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  2. Xilisoft Audio Converter Pro v6.5.0.20170119 Portable Made With Turbo Studio (Size: 50.4 MB) Site: http://www.mirrorcreator.com Sharecode[?]: /files/FFSDRPBJ/Xilisoft_Audio_Converter_Pro_v6.5.0.20170119.zip_links
  3. Facebook hired a guy from CNN to be over the news ..CNN are the liberal press It's not just the USA that say Russian News is fake ...Now Sweden says Russian news is fake as well. This from the Sweden News Russia spreading fake news and forged docs in Sweden: report http://www.thelocal.se/20170107/swedish-think-tank-details-russian-disinformation-in-new-study
  4. ill have putin talk with Trump little joke
  5. I'm not the USA Government go tell that too them . RT news showed up in that report that was sent too Obama and Trump,
  6. but RT is not fake and is going to be banned or blocked from facebook ?
  7. condusiv

    I would check the status of the V-Locity service that is running on the system. If it is not running or "Stopped" you will get such errors. If it is running I would try reinstalling. I personally have not had this issue but have not tried it yet on server 2012 r2.
  8. Download Codec Tweak Tool here and replace the one on c:\Program Files\K-Lite Codec Pack\Tools\ http://codecguide.com/download_other.htm
  9. this update doesn't work for me hash is correct with website but say file are corrupted
  10. Linux 4.9 Is the Next Long-Term Supported Kernel Branch, Says Greg Kroah-Hartman All GNU/Linux distributions should adopt Linux kernel 4.9 The story behind Linux kernel 4.9 becoming the next long-term supported series dates from way before it's launch last month, on December 11, when Linus Torvalds officially announced the new branch. It all started back on August 12, 2016, when Greg Kroah-Hartman dropped a quick Google+ post to say "4.9 == next LTS kernel." Immediately after, the media reporting began, informing the Linux community that Linux kernel 4.9 will become the next long-term supported branch, but it didn't happen because Kroah-Hartman changed his mind a month later, on September 6, when he reserved his right to mark Linux 4.9 as "longterm" on the kernel.org website. "I reserve the right not to pick 4.9 and support it for two years, if it’s a major pain because people abused this notice. If so, I’ll possibly drop back to 4.8, or just wait for 4.10 to be released. I’ll let everyone know by updating the kernel.org releases page when it’s time," said the developer in a follow-up article published on his personal blog. Linux kernel 4.9 to be supported for two years, until January 2019 Fast forward to present day, and after Linux kernel 4.9 already received four point releases, the latest being Linux 4.9.4, Greg Kroah-Hartman announced that Linux 4.9 is ready to be marked as "longterm" by saying "Yes, 4.9 is the next longterm kernel. I've been saying that for a while, but somehow if it wasn't on the kernel.org website, no one believed me." Of course, this comes as great news for most GNU/Linux users because the Linux 4.9 kernel branch adds numerous exciting new features, especially initial support for AMD Radeon GPUs from the GNC 1.0 / Southern Islands family to use the open-source AMDGPU graphics driver, including AMD Radeon HD 7xxx and 8xxx series. According to Greg Kroah-Hartman, Linux kernel 4.9 will be supported until January 2019, for two years from the moment of writing this article. As such, it is recommended that all GNU/Linux distributions adopt this branch, especially if they're using Linux 4.8, which reached end of life earlier this month. Source
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  12. There so many FBI and Black Hats that do bad things in the name of Anonymous that are fake you cant believe nothing you read in the media, the real Anonymous would never condone such they done killed the real Anonymous . The real Anonymous has not really done much in years most are fake wannabes .Now days someone who thinks there talking too Anonymous could be a FBI agent or a Hacker snitching for the FBI and you will end up in jail . Or it could be a Hacker trying too make money off the Anonymous name selling fake hacks. That's the bummer of using a name like Anonymous anyone can claim to be Anonymous. http://msp-hacker-hunters.wikia.com/wiki/Anonymous
  13. You can thank Obama for that one this is one the last laws he made were if the news is not from the USA there going say it's fake if they dont agree with it ..they say its too stop the flood of fake propaganda in the USA it could even happen too YouTube if the Govt says its fake by law they will have take it down or block usa viewers from seeing it .. Using Holidays as a Distraction, Obama Just Signed NDAA ‘Propaganda’ Provision to Destroy Free Press http://thefreethoughtproject.com/distraction-obama-propaganda-provision-law/
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  15. Exactly all clones and to be honest for me they are shit even with a high speed connection don't waste your time.The TOR browser is faster and much more reliable....
  16. K-Lite Codec Pack 12.8.2 Update http://files2.codecguide.com/klcp_update_1282_20170119.exe or http://files3.codecguide.com/klcp_update_1282_20170119.exe Changelog ~ January 19th 2016 Updated Codec Tweak Tool to version 6.1.5
  17. WavePad Sound Editor Master's Edition v7.00 Portable Made With Turbo Studio (Size: 9.34 MB) Site: http://www.mirrorcreator.com Sharecode[?]: /files/1ZXYWSFP/WavePad_Sound_Editor_Master_s_Edition_v7.00.zip_links Thanks @RadiXX11 for the fix
  18. LTSB comes through VLSC not MSDN you may need to wait little longer till VLSC Updated.. Windows 10, version 1607 to the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) on January 26, 2017
  19. BluffTitler Ultimate v13.1.0.1 Portable Made With Turbo Studio (Size: 557 MB) Note: 1- Templates Included 2- Enjoy! Site: https://www.mirrorcreator.com Sharecode[?]: /p/link?id=gqhvus5ruz
  20. Windows 10.0.14393.447, Version 1607 (Updated Jan 2017) MSDN | Release Date: 1/19/2017 Updated January 2017 ISO includes Cumulative Update from November 8, 2016 — KB3200970 OS Build 14393.447 More Info: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/windowsitpro/2017/01/19/windows-10-v1607-media-now-available/ MSDN Subscription Page: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/subscriptions/downloads/#ProductFamilyId=657 SHA-1 checksums: Download Links: Languages: en-us, en-gb, ar, tr, es
  21. Really!! come on man! what is this ,James Bond ? If your going through all that ,just steal the PC
  22. it isn't mine,it's just a quote from source i gave.
  23. WINDOWS 10 Ver.1607 ANNIVERSARY UPDATE, JAN 2017 MSDN Updated Release Date: 1/19/2017 OS Build 14393.447 https://cloud.mail.ru/public/2e3m/biFC6pUDf
  24. It is a known internet ip address in the case of thats a google dns url it is just a test if you are online or not
  25. Post an update of a popular software with fake meds Easy way to get hits (probably for the sake of AD REVENUE)
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