock @ Opera Add-ons Page uBlock @ Microsoft Edge Add-ons Page Download Links uBlock0.firefox.xpi uBlock0.chromium.zip uBlock0.webext.xpi
  32. 11 points

    Google Chrome 64.0.3282.168

    Google Chrome 64.0.3282.168 Stable 32-bit http://redirector.gvt1.com/edgedl/release2/chrome/AN7SK_x5EOLm_64.0.3282.168/64.0.3282.168_chrome_installer.exe https://redirector.gvt1.com/edgedl/release2/chrome/AN7SK_x5EOLm_64.0.3282.168/64.0.3282.168_chrome_installer.exe http://dl.google.com/release2/chrome/AN7SK_x5EOLm_64.0.3282.168/64.0.3282.168_chrome_installer.exe https://dl.google.com/release2/chrome/AN7SK_x5EOLm_64.0.3282.168/64.0.3282.168_chrome_installer.exe http://www.google.com/dl/release2/chrome/AN7SK_x5EOLm_64.0.3282.168/64.0.3282.168_chrome_installer.exe https://www.google.com/dl/release2/chrome/AN7SK_x5EOLm_64.0.3282.168/64.0.3282.168_chrome_installer.exe Stable 64-bit http://redirector.gvt1.com/edgedl/release2/chrome/AOGV5mpKGAdE_64.0.3282.168/64.0.3282.168_chrome_installer.exe https://redirector.gvt1.com/edgedl/release2/chrome/AOGV5mpKGAdE_64.0.3282.168/64.0.3282.168_chrome_installer.exe http://dl.google.com/release2/chrome/AOGV5mpKGAdE_64.0.3282.168/64.0.3282.168_chrome_installer.exe https://dl.google.com/release2/chrome/AOGV5mpKGAdE_64.0.3282.168/64.0.3282.168_chrome_installer.exe http://www.google.com/dl/release2/chrome/AOGV5mpKGAdE_64.0.3282.168/64.0.3282.168_chrome_installer.exe https://www.google.com/dl/release2/chrome/AOGV5mpKGAdE_64.0.3282.168/64.0.3282.168_chrome_installer.exe
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    Duplicate File Detective v6.1.60/62 Professional / Enterprise.Edition

    Duplicate File Detective v6.1.60 Professional / Enterprise.Edition Description: Duplicate File Detective uses state-of-the-art file content analysis technology to show you exactly where your duplicate files are (even when the file names are different). You can search multiple folders, drives, removable storage devices, even network shares – all in a single pass. Then move, zip, or remove duplicate files safely with assistance from our innovative SmartMark duplicate file selection system. Features: Reclaim wasted local and network storage resources – archive or remove duplicate files Speed up backup processes by reducing storage allocation redundancy Gain visibility into what types of duplicates are consuming space and who owns them Eliminate time wasted performing virus scans on duplicate files Scan and de-dupe file systems of virtually any size with our extreme scalability engine Process (move, delete, or zip) duplicates safely with our built-in file management system Find duplicates by any combination of attributes, including content-only matching De-dupe and clean up your music (MP3, iTunes, etc.) file collection Optimized for Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP and Windows Server (32 and 64 bit) Native 64-bit support for unmatched performance and scalability. Release Notes Version 6.1.60 (Released February 16, 2018) Feature: Improved keyboard navigation in main window ribbon bar. Feature: Improved DPI scaling in the report detail views. Feature: Improved DPI awareness in search panel (specifically for state icons). Feature: Improved shell icon extraction performance and stability. Bug fix: Fixed issue with context menu "Find duplicates with recent project settings" option not working with spaced paths. Bug fix: Fixed transposed "folder" and "is marked" columns in CSV export. Bug fix: Fixed potential for export columns to sync incorrectly with visible report columns. Bug fix: Tray area notification for scan errors was truncated at higher DPI settings. Bug fix: Improvements and bug fixes for Excel export features. Bug fix: Fix for rare potential shutdown crash. Screenshot:- Release note:- https://www.duplicatedetective.com/Content/static/ReleaseNotes.htm Homepage OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / Server (x86-x64) Language: ML / ENG Medicine: Crack UZ1 Size: 41.4 / 26 MB Download:- Installer Only UZ1 Crack:- Enterprise.Edition Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode[?]: /files/8055151/Crack_Enterprise__UZ1.rar.html Professional.Edition Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode[?]: /files/8055155/Crack_Pro_UZ1.rar.html Crack&Installer Enterprise.Edition Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode[?]: /files/8055020/DFD. Professional.Edition Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode[?]: /files/8055045/DFD. Enjoy!
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    CyberGhost VPN Stable

