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  2. I have some candy and i will only share it only with my friends in class... the rest of u are dumb and ugly. Ar u 5 years old? Why da f**k do we see this if it's not for us? Do we have to donate to become vip... (cause the vet one comes in time)?
  3. Bitdefender Build 2018

    (9 key) Bitdefender Total Security 2018 5 devices for 183 days, activate with Czech VPN first come, first served. enjoy, Boulawan
  4. Bitdefender Build 2018

    Unrelated post removed...
  5. east-tec Eraser v13.0.0.9000 [Crack]

    @Togijak no worries that’s what testing is for so we know what works what don’t work
  6. Steganos Online Shield VPN

    New members are kindly reminded to read our guidelines Thanks post removed...
  7. east-tec Eraser v13.0.0.9000 [Crack]

    @BioHazard you are right after your comment I installed it again and on this option I have the same error message
  8. Some posts removed.. And lets please keep it civil....
  9. AVS4YOU Products Patcher v1.4 By RADIXX11

    Fuck u and your bs comment we watch u from now on u played with wrong ones
  10. O&O AutoBackup Build 6.0.80 Professional Edition

    As mentioned above already posted... Thread closed...
  11. Bro, @knowledge the olderman is saying lies, that partial md5 hash is old one. Regards,
  12. Total Uninstall 6.22.0

  13. Hello

    Hi @Popov and welcome to NF!!! Take some time to read Community Guidelines. Hope you enjoy your stay!!! Regards
  14. I am waiting for requests.....more people will rich the ignore list ! If I wouldn't have added the link to the fix, and I wouldn't have mentioned nothing about it, some "good" vip(s) and veteran(s) might have shared the fix saying : " Oh sorry, I have not seen the Radi's announcemnt ! " ...... Now I guess everything is clear.....and if there will be some kind of idiots, Radi will be informed about any....
  15. KIS_2018_160_days.lic
  16. O&O AutoBackup Build 6.0.80 Professional Edition

    It isn't new, O&O AutoBackup 6 Pro all versions has been free from July 21 2017. Has been posted already several times, and most of all - it isn't any way related to comss.ru.So, not needed for their website advertisement also. some of them:
  17. east-tec Eraser v13.0.0.9000 [Crack]

    No it’s for drives. ie: drive c drive d like I said before everything else works fine.
  18. is there problems for radixx11 because of his medicine ?????
  19. Hello

    Hi @NikolayV and welcome to NF!!! Take some time to read Community Guidelines. Hope you enjoy your stay!!! Regards
  20. Dear coua thanks for lic file but KIS didn't accept it and surprisingly activated by one of blocked lic that I am sure test befor ! so i have 156 day now if it blocked again i will ask you again. you and boulawan are always kind to us
  21. MOBILedit! Enterprise

    I was under the impression the portable version downloader / extractor is for enterprise only i was talking specifically about the forensic but ive just looked and realised it can do both versions. sorry my bad. Thanks for the info and links
  22. Windows 10 Firewall Control Pre-Release

    Is ok the more we talk the more people see inbox is best when talk about this 👍 Do not think i want to hide or make rules as i not want that but i follow rules I am not saying u not follow the rules but i say this in open in hope people not post from vip 2 open topics i am not saying u did wrong but somepeople maydo the one thing we not want hope people understand 👍
  23. Steganos Online Shield VPN

    @mike555 use
  24. Hot box question

    I have some... I would help you but I did not find enough information to give you safe suggestions ( USA area )... The only certainty I can give is: opt for Korean brand... Longer life and better support!!! Good luck!!! Regards
  25. O&O AutoBackup Build 6.0.80 Professional Edition O & O AutoBackup Pro 6 - program to synchronize and backup data that will ensure the safety of personal or business information. Computer owners will be able to make copies of critical files on removable media and USB easily recover information in the event of a software or hardware failure. Unlike most existing backup resources, this program boasts exceptional performance and ease of use. O & O AutoBackup provides the ability to backup entire disk partitions, or only selected files and folders. And thanks to the support of the wildcard users will be able to back up the files of a certain type. Special mention deserve the various methods of processing data to be archived. The list of available options includes simply copying files from one location to another, copying only new facilities and up to the replacement. to create a backup and synchronization operations can be performed both manually and automatically. In the latter case, the program will continue to update a backup each time you connect a corresponding USB-device. Download the program for a direct link (with clouds) at the bottom of the page. * Ability to backup. * Synchronize files in manual / automatic mode. * Create backups manually / automatically. * Easily copy files. * Real-time file monitoring. * Russian / English registered version with automatic bit OS. Home page:https://www.oo-software.com/de/ GIVEAWAY:https://www.oo-software.com/de/special/ot739
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