    CyberGhost Premium v6.5.0.3180 Multilang Preactivated - By Yaron'S Team Multilang Setup for you all CyberGhost Premium v6.5.0.3180 Multilang Preactivated Also removed wyUpdate.exe file from installation, Now it'll not updated automatically Site: http://www.mirrorcreator.com Sharecode[?]: /files/VCOK19AE/CyberGhost_Premium_v6.5.0.3180_Multilang_Preactivated.7z_links Enjoy
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    CyberGhost VPN Stable

    CyberGhost Cracked By MR.BB2018 This is not premium for unlock free version you can use 12 country free version Germany, Spain, Ukrain, Romania, Poland, Netherlands,Italy,France,Finland Czench Republic, United Kingdom, United States How to use 1. Run Kill Process 2. Copy all files to folder installed and replace files Site: https://goo.gl/ Sharecode[?]: /7SVuaE Enjoy
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    [Frontpaged] K-Lite Codec Pack Update 13.8.2

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    [Frontpaged] qBittorrent 4.0.4

    32bit https://master.dl.sourceforge.net/project/qbittorrent/qbittorrent-win32/qbittorrent-4.0.4/qbittorrent_4.0.4_setup.exe 64bit https://master.dl.sourceforge.net/project/qbittorrent/qbittorrent-win32/qbittorrent-4.0.4/qbittorrent_4.0.4_x64_setup.exe
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    Restore Point Creator 7.0 Build 1

    Restore Point Creator is a lightweight and easy-to-use application that was designed to help you restore the system to an early state using the existing restore points. You can also create new ones and personalize them by adding a specific description to each of them. In case there are some restore points that are no longer needed, with the help of Restore Point Creator you can delete them. Restore Point Creator simplifies the way users create system restore points with the help of Windows' default features, putting additional handy options at their disposal such as a task scheduler. Hassle-free installation and user-friendly interface After a brief and uneventful setup procedure, you are welcomed by a standard window with a simple structure, representing Restore Point Creator's interface. It is not particularly attractive but easy to work with. Easily create new checkpoints In order to create a system restore point, you can either write a preferred description or apply the default name to speed up the job. We have noticed that it is carried out quicker than using Windows built-in options. Examine checkpoint information, delete entries and schedule tasks Restore Point Creator displays a list of all current restore points, along with descriptions, dates of creation and restore point type, such as the installation or removal or an application or Windows Update. It is possible to delete selected points with the simple click of a button, as well as to schedule additional ones for creation or deletion. In addition, Restore Point Creator enables you to view and manage system restore storage space, as well as to open and view a log file which contains details pertaining to deleted checkpoints. Evaluation and conclusion The straightforward piece of software is light on the system resources, using minimum CPU and RAM. It has a good response time and didn't hang, crash or pop up error dialogs in our tests. All in all, Restore Point Creator delivers a simple and effective solution to managing system restore points, especially if you do not have enough PC experience to accomplish this goal by resorting to the Windows' integrated features. Home Page Changelog Download Installer Portable
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    Key Kaspersky 2017 All products

    30 Key lic KIS 183 days!! https://www.fshare.vn/folder/DV19YRPXAADN
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    Movavi Video Suite 17.2.0 Multilingual

    Movavi Photo Editor 5.1.0 x64 only crk Site: http://www112.zippyshare.com Sharecode[?]: /v/OWcQXu6s/file.html
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    [Frontpaged] CrystalDiskInfo 7.5.2

    https://crystalmark.info/download/index-e.html https://crystalmark.info/en/download/#CrystalDiskInfo https://crystalmark.info/en/software/crystaldiskinfo/crystaldiskinfo-history/ 7.5.2 [2018/02/21] Fixed a part of NVMe SSD temperature Added Crucial MX500, BX300 support Update url Installer https://crystalmark.info/redirect.php?product=CrystalDiskInfoInstaller http://onet.dl.osdn.jp/crystaldiskinfo/68590/CrystalDiskInfo7_5_2.exe Portable https://crystalmark.info/redirect.php?product=CrystalDiskInfo http://gigenet.dl.osdn.jp/crystaldiskinfo/68590/CrystalDiskInfo7_5_2.zip
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    [Frontpaged] GoodSync Pro

    https://www.goodsync.com/download/GoodSync-v10-Setup.exe Version 10.7.8 Feb 19, 2018 * MS drive: Use new MS Graph for Discovery Service, as old OneDrive system stopped working with Error 401. * MS drive: improve error messages when discovery fails, instead of showing dropped connection. * gsync CL options: Move /override-locks from Run Options into Job Options (non-persistent). * CC Runner: When installing CC Runner, set it to Start When Windows Starts, not GS GUI. * Google Drive/Docs V3: Implement "delete" for files/folders that were shared with current user.
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    Office 2016 RTM [Activation Via Phone Or KMS]

    Office 2016 .... Site: http://textuploader.com Sharecode[?]: /dhyjh ................................
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    Hide All IP 2018.02.03

    Nope. Hide All IP 2018.02.03 crk v2 - Not fully tested Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode[?]: del
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    Total Uninstall 6.22.0

    I set an appointment with @remek002 here
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    Revo Uninstaller Pro 3.2 - 50 Legal Giveaway Key

    1. Not a giveaway 2. Most of people from here do not like Facecrap
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    You can no longer 'view image' on Google Images search results

    You can use these 2 user scripts Google: Direct Links for Pages and Images https://greasyfork.org/scripts/19210 Google: Bypass Result Page Redirect https://greasyfork.org/scripts/14150 Then you can right click on the image and open it in a new tab and bypass Goggle image viewer . I been using this method every since they stop updating the old method of bypassing Google images. Its just like when they changed there news api there is a user script were you can change back to the old one Restore Google News Layout https://openuserjs.org/scripts/cl76/Restore_Google_News_Layout_ca._62010_in_2017
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    BluffTitler Ultimate

    BluffTitler is a Windows desktop app for creating intro videos. Want to impress your family, friends and clients with spectacular 3D titles and intros? But do not want to use complex and expensive 3D animation software? BluffTitler makes it easy and affordable to add 3D effects to your videos! With BluffTitler you can create short, spectacular 3D animations: - titles - intros - visual effects (VFX) - outros - credit rolls - bumpers - promos - ads... The result can be exported as a video file for use in all your projects: - YouTube - Vimeo - Blu-ray - TV - OTT - broadcast - digital signage - LED - home videos - business presentations - vlog - WhatsApp - Instagram - Facebook System Requirements: - Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10 (32 or 64 bits) - A DirectX 11 compatible graphics card - 80 MB available hard disk space Release Notes : Homepage Download FIX & Instructions ( By unknown ) : Not Tested ! Site: https://www.upload.ee ShareCode: /files/8038635/Fix.rar.html Site: https://www.mirrorcreator.com/ ShareCode: /files/0FQYJQDC/Fix.rar_links
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    Save2pc Ultimate + Portable

    This patch and the one for hard disk sentinel pro have lasted many yrs. Not bad for a noob. lol
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      HAPPY  VALENTINE'S  DAY TO  ALL  